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Jalesh Cruise Packages

Crafted and curated for all kinds of travelers, the travel-friendly Jalesh cruise packages lets you experience warm hospitality, glorious Indian culture, and exotic international cuisine as you cruise on the emerald blue ocean waters and enjoy the cool soothing breeze kissing your face and gushing through your hairs. With these amazing Jalesh cruise tour packages, you can enjoy nothing but a true on-sea holiday on the multi-destination cruise with your loved ones, experiencing unparalleled recreation, rejuvenation, romance, and entertainment.

The Jalesh cruise India packages will let you explore many spectacular shorelines of the country and see India in a completely new light. Departing from the prime Indian cities of Mumbai, Chennai, and Goa, these tours will let you explore a plethora of amazing national as well as international destinations, such as Goa, Diu, Lakshadweep, Trincomalee, Dubai, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Starting at absolutely pocket-friendly prices, the  broad spectrum of Jalesh cruise tour packages range from 2 days to 7 days. Top routes like Mumbai - Goa, Chennai - Trincomalee, Mumbai - Diu, Mumbai - Dubai, and Mumbai - Lakshadweep have gained a lot popularity among travelers, owing to their rich and opulent experiences at competitive prices.
Latest Information on Travelling to MUMBAI?

Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel.However, tourists are required to present a negative RT-PCR report on arrival.Apart from this, basic thermal screening will be done in case of each arriving tourist.

  • Wearing masks and following social distancing is mandatory in public areas
  • People can move about at night, but gatherings of more than 5 people in public places will not be allowed.
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, malls, auditoriums, theatres, and other public places such as beaches and gardens will remain closed. (Restaurants can continue home delivery and takeaway services.)
  • Social, political, cultural and religious gatherings will be allowed during night curfew.Violators will be fined up to Rs 1000.
  • For international passengers, no quarantine needed if the presented RT-PCR report is negative.
  • For domestic passengers, no quarantine needed if the presented RT-PCR report is negative.

Flights to Mumbai are available from Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Goa and 20 other destination


Special COVID trains available from Delhi, Bhubaneshwar and 10 other destinations to Mumbai

Local Transport
  • Taxi, rickshaw, four wheeler and two wheeler are allowed.
  • Taxi, cab or aggregators allowed only for essential activities with capacity of 1 + 3
  • Rickshaw allowed only for essential activities with capacity of 1 + 2
  • Four-wheeler allowed only for essential activities with capacity of 1 + 3
  • Two-wheeler allowed on 1 + 1 capacity with helmet and mask

Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and rules issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe while travelling to Mumbai.

E-Pass made mandatory for inter district travel in Maharashtra Updated: 04 Jun 2021

An inter district e-pass has been made mandatory for everyone travelling to the districts of Maharashtra.

Curfew imposed in Mumbai with partial restrictions Updated: 03 Jun 2021

Maharashtra government announced partial curfew in Mumbai till further notice. However, Mumbai Locals will still remain closed

Inter-state travel open in Maharashtra with certain restrictions. Updated: 15 May 2021

Travellers can now travel to different districts of Maharashtra without much restrictions. However, tourists are required to present a negative RT-PCR report on arrival.

Changes made in the functioning of Curfew rules Updated: 03 May 2021

Shopping malls, restaurants, malls, auditoriums, theatres, and other public places such as beaches and gardens will remain closed. (Restaurants can continue home delivery and takeaway services.)

All famous landmarks and tourist attractions closed Updated: 03 May 2021

All famous landmarks and tourist attractions closed till further notice to curb the rising cases of covid-19

RT-PCR test report made mandatory to enter Mumbai Updated: 03 May 2021

It is Mandatory for passengers arriving from anywhere to carry a negative reports of RT-PCR test done not earlier than 72 hours Prior to departure.

Wearing masks and following social distancing is mandatory for all passengers Updated: 11 Aug 2020

Masks are made mandatory for all passengers and crew flying to Mumbai, throughout the journey. Social distancing has to be followed compulsorily by passengers while de-boarding the flight.

Best Selling Jalesh Cruise Packages

41 Ratings
Superb 41 Ratings
41 Ratings Ratings
  • 3D/2N
  • Mumbai
  • 3D/2N
41 Ratings
Superb 41 Ratings
41 Ratings Ratings
₹21,000 ₹19,638

Check-in: 10:00 AM (day 1)

Check-out: 12:00 AM (day 3)

About the Cruise

Cordelia Cruise (Mumbai to Goa) is a fabulous 3-day retreat on the Arabian Sea that welcomes you to have an experience like never before. An experience where you will behold the amazing panoramic views of the ocean that will make your soul content with true bliss.

Embark on this 3-day cruising tour starting from Mumbai to Goa where you will relish a fantastic stay experience in the sumptuous cabins with all the modern amenities that ensures that you have a perfect vacation. A perfect amalgam of serenity and fun awaits you on this perfect cruise amidst the azure waters.

How to Reach?

The cruise sails from their home port, Mumbai. Arrive at the gateway of India that is the hub for the majority of the ships. The port is located at a distance of 25 KM from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport, 7.1 KM from the Mumbai Central railway station and can be reached easily via public and private transport.

