Lonavala Tourism, India: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
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Best Of Lonavala

Lonavala city is one of the most beautiful retreats, that takes you away from the maddening rush of the metropolises. It is located in the western part of India in the Pune district of Maharashtra. This hill station lies 96 kilometres east of the metropolitan city of Mumbai and 64 kilometres west of modern-day Pune city. Therefore, a profound location on the Mumbai-Pune expressway makes Lonavala cater to both cities with the smoothest connectivity through roads.

Lonavala City is popularly called the “city of caves' and the “Jewel of Sahyadri”. That is because the hill station boasts some of the most spectacular settings, including luxuriant green valleys, remarkable caves, serene lakes and stunning waterfalls. The spectacular rock-cut Bhaja and Karla caves in Lonavala have been notable tourists with their old beams, motifs and inscriptions.

The surrounding regions of Lonavala are blessed with an unbeatable collection of waterfalls that include the Kune waterfall, Bhivpuri, Bhagirath and Jummapatti waterfalls. The refreshing ambience of the postcard-perfect landscape of Aamby Valley, Pawna Lake and Lonavala Lake is bound to impress you. Lonavala is famous for its natural wonders, religious attractions, and historical sites. These include the Tikona Fort, Duke’s Nose, Lohagad and Rajmachi fort.

Lonavala hosts an array of fun activities for tourists and these include rappelling, camping at the Pawna Lake, hiking to the Tikona Fort, trekking to the Rajmachi fort and riding at Wet and joy water slides.

Lonavala has a tropical climate but the weather is an all-time maritime one. However, all the stunning places and sites of Lonavala come alive during the winter and monsoon seasons. Thus, pack your bags and come here because Lonavala has something for everyone, from quiet time to adventure.

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People Also Ask About Lonavala

  1. What are the places to visit in Lonavala?

    1. Lohagad Fort: The Lohagad Fort is one of Lonavala’s best hill fortresses and historical edifices snuggled at a soaring height of 3400 feet. This fort appears to be perched atop a hill and showcases a stellar combination of scenic surroundings and ancient architecture.

    On reaching the fort, you gape at Chhatrapati Shivaji’s deep history and the way he made use of the edifice to keep his treasures safe. You can easily ascend to this fort in a few hours. This mighty Maratha empire structure is interlinked with the fort of Visapur.

    - Location: Lohagad road, Maharashtra
    - Timings: 8 AM – 5PM

    2. Tikona Fort: After the Rajmachi fort, the dominant hill fort of Tikona is one of the popular spots for tourists. Due to the pyramidal shape of the hill, the Fort has got its name Tikona. It is perched at a soaring height of 3500 feet and is one of the most popular adventure destinations in Lonavala amid trekkers.

    The seven water tanks, large doorways and high fortifications are the most eye-catching elements of the fort. From the topmost bastion of the fort you get to enjoy spectacular views. The trek to reach the Tikona fort is an enchanting one as you pass through several water tanks, temples and caves. Once, you reach the extended parapet’s edge, you take in the gorgeous beauty of the surroundings.

    - Location: Tikona Peth, Near Pawna Dam, Tikona hiking Trail 412108
    - Timings: 8 AM – 5PM

    3. Valvan Dam: Situated over the renowned Kundalika river, the Valvan Dam provides power for the power station of Khopoli by serving as a barrage. It originates in the Western Ghats and it is the quietness and calmness of the place that make it so popular. It is a favorite amongst solace seekers and peace lovers.

    The dam’s backwaters have formed the Valvan Reservoir that is also a famous tripping spot. You can picnic here in the refreshing emerald green lakeside garden situated right next to the dam and capture beautiful shots of the scenic surroundings.

    - Location: Near Khopoli Power Plant, 2 km From Lonavala, Khandala, Lonavala.

    4. Della Adventure Park: Pump up your adrenaline by spending a day at the Adventure Park of Della. This park is an exciting place that you must visit when in Lonavala because you can make the most of crazy adventure sports here. This waterpark cum amusement park offers a host of thrilling activities for you to enjoy.

    Special features of the park include the country’s very first Swoop Swing. At 1250 feet, the Park also has the longest Flying Fox. Other activities that you can enjoy here include artificial rock climbing, rappelling, rocket ejector, buggy rides, sky cycling, ATV, and several kinds of zorbing. The Park also offers dirt bike riding.

    - Location: Lonavla, Kunegaon, Maharashtra 410401
    - Timings: 11 AM- 9 PM

    5. Karla Caves: Visit one of India’s best preserved and biggest prayer halls, the Karla Caves which date back to the 2nd and 5th century BC. This rock-cut elaborate wonder is a cluster of 16 caves that were once a Buddhist monastery. Chaityagriha or the huge assembly hall is the main cave that has a magnificently carved teak wood roof, decorated with horses, elephants, women and men’s sculptures.

    You will spot a massive sun window that deflects the light rays towards the stupa at the back. The rest of the 15 caves are called the viharas and are known to be smaller prayer and living spaces of the monastery. If you are a history buff then you must visit this enticing conglomeration that has special importance to Buddhism's Mahasamghika sect.

