Kamala Nehru Park, Mumbai Overview
Part of the Hanging garden complex in Mumbai, Kamla Nehru Park is a recreational ground, covering almost 4 acres of land area. The Malabar Hills are decorated with these exquisite gardens which are under maintenance by the local civic bodies in the region. The Kamla Nehru Park is highly popular with tourists and children, who love to come here and enjoy the scenic views of the city.

One of the most notable views from this location is that of the Marine Drive, which gives a splendid view of the famous ‘Queen’s necklace’ from this point. Within the garden, a remarkable shoe structure can be found that draws the attention of children.

Not many knew about it but the structure of the shoe has a historical relevance and draws its inspiration from a nursery rhyme titled ‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe’. It is believed that the structure of the shoe was designed by a former BMC Environment officer by the name of Soli Arceivala who was a Vice principal of VJTI for nearly 15 years and director of NEERI.

The park was renovated in the year 2017 and 2018 and was later opened to the public on 22nd February 2018. The park now has many additional spaces for the enjoyment of children. The refurbished shoe structure is now painted in blue, has a rainbow amphitheatre, a pergola with hanging cane chairs, Echo Gazebos, Compass View gallery, Minions selfie point, Ashoka Stambha with tricolour planter beds, and a clock. 

How To Reach

From Mumbai Airport:

If you are headed to the Kamla Nehru Park on Malabar Hills from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, you can take the Western Express Highway which can take you to the destination in under 40 minutes across a distance of 21.8 km.

You can hire a cab from the airport or rent a car outside the airport, to head to your destination. Alternatively, you can also take the Western Express Highway through the Tulsi Pipe Road to head to the destination. This route however will take a longer time and sometimes, even up to 50 minutes to reach the Kamla Nehru Park. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to pack some snacks and head to the Kamla Nehru Park is during the holidays in the winter season, which spreads from October to March. The cool and pleasant weather is perfect to enjoy the environs around the park and makes sightseeing immensely comfortable for the tourists. 

Other Essential Information

The Kamla Nehru Park is located in Malabar Hills. The exact location of the park is BG Kher Rd, Malabar Hills, Mumbai, Mumbai 400006, India. It is among the top locations to explore in the city of Mumbai. 

Timings: The park remains open from 5 in the morning till 9 at night. 
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Kamala Nehru Park, Mumbai FAQs

What is the history behind the Kamala Nehru Park?

The Kamla Nehru Park is named after the wife of once Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. There is a typical shoe structure inside the park which draws inspiration from a nursery rhyme about an old woman living in a shoe. The park happens to be one of the oldest in Mumbai. It was constructed by Ulhas Ghapokar in the year 1881.

Which station is near kamla nehru park?

For those who wish to reach the Kamla Nehru Park, an easy option includes reaching the Charni Road Station, which is the closest station to the park and then taking a local transport to reach the park lies at an approximate distance of 15 minutes from the station.

What kamla nehru park is famous for?

The Kamla Nehru Park in Mumbai is famous as a recreational spot for children and tourists, and gains fame for the famous shoe structure that is located within the park. This is why the park as derives the name ‘shoe park’ and is famous among tourists by the same.

Interestingly, the structure is large enough to allow entry of people within the structure. The Hanging Gardens, which is another popular tourist attraction in the area, is a spot where you can catch an astounding view of the Marine Drive.

Is there parking available?

Yes, a dedicated parking lot is available for parking vehicles of tourists who come to visit the Kamla Nehru Park. The parking lot is managed by the civic body and is a fairly safe place to drop off your vehicle while you continue your journey to explore the park and its attractive environs.

The said parking lot can be found near the Bhandarkar Road and is managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Legally, anyone who parks their car at this place is required to pay a charge of INR 10 for 2 hours.

Can I bring my own stroller or wheelchair into the park?

Yes, if you are carrying a baby or an aged person who needs the support of a wheelchair, you can freely carry your own stroller and wheelchair to the park. The entrance gates to the park are wide enough to permit entry for the same without any hassle.

Moreover, it is best to help the elderly navigate the park on a wheelchair, which you may not find here on rent. Hence, it is a good idea to bring your own wheelchair and stroller for infants, if needed.

Are there places to eat near the Park?

Here are some of the best restaurants where you can eat near the Kamla Nehru Park:

-Bamboo House Nx restaurant and bar

-Karlo art and kitchen café

-The President hotel restaurant

-Borawake’s Ku – Kuchu – Ku chicken

-Mankar Dosa


-Hotel Rutugandh restaurant

-Hotel Laxman restaurant

-Rasam Idli

-Le Plaisir

-Curry on the roof


-Galaxy restaurant


-Barbeque nation

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