Note: The departure location of Cordelia Cruise might change depending on the weather conditions.


Interior Cabin: Stay in the suave interior cabins of the cruise that can accommodate up to 4 people.

Ocean View: Watch the vast ocean from the window of the ocean view cabins of the cruise. The room offers a maximum accommodation of up to 4 people.

Balcony: Enjoy staying in the balcony rooms that speak for the comfort as well as luxury. The rooms offer a maximum accommodation of 3 people.

Suite: Stay in the luxurious suite that offers a maximum accommodation of up to 3 people.

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40 Ratings
Superb 40 Ratings
40 Ratings Ratings
  • 6D/5N
  • Mumbai
  • 6D/5N
40 Ratings
Superb 40 Ratings
40 Ratings Ratings
₹47,000 ₹44,000

Departure Dates: 27 Sep 2021 to 2 Oct 2021, 25 Oct 2021 to 30 Oct 2021, 22 Nov 2021 to 27 Nov 2021, 20 Dec 2021 to 25 Dec 2021, 31 Jan 2022 to 5 Feb 2022, 28 Feb 2022 to 5 Mar 2022, 28 Mar 2022 to 2 Apr 2022, 25 Apr 2022 to 30 Apr 2022

About the Cruise:

Witness the mesmerizing panoramic sceneries of the Arabian Sea with this unique cruise sailing experience that will let you enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. Begin with this fun-filled tour from Mumbai to the high seas, high seas to Lakshadweep and finally to Goa, this cruise tour will take you through various scenic routes on which you will undoubtedly have a carnival time.

Avail staying in any of the desired room type from Chairman's Suite, Suite, Balcony, Ocean View and Interior, and enjoy a comfortable stay. Savour on mouthwatering meals that imply the finest global and Indian dishes and satisfy your taste buds. Make the best use of the tour through unlimited fun in different forms, by taking a part in adventure activities or by showcasing the party animal in you or by indulging in a relaxing spa experience.

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29 Ratings
Very Good 29 Ratings
29 Ratings Ratings
  • 3D/2N
  • Daman and Diu
  • 3D/2N
29 Ratings
Very Good 29 Ratings
29 Ratings Ratings
₹23,734 ₹17,800
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- Jalesh Cruises are the premium operators of voyage holiday experiences in several parts of India, including Diu. Starting from Mumbai, the Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Diu is a 3 day short excursion on the sea in which the guests can have a never before like time. The feel of a luxury hotel, views of the serene sea and facilities catering guests of all ages make it the best option for your upcoming holiday.

- During these three memorable days of the trip, guests would have the privilege of staying in elegant and expensive-looking cabin accommodations, with views of the ocean from the window and the personal balcony.

- Their on-board dining options on different decks are the second mention-worthy facility that will cater to all your hunger pangs with tasteful multi-cuisine menus from all around the world. After being done with resting and feeding, guests would have the entire first day to go around the facets of the Karnika ship - Jalesh cruise Diu to Mumbai.

- The couples can book spa sessions, kids and teens can play games and go on scavenger hunts, the youthful guests can party at the Dome and sip on delicious mixes of cocktails, or attend the available language and dance classes among many other available options.

- The trip doesn’t come to end just yet, on the second day the cruise will halt in Diu for the entire day and guests would have ample time to explore the stunning union territory in the north-west region. By the end, the ship will set sail and bid adieu to the Diu shore to return to Mumbai and finally bring the entire vacation to a sweet and worthwhile end on the third day.
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34 Ratings
Superb 34 Ratings
34 Ratings Ratings
  • 4D/3N
  • Dubai
  • 4D/3N
34 Ratings
Superb 34 Ratings
34 Ratings Ratings
₹34,942 ₹29,700
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Jalesh cruise new year offers an exciting and a fascinating vacation as it is one of the best and opulent cruises. The carefully curated package from Mumbai to Goa on a new year is made keeping the dreams and interests of the travellers at heart.

There is nothing better than a cruise vacation on the new year as it will provide you with a memorable time onboard that you will cherish for years to come. Jalesh cruise new year package begins from Mumbai, sails to Goa and then back to Mumbai offering an unprecedented experience and a remarkable vacation. Both the destinations i.e. Mumbai and Goa are worth witnessing and offer scenic views and a relaxing atmosphere perfectly suited for a holiday.

You can engage in a wide range of activities including shopping, casino games, DJ nights and numerous facilities and amenities. The swimming pool on the Jalesh cruise offers a refreshing experience and you can also take your favorite drinks from the bar and relax by the pool.

The fitness centre takes care of your health workout routines and the spa facilities offered onboard is a luxurious experience you cannot afford to miss. There are special areas and activities for kids to keep them entertained and you can also enjoy Broadway experience and The Burlesque show while on the cruise.

The Jalesh cruise new year package is replete with excitement, fun and contentment along with some of the most scrumptious meals prepared by fantastic and renowned chefs. You can take this package if you are travelling with your family, friends or your partner and it will provide you with moments of love and happiness.