    - Location: Karla, Ekveera Devi Road, Lonavala, Maharashtra
    - Price: Indians (INR 15 per person), Foreign nationals (INR 200 per person)
    - Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    6. Aamby Valley: The first planned city of India and Maharashtra’s Megalopolis, the Amby Valley is touted to be one of the leading destination cities spread across ten thousand acres. Embodying the cosmopolitan infrastructure of India and Maharashtra’s rustic charm this popular weekend getaway is decked with plush bungalows and swanky resorts.

    If you are a tourist who seeks leisure, come over to the Aamby Valley as it offers an assortment of fun activities. You can indulge in everything from thrilling hikes, horseback riding, partying at a glitzy night club or enjoying a huge water park. That is because Aamby Valley has something for everyone.

    7. Tiger’s Leap: With a shape that resembles as if a tiger is leaping onto a hill, the Tiger’s Leap is one of the linkages to get stunning views of the forest, the gushing waterfall and greenery. The steep hill of the aspect collects the water from the falls, as a stream hence giving provision to enjoy the stream for river rafting. You must visit during the monsoon to capture the private waterfall of this point.

    - Location: Khandala, Maharashtra

    8. Pawna Lake: Having formed from the water of the Pavana Dam Reservoir, thus lake is an artificial lake that has now become one of the popular tourist camping sites. Encompassed by the carpeted hills, this weekend destination lets you seep in its lovely charm. You can engage in bird watching here, as different species of birds visit the lake besides spending a peaceful night with your loved one under a starlit sky.

    Apart from bird watching, you can also rejuvenate yourself relishing the sweeping views of the serene lake around, while gorging on edible tid-bits being sold by the kiosks here. You can indulge in various adventure activities that the lake hosts which include ridge dancing, advanced kiting and paragliding

    Book Now: Pawna Lake Camping

    9. Rajmachi Fort: Perched atop a rugged hill, the Rajmachi Fort is one of the most frequented places for tourists. Constructed by the Satavahanas this fort complex has a rather interesting history where Shivaji Maharaj captured it in 1657 and Aurangzeb in 1704. Then again Marathas regained their control over the fort in 1713, gave it over to Kanhoji Angre and later the British took control over the fort in 1818.

    The Rajmachi Fort is a remarkable place for trekkers especially those visiting it during the monsoons. You witness the lush green meadows, lustrous streams and silvery waterfalls enlivening the landscape. A camping session here, not just promises panoramic views from the top but a lifetime of memories.

    - Timings: 9 AM- 6 PM
    Book Now: Rajmachi Fort Trek and Camping

    10. Celebrity Wax Museum: A one-of-a-kind intriguing tourist place has to be the ever-popular Celebrity Wax Museum of Lonavla that displays beautifully sculptured wax figurines of renowned celebrities from all across the globe.

    You get to take selfies with the life-sized sculptures of your favourite celebrities like Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Kapil Dev, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a must-visit place for every tourist who wishes to witness the fine works of reputed wax sculptor Sunil Kandaloor.

    - Location: Lonavala Junction, Lonavala Square Mall, Takve Kurth, Pune, Maharashtra 410401
    - Price: INR 200
    - Timings: 9 AM- 9:30 PM

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  2. What are the best things to do in Lonavala?

    1. Trek at the Duke’s Nose: One of the most adventurous things to do at Lonavala is a trek at the Duke’s Nose which is a popular landmark hugely famous as a picturesque location and for hiking. Walking through the long forest trails once you reach the spot’s rocky outcrops, you ought to get smitten by the panoramic views of the Sahyadri Range, dense jungles and splendid valleys.

    - Location: Kurvande, Maharashtra 410402

    2. Spend fun moments at the Imagica Adlabs: Your visit to Lonavala will be considered incomplete if you do not visit the popular recreation centre and theme park of Imagica Adlabs. Here you get to have a whale of a time with your children as they listen to the elephant Tubby’s stories and hear Neera- the mermaid’s songs at the lagoon. You get to ride some of the most extreme water slides like Yell-O, Swirl Whirl, and the Splash besides crazy rollercoasters. Imagica Adlabs offers many other enthralling activities like magic shows, hip-hop dancing, and live performances of acrobats, that cheer you up like no other.

    - Location: No. 30 31, State Highway 92 near Lonavala, Sangdewadi, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203
    - Timings: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM (open all days) rides open till 8 PM

    3. Trek up to the Lohagad Fort: Hiking through the rugged terrains you reach Lonavala's architectural marvel, Lohagad Fort. After a splendid trek, you reach the top only to experience the scenic views of the entire town besides getting bewitched by the various artistry styles and carvings.

    - Location: Lohagad Trek Road, Pune, Maharashtra 410406, India

    4. Safari on a hot air balloon: Give your eyes the delight of a hot air balloon safari as you cross over the misty clouds and admire the beauty of the natural vistas. The beautiful birds flying along during the safari,  views of nature's majestic displays, pearly waterfalls, and forested hills are enough to woo you for life.

