Nashik Tourism, India: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023

Nashik is a holy site seated in Maharashtra that is known for its religious importance for Hindu temples. This ancient holy site is of great religious importance in Hindu religion. It is also one of the all 4 locations where Kumbh Mela, every 12 years is organised. Nasik is adorned with a number of natural sites that will blow your mind from its beauty. From the sprawling beauty of Sahyadri range giving rise to streams of Western Ghat to lovely vineyards spread over the hills, Nashik’s beauty is unbeatable and offers relaxation of mind. The Anjneri Hill, Pandavleni Caves and others are some of the main attractions to visit for sighting natural beauty.

This holy location resides on temple trails, caves, waterfalls and more to make a complete bucket list for you. Some of the renowned attractions to visit in Nasik are Sula Vineyards, Coin Museum, Dudhsagar waterfall, Ram kund, Soma Vine village and many more. From shopaholics to adventure and history lovers, Nasik has an array of attractions for all tastes of tourists. 
Apart from exploration, you can also indulge into various adrenaline rushing activities to tick off every item in your bucket list. 

Plan your itinerary with Nasik tour package with thrilling activities like rafting, cliff jumping, go karting, temple visits, cave exploration and more. 
Nasik experiences pleasant weather in winters that makes it an ideal time to visit and explore it. Summers experience scorching heat with temperature shooting high up to 40 degree Celsius. During monsoons, this destination receives heavy rainfall thus making it the least ideal time to plan your visits.

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People Also Ask About Nashik

  1. Which are the famous places to see in Nashik?

    1. Sula Vineyards: Renowned for the variety of grape wines, Sula vineyards are one of the best places in Nasik to tour. This place started from a 30 acre estate and has spread to 1800 acres in the present. This vineyard is abode to 60 wineries and the Grape Stomping activity is the main attraction here.

    One can feast their taste buds on the restaurant here and shop for some souvenirs from the gift shop and bottle shop. The scenic views and wine tasting rooms are ideal to spend some leisure time with your loved ones.

    - Location: Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village, Off, Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Nashik, Maharashtra
    - Timings: 11 AM - 9 PM
    - Price: INR 150 per person (Touring & Tasting 4 wines), INR 250 per person (Touring & Tasting 6 wines), INR 100 per person (Touring)

    2. Dudhsagar Falls: One of the beautiful falls amidst the panoramic views, Dudhsagar Falls is quite a sight to watch in the monsoon season. It is located just a stone throw away distance from Someshwar temple which is why it is also known as Someshwar waterfall.

    This waterfall carries the waters of the mighty river Godavari flowing in Nashik. It is an ideal place to spend some time on a picnic amidst the lush green surroundings of the location.

    - Location: Ambedkar Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra
    - Timings: 6 AM-6 PM
    - Price: Around INR 400

    3. Nasik Caves: Also renowned by the name of Pandu Caves, Pandavleni caves  and more, these are the ancient rock cut caves situated on the tableland of the Trivashmi Hills. These are a cluster of 24 caves that represent Hinayana Buddhism.

    Spend your time at the Nashik caves as you enjoy musical fountains, museums, and food outlets located here. Witness the beautiful sculptures, monasteries, water tanks, shrines, and carvings inside the caves to explore this destination thoroughly.

    - Location: Pandavleni Rd, Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra
    - Timings: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    - Price: Adults: INR 2, Children (Up to 15 years): Free, free entry for everyone on Fridays

    4. Kapaleeshwar Temple: Kapaleeshwar Temple resides God Shiva idol who is the main deity here. It is surrounded by a surprising mystery that goes as in this Shiva Temple, the Nandi bull statue is missing that is always found alongside God Shiva’s statue.

    This ancient shrine of Nashik welcomes most of the crowd on Monday. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, this temple has special prayers and gets stuffed with devotees. One can reach this temple through local transportation available in the city.

    - Location: Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra

    5. Sita Gumpha: For the ancient legend lovers, Sita Gumpha is a great place to explore to sight the spot where Devi Sita expressed her devotion to God Shiva. It is located at a stone throw away distance from Kalaram Temple.

    This temple is of great religious importance to the hindu religion given to its role in Ramayana. It is the place from where Ravana kidnapped Devi Sita and escaped to Lanka.

    - Location: Sita Gufa, Panchavati, Nashik

    6. Ram kund: Ram Kund is famous among the devotees as a sacred tank that is believed to be a holy site. It is the place where the remains of the dead souls for their salvation were immersed in the water. It is also known as the site where Lord Rama took a bath before exile.