Book this Jalesh cruise new year package with Thrillophilia and enjoy superb deals and discounts which will help you save money and celebrate the new year on a budget. You do not have to spend time planning anything as Thrillophilia will do it for you. Check out all the hot offers, avail these services and plan your enthusiastic package of adventure, bliss and elation.
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38 Ratings
Very Good 38 Ratings
38 Ratings Ratings
  • 3D/2N
  • Chennai
  • 3D/2N
38 Ratings
Very Good 38 Ratings
38 Ratings Ratings
₹28,824 ₹24,500
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One of the most luxurious tours available on water, the Jalesh Cruise Chennai to Trincomalee is a two-way trip between Chennai and the port city of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka. The three-day cruise takes place aboard the ship Karnika, which is one of the best premium vessels in the world.

From sightseeing excursions to live Broadway shoes, the Jalesh Cruise Chennai promises to keep you on your feet throughout the trip. The Karnika sets sail from Chennai on Day 1, and reaches the port of Trincomalee by the morning of Day 2.

The second day of the cruise is spent sightseeing across the port city, with its ornate temples and wonderful bays. The ship returns to Chennai on the morning of the third day, marking the end of the tour.

Apart from sightseeing, the cruise offers a number of on-board entertainment options as well. One of the biggest highlights of the Cruise is the Broadway show conducted on board. Exclusively tailored for the Jalesh Cruise Chennai guests, the Broadway experience exudes exuberance, and promises to make you sing along with the world-class performances who take the stage. An adult-only burlesque performance is held on-board as well, for the more mature guest who wants to take their experience a level higher.

Guests on the Jalesh Cruise Chennai to Trincomalee can elevate their experience by availing the luxury facilities on board as well.  This includes a state-of-the-art fitness centre and salon, a spa, a night club and a casino. Eclectic dining options on the ship includes 13 separate diners and 9 separate bars, promising a gastronomic adventure on board. Special amenities tailored to children include separate children’s clubs, conducting a host of activities such as interactive games, dance shows, workshops and more.
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Essential Information About Jalesh Cruise


About Jalesh Cruise

Jalesh Cruise is one of the best cruising agencies that offers luxury cruises and has national as well as international itineraries for you to plan your holidays. Making available for a myriad of Jalesh cruises packages to choose from, they make sure you get your cruise holiday as customized as possible.

From offering you the most comfortable accommodation with its minisuite, balcony room, interior room, and ocean view room to letting you indulge in the best recreation with its casino and salon, Jalesh cruise tours always ensure you get every kind of luxury service on your plate.

Facilities Offered by Jalesh Cruise

Some of the common facilities you can get onboard all the cruises of Jalesh Cruise are listed below:
- Fitness center
- Salon and spa
- Bars and lounges
- Casino
- Children-friendly activities
- Meetings and events on cruise, including corporate events, birthday parties, romantic getaways, and wedding ceremonies
- Nightlife and DJ with premium bar services
- Exemplary shows and colourful cultural programmes
- Multiple world-class multi-cuisine restaurants.

Documents Required to Board a Jalesh Cruise Ship

The travelers (non-Indian passengers) need to make sure they are carrying a valid passport for their Jalesh cruise tour and the same is valid through at least 6 months from the travel date.

The passengers also need to have a valid visa of the country they are traveling to with their Jalesh cruise package.

The travelers may also need to produce some additional documents for their Jalesh cruise trip, including birth certificate, vaccination certificates, and marriage certificate, if and when demanded by the cruise.

Indian travelers will need to produce any one of the following ID proofs - PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID, passport, or driving license.

Tips for Travellers Before Travelling on Jalesh Cruise

Make sure you book your Jalesh cruise package well in advance so that you do not face any last-minute hassle.

A number of food packages are available for your Jalesh karnika cruise tour. You can pick the one that is ideal for your taste, appetite, and mood.

If you are planning your Jalesh cruise tour with your family or group, consider taking a cabin, which can offer enough space and comfort to all the members. Jalesh karnika cruise is equipped with 5 cabin options for the passengers.

Pack efficiently for your  Jalesh cruise tour and make sure you do not overpack and make your bags unnecessarily heavy, which may become a burden for you later.

As your Jalesh cruise India package will be all about pamper and relaxation, make sure you book a spa treatment onboard and indulge in the rejuvenating experience.

Jalesh Cruise Safety Tips

After you board the cruise with your Jalesh cruise India package, you are expected to pay full attention to the muster drill conducted by the cruise before the passengers. This drill will teach you the things you need to do, if an emergency arises. It will also let you learn how to recognize the various horns and sounds and wear the vest properly.

With alcohol readily available onboard throughout the day, it is recommended for the passengers to drink responsibly and realize their limits.

Children below the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult, who can take care of them.

If you’re taking a balcony room, ensure that the balcony is locked at night and also when you’re outside the room.

Routes Of Jalesh Cruise


Mumbai-High Seas-Goa-Mumbai

After the ship leaves the Mumbai dock at 2 PM, it sails through the Arabian sea’s tranquil waters towards Goa. Day 1 is spent relaxing and rewinding. Live Music, open bar, and an endless supply of snacks keeps guests happy and entertained. Onboard Theatre, casino, and pub offer a lot of additional exciting entertainment options.