    - Price: INR 12000

    5. Trek up to the Rajmachi Fort: Filled with a myriad variety of fauna and flora the green-painted fort of Rajmachi appears lush because of nature growing on it. You begin your trek from Tungari or from the Udhewadi base village and reach the top of the fort after resting at various points. The views of bubbly waterfalls, rocky mountains, and jungles will leave you pleasantly surprised. From the fort’s top, you can catch aerial views of the Ulhas river, Matheran, Bhimashankar, Mahuli, Karanala and the Duke’s Nose.

    - Location: Udhewadi, Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra, India
    - Timings: 6:45 AM-4:00 PM

    6. Hike to the Tiger’s Leap: A ferociously fun but moderately challenging trek has to be the trek up to Tiger’s Leap. This simple hike with family and friends is so enriching as at the end you find yourself surrounded by rocky terrains, lush green tropics on all sides. The unprecedented view of the valley below, the Western Ghats from the cliff top, with a sheer drop of more than 650 meters, is just perfect. This place is called the Tiger’s Leap as the place resembles a tiger leaping into the valley.

    - Location: Tiger Point, Kurvande, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410205

    7. Go chikki shopping: Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, then you cannot miss shopping for the fudges and chikkis popular in Lonavala. You are going to find dozens of showrooms and small shops selling these deliciously sweet nibble-worthy items. These chikkis are available in a host of innovative flavours that include chocolate chikki, Kesar, gulab (rose) chikki and others.

    - Location: Gaothan, Siddharth Nagar, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401
    - Timings: 11:00 AM-8:00 PM

    8. Explore the Bhaja Caves: For a history aficionado a visit to the Bhaja Caves is mandatory. These caves were built between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD. Located very close to the Karla Caves, these 25 rock-cut Buddhist caves belong to Buddhism's Hinayana phase. As you begin exploring you will find a horseshoe-shaped archway leading you to the oldest chaitya grihas (prayer hall with stupa) inside. All the other 24 caves are viharas (residential caves). The 200 BCE carvings of a woman playing the tabla also hint at the percussion instrument’s history here.  To unravel the layers of history, come explore the Bhaja Cave stupas which are relics of three monks Sang Edina, Dhammagiri, and Ampinika.

    - Location: Bhaja Caves Road, District, near Bhaja Village, Maval, Lonavala, Maharashtra 412106
    - Price: INR 15 for Indians and INR 200 for foreigners
    - Timings: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    9. Camping at Pawna Lake: Drain out all your worries and stresses by making your wheels spin and reaching the spellbinding and riveting destination of Pawna Lake. Here you get to stay in lakeside camps, enjoy musical bonfires, and sumptuous breakfast beside the melodious sound of the chilly breeze and eye-catching views of the mountains. During a day camp at the lake, you can indulge in a plethora of outdoor games like archery, and volleyball cricket besides kayaking, fort trekking, paragliding and boating.

    - Location: Maval taluka, Pune district, Maharashtra, India
    - Price: Starting from INR 1499
    - Timings: 4 pm – 8 pm

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  3. Which are the best bungalows in Lonavala?

    1. Vista Bella Rosa: It provides you a plush accommodation in a 4BHK villa settled within the precincts of a complex consisting of 11 villas. The villa is furnished with all modern amenities where you can create your own memories in homely comfort. Staying at Vista Bella Rosa gives you the privilege of preparing your favourite platters in the well-equipped kitchenette of the bungalow. The lavish bedrooms of this bungalow in Lonavala have attached balconies opening out to the mesmerizing panoramic view outside.

    It goes without saying Vista Bella Rosa gives you the best experience of private holidaymaking.

    - Amenities:
    lavish living room, dining area, private lawn, swimming pool, open terrace, in-built bar, pure drinking water
    - Location: Kamran Villa- Villa No. 9 Old Mumbai-Pune Road, Lonavala- 410405

    2. Belleza Nature Cove: It is an exotic weekend getaway tucked in the rolling Sahyadris that allures you to its bosom after stressful workdays. Once you step inside the Belleza Nature Cove, the warm greetings of its host and other staffs will certainly take away your jetlag and fill you with familiar homeliness.

    Cosseting yourself in one of the secret corners of the bungalow overlooking the Pawna Dam at its vicinity, you can reflect over the ethereal charm of nature at sunset or sunrise.

    - Amenities
    : living room, bedrooms with attached bath and king size bed, extra mattress, kitchenette, air-conditioning, free parking, room service, outdoor games,
    - Location: Jawan No. 2, Post Pawna Nagar, Taluka Maval, Kolvan- 412108

    3. Parsi Mansion: The Parsi Mansion is one of the top rated properties of Lonavala which offers you an unparalleled staying experience in a luxurious homely environment far from the drudgery of a city life. The colossal mansion features 6 oversized bedrooms with attached balconies where you can while away gaping at the abounding greenery of the region. You can arrange a birthday or anniversary dinner and revel with your family by the poolside area of the mansion on request.

