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Best Things To Do in Kamshet

If hill station is your love and planning to visit any in coming months, then Kamshet should be your next destination. Maharashtra is blessed with amazing hill stations which are stationed at every few kilometres. Kamshet is one such tiny hill station tucked in the Konkan region. One of the things to do in Kamshet is to admire the Lush green mountains, placid lakes and dramatic terrains, all these features make Kamshet a thrilling location for adventure and peace. It is 56 km from Pune and 11 km from Lonavala and is accessible by both road and rail. The hill station is dotted with ancient cave temple and medieval forts.
There are many things to do in Kamshet and one of the adventure activities to do is Paragliding which pulls large number of tourists. Apart from this activity, you can even indulge in other activities like soaring over the Pawna Lake or strolling across the hill station. For trekking enthusiasts, Kamshet offers some good trekking options like Tower Hill, Shelar or Kondeshwar Cliff. The hill station is one of the most visited and amazing places which shouldn't be missed. For those who want to stay and sleep under the open sky, then having a tent over the hills is the best option. Some of the caves to explore near Kamshet are Karla Caves, Bedse Caves, Bhaja Caves, etc. For stay, there are very few options, but one can stay at the cottages nearby.
For trekking, monsoon (June to September) is the best time. Even during October to February when the temperature drops, it is the best time to explore.
If you want to know more about this place, we have answered a bunch of questions to help make things easier.

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    Trek to Tikona Fort from Pune @ 899 Only
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    Pune is one of the biggest city of Maharashtra, but most of the famous attractions of Maharashtra are in the proximity of Pune. Pune has a bag full of amazing weekend getaways from majestic forts to thrilling adventure sports. Many forts are located at a high altitude, s...

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    Day Adventure in Pavana
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    Ride to this adventure with Uber at a special price. Book Now to receive the unique code. About the Activity :The adventure day at Pawna is a great mix of adventure activities and leisure activities. Upon arrival, trek to Tikona Fort and ponder on the scenic beauty of th...

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    Paragliding in Kamshet

    About the Activity:Embark on an exciting experience of paragliding in Kamshet with a set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts.Kamshet, is a beautiful destination located at about 110km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune that is decked with the beauty of the Sahyadri Ra...

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    About the Activity:Reach Kamshet near Lonavala for an outstanding paragliding experience with the assistance of expert guides.Indulge in the exhilarating activity without having previous experience or learning it.The activity happens either in the mornings or after sunse...

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    d1 Day n1 Night

    About the Activity:Relive the golden memories of your childhood days with a 1N/1D adventure and stay on Pavana Huts.Indulge in an array of fun-filled games and activities and make your stay exciting.Participate in traditional group games like kho kho, tug of war and l...

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    About the Activity: As the name suggest Tikona is a triangular shaped hill located at a soaring height of around 3580ft that provides you with best panoramic views.Begin your expedition with a road trip from Dadar via Lonavala by jeep (06:30 AM). Reach Tikona Peth...

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    About the Activity:  Get ready for an amazing experience! Your Tikona fort trek expedition begins with a train journey. All participants are required to board Indravani Express from their respective stations till Lonavala Station. This remarkable Tikona Fort trek w...

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    About the Activity: Paragliding adventure at Kamshet, is one step ahead all the remaining adventurous activity! Enthrall in this delightful tour with friends and family for an unparalleled experience.Fulfil- your childhood desire of flying like birds. Indulge in an...

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Traveller Tales From Kamshet


Ranjeet Bharadwaj

14 August 2015

We had an amazing time here with all our friends and this was an exciting experience for all of us.


Prathyusha Nidamanuru

03 June 2019

"that was really a thrilling experience.. we, a group of 6 members experienced this activity for the first time to the fullest. "

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  • 1559548780_img_20190531_174535.jpg

Lavanya Trivedi

15 November 2015

It was my life long desire to experience this crazy paragliding and finally i had the fortune do this in kamshet, one of the most popular Paragliding destinations in India. This short Ariel adventure w

  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_057.jpg
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  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_065.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_068.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_075.jpg

Durgeshwari Ganaka

10 May 2015

I was very scared to take this initially, but at first, we started training on flat ground. After this we met our course mates, instructors. The instructors taught us about equipments and we got famili...

