25 Best Parks in Bangalore - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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Last Updated: 04 Aug 2020
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No new restrictions on inter and intra state travel announced yet Updated: 04 Aug 2020

The state government hasn't announced new inter and intra state travel restrictions via private vehicles. Although, travellers are advised to register at the Seva Sindhu portal.

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To get the latest COVID updates, people travelling to Bangalore are recommended to download the Seva Sindhu App

Lockdown in Bangalore ended on 22 July Updated: 06 Aug 2020

Lockdown in Bangalore has ended on the 22nd of July except for in containment zones. Public transport will not be operating, offices will be allowed to reopen, and essential items shops will be open past 12 pm.

Sunday shutdown and night curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM Updated: 06 Aug 2020

Post the lockdown, Bangalore is still following the Sunday curfews and night curfews in the city that will apply from 9 pm to 5 am

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1500 bus services are operating in Bangalore on major routes between 6 am and 8 pm excluding containment zones

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  • Lockdown in Bangalore ended on 22 July
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Flights available from Chandigarh, Cochin, Belgaum, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and 10 more domestic destinations


Special trains are running from Delhi and Mumbai to Bengaluru Train Station

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There are a number of parks in Bangalore that serve as impressive options to spend a holiday or the weekend with your preferred company. This Garden city of India is flooded with nature, wildlife, amusement and water parks which are entertaining, fun-filled and different in their own appealing ways.

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Most of these parks are budget-friendly; in fact, more than a few allow free entry and hence act as an easy suggestion for your boring Sundays. These Bangalore Parks are well-maintained and are stocked with perfect greenery to engage one in sightseeing the nature of Bangalore. 

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They aid in the city’s consideration of being amongst the green cities in the country. Many of these parks are amusement and water parks that provide for an entire day of thrill and water fun. While the other few are great reserves of wildlife and nature. Some are famous for the long stretch of walking and jogging paths that take shade under gigantic trees.

Here are some of the best parks in Bangalore:


Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

Bannerghatta Butterfly Park
The Bannerghatta National Park is world-famous for conserving and preserving the beautiful winged insects, butterflies in its huge Butterfly Park. Opened in the year 2007, this park also encourages breeding in its research lab which is enclosed in this park.

The butterflies are cared for, and then released in the huge dome that already holds a collection of over 48 species of butterflies. One has to be inside the main national park to be able to visit this kaleidoscope of colourful butterflies. If you are a butterfly lover, this park can be the perfect day out place in Bangalore for you.

Bannerghatta National Park

09.30 am to 05.00pm

Entry Fee:
Rs30 for adults and Rs20 for children.

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JP Park

JP Park
The Jayprakash Narayan Biodiversity Park in Bangalore is known for its supply of fresh air to several early morning and evening joggers.

Feeding the fishes at one of three artificial lakes within the premise is the much-loved pastime amongst the kids which makes it one of the best family-friendly places in Bangalore. While we are on the subject of kids, then the weekend musical fountains and the radiant rock garden are worth a mention.

7.9 km from Bangalore bus stand.

05.00am to 09.00pm and 04.00pm to 08.00pm; 05.00am to 08.00pm on Sundays.

Entry Fee:
Free; Rs.10 for Musical Fountain.

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Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens
Set up on the banks of the Nagawara Lake, the Lumbini Gardens is an eco-friendly park for every water lover with some water slides, pools and a vast boating area to unwind for the week to come. The man-made beach in this garden literally lifts people out of the Bangalore life for those moments.

The lush greenery on all ends and the wide stretch of fountains are refreshing ways to spend your holidays! It twinkles in the night lights and thus stands out in the city. 

Distance: 12.1 km from Bangalore bus stand.

11.00am to 07.00pm

Entry Fee: 50Rs/adult or child; 200Rs for Wave pool.

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M N Krishna Rao Park

M N Krishna Rao Park
The host of the Neralu Tree Festival each year, the M N Krishna Rao Park is amongst those Bangalore Parks which is an abode of lined up trees offering shade to several picnickers and stands out as the wonderful picnic place in Bangalore.

This park houses umpteen numbers of ancient trees that have breathed life in this very space since being saplings until today when they are grown up to offer freshness to the several walkers in the park.