Day 2 of the Jalesh Cruise India package is spent on the Arabian High Seas. Guests can enjoy pampering themselves at the Spa cum Salon. Or even want a few hrs burning calories at the gym on board. If you love to party, then you can groove to the latest remixes courtesy of the DJ at the open-air disc. A hearty dinner later, it's time to retire.

You wake up in Goa on Day 3. As you dock at the Mormugao Port, it's time to explore the stunning coastal world of Goa. The endless plethora of food, snacks, and fun activities are the highlight of Day 3. Guests can explore some of the must-see destinations of Goa until it's finally time for boarding back.

The select evening broadway show organized for the guests on the upper open deck on the route a return journey is a stunning act not worth missing. After an open-air dining experience, it's time to once again settle for the night.

Day 4 brings an end to the epic journey as you disembark at Mumbai port after an early breakfast.

Cost of cruise: 36,000 INR approx per adult.


Day 1 begins with the guest getting onboard Karnika Jalesh Cruise Ship. As the ship sails through the night, guests can spend time entertaining themselves at the pool or enjoy a wide range of entertainment options. From a live open-air disc to theatre and casino, the Jalesh cruiseliner has everything to keep guests entertained.

Day 2 of the Jalesh cruise India package begins at Diu at sunrise. Guests can get off the ship to explore the beautiful landscape of Diu. From colorful markets and must-see unique tourist spots, the guest will not be bored. In case you are not up for land exploration, you can spend the day onboard exploring the various exciting opportunities on the cruise liner itself.

Post sunset, it is time to depart from Diu and start the journey towards Mumbai.

Guests can begin Day 3 with a hearty onboard breakfast and then line up for disembarking the ship at Mumbai Dock.

Cost of cruise: 24,000 INR per person.

Mumbai-High Seas-Lakshadweep (Kadmat)-Goa-Mumbai

The journey begins with a refreshing welcome drink onboard the Jalesh Cruise Liner. Once well-rested and relaxed in their rooms, guests can enjoy the evening Broadway show at the deck, followed by a lovely and hearty dinner before retiring.

Day 2 is all about exploring the world-class amenities of Jalesh Cruise while moving through the Arabian High Seas. Lunch and dinner aside, quests can explore the duty-free shop, casino, gym, spa, or even the beautiful swimming pool. The disc of the Jalesh Cruise has an excellent in-house DJ, so it is worth spending some time grooving to the upbeat psychedelic music before dinner and retiring for the night.

The first view of Day 3 is the exquisite turquoise blue waters of the Lakshadweep Islands. After a hearty breakfast onboard, guests can explore the island beauty until it is time for lunch on board the liner. One can explore the island some more until late evening when it is time to start the Goa journey.

Day 4 of the Jalesh cruise India package begins at Mormugao Dock and is followed by an entire day spent exploring Goa’s beauty and its beaches. Post sunset, the cruise liner begins the departure journey to Mumbai. Live broadways, musicals, and mini-concerts on the overhead open deck make the cruise much more special last night. After a hearty and delicious dinner, it is time to retire for the night finally.

Day 5 begins with an early morning breakfast as the cruise arrives at the Mumbai dock by 8 Am for the guest to disembark for a journey back home. 

Cost of cruise: 36,000 INR per person.


Day 1 begins with a nice refreshing drink as the ship leaves the Chennai Dock at Noon. After lunch, it is time to explore the cruise ship. From an enticing spa session pampering yourself to the groovy beats of the disc, there is a lot to enjoy for the evening on board.

Gym, Casino, Broadway theatre, swimming pool are just a few exciting options to choose from. After an evening of exploration and excitement, guests can dine at the open deck and retire for the night.

Day 2 begins at the Trincomalee port. After onboard breakfast, guests can leave the ship for the day to explore Trincomalee. One can hire an onboard guide or explore the coastal city on its own. Guests can spend some time onboard enjoying the luxuries and disembark to explore Trincomalee after lunch. After sunset, the cruise leaves the port of Trincomalee for a journey back home.

On Day 3 of the Jalesh cruise package, guests can have their breakfast onboard the cruise liner before departing for their journey back home.

Cost of cruise: 24,000 INR per person.

Accommodation At Jalesh Cruise


Ocean View Room

The tastefully adorned Ocean View rooms of Jalesh Cruise Liners offer an uninterrupted view of the spectacular ocean waters through the porthole windows. These large and comfortable private cabins are designed keeping in mind the element of style and sophistication. From the beddings to the furniture and accessories in the room, everything depicts the theme well.

Stateroom size: 190 sq. ft.

Occupancy: Up to 4 people.

Features: Private bathroom, hair dryer, towels, complimentary toiletries, mini fridge, wardrobe.

Interior Room

The Interior Room is perfect for guests who want the maximum comfort, but are not comfortable with the idea of the crashing waves. Having a design plan similar to the Ocean View rooms, there are additional lower beds in the Interior rooms that can be joined to form a more massive queen size bed.

Stateroom Size: 190 sq. ft.

Occupancy: Upto 4 people.

Features: Safety box, Large spacious wardrobe, Bath towels and bathrobes, 24 hrs room service, Large flat-screen television, Phone.