    The mansion provides chef on request who will prepare a lunch or dinner for small gatherings of up to 25 heads.

    - Amenities: living room, a games room, kitchen, flat screen TV with DTH connection, free Wi-Fi, duplex room, attached bath, balconies facing lawn, outdoor lawn, pool, fully equipped kitchenette
    - Location: Lonavala Naka, near Bharat Petrol Pump, Lonavala-410401

    4. Ameya Bungalow: If you are looking for staying at close to nature, don’t forget to check on Amey Bungalow at Lonavala which has everything to make your trip exclusive and unforgettable. The Bhushi Dam and Lion’s Point located at about 10 and 11 km respectively away from the bungalow gives you ample scope of sightseeing at Lonavala. Ameya Bungalow is well furnished with modern amenities that ensure you of a comfortable and secure accommodation far from the maddening crowd of a metropolis.

    The bonus of staying at this property is enjoying sumptuous Asian breakfast every morning which is prepared by their trained in-house chefs.

    - Amenities: free toiletries and linen, attached bathroom with bathtub, closet, writing desk, air-conditioner
    - Location: Amey House, Patan Road, A/P Malvali (Lonavala), TAL- Malavli, near Malavli station, India- 410405

    5. Lonavala Holiday Bungalow: Lonavilla property is a brand new luxury villa equipped with modern amenities complemented with high class customer service that offers you a rich holiday experience at one of the most sought after destinations of India. The Lonavala bungalow is an idyllic retreat where you can soothe and rejuvenate your soul at the backdrop of the panoramic setting of the Western Ghats.

    The deluxe bungalow in Lonavala well justifies its name (Lona-Villa) with abounding open spaces both at its interior and exterior which renders it an overall sophisticated and comfy look.

    - Amenities: LED TV, swimming pool, multilingual staff, hot water, kitchenette, barbecue (on request), game area
    - Location: Plot No. 9A, Winter Harvest, Malavali Boraj Road, near Karla, Lonavala, India

    6. GreenwoodsSeven by VistaRooms: It is a sprawling verdant haven comprising of 10 villas and equipped with all modern amenities to make your stay unique and luxurious at Lonavala. Tucked in the verdant valley of the majestic Sahayadris, the bungalow offers a breath-taking view of the surrounding flora from its spacious lawn. The interior of the 5 BHK- villa is elegantly furnished and easily accessible to guests who want to unwind themselves in the lap of nature.

    Being located near Khandala, you can visit a number of popular tourist attractions that lie at its vicinity with personal concierge provided by the bungalow.

    - Amenities: kitchen with kitchenware, attached bath, free toiletries and linen, private pool, flat screen television, air-conditioner, living area
    - Location: Villa No.7, Sadar Layout, Old Khandala Road, Lonavala- 410401

    7. Gaurav Bungalows: While preparing your itineraries, the one thing which bothers you most before a journey is the place of accommodation. But, once you step into the sprawling and luxurious property of the Gaurav Bungalows, you will be embraced by the warmth of a homely ambiance nestled in the greenery of the West Ghats.

    The property is maintained by a caretaker who is at your service round the clock and ready to guide you explore the nook and corner of the place in case you are a wandering soul. The extra chill in the air will give you a really pleasurable holiday experience at the Gaurav Bungalows.

    - Amenities: capacious bedrooms, attached bathroom, free toiletries,free private parking, flat screen TV, family rooms, shared garden, long term stay allowed
    - Location: 10/2, Divya Hilltop, Behind Akkalkot Swami Math, Nagargaon, Lonavala- 410401

    8. Bliss Lonavala: The bungalow property is maintained by a couple who are genuinely hospitable hosts to the lodgers and takes care of their needs tirelessly. You can even pamper your taste buds with traditional Maharashtrian cuisines as ‘poha’ or ‘pithla’ cooked by the host couple of this exotic Lonavala bungalow.

    The picturesque landscape surrounding the villa will help you release all your cares and absorb the serenity of the region.

    - Amenities: bedrooms with mountain view and sitting area, satellite TV, attached bath, kitchen, refrigerator, rental bicycle and car, breakfast in the room, free private parking, free toiletries, linen, barbeque, wardrobe facility
    - Location: Plot No. 19, Ekvira Society, opp Treasure Island, Karla, Lonavala

    9. Vasu Holiday Homes: 
    To make your holiday really exclusive in the lap of tranquil nature at Lonavala, Vasu Holiday Homes should be your best pick. The well maintained property invites you in its haven to spend a few days with closeness to nature.

    If you are up for a candle light dinner with family at the poolside patio or want to organise a birthday party at the open terrace, the caretaker will make provisions for you to celebrate your special moments in a special way.

    - Amenities: king size bed, free parking, mini refrigerator, daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, kitchen (with kitchenware), attached bathroom
    - Location: Bungalow No. A/16, Sunrise Preciado, Opp Lagoona Resort, Tungarli, Lonavala-410401

    10. Bungalow serenity: What can make your vacation more treasured and memorable than staying amidst tranquil natural setting in a homely ambiance? Bungalow Serenity is one such bungalow in Lonavala which offers personalized care to their guests with a team of trained professional staffs.