Distance: 5.4 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 05.00am to 12.00pm and 03.00pm to 09.00pm.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Wonderla Amusement Park

Wonderla Amusement Park
If you are listing out your schedule for this weekend, then you should put Wonderla Amusement Park on top amongst the other Parks in Bangalore. This amusement park is a yayyy day for kids who get to spend their time alighting down some thrilling rides asides from the water rides and pool.
Stay alert to catch up on the special timings for some fun things to do like the wave pool and rain dance.

28 km from Bangalore bus stand. 

09.00am to 06.00pm on weekdays and 09.00am to 07.00pm pm weekends

Entry Fee:
Starting from 720Rs for children and 890R for adults.

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Freedom Park

Freedom Park
An incredible attraction amongst tourists and localities is the Freedom Park that is built on land that was once a prison from the British period. It was transformed into a park where the freedom of expressing views can be conveyed to other similar people.

The amphitheatre and the speakers along go well with the idea of this park. A central tower that was once used to observe the prisoners has been left as it is which makes it a place of significance. There are quite many charms within this premise to keep people of all ages entertained. 

Distance: 1.5 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 05.00am to 8.30pm and 04.00pm to 08.00pm

Entry fee: No entry fee.

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Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
A hot favourite amongst the many photographers around the world is the Lalbagh Botanical Garden that is distinguished for its botanical legacy not just nationally, but also internationally! It conserves over 1800 species of plants from around the world thus making it a harbour for admirers of nature.

The Lal Bagh Rock is one of the highlights of this Bangalore Park which is a sight that every visitor wishes to see. You might want to go all charged up to complete an entire round of the park. The people of Bangalore await the flower show held at Lalbagh every year.

Distance: 4.9 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 06.00am to 07.00pm

Entry Fee: 10.00Rs for adults; Children entry free.

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Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park
Here’s the perfect dose of ‘awww’ moments for every animal lover which can be cherished only at Bannerghatta National Park. A favourite picnic spot amongst many schools for one-day trips, this park has emerged to be famous for its close proximity with Bangalore city limits and becoming a biological & conservative reserve for animals.

Time goes by like a flash of lightning when you cover the entire zoo and go for a safari ride that takes you up close to the free lions and tigers. This public park has received a humongous name for its provision of adopting animals for better care and sustenance.

Distance: 35.3 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 09.00am to 04.30pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Entry Fee: 40Rs for children, 50Rs for Senior Citizens and 80Rs for Adults. Price varies for foreigners.

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Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park is every child and parent’s delight place for spending time as it is a showground of play for the kids and an affordable Sunday outing for the latter. This is amongst those parks in Bangalore which is a warehouse of greenery that is pleasing to the human eye.

Named behind the initiator, Lord Cubbon, this 300-acre park houses the second largest aquarium in the country besides the Attara Kacheri, Cubbon Park museum and Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Park. This natural ecosystem covered with over 6000 trees is a sightseeing experience for people from across the world. Also, it is one of the prior attractions to visit near Bangalore within 100 Km.

Distance: 2.2 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 06.00am to 06.00pm (Closed on Mondays and second Tuesdays)

Entry Fee: Free.

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Bugle Rock Park

Bugle Rock Park
The Bugle Rock Park in Bangalore comes with an interesting history that has been well-looked-after as a tourist attraction. This huge rock that dates back to a time of 3000 million years ago, served as a base to get a view of the entire empire that came under KempeGowda II.

You are welcomed with pillars and rocks that are carved to the best of beauty. Within these gates lays a small park area for young children to play, waterfalls to get refreshed with and fountains to sit by.

Distance: 4.0 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 09.00am to 07.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

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Jawaharlal Nehru Park

Jawaharlal Nehru Park
The Jawaharlal Nehru Park is yet another jogger’s paradise that is refreshing and pleasing. The place is flocked by nature lovers who take refuge under the massive banyan trees and on the park benches.

This park is flocked by children and parents owing to its huge space that gives them the freedom to explore their play time! Reaching the park has been made easy with most local transports that are connected to the area around.

It makes a great sit out a place for a couple of hours with your family before an early dinner on a lovely Sunday evening.