  • 1463384778_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_17.jpg
  • 1463384778_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_26.jpg
  • 1463384779_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_39.jpg
  • 1463384779_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_43.jpg

Vishnu Dutta

12 October 2015

Must to do activity!!! I recommend paragliding to every adventure lover. It gives you a thrilling experience. The views from top is amazing, moreover it feels awesome when you start coming down on the

  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_50.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_56.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_61.jpg

Arnesh Gandhi

05 July 2014

Such an amazing experience of flying in Kamshet! Must appreciate the way it was carried out by the organisers. The guides were great and made me fear-free before the flight. And once I was in the air, ...

  • Kamshet.jpg
  • Kamshet-paragliding-2.jpg
  • Paragliding_bir-660x495.jpg

Sugam Singhal

14 June 2017

A great experience! Worth a try for all nature lovers. The team is very helpful and the pilots are friendly and helpful too. Highly recommend a stay at the Nature's cabin which Thrillophilia books!

  • 1497437028_image_0
  • 1497437028_image_1

Prudhvi Bhogavalli

28 December 2018

"Well organized. Had to wait for a couple of hours and wait has paid off. Patience is must since it is dependent on weather. "


Roberta McCarty

08 December 2018

I loved it. The pilot Ganesh, was very professional, knowledgable (aka, really knows his stuff), calm, reassuring, organized, and most of all its a total blast and a fun adventure! Temple Pilots al...

What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Kamshet

  • Q. What all things can be done in Kamshet?

    Kamshet is a small hill station in Maharashtra. Though options for things to do in Kamshet are quite, but for adventure lovers Paragliding, trekking and strolling over the Pavana Lake are some good options. There are corporate activities undertaken by companies. Some of the fun activities conducted are- Valley Crossing, Tyrolean Traverse, skimming through ropes, Ziplining, etc.

    The Tandem Paragliding is a must that will take you through the bird’s eye view of Kamshet. The cost and timing for the Paragliding may differ. To add more fun and thrilling, Acrobatic Paragliding for 20 minutes will certainly give you chills. You will be assisted with trained pilots to make it easy and fun. Some of options are- SAT, Spiral, Wing Overs, Ridge Dancing and others.

    Cycling and trekking is yet another activity that can be done on the hills of Kamshet. This adventure ride will take you through various landscapes of beautiful pano hills. You can check out some services that will conduct cycling tour.  

  • Q. Which are some of the famous camping Sites in Kamshet?

    As Kamshet has very less stay options, many prefer doing camping over the hills. If you're in a group, then camping is much more fun. One of the famous camping options is The Lakeside which offers tents and dormitory for the stay. The camping site is spread over 20 acres and offers wide range of adventure sports for groups. During the camping, group can enjoy adventure activities like- River Crossing, Burma Bridge, Tyre Crossing, Paint Ball, Zip Line, Obstacle Course (5 Activities), Trekking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Waterfall Rappelling, Para Sailing, Para Gliding, Rafting, etc.

    Apart from this, there are other camping sites in and around Kamshet, including:

  • Q. Which are some of the famous treks in Kamshet?

    Trekking is the best adventure activity to be done in Kamshet. During monsoon season, the entire hill station gets covered into lush greenery. Trekking in Kamshet offers amazing experience and upon reaching on the top of the hill, your eyes will certainly get a view like heaven on earth. Tikona Fort is the ideal trekking spot in Kamshet. Then there is Kondeshwar Temple. The starting point for this trekking is Jamboli and goes through steep trails of the mountain

    If this is your first time, then do make sure to carry trekking shoes, enough water and food. The duration of the trekking is just one day.

  • Q. What are different kinds of Paragliding options available in Kamshet? Is it safe?

    Kamshet has many options for paragliding and is really thrilling to enjoy. Paragliding is completely safe as it is conducted by experts who ensure complete safety of tourists. The activity starts early morning and goes till evening. However, the activity entirely depends on the wind condition and there can be some last minute changes.

    The most famous type of Paragliding is the Acrobatic which is also called as the Tandem Paragliding. This 20 minute activity is quite thrilling as it involves various activities; trained pilots are accompanied with the flyers for safety fly. The joyride includes- SAT, Spiral, Wing Overs, Ridge Dancing and others.