Balcony Room

The cozy and spacious Balcony rooms onboard Jalesh cruise offer the guests the chance to come out of their bed and soak in the spellbinding seaviews whenever they want to gasp some fresh air and feel the cool ocean breeze. Air conditioned and decked with a large queen size bed, these rooms pay enough attention to the comfort of the travelers.

Stateroom Size: 155 sq. ft.

Occupancy: Upto 2 person.

Features: Large flat-screen television with satellite connectivity, Attached bathroom, Hairdryer, 24 hrs cabin service, Open private balcony, Toiletry kit.


Designed with class and elegance in mind, the mini suites have a separate sleeping quarter and a lounge area to entertain few guests if you want. Equipped with its own private balcony and a  small working space, these rooms let your work uncompromising and relax without any boundaries.

Stateroom Size: 330 sq. ft.

Occupancy: Upto 3 people.

Features: Attached bathroom with toiletries and slippers, Bathrobe and towels, 24 hrs room service, Large screen TV with cable connection, Intercom for quick assistance, Coffee and tea maker, Hair Dryer, Refrigerator.

Recreational Activities Available On Jalesh Cruise


Entertainment at Cruise

Jalesh Karnika Cruise Liner is an ocean liner that offers a myriad of entertainment opportunities for the guests onboard to make traveling through the oceanic waters an action-packed experience.

There is a lot to explore in Jalesh cruise packages, from broadways to the Discotheque’s grooving music. The 14 decks of the cruise liner are packed with every possible entertainment option for the guests to enjoy and the thematics of the cruise are designed, keeping in mind guest comfort and the luxurious appeal.

The Dome is perhaps the most happening spot to enjoy the renowned in house DJ’s grooving music mix. Here, the guests can spend the night away dancing their shoes off while enjoying the premium bar services throughout the entire night.

The Broadway show is one of the most exemplary events hosted onboard the cruise liner. Rich, glamorous, and stunning acts performed here by world-class performers will leave you mesmerized and want more.

The Burlesque is a unique ‘only Adult’ performance included in the Jalesh Cruise Package that will remain in your memories for a very long time. High spirited and bold performances are sure to raise the temperatures to infinity and get your hormones dancing.

Spa, Salon & Fitness at Sea

The Jalesh Cruise Packages is designed to maximize the comfort and rejuvenation quotient to the guests. The excellent spa retreat onboard the Jalesh cruise is sure to pamper all your cells and offer you a detox effect from the anxieties and stress of city life.

A relaxing spa session is never complete unless you get yourself pampered with some lovely hairstyles and skincare routine. That is the reason why the onboard Salon service goes hand in hand with the Spa service.

A team of experienced and skilled salon experts will guide you through a perfect makeover session if you are interested. Imagine boarding the cruise as an average everyday simple person and disembarking like a glamorous high profile celeb!

The spa and salon therapy may be the ultimate stressbuster, but exercise keeps you healthy and fit. For people who never like to miss out on their workout routine, there is the state of art Gym onboard the Jalesh Cruise liner.

The Jalesh Cruise route for most trips may be short, but for many, the 4 to 5 days of going without exercising can be more stressful. The gymnasium is open 24/7 for use, and in case you need a bit of assistance or consultation, there is a trainer and a nutritionist to assist you.

Dining on Cruise

Jalesh Cruise package includes a wide range of exclusive cuisines and onboard restaurants for guests. The gourmet food served in each theme based restaurant onboard the Jalesh Cruise is a gastronomical delight unlike any other.

Choosing to dine at the Waterfront Restaurant will give you a scenic view of the ocean to enjoy and delicious traditional Indian Thali to taste. In case you want to know what authentic Oriental cuisine tastes like, then there is the Chopstick where you can drop by for some fun time.

Essence of India is a pure and authentic Indian restaurant that serves delicacies from all over the country. Be it Mutton rogan josh or Kadai Paneer, guests can try them all here.

Far Eastern Kadhai is a restaurant that serves stir fried dishes especially prepared in wok. Heavily inspired by Chinese and North Eastern cuisines, this restaurant has an Indo - Oriental vibe to it.

Kettle and Bun is a special hit among those guests who love comfort food. Creamy and rich buns, kebabs, a wide range of rolls and cold soup are the main attractions of this outlet.

Jain Heaven is a restaurant onboard the Jalesh Cruise that serves authentic Jain food. A major hit among vegans, this restaurant is all about delicious plant based food and drinks.

With its massive collection of freshly made pastries, desserts and sweets, Sugar and Spice stands perfect for guests having a special sweet tooth.

Bars at Cruise

With 9 bars, Jalesh Cruise offers its guests world-class alcoholic beverages to chill over.

While The Dome is the most impressive and famous Bar onboard, The Chairman’s club offers some of the rarest and most pricy drinks on the menu. If you want to enjoy some cool blends of juices and drinks by the pool, The Pool Bar is just for you.

If whisky and wine are what guests would love to experiment with, then the Mix Bar is exclusively for them.

The Marquee Bar and Show Lounge is just right for guests who love entertainment while drinking. Located on Deck 7, this theatre themed bar also houses an amazing array of musical performances which guests can enjoy as they drink.