    Tucked in the bosom of extensive greenery and caressed by sea breeze throughout the day, Bungalow Serenity boasts of all amenities to make your stay comfortable, relaxing and special.

    - Amenities: king size spacious bedrooms, pet friendly, dining area, closet, shared outdoor pool, smoking allowed, flat screen television, fully equipped kitchenette, attached bathroom
    - Location: House No 4 Plot No 10, Neel Sagar Residency, Malavali Station Road, Malavli, Maharashtra- 410405.

  4. Which are the best bungalows in Lonavala with a swimming pool?

    1. El house: Tucked away in one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods of Lonavala, EL house will remind you of a vintage mansion. Enjoy your weekends with the premier amenities of this bungalow in Lonavala like magnificent private pools, AC and attached bathrooms in every room and many more.

    2. Breeze in the Hill: With outdoor heated pool, this property bestows exquisite views of the hills beside a shamiana set up to rest in the evening. The Breeze in the Hill is abode to various small games to enjoy and thoughtfully designed 3 well-furnished bedrooms.

    3. Primavera: This 4 BHK property is one of the most loved stay that nestles a huge swimming pool, lawn, and terrace along with the best combination of indoor and outdoor amenities. You will enjoy your heart out at this place given the number of activities offered here like karaoke, badminton, carrom, table tennis and more.

    4. Viola: This bungalow is abode to 5 bedrooms with a large swimming pool onsite. It is ideal for big groups to nestle in. Viola is located in the proximity of many famed attractions like Karla temple & Wax museum and is tucked away in peace from the city.
  5. Which are the best luxury bungalows in Lonavala?

    1. Mountain Springs: With 3 beautiful yet spacious bed rooms bragging pool views, this bungalow has an open terrace where you can dine and drink amidst the soothing breeze. The plunge pools and barbeque kit are other highlights of this place where you can end your all day tiredness and dine in.

    2. La petite Maison: The convenient location and vintage décor of this property will impress you at first sight. Sight the extravagant views of the valley from this 3BHK property that comes with manicured gardens, state of the art amenities and more!

    3. Cascades: With minimalist décor and modern look, Cascades is a renowned luxury bungalow to nestle in that overlook to the pool in front. A maximum of 10 people can reside here in the well furnished rooms with a private balcony in each.

    4. Bungalow Tranquil Dreams: It is a serene and a peaceful one among all bungalows in Lonavala. It provides 2 full and a king sized bedroom to relax and unwind in the lap of nature. Food served here receives great compliments and feedback is always worked on seriously.
  6. How to reach Lonavala?

    - By train: Board any of the trains that operate between Lonavala and Mumbai like the Madurai EXP, LTT BIDAR express and reach Lonavala.

    - By road: You can either board a taxi or a bus or you can take your own car from Mumbai to reach Lonavala via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pandharpur Rd/Mumbai - Pune Hwy.

    - By air: Catch a flight from any of the domestic Indian airports and reach the Lohegaon airport in Pune. This airport is closest to Lonavala and you can reach the destination in no time.
  7. Which are the activities we can do during our stay at Lonavala?

    1. Camping at Pawna Lake: For an adventure escape, Pawna Lake camping is the best recommendation you can get. This artificial lake is ideal to spend some quality time amidst the green hills, nature and Pawna Dam exquisite views.

    2. Tigers leap hike: This moderate tough trek is one of the many indulged activities by the visitors in Lonavala. The rocky terrains, bird eye’s views, and the breath-taking end results will help you experience an adrenaline rush on this hike. End your tiredness at the end of the day in bungalows for rent in Lonavala.

    3. Sunset Gazing at Lion’s Point: An absolute nature’s delight is the sunset views at the famed Lion’s Point. Enjoy delicious snacks at the small tea stalls located here and enjoy a breezy long drive to this destination from your stays.

    4. Hot air balloon ride: Catch a glance at the extravagant Sahyadri Range by floating in the air in a hot balloon ride. Experience the tranquillity spread in the clouds and gaze at the beautiful views of the ground with a bird’s eye view with your stays at bungalows for rent in Lonavala.
  8. What is the best time to visit Lonavala?

    The best time to visit Lonavala is between October-May. During this time, the weather is pleasant and you do not have to tolerate the mad heat of the sweltering summers. The June-September period is also a great time to visit Lonavala because of the cool climate and you can enjoy all the sightseeing locations thoroughly. 

  9. What kind of amenities do Lonavala bungalows provide?

    The bungalows in Lonavala are replete with all kinds of modern amenities for an extravagant staying experience. The bedrooms are commodious and have attached sitting areas or balconies offering a grand vista of alluring nature outside.

    The kitchens are well equipped with modern kitchenware where you can prepare meals according to your preference and enjoy eating in the classy dining area. Also, you can revel in taking a dip in the outdoor pool and re energize your soul.

  10. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Lonavala?

    The best public transport modes to commute around Lonavala are the auto rickshaws and cabs. There are no local trains specific to this suburb of Pune but many trains depart from the city.
  11. Do they have proper kitchen to cook food?

