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What You Should Know More About Lonavala

  • Drinking Law

    In Maharashtra or even in Lonavala in particular, you must always carry a liquor license that can be availed from the Govt. Civil Hospital. Some of the districts here have imposed a strict ban on alcohol.

    The legal drinking age in Mumbai is:

    18 for wine

    21 for beer and

    25 for any other forms of liquor.

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    Tiger’s Leap
    Tiger’s Leap is one of the most important tourist destinations in Lonavala. Tourists come here in large numbers and never do they leave without being mesmerized by the wondrous view of the city from over 650 meters. Echo point here is another major attraction here. During the monsoon season, there is a waterfall here that allures many. The Tiger Leap gets its name from its very appearance. It looks as if the tiger is leaping into the valley. 

    Bushi Dam
    Bushi Dam is situated just a few km ahead of Lonavala. It is popular weekend getaway for the people working or living in Pune. 

    Karla Caves
    Karla Caves is a visual hit. It puts forth an equal fight between the nature and the artistic excellence of a man in a race to supremacy. Of course, the nature is undeniably the ultimate winner. However, the architectural brilliance of a man cannot be underprized in any way. It is a true exemplary of the artisanship of man from the 80 BC. 

    Lion’s Point
    Lion’s Point is a hit destination amongst the nature lovers. The magnificent views of the deep valley enveloped by lush green surroundings and a myriad of waterfalls may make your heart skip a beat or two.  

    Bhaja Caves
    Bhaja Caves are over 2200 years old. They are one of the most ancient centers of Buddhists in the world. The best time to visit the caves is during the monsoon season as the place is blooming in glory.  

  • What you will like there?

    Luxurious Resorts
    Lonavala is one of the most preferred destinations amongst the locals of Mumbai as well as the tourists. Being Maharashtra’s resort town, it has a variety of luxury resorts where you can go, relax, eat and unwind with your family or loved one. It is definitely one of the best ways to spend a weekend in Maharashtra. Make sure you book for the resorts in advance as the place is usually crowded during the weekends. 

    Picnic at the Lonavala Lake
    Lonavala Lake is a beauty in itself. It is surrounded by the lush green plants and trees that make it an ideal destination for group picnics. Carry with you a basket of cookies and chips along with a racquet and shuttle or some board games and you are set for a Sunday picnic. 

    Chikki or the Chocolate Fudge
    Lonavala is incredibly popular for its chikki or the chocolate fudge. These sweet treats account for excellent souvenirs to be carried back home from here. Kids love it and adults cannot refrain themselves from it either.  

    Wax Museum

    Wax Museum is a recent addition working best to accentuate the popularity of Lonavala. It has statues of various celebs and definitely deserves a visit whenever you are here in Lonavala. 

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Traveller Tales from Lonavala


Somnath Sorkade

17 September 2017

"It was the most amazing place I have ever seen!!! Believe me one night stay will give u a deep breath of fresh energy. The fresh air environment lake side view ll make u fall in love with the place. The lake side view and night under the stars is more than you can wish for. It can be best enjoyed in groups or couples too. The tents are very spacious with all amenities. Must mention about the cleanlliness and best facilities provided. I also have to mention about the delicious home made snacks dinner morning breakfast they provided. Each unit is divided in private sections.....with tents table chair mat and very our own bonfire ????????????????....wat else v need in such a great environment.....Definitely one of the must go place!! "

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Anjali Malik

05 February 2016

Well I have always been curious to go under some caves and visiting Lonavala was almost like a dream come true for me. Last month I went this place with my friends, believe me guys it was a completely new and awesome experience for me. Its one of the finest places near Mumbai and the best holiday spot I would say, yeah the place has some mesmerizing views, glimpse of the dense forests and curvy small mountainous looks amazing. Away from the city crowd Lonavala offers some really peaceful moments. Camping was quite easy since the ground there is quite flat, and our group spent a amazing time in our over night camps. I would like to recommend this spot to everyone.

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Mukul Mehra

06 August 2015

Participating in activities like river crossing, tunnel crawl, commando walk, kayaking, tyre crossing was much more fun with the way our instructors organised them. After the fun frolic day, we had amazing times in Maval. Overnight camping was like an experience of a lifetime. Also, as close to Pune, it is a must for all.

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Giriraaj Somayaji

10 September 2015

The overnight plan was really filled with extreme fun and excitement. There were around a dozen of activities and we got to participate in each of them. They way the activities were conducted and arranged was superb! Foods, overnight stay tents and other facilities were also really good.

  • 9_7_2012_19_44_3439_dsc03706.jpg
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Bahula Iyer

08 August 2015

For the fun and thrill you can have on this flight, the cost is not too much. The ballooning crew were extremely friendly and assured us the maximum safety measurements. Really loved the whole experience of flying over the beautiful locales of our very own Lonavala.

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Gorakhanatha Varma

19 February 2015

We were around 15 people who went together all family friends and it was fun and an awesome experience for all of us. We just wish we could have been here for a longer time to experience the great weather and brilliant activities a bit more.

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04 October 2017

A perfect weekend gateway.....Nature lovers or people who seeking serene and peace within, its worth visiting. We were group of 11 including kids, reached there by sunset, may be a little earlier we would have check in as we miss beautiful sunset. But nevertheless, we haven't missed the moon n the its only light initially we had before we settled and started our fun. one would be amazed with the beauty of river reflected by moons light like a shining star. I am a nature lover and adventure person, no wonder this camping gives you wings. We had awesome fun, music, barbecue and bonfire. weather was pleasant and comfortable stay in quencha tents. trust me its kids friendly, just that do not forget mosquito repellants and some emergency food for them. Food tasted really well, kind of home food. Do try river swim in day light, we did it next day morning and trust me its more fun than man made swimming pools. Gazing stars at Night and Gazing Sky in the morning its the beauty of this place. Economical, Refreshing, Far from Noise, Pollution....I guess that is perfect weekend gateway one should visit.

  • 1507131217_img_0407.jpg

Amarnath Pillai

31 December 2015

A truly fun and exciting experience for all of us. We got to see some beautiful balloons in the sky and got to ride them too. It was fun for the kids as well

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amit kumar

04 April 2016

had a great & wonderful experience

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