For guests who love Tea and Coffee more than alcohol, The Jalesh Bar offers a list of exclusive concoctions created out of tea and coffee and served with a blend of food of their choice.

The Player’s Bar that is located on Deck 8 serves a wide range of drinks to the guests who are busy enjoying their time at the onboard Casino.

Casino at Cruise

Lying on the 8th Deck, the private Casino of Jalesh Cruise, Player’s Casino offers the guests the chance to indulge in a plethora of popular games, such as Slot Machine Games, Casino War, Poker, and Blackjack.

The guests can also engage in other interesting casino games like Teen Patti, Mini Flush, Baccarat, Roulette, Electronic Roulette and Sports Betting. The cruise also makes available lotteries, that propel a lot of guests to try their luck. However, guests must remember that the betting amount is not included in the Jalesh Cruise Package Price.

Kids & Teenagers Friendly Activities

The Jalesh cruises packages are absolutely kids-friendly and offer a plethora of children-oriented activities onboard. If it is water that your kids love, they can spend hours in the pool amidst the safety net of careful guards playing with balls and rings. If arts and crafts are what interests them, there are numerous art and craft classes organized onboard.

From drawing on canvas to pottery art, children can play with colors as much as their imagination can allow and beyond. Special jewelry making classes and cooking classes are also organized for teenagers and adults alike, if fashion and cooking are what interests you.

In addition to this, special scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, and other such playful theme-based games are also organized to keep boredom at bay and maximize the fun quotient.

Meeting & Events at Jalesh Cruise

Corporate meet and greet can be quiet taxing on the mind and body if not done right. Jalesh Cruise Packages have the right options to organize Meetings and corporate events on the cruise seamlessly.

Meeting rooms and Mini auditorium halls on the cruise liner have been designed to provide the right ambiance for any kind of official meet and greet sessions. Clients can showcase their presentations and even hold press releases and other such official events onboard with ease.

Not only corporate events, but Jalesh Cruise also arranges private gatherings and parties for the guests on special demands. The guests can get all kinds of special events arranged onboard the cruise, including birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and romantic getaways.

Multi-Destinations Covered By Jalesh Cruise



One of the favourite destinations among leisure seekers, Goa is a picturesque blend of Indo-European lifestyle and heritage. After docking at Mormugao, guests onboard the Jalesh Cruise can explore the beauty of this little coastal land in a car or bike.

The beaches are filled with options for many excellent and exciting water sports like Sailing, Jet Skiing, among many others. The state also has beautiful churches, fort remnants, memorials, and old temples that can be explored by the history and architecture buffs. Foodies will also have a good time here, binging the iconic Goan fish curry and other local seafood preparations.
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Mumbai High Seas

A breathtaking sight, the Mumbai High seas experience is exclusively available only with Jalesh Cruise Package.

As you sail through Arabian Sea waters, the city that never sleeps becomes a nice nostalgia that’s completely unrealistic and transient to look at. The hustle and bustle of the Indian Peninsula’s busiest city seems to be at a standstill and all you are left with is a calming view of the dream town.
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A quiet and picturesque town on the Konkan belt of Maharashtra, Ganpatipule is still untouched by urbanization and industrialization. Pristine blue waters and sandy white beach make this small fishing town a beauty unlike any other.

The iconic remnants of the Jaigad Fort, the century-old Swayambhu Ganpati temple, and the British era Lighthouse, are the notable aspects of this quaint town. Not to forget, Ganpatipule will also treat your taste buds with authentic Konkan influenced Maharashtrian delicacies.
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Lying  near the state of Gujarat, Diu is a small coastal island town, known for its beautiful fishing villages and rich history. The Diu Fortress and the Portuguese cathedral may be the primary attraction you would want to explore in this tiny 40 sq km area.

With their clear water crashing the beach shore, the Gogla, Nagao, and Jalandhar beaches are sure to offer you enticing natural sights to soak in. Making for an unusual addition to Diu’s flora and fauna, the unique Hoka trees are a must to check out for nature lovers.
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From the iconic world of the Atlantis to the Palm Spring, the stunning oil-rich city of Dubai has a plethora of best-kept secrets to explore amidst its swanky skyscrapers.

From shopping in the world-class malls and engaging in a plethora of adventure activities to exploring the sand dunes and trying the traditional Shisha while watching the cultural performances in the Arabian desert, there is no stop to the fun activities available in this metropolitan city.
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A tropical island consisting of 36 atolls, Lakshadweep is one of the significant Marine Bio Conservation reserves of the world.