    It is believed in the Hindu religion that the person who takes a dip in the water of the kund, all their sins gets washed away.

    7. Balaji Devsthan: For the people who missed on the visit to the original shrine of Tirupati, this place is a replica of the idol deity of Tirupati. The ambience of the place is uplifted by the River Godavari and the adjacent waterfall located adjacently.

    The Lakshadeep Utsav on the day of Kojagari Pournima is very special that is organised here out of the many other festivals. It stays crowded by devotees throughout the year given to its religious importance in the hindu religion.

    8. Coin Museum: This stunning museum has been a part of Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies since 1980. It resides a stunning collection of various coins that date back to different ages of history. One can get insight on how the currency system of India grew through the array of collection of coins presented here.

    - Location: INHCRF Campus, Opposite Grape County Resort, Near Vadholi, Trimbakeshwar Rd, Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra
    - Timings: 10 AM-5:30 PM
    - Price: INR 20 per head

    9. Sundarnarayan Temple: Abode to the shrine of Lord Vishnu, this temple is located near the Ahilyabai Holkar Bridge in Nashik. The saga that depicts the history of the temple is when Lord Vishnu was cursed by an enraged wife of a sage; he turned charcoal black and regained his beautiful form of Sundar Narayanan after bathing in the waters of Godavari here.

    This temple is known to welcome a large number of pilgrims on the spring equinox when the sun's rays fall directly on the idols of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Vishnu in the temple.

    - Location: Kharewada, Raviwar Karanja, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra
    - Timing: 10 AM-6 PM

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  2. Which are the best things to do in Nashik?

    1. Wine Tasting at Sula Vineyards: Wine tasting sessions in Sula Vineyards is a must to explore activity on your tour to savour the taste of fine wine. Learn about this first established winery and its history as you choose to stay at the resorts here. Apart from being informative, the wine tours are a lot more fun where you get to feast on some great wine and enjoy breath-taking vistas.

    Personalised and group wine tours are available at Sula Vineyards and other wineries located in Nasik.

    - Location: Gate 36/2, Govardhan Village, Off Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Nashik
    - Timings: 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM

    2. Religious attractions visit: Nasik is of utmost religious importance to Hindu religion as there are arrays of temples belonging to various Gods and Goddesses. Many of these temples are located on the banks of holy river Godavari and have an interesting story related to them.

    Some of the must visit temples in Nasik are Trimbakeshwar Temple, Kalaram Temple, Saptashrungi, Sita Gumpha, Someshwar temple, Muktidham temple and others.

    3. Explore history at Pandavleni Caves: This place is of great historical importance that is a group of 24 caves dating back to 1st and 3rd century BC. One needs to climb 300 steps to reach the top of the hill and explore these caves with their centuries-old inscriptions and carvings.

    For all the historical monuments lovers, this place is ideal to learn about the art of people of that age.

    - Location: Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra 422010

    4. Nature exploration at Anjneri hill: Anjaneri Hills are one of the best spots to visit to sight the breath-taking beauty of nature. It is also known as a great destination for trekking and to seek some adventure in the lap of nature.

    The views at the end of the hike are breathtaking and all the worth of hard work you did to reach the summit. It is a moderate trek and is mostly pursued during the daytime.

    5. Engage In Fun Activities at Zonkers Adventure Park: With the backdrop of scenic backwaters of the Gangapur Dam, Zonkers Adventure Park is an ideal adventure destination to spend your time with your loved ones. One can experience the thrill of various sports activities like go-karting, artificial rock climbing, zip-lining, rappelling, and much more.

    Apart from the adventure, enjoy a delicious lunch at the SOMA Vine Village and take an ATV ride around the park.

    - Location: Opposite Beyond Resort By Sula, Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Gangavhare, Nashik
    - Timing: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    - Entry Fee: from INR 100 onwards

    6. White water rafting at Vaitarna River: Experience adrenaline rush as you indulge into the activity of Rafting at the Vaitarna in turbulent waters of  the river. This activity allows people above the age of 12 to enjoy it. It extends upto 2 hours and will surpass your expectations of all the adventure.

    All the facilities are provided on site and thus you don’t have to carry any of your equipment for any activity there. It is once in a lifetime experience and thus everyone should give it a try.

    - Location: Vaitarna River, Nashik, Maharashtra
    - Timings: 9:00 AM and 2:15 PM

    7. Enjoy enchanting views of Dudhsagar Falls: Spend some time relaxing at the Dudhsagar Falls feasting your eyes on the majestic views of this 10 m high waterfall. It is located just 9 kilometers from Nashik Central bus station. The best time to visit this waterfall is during the months of monsoon when its beauty is on peak.

    Visit this highest waterfall in India and spend a day on your picnic here. You can also visit the renowned Balaji temple in the vicinity of the waterfall for more exploration.

    - Location: Ambedkar Nagar, Nashik
  3. When is the best time to visit Nashik?

    The best time to visit Nashik is during the winter months from November to March. It is when the weather is pleasant to make your exploration easy and comfortable. Neither the rains are frequent to hinder your exploration nor the scorching heat like that in the summer season to burn you out while exploration.

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  4. How to reach Nashik?

    By Road: Nashik is connected via smooth road to all the neighbouring cities. Both state and private buses are available to reach Nashik.

    By Air: Nasik Ozar Airport is the nearest airport located 15 kilometres northeast of the city of Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

    By Train: Nashik railway station is the central railway station located in Nasik. One can reach the city via buses and auto-rickshaws available at the station.
  5. What is the famous food of Nashik?

    The famous food of Nasik is a desert modak, people’s favourite vada pav or kutchi dabeli, sabudana vadas and more. Try this out at the famous local stores to enjoy the authentic taste of the dish.

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  6. Why is Nashik called Nashik?

    Nashik means nose in Sanskrit. According to some legends, it is believed that Nashik has its name derived from the Hindu mythology epic Ramayana. The saga runs as surpanakha Ravana’s sister tries to lure Lord Rama after which Lord Lakshman cuts her nose. So, given the location where Surpanakha’s nose or say Nashik was cut, this place got its name as Nashik.
  7. How many days are enough in Nashik?

    2 days are ideal to explore Nashik to the fullest. If you want to explore the nearby locations too, you can add a day into the Nashik itinerary. Start by exploring the famous temples of the location, adventure park, caves, and beach visits at the end of the day. Plan for waterfall visits, shopping and then the uncovered places of attractions the next day.

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  8. How far is Shirdi from Nashik?

    Shirdi is 90 kilometres away from Nashik when travelling via road. It may take one around 2 hours to cover this distance between both the places.
  9. What can you see in Nashik in one day?

    There are tons of places that you can explore in Nashik in one day. These are Pandavleni Caves, Sula Vineyards,  Dudhsagar Falls, Saptashrungi, Trimbakeshwar Temple, Harihar Fort, Coin Museum, Muktidham, Vihigaon Waterfall, Tringalwadi Fort and many more.

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  10. How is Nashik weather?

    Nashik experiences the most pleasant weather in the winter months that extends from October to February. The temperatures can drop down to as low as 5 degrees Celsius. The summer season experiences scorching heat with max temperature shooting high up to 40 degree Celsius and above. Monsoon season receives high rainfall turning the place into green land and flourishing the flora all around.
  11. Which are the famous vineyards for wine tours in Nashik?

    1. Sula Vineyards: It is the largest winery that dominates the industry with a share of 65 percent in the market of India and many other corners of the world. The Sulafest is held in the month of February every year where one can enjoy great wine along with some great music. Do shop for some great wine of different variety offered here as a souvenir or gift for your loved ones.

    2. York Winery & Tasting Room: Established in 2005, York Winery is spread in nine acres of vineyards overlooking Gangapur Dam. The winemaker here is trained in the wine making art from the prestigious University of Adelaide Wine School in Australia. It has a great location where one can enjoy sunset along with some fine wine.

    3. Soma Vine Village: This winery is new in the area but has caught up really well with wine tourism. It has a Culture Kitchen restaurant, an amphitheater, conference, wedding facility, and Vine Village resort with seven rooms and a swimming pool. Its attractive property attracts many visitors for exploration.

    4. Grover Zampa Vineyards:They are another major wine producing winery that has wineries in Nandi Hills in Bangalore and in Nashik. The sunny courtyards and patios in a scenic atmospheric setting give a serene place to relax in. Their wine brand is regarded as one of the best brands of India.

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  12. What are the famous temples in Nashik?

    1. Kalaram Temple: It is one of the most visited religious sites in Nashik that houses an idol of Lord Ram. Idols of Lord Lakshman and Goddess Sita are also seated in the temple. It has a beautiful structure of black coloured stone with the peaks plated in gold giving it a vibrant look overall.