  • Q. Which is more fun tandem paragliding or acrobatics paragliding in Kamshet?

    Both are equally thrilling and fun. Under acrobatics paragliding, you will be doing different sets of actions. Tandem paragliding, on the other hand, offers an experience of freedom and free flight. These are larger paragliding wings designed to carry the pilot and one passenger. As a passenger you sit in the front in a comfortable harness and enjoy the flight.

    In Kamshet, both tandem and acrobatics are conducted. You can check out any of the two depending on your flexibility.

  • Q. Which are some famous caves to explore in Kamshet?

    Kamshet is blessed with some ancient caves which are still standing strong. These caves were built centuries ago with some beautiful artistry work. These monuments stand witness showcasing its incredible journey and displaying its legends. These monuments were also the house Chinese monks, Greek merchants and host of international travellers. Some of the famous caves are:
    Karla Caves:
    This is among the well preserved caves and is the largest one built in 80c. These caves represent the zenith in terms of design purity of this style of temple architecture. Also these caves are the largest collection of chaitya caves in India dating back to 2nd cent BC and 7th AD.
    Bhaja Caves:
    These 18 caves were built for Buddhist nuns and were excavated in the 2nd century BC. The artistry work inside the caves are worth mentioned and understanding their work.
    Bhedsa Caves:
    Located 4 miles from Kamshet station, these caves have chaitya resembles the rear hall at Karla. There are four pillars, each of 25 feet high.

  • Q. How difficult is Rajmachi fort trek? How much time it takes to reach the top?

    Rajmachi is one of the highest and famous trekking spot located in the middle of Mumbai-Pune trade route. The height of this fort is 2710 feet from the sea level. It offers a scenic view of beautiful clouds, waterfall and lush green forests. The backwaters of Shirota Dam are worth. The difficulty level of Rajmachi Fort trek is moderate and can be done in 1 day or in 2 days (if staying overnight). If trekking from Lonavala, then it is 15kms and takes 3-4 hours.

  • Q. How difficult is a Trek to Tikona fort in Kamshet? Time required reaching on top?

    Tikona fort is a famous trekking spot in Kamshet and is 3500 ft. above the sea level. It is renowned as Vitandgad fort and is near Lonavala. Upon reaching at the top, one can view Pawna Dam and Visapur forts. There is a temple on the top of the peak and standing at the top will give an amazing view of the pano hill.

    The difficulty level is easy and takes 1 1/2 hours. Winter and rainy season are two best times to visit.

  • Q. How to reach Shinde Wadi Hills in Kamshet? How far it is from Kamshet?

    Shinde Wadi hills are the paragliding take off point and ideal spot for paragliding beginners. It is about 100-200 feet above the ground level. For those who want to paraglide, Shinde Wadi Hills is the spot. It is quite close to Kamshet.

  • Q. Can we camp in Pawna Lake, Kamshet? How much is the cost?

    Yes, you can camp near Pawna Lake by building a tent near to this artificial lake. You can enjoy barbeque, swimming and star gazing during the stay. The campsite is located near forts like Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi. The cost of the camping in Pawna starts from Rs 1500/- per person if considered taking service from the tour company.

    You can even set your own campsite at the Pawna Lake. You may need certain things including tent and other items.

  • Q. Which are some famous places for corporate adventure in Kamshet?

    There are different locations like Pawna Lake and other areas of Kamshet where corporate adventure takes place. Nirvana Adventure conducts regular corporate camping in Kamshet. The campsite named- Native Place has a guesthouse with all the amenities. There are multi activities undertaken during the corporate adventure. This includes Tandem Paragliding, Flying Fox, Rock Climbing, Valley Crossing, etc. During the stay, guests are offered with lunch, breakfast, dinner and high tea.

  • Q. Which are some famous places for day adventures in Kamshet?

    There are different locations in Kamshet including Pavna Lake, Tikona Fort and others where day adventure takes place. If taking up the adventure company service, then you will get integrated adventure sports setup. From outbound adventure to campsite facilities, there are various amenities offered. Multi-level activities like nature trails, paragliding, tandem joyrides, etc. You can set your camp near Andra Lake and enjoy the night peacefully.