The white-sand beaches of this archipelago let honeymooners enjoy sunbathing and taking the most romantic walks together around the pristine shores. The clear waters, colourful reefs, and exuberant marine creatures present underwater make Lakshadweep one of the best diving destinations in the world.
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Located in the “Teardrop of India”, Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is a tiny port city which is known popularly for offering the best whale sighting trips. This quaint city is also packed with a plethora of majestic temples and beautiful historical remnants dating back to the Portuguese era. In addition to beautiful sites, Trincomalee also offers the true and authentic taste of the spicy and flavoursome Sri Lankan Cuisine.
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Newly Added Mumbai Experience

Mumbai Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Mumbai
22 December 2019
Midnight cycling was great fun. Rode bicycle for 4 hours. Started at 11:45 pm and finished around 4 am. Covered almost 50 kms. Started the ride from gateway of India to Worli sea face and chilled out there. Chilled out at marine drive as well. It was great fun. Met new people and made new friends. Highly recommend this. Try out this fun with friends or solo. It will be worth staying awake at night.
Tanirika Adiga Heritage Walk Mumbai
Came to Mumbai from Pune for some work and I wanted to explore the city, but didn’t really know where all to go, so I decided to book this tour online. The meet up place was easy to find, and I felt really safe as a solo traveller, and in fact made some friends along the way. Karan, our guide was so nice, and in just a short span of 2 hours he covered over 9 places with us!
"It was an amazing experience. The tour operators were very helpful and accommodating with respect to our needs. The sailboat was absolutely neat and clean. The guy doing the sailing for us was also very friendly and courteous. He had knowledge about the boat as well as knew about everything related to sailing that an average customer would want to know about. "
14 January 2016
one of the most amazing experience of my life HELICOPTER joy ride over mumbaii had some most incredible moments. During this the small time of just 10 minutes regenerted over feeling for beauty of the city.
08 September 2015
Helicopter Joy Ride over Mumbai: This is the best way to look at the whole of Mumbai. The crowded, big city is viewed the best way with this. Despite being a Mumbai native girl, I grew more than half of my life in Ooty. While I got a job back here in Mumbai, I felt like a first timer here. Funnily, I started travelling and exploring in my own city as it has got more than enough to induce the travel buds of any passionate traveller. I travelled Mumbai in various ways and this helicopter ride was my favourite. It covers the complete city, and it is indeed beautiful. The view of Bandra-Worli link from the air was in fact spell binding. I personally loved the whole experience, and also, this can be availed at a very nominal fee charges these days. I recommend this to all no matter you are resident here or a traveller.
It was altogether good 1 day trip. Organizer Shailesh and Driver Mukesh organized the trip very well.
Amazing Yacht ride! Had a very good experience on the boat and the driver and co-driver were well trained and confident. It was a very thrilling ride as it was our first time on a yacht. Good experience all in all. Awesome deal!
02 January 2021
Amazing experience, amazing food, amazing decoration, amazing roof top and amazing service. One must try this one once to give a memorable night for people you love.
02 January 2021
Amazing experience, please take 30 min buffer for in transit boat. They will only provide water bottles inside boat. You can carry dry snacks like chips and coke. Try to get evening slot for the sunset experience. Please carry some medication if you have sea sickness :)
Its awesome!! It takes 45 minutes to reach from mumbai to Alibaug. On the way please carry any biscuits for seaguls ,they come and take piece of biscuit from your hand..it is amazing experience.

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People Also Ask About Mumbai

  1. What are the domestic destinations covered by Jalesh Cruise?

    1. Goa: Often a part of all the Jalesh cruise India package, Goa is known popularly for its stellar nightlife, heritage buildings, pristine beaches, eclectic seafood, and perfect laid-back vibe.

    2. Diu: 
    Guarded by picturesque beaches, Diu is a small pristine island, famous for its colourful fishing boats, the Sea Shell Museum, the Diu Fort, and the Naida Caves.

    3. Chennai: 
    Lying on the Coromandel coast, Chennai offers the perfect amalgamation of rich cultural heritage and metropolis lifestyle.

    4. Lakshadweep: 
    Sheltering a bunch of exotic islands of India, the archipelago of Lakshadweep is popular among the merrymakers for its photogenic beaches, thrilling water sports, and relaxing tropical feel.
  2. What are the international destinations covered by Jalesh Cruise?

    1. Dubai: The megacity of Dubai has gained a lot of global fame, owing to its brilliant skylines, lavish architecture, golden Arbian desert, and adventure sports like skydiving, safari, kitesurfing and hot air ballooning.

    2. Muscat: 
    The capital city of Oman, Muscat is the land of emerald blue beaches, Arabian-style architectural marvels, exhilarating water sports, and upscale English-style pubs.

    3. Bahrain: 
    Tucked in the Persian gulf, Bahrain is known popularly for offering duty free shopping for chocolates, perfumes, cigarettes, and liquor. This place is also known for its flamboyant festivals and relaxed atmosphere.

    4. Abu Dhabi: 
    The luxurious metropolis of Abu Dhabi presents a swanky amalgamation of charming heritage monuments and upscale 21st century megastructures.
  3. What kind of the nightlife is there at Jalesh cruise?

    Jalesh cruises offers a stunning nightlife as there are various options for you to choose from. These include:

    1. Enjoy the Traditional Sheeshas at The Oasis Bar: 
    Spend your time hanging out with friends over Sheeshas, Hookahs, single malts, and specialty cognacs at The Oasis Bar.

    2. Try your Luck at the Player’s Casino: 
    Head to Deck 8 and enjoy popular games, such as Casino War, Slot Machine Games, Poker, and Blackjack at the Player’s Casino.

    3. Savour a Multi-cuisine Family Dinner at Chopstix: 
    Take your family for a lavish dinner at Chopstix and relish your favourite Asian cuisines, including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Taiwanese, Korean, and Mangolian.

    4. Binge Street Food at Street Food @ Karnika: 
    Relish flavoursome street food from Gujarat Khaman Dhokla and Mumbai Vada Pav to Chennai Dosa and Goan Omlette Pav, with your gang at Street Food @ Karnika.
  4. What is included in the price of a Jalesh Cruise?

    The aspects that are included in your Jalesh cruise India package are mentioned below:

    - All meals onboard the cruise - breakfast, lunch, and dinner as mentioned in the itinerary.
    - Cabin Fare + Port Taxes + 18% GST.
  5. What is not included in the price of a Jalesh Cruise?

    The aspects that are not included in your Jalesh cruise package are listed below:

    - Airfare
    - Gratuities of USD 12 per head per day required to be paid on board
    - Any personal expense
    - Travel insurance and visa fees
    - Sightseeing cost
    - Shore excursions
    - Onboard gratuities
    - Transfers to and from the ship terminal
    - Surge in the charge, if applicable because of surcharge dates, peak season, New Year, trade fairs, and Christmas
    - Meals excluding what is listed in the itinerary of your package
    - Any other service that is not mentioned in your package.
  6. Are cruise ship bars open day and night?

    Yes, the bars onboard a cruise are open day and night. However, each bar has its own specific timing to serve the guests. While some bars stay open from morning till evening, others open at evening and serve the passengers all night.
  7. Is Jalesh cruise affordable?

    Yes, the Jalesh cruise packages are very much affordable for travelers of all budgets as these packages start from low rates. In general, the Jalesh cruise package price starts from as low as INR 17,800 per head and goes up to INR 72,352 per head.
  8. What can I do onboard a Jalesh Cruise?

    Onboard the Jalesh karnika cruise, you can do a number of recreational and relaxing things. From trying your luck at its casino and getting a pampering massage at the spa to enjoying a romantic dinner at its waterfront restaurant to watching some colourful live performances, you can indulge in any fun-filled activity of your choice.
  9. Is food included in the Jalesh Cruise?

    Yes, food is included in the Jalesh cruise india package. The passengers can take all their meals and snacks onboard the cruise, in its various restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  10. Does Jalesh Cruise have wifi?

    Yes, free wifi is available onboard and you can use uninterrupted internet services to remain connected with the world throughout your Jalesh cruise trip. You can either use the internet directly from your cruise or through a 3rd party service.
  11. What is the ticket price of Jalesh Cruise?

    The ticket price for Jalesh cruises packages varies depending upon multiple factors including the destinations covered in the Jalesh cruise routes and the number of days for which the trip lasts and also accommodation you choose. In general, the Jalesh cruise cost starts from INR 36,176 and goes up to INR 72,352.
  12. How many rooms are there in Jalesh cruise?

    Jalesh Cruise offers the passengers excellent accommodation in four kinds of furnished well-adorned rooms - Ocean View rooms, Minisuite, Balcony rooms, and Interior rooms.

    There are a total of 430 Ocean view cabins and 209 interior cabins, all spread across Deck 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. The cruise has a total of 162 balcony cabins, spread across Deck 10 and 11. There are a total number of 36 cabins, all located on Deck 11.
  13. Who is the owner of Jalesh Cruise?

    Jalesh Cruise belongs to Zen Cruises, which is owned, operated, and managed by Subhash Chandra, who is also the owner of Essels Groups. This multi-destination cruise began its services back in April 2019 from the Indian city of Mumbai.
  14. Is passport mandatory for a cruise holiday?

    Only foreign travellers need to provide a valid passport for a Jalesh cruise tour. Passport is not necessary for Indian nationals traveling on the cruise to domestic destinations.
  15. Is there an age requirement for children to book a cruise?

    The minimum age required for taking the Jalesh cruise tour is 6 months. Passengers aged below 6 months will not be permitted onboard the cruise, even if they are accompanied by adults.
  16. What is the dress code when cruising onboard Jalesh Cruises?

    There is no specific dress code to follow onboard Jalesh cruise. The passengers can wear anything they like and are comfortable in. Carry your daily comfortable wear, some fancy clothes of fine dining and events, swimwear, etc for indulging in activities onboard.
  17. Are there medical facilities available onboard?

    Yes, basic medical facilities and first aid are readily available for the passengers onboard the cruise. The travelers can avail it, if and when any emergency health condition is experienced during their Jalesh cruise tour.
  18. Are handicapped accessible cabins available?

    Yes, Jalesh Cruise is equipped with separate full-fledged cabins dedicated to the specially-abled people. These cabins are located at Deck 8 and Deck 11 of the cruise.
  19. Are there smoking areas on the Jalesh Cruise?

    Yes, there are designated smoking areas on the cruise, such as the pool deck, where the guests can smoke without any restriction. The passengers are not allowed to smoke inside their cabins.
  20. How much luggage can I bring on the Jalesh Cruise?

    Each passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of one bag onboard the cruise, if traveling for a duration of 3 to 5 days. If your Jalesh cruise package is of 6 or more days, you are allowed to carry 2 bags onboard the ship.

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