Distance: 19.4 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 07.00am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

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Fun World Water Park

Fun World Water Park
Here’s another fun getaway for Bangaloreans to beat the sweats off at Fun World Water Park that offers a plethora of rides and amusing things to do. Bring out your best moves under the rain dance or flow with others in their water rides like cyclone and tornado.

Once you get tired of climbing stairs and alighting from the adrenaline-charged water slides that come in different heights and shapes, you can fall into one of the tubes and relax at the lazy river before you get back into action. No doubt it is considered as one of the best waterparks in Bangalore!

11.7 km from Bangalore bus stand.

11.00am to 04.30pm

Entry Fee:

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Neeladri Amusement and Water Park

Neeladri Amusement and Water Park
This is another one of the electrifying amusement parks in Bangalore that has been around since the concept of adventure parks was introduced in the city. It is a splendid combination of water and amusement rides on dry land that is not just a knockout place for kids, but also for adults.

It is well-maintained with over 45 fascinating rides like Water chute, Zyclone, Splash pools and boat rides for starters. Stop by at any of the many ice cream parlours in the midst of your fun-filled day to make the most of your time at Neeladri Amusement and Water Parks.

Distance: 21 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 11.00am to 06.00pm (Till 07.00pm on weekends)

Entry Fee: Rs.30 and 40 for the amusement park and Rs.60 and Rs75 for the water park.

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GRS Fantasy Park

GRS Fantasy Park
Image Credit : grsfantasypark.com
GRS Fantasy is also another amusement and water park in Bangalore that has had people glued to it since forever. It is a hot pick for Sunday outings especially in the summers to beat the heat on land or in water.

Besides the rides, you can spend time with the in-house adventure like rock climbing and catapult or get an amazing 5D experience. The rides and slides have been well-thought-of to remain matchless to the many other existing ones in the city.

Most teenagers are amazed by the Dragon’s Den that keeps them coming back for more.

Distance: 136.9 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.30am to 06.00pm (up to 07.00pm on Sundays)

Entry Fee: Starting from Rs.499

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Deer Park

Deer Park
The Deer Park in Bangalore is a blend of nature and wildlife in one campus that is a great place to spend quality time with friends and family. The area is excellent to conduct small picnics and potluck parties!

Enjoy the sights of lovely deer and immerse in natural surroundings swiftly.

Distance: 10.6 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.30am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

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Fantasy Lagoon

Fantasy Lagoon happens to be amongst the very budget-friendly parks in Bangalore with ample things to do and eat. The place is mostly covered with young couples spending quality time by the lake and it stands out as one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for couples.  

The highlight of this place is the man-made garden that has been established in the middle of the lake and the only way to reach there is via one of the boats. One could also indulge in boating and kids can have a great time in the play zone.

Distance: 10.2 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 11.00am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: Rs.30/person.

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Carippa Memorial Park

Carippa Memorial Park
The Carippa Memorial Park is a vast area of land dedicated to the brave IAF soldier Field Marshall K M Cariappa; this park is open to the public. Since there is no entry fee, it draws a lot of attention as a theme park in Bangalore for its military theme.

Within its campus are waterfalls, the Burma bridges, tunnels, and a play area amongst the other in-house attractions.

Distance: 4.1 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 05.30am to 08.00pm; 01.00pm to 07.00pm on Saturdays and 09.00am to 07.00pm on Sundays.

Entry Fee: Free.

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BDA Sculpture Park

BDA Sculpture Park
BDA Sculpture Park is one of a kind park that has instilled in it several stone sculptures that act as exceptional selfie backgrounds. The park is a huge area of freshness owing to the greenery and fountains inside.

It offers a great sight post-sunset since the area is decked up with colourful lights that make it a grander sight to see. These stones have been carved into interesting things like monkeys, wheels and other significant equipment.

15.7 km from Bangalore bus stand.

08.00am to 06.00pm.

Entry Fee: Free.

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National Military Memorial Park

Serene and sentimental, the National Military Memorial Park has been dedicated to the brave martyrs who left the ground fighting for the nation.

The place is sprawling with names of the brave hearts in the laps of nature where people can spend some lone time and indulