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What You Should Know More About Igatpuri

  • Travel advice:

    • Igatpuri does not have a lot of luxury resorts and hence, you should be ready to stay at basic accommodation places.

    • Take care of safety precautions while hiking on the mountains, especially during monsoon as the route gets very slippery.

    • Maintain decorum when you visit temples and shrines.

    • While enjoying water sports, take care of your own safety.

    • Carry cash as you may not find a lot of ATMs, but take care of the money.

    • Do not wear a lot of flashy jewelry while on the trip.

    • If you are driving on your own, make sure you follow all the traffic rules and take care of precautions while driving on mountain routes, as they tend to get slippery during the monsoons.

  • Drinking laws

    According to the drinking laws of the state of Maharashtra, the legal age to consume beer and wine in Igatpuri is 21 years and 25 years for other alcoholic drinks.

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    Kalsubai is one of the most frequented treks by people in Maharashtra. This trek begins from the Kasara Railway Station and takes around 4 hours to complete. Passing through the lush green mountains while having the backdrop of Bhandardara Lake and Wison dam really an experience worth taking and the best time to go on this trek is from October to January.

    Harihargad Fort

    Located at 3500 feet above sea level, the trek to Harihargad fort is like entering a land of greenery and mist, which is nothing less beautiful than what paradise would feel like. It takes around 5 hours to complete this trek and the level of difficulty is medium. The fort houses a shrine of Lord Hanuman and Shiva and also offers some of the best views of the valley.

    Ghatandevi Mandir

    The Ghatandevi temple where Goddess Ghatandevi resides is one of the most beautiful architectural wonders in Igatpuri. This place should indeed be there in your sight-seeing list when you visit Igatpuri because apart from the temple, you will also get the view of Harihargad, Durvar utvad and Trimak, three major peaks in the mountain ranges of Sahyadri.

    Bhatsa River Valley

    This valley is situated near the Basin of Bhatsa River, and is a very tranquil spot to visit. It is blessed with charming natural beauty and wilderness and if you are an adventure seeker as well as a nature lover, this place is surely something you will fall in love with.

    Camel Valley

    The Camel valley is a place which is flocked by several tourists, mainly because of the waterfall which falls from over 1000 feet and leaves the viewer spellbound. Located close to the Bhatsa River valley, this place is a dream destination for nature lovers and if you are enthusiastic about water sports, you can also book a rafting package for yourself.

    Tringalwadi Fort

    Popular for its splendid architecture, this fort is located on the altitude of 3000 feet and is encompassed by natural beauty which will literally leave you awestruck. The dense green rainforests around you will mesmerize you while you trek up to the fort while climbing through the rocky terrain of the Sahyadri Mountains.

    Vaitarna Dam

    Built on the Vaitarna River, this dam offers some of the best scenic views in Igatpuri. It attracts several nature lovers from all over the state and is indeed a place where you will find tranquility amid the best of nature. The dam is encompassed by fascinating natural beauty and is the best to be visited in monsoon season.

  • What you will like here?


    Igatpuri is located in the Sahyadri Mountain ranges and hence, you can have number of adventure activities like hiking, trekking and mountain climbing and water sports like rafting and kayaking in the monsoon season.

    Religious Atmosphere

    Igatpuri has a lot of temples located among the tranquility of nature, because of which you will feel a different aura of positivity and divinity around you. The entire vibe of this place is really positive and tranquil because of this.


    Igatpuri is blessed with a really awesome weather, especially in Monsoon and winter. If you are looking for a place in order to have a weekend getaway with your family or friends, you can go to this place and experience the cold and misty weather and breathe in some really fresh air.

    Natural serenity
    Located in the Sahyadri Mountains, Igatpuri pampers its tourists with green forests, green grasslands, cascading waterfalls and freely flowing rivers. Hence, you can unwind your soul and get some of the best calming experiences while you enjoy your holidays here and make is one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have.

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Traveller Tales from Igatpuri


Yoginder Gupta

31 July 2017

We went on this amazing trek to Kasulbai which was really an interesting one. The view from the top was something which you should have seen. Everthing was very well arranged. It was all according to the time mentioned. It was a memorable experience for the group. There were small streams and waterfall allover and a perfect place to enjoy with my friends. Spend some time staring at the distant sky and the views once you reach the summit. There are steel railings, chains and ladders at places where it is difficult to climb as we had to trek to a height of 1646m. Like is said the view is amazing. I would definitely recommend this trek.


Bhavani Varman

31 July 2017

Another great trek added on my list. I would definitely suggest this to anyone looking for some fun and adventure. We made some good friends during this trek. The food was average but the best thing was that everything was on time. We reached the summit which was a great sight from there. Would love to go on this trek again!


Mandakini Nehru

27 February 2016

The walk From Dabhosa Waterfall to Sakhare Village was a revelation indeed as the place is simply beautiful and filled with so many natural wonders that you can enjoy with your loved ones! There are several photos one can click here and the resort in itself is very calm and tranquil.


Anilaabh Bharadwaj

10 December 2015

This was the best place and I can say that because my kids just loved it. A best learning experience for all of us. I think it high time we teach our kids the importance of living close to nature and this is one place that helps you teaching your kids these values.


Somnath Johar

17 March 2016

The best thing that I loved about our stay at Sajan Resorts is that its actually a stay in nature's abode in true sense. Such a nice break from the normal city life and the entire region is so calm and peaceful. A delightful experience!!!


Atmananda Bharadwaj

29 November 2015

Amazing trekking experience - Ratnagad fort is just amazing and I would suggest people to take this trek during summers as the entire hill is covered with wild flowers. Had a great experience. Just loved the trekking experience.


Shashi Patel

11 October 2015

The Dabhosa waterfalls is very beautiful and gave us a good chance to explore the wilderness around Igatpuri. Lovely resort, good food and we got to see the famous Sajan Dam also. nice experience overall!


Aryan Devar

31 August 2015

Lovely experience! Had so much fun. The place is just damn beautiful. Lovely time guys.


Govinda Chopra

31 July 2017

A must go place! We started our trek early in the morning and the journey through the jungle and waterfalls was breathtaking! There were a few steep climbs too with a scorching sun above us, but all of it is worth when you reach the peak. The picturesque view was a treat to our eyes which made our whole trek an amazing one. We had to climb up to a height of 1646m. Few of the paths were difficult bu there were bridges and steel railing for that. Our guide was a wonderful person. We also enjoyed some delicious meals in between our trek. Altogether a great trek.

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