    2. Kapileshwar Temple: This temple is of utmost religious importance in Maharashtra.  It is popular for a story behind it related to Lord Shiva. It is located close to many small temples that can also be visited along with it.

    3. Navshya Ganesha Temple: The main deity at this temple is Lord Ganesha and it nestles in Anandvalli on the banks of Godavari river. The 400 year old legacy is worth learning about this temple amidst its picturesque landscape.

    4. Ganga Godavari Temple: It is seated on the banks of Godavari Temple that gained popularity in 2015. This temple opens its gate every 12 years along with the Simhastha Kumbh Mela that is also held after every 12 year.

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Newly Added Nashik Experience
We took a bus from Mumbai at 9 am in the morning which was supposed to reach Nashik at 2. The bus broke down on the way and we reached at 5. We took an auto from the bus stop till the soma serviced apartment. We were given a room after waiting for 15 minutes. The soma winery is 15 km from the serviced apartment. You can get an auto to drop you till there in about 300 bucks. The tour is for one hour every hour starting from 11:30 am in the morning till 6:30 in the evening. Since we reached pretty late, we opted for the last slot i.e. 6:30 pm. Soma vineyard is farthest of all the vineyards that are there. We were not given a tour of the vineyard since it was pretty dark by then and also muddy due to rains. The inside refinery tour was for half n hr. We tasted 5 wines - 1 red, 2 white, 1 rose, 1 dessert. The restaurant there had some issues so we had to go to York winery for dinner. There was no conveyance available at that point of time. We walked all the way till York in the dark for 2 km. After dinner we managed to get an Uber which dropped us back to the serviced apartment. The details are not enough in the itinerary. People are not very responsive and entertaining.
Varalakshmi Bharadwaj Shangrila Resort and Waterpark
This resort is good for an outing with family and friends, all the rides are extremely fun and enjoyable, all ages people can have a great time at this resort because it has everything for them from small kids to elderly. The meals which came along the package we choose was tasted good with enough-varieties which really suits the price we paid for... What I experience was that both the booking company and resort-management were taken customers at a high priority level. It is recommended and definitely you would realize that you have a good choice after you experience it.
Suma Mehra Nashik Wine Tour
Wine tasting was a nice one, the place is well-kept, exploring in this property was great, worth traveling many km.
Harishchandragad trek was awesome, must-try once, safe and easy trek, nice staff, and this is the main hightlight trek there. I took this chance with my family and friends, we all enjoyed it as the place is spectacular...Would visit again
Girika Prajapat Vasota Jungle Trek
Amazing experience. Really worth all the effort of trekking after seeing the mesmerizing views of the place. Our guide was very good and responsive gave us proper assistance in every difficulty we faced with. This tour was mixed but it was very nice and able to enjoy the trekking together. Very nice arrangement with proper service from all the staff.
All things were perfectly arranged and were on time. A big thumbs up to team Thrillophilia for such an amazing tour.
Chetan Dwivedi Vasota Jungle Trek
Great trip!!! the driver was on-time and pick us all from the meeting point the journey went smooth and safe which we are able to reach the location on time. Nice camping stayed in the village, Our tour guide was very warm and helpful gave us proper guidance and make fun in the journey, the place was truly fantastic. The food provided to us was very tasty with good quantity. Well, nice plan tour guys and great value of money.
Charuchandra Patil Alang Madan Kulang Trek
Definitely recommended to try out! Trekking towards the 3 amazing forts was genuinely amazing. This is a long trek make sure to have with you a trekking stick it would help you during the walk. In Madangad you have to climb a rock but the rope was there to support you, lots more I can't describe. But don't you worry the company provided us with a good vendor who provides good safety equipment and all the requirement on this journey.
Chandini Banerjee Shirdi Nashik Tour
All the places mentioned at the website was truly great, I really thankful for Thrillophilia for this amazing tour in which just 2 days we are able to visit it-all, if not of this tour, if we visit by our-own it might take us many days to complete or otherwise, we have to leave the place without completing it, I love each and everything about it, I felt so blessed after coming from Shirdi very special days of my life.
Vasudev Sethi Express Inn Nashik
I and my partner had a special time in this Express Inn Nashik the building itself already gave us excitement, Both outside and inside this hotel were well- maintained, super-clean, things are so beautifully arranged in the proper-place, well decorated. The facilities were great, The room provided to us was nice and spacious. The meals here the price was okay and the taste was okay. We are able to access to the gym and had leisure time in the pool.

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