    Most of the Lonavala bungalows have kitchenettes with modern facilities where you guests can cook meals according to their preference. The kitchens have gas stove, microwave oven, toaster, juicer, refrigerator, utensils, crockery and pure drinking water.

    Staying in any of the aforesaid bungalows in Lonavala gives you the opportunity to savour any kind of gastronomic delight of any province or country. If you are for healthy eating, you can still enjoy a gamut lunch or dinner with your family in the spacious dining area of the bungalow with sumptuous homemade dishes.

    The overwhelming serenity of the region will give you an unforgettable dining experience at the company of your loved ones.

  12. Why is Lonavala famous?

    Lonavala is famous for remarkable caves, serene lakes, stunning waterfalls, lush green valleys and several natural wonders. It is also very famous for the historical sites and religious attractions. However, if you are a food enthusiast then you cannot miss shopping for the nutty chikkis here that are one of the most popular items of Lonavala.
  13. How many days are enough for Lonavala?

    A trip of 2-3 days is more than enough for Lonavala. In these 2- 3 days you can cover maximum tourist spots that include the Amrutanjan Point, Rajmachi fort, Imagica theme park, Bhushi dam, Lohagad Fort and different other locations.
  14. How do I get to Tiger Point Lonavala?

    You can get to Tiger Point Lonavala by booking a cab or taxi up to INS Shivaji and then cover the remaining distance of 1.6 kilometers on foot.
  15. Is it safe for couples to stay in Lonavala bungalows?

    The bungalows in Lonavala are built amidst the manicured estates nestled in the valley of the Sahyadri Range. Being surrounded by verdant hilly trails, cascading waterfalls, pleasant weather round the year and the fringing Western Ghats make the place a honeymooner’s paradise on earth.

    Lonavala bungalows are built with high security provisions that ensure you of a safe and carefree holiday experience. They accommodate both married and unmarried couples (both national and foreigners) on submission of an original identity proof.

    To spend a romantic monsoon vacation with your partner in any of our bungalows nestled in the breath-taking flora of Lonavala, book your accommodation well in advance.

  16. ill there be bonfire facilities in bungalows in Lonavala?

    Some of the bungalows in Lonavala have bonfire facilities where you can organise parties or small powwows for celebrating the little moments of joy with family and friends. For a blissful break from the din and bustle of city life and adding extra zing to your vacation, the owners of these properties have provisions for bonfire parties for their guests.

    Lonavala experiences chilled nights during winter and it is at this time of the year when bungalows with bonfire facilities have swarming occupancy.

    Gazing at the starlit firmament being enveloped in an eerie silence of the valley and enjoying the cosy warmth of a bonfire can take you to a different world in no time.

  17. What is the famous food of Lonavala?

    The famous food of Lonavala is the hard nutty candy called chikki, moong dal bhaji and vada pav.
  18. Is it allowed to drink and smoke in Lonavala bungalows?

    Some of the bungalows in Lonavala allow smoking and drinking by the guests while some others do not have such provisions.

    Vista Bella Rosa and Bungalow Serenity are two of the top rated Lonavala Bungalows that allow smoking and drinking within their premises.

    However, most of the bungalows do not allow smoking within the rooms. There are smoking zones or open spaces where guests can while away appreciating the tranquil environment and smoking.

  19. What are the activities which we can do during our stay at Lonavala?

    Sited at an elevation of 2,047 ft. Lonavala is a dream destination for nomadic souls who want to explore nature at its varied moods. Although monsoon is the time when Lonavala is most hunted by nature lovers due to its ethereal charm being drenched in the monsoon rains, however, tourists swarm around the major sites of attractions for indulging themselves in fun activities.

    If you are a real adventure buff thee list of activities awaiting you are-Bungee jumping at Della Adventures, yoga session at Kaivalyadhama Ashram, sightseeing at Amrutanjan Point, Rajmachi, city shopping at Lonavala and many more.

  20. Which are the famous camping sites in Lonavala?

    1. Lohagad: The Lohagad camping experience is going to be one of a kind as you will enjoy nature vibes and set out for nature exploration and adventure. During the Lohagad camping, you will learn about pitching tents, and enjoy a warm bonfire sesh besides barbecue making and trekking.

    2. Aundoli camps: If you are an adventure as well as nature lover then you must arrange for a camping sesh at the Aundoli Camps. Here you get to ride horses with the help from instructors, go for trekking, arrange bonfires during the evening time and enjoy a movie screening before lights out.

    3. Pawna Lake: 2 days one night camping at the Pawna Lake is no less than an adventurous escape from the hassles of your city life stress. You get to enjoy the views of the green hills, and the lake here besides accommodation in tents. You can also avail boating at an extra cost and bonfire post dinner before lights out.

    4. Tikona Fort: Also called the Vitandgad Fort, the Tikona Fort is one of the major hill forts in Lonavala’s Maval region. Here you get to stay in camps complete with mattresses and comfortable tents while enjoying panoramic views of the Pawna Lake, Tung, Lohagad, and Visapur forts. You spend hours enjoying music, bonfire and all kinds of outdoor/indoor games here.

    5. Shirota Lake: The shirota Lake camping ground is one of the most offbeat locations for every nature lover that loves to explore over and over again. If you are looking forward to a complete break from your daily life scenes then come witness the Shirota lake’s backwaters and views of the Sahyadris, while staying in waterproof dome tents.

    Sketching Out a Journey to Silvassa, Check out our best-selling Silvassa Tour Packages
  21. Are there pets allowed in bungalows in Lonavala?

    Pets are mostly not allowed inside Lonavala bungalows. However, there are few places of accommodation that allow pets. If you wish to take your quadruped friend to give you a jovial company in your Lonavala trip check on the bungalows that are pet friendly.

    Bungalow Serenity offers pet friendly accommodation to its guests who are looking for taking their pets along with them on a trip.

  22. What are the adventure things to do in Lonavala?

    1. Dirt biking and off-roading near Rajmachi: If you are not faint of heart and love trying hardcore adrenaline stuff then you must arrive at the road to Rajmachi. This road is ideal for dirt biking and off-roading activities. The biking community has made this place a popular spot. Therefore to feel that extra bit of zing, head out to Rajmachi with your bike and helmet.

    2. Trekking: Trekking is one of the most adventurous things to do in Lonavala. You will have a gala time scaling the popular forts of Korigad, Lohagad, and Visapur. The canyon valley trek is also very popular and is called the Ulhas valley trek. This trek surprises trekkers with a descent first followed by an ascent later. The valley climbing experience is going to be a surreal one for you as you get to enjoy mesmerizing views from the top.

    3. Camping: An overnight stay at a camp near an artificial lake, spending a chilly night before warm bonfires gazing at the stars feels enchanting. To make the most of a night filled with tranquillity, barbecue dinners and fun-filled activities head to the Pavana Lake.

    4. Waterfall Rappelling: For an adrenaline-rushing experience, get ready for the Kondana caves waterfall rappelling. You feel your heart racing, as you cling to your rope and rappel through the gushing water.

    5. Paragliding: Indulge in the most exhilarating activity of Paragliding at Kamshet near Lonavala where you take off on a parachute and soar away like a bird over the green valleys and mountains.

    Checkout & Book: Magic Mountain Tickets, Lonavala
  23. Which are the best resorts to stay in Lonavala?

    1. The Machan: Adorned by a massive pool of azure colour water, the eco-friendly Machan Resort is going to exceed your expectations. Each of the rooms in the resort is elegantly designed to suit your needs. The huge windows of the room flood your room with natural light and you enjoy panoramic views of the valley from these windows.

    2. Treasure Island: The snazzy resort located just 5 kilometres from the Karla caves is indeed a hidden treasure. It is cocooned amid three hectares of tropical gardens. The resort features down-to-earth, low-key rooms that are well-fitted with basic amenities and modern décor. Shallow canals of water all around the villa-style rooms make you feel like you are in Europe’s Venice.

    3. Della: The most dynamic and striking features of the Della Resort are the resort’s luxurious amenities and colour schemes. At this resort, you get to stay in a tented camp, adventure stays and sophisticated accommodations that are all luxuriant and relaxing equally. You can engage in a host of fun activities here that include treasure hunts, jungle camping, body art, and cooking.

    4. Fariyas: A perfect abode perched on the Frichey hills’ top, The Fariyas Resort is known for its opulent ambience, indoor heated swimming pool, and spa. There is also an in-house water park that offers amusing rides like wild water caves and whirling body chutes for endless entertainment.

    5. Hilton Shillim: Nestled in the mountain range of Sahyadri, a 5-minute walk from the tiny village of Shillim, the Hilton Shillim Retreat estate lets you experience the magic of birdsong and nature as you sit on your sun-terrace making the most of a barbecue dinner.

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  24. Where can I go for camping with family in Lonavala?

    Camping in Lonavala and bonding by the campfire is one of our favourite activities and Lonavala won’t deprive you of the opportunity. Listed below are camping sites in Lonavala:-

    1. Camping By Pawna River - 
    Book at INR 1250 Only
    2. Camping in Bandardhara - Book at INR 1200 Only
    3. Camping Experience near Shirota Lake - Book at INR 2,725 Only
    4. Camping at Korigad Fort - Book at INR 1200 Only
    5. Camp at Aundoli - Book at INR 5225 Only

  25. What are the romantic things to do in Lonavala?

    1. Forest Camping: This is a great way to spend some adventurous time with your partner. You can take part in activities such as bird watching, trekking, walking through the nature trail at night, etc. You can also enjoy some games by the bonfire and take a dip in the swimming pool.

    2. Hot Air Balloon Safari:
    This balloon ride takes you high up in the misty clouds form where you can witness the Sahyadri a range in all its splendour. It makes for a romantic experience with your partner.

    3. Take a stroll at Ryewood Park:
    This place is ideal for a romantic evening stroll with your partner. The park has swings, benches and lush lawns, including a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

    4. Sunset at Lions Point:
    This is the best sunrise and sunset point at Lonavla. Watch the sun paint the sky red as it sinks behind the mountains. You can also enjoy some local snacks from the stalls nearby. 
Newly Added Lonavala Experience

Lonavala Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Lonavala
Pritish Parekh Rajmachi Fort Trek
"Rajmachi trek was an amazing experience, of course given its beauty any nature lover would get mesmerised, BUT what matters more in such trekking experience is the trekking companions. Sagar Shinde is a great guy and true professional, he went beyond and make us have a great experience even though our trekking group reduced to just a couple of us. I am posting some pics that would be just glimpse of trek and the one with the trek guide Sagar who helped us trek such beautiful place."
29 December 2018
I booked the camping site for 19th Dec 2018. We were a group of 3 girls and we were notified that we are the only group coming to the site for 19th Dec (We were a little skeptical knowing that we are going to be the only group). HOW WE REACHED THE CAMPSITE - We reached the Lonavala Station around 11:30 a.m. We had to report to the already given location at 3 p.m. We hired a car from Lonavala station to the location which is 15 minutes from Tiger Point {approx 18 km}. -The manager came to pick up around 3:30 p.m. and we did a 20 minutes trek to the camping site. -The campsite is in the saltar village. For the return, you can either call any hire car (we called the same person who dropped us to the campsite a day earlier) or take a bus. You will have to confirm the timings of the bus beforehand at saltar village. EXPERIENCES OF THE CAMP - the campsite is well-located and the view is exquisite. - the manager and the care-takers(3) were extremely polite. They served us a welcome tea and Maggie and gave us a brief overview of what/where/how of the campsite. The tents were already made for us. - the site has ample space for recreational activities. We played badminton, carrom, archery and a little bit of hammock swaying as well :D - The barbeque and bonfire definitely stole all the thunder. - the dinner was simple and delicious. -the night sky was clear, starry and an almost full moon. Around 2 a.m. it got a little scary @-@ with all the wind and bizarre night sounds. - the ethereal sunrise !!! DONT MISS IT. To summarize it with a metaphor, it was "EVEN MORE FUN THAN A BALL PIT FILLED WITH CANDY!!!!" SUGGESTIONS/TIPS TO THE VISITORS -the place is perfect to click some amazing pictures with gorgeous backgrounds (especially during sunrise). - they provide facility to charge your phones -you can bring your own items like a telescope, speakers etc to personalize your stay (for some items you might need to update the organizers as well). -completely safe for girls. -the washrooms are clean. -you get a full network in your phone. -the organizers are available on phone and WhatsApp. You can call or message them regarding- commute, services, itinerary etc.
shubham sarkar Visapur Fort Trek
"It is one of the most beautiful and easiest trek around Mumbai .It should be on the top of the bucket list for those who love rain and waterfalls.The best time to go for this trek is in monsoon. The only drawback is if you go late in morning then it gets crowded."
Snehanshu Shoms Rajmachi Fort Trek
"No doubt one of the most amazing things I have done this year. The trek was brilliant, very thought out. The stay in the village, the homemade food, the really really long but amazing trek, the guides everything was really good. Thrillophilia has definitely become my go to app for any kinds of trek.\nSo this trek takes place in three parts, one to the base village in monsoon, the trek from base village to Rajmachi and back, and the trek from base village to Kondane Caves. The last one is one of the most amazing treks, really helpful guides all along the way and the trek has some amazing waterfalls, scenes and experience. I wish I had done the trek in June when the fireflies come, this time of the year in August fireflies aren't much seen. But apart from that I enjoyed most part of the trek."
SIDDHARTH SRIVASTAVA Rajmachi Fireflies Trek
"It was my first trek and had an amazing experience. Enjoyed a lot. Rajmachi trek,Shrivardhan fort visit, uday sagar lake side camping at night and music by our wonderful cordinator Hemant. Overall experience was awesome. ???? fully satisfied."
"Amazing experience. Very well maintained resort. The staff is very courteous and professional. Must visit for a weekend trip."
01 January 2021
Shobhit Agrawal Lagoona Resort Lonavala
It was a good and comfortable stay, after much searching during long weekend rush we figured out this resort and had a comfortable stay.
Kannan Varman Lonavala Budget Package
It was a great 5 days trip to Matheran, Lonavala and Khandala. I visited here with my friends and we really enjoyed the tour a lot. We visited the famous Lonavala lake and kune falls.
Ranjeet Bharadwaj Lonavala Package From Mumbai
It was a great 3 days trip to Lonavala and Khandala. I visited here with my friends and we really enjoyed the tour a lot. It was my 1st time that i visited Pawna lake and i was mesmerized wwith a wonderful sunset.
It is one of the best trips of my life. If you love adventurous and trekking place then you will love to visit Lonavala and Khandala, The views are brilliant and the vibe nice and Lonavala lake is very beautiful lake, surrounded by mountain. The scenery is very heart warming, I instantly fall in love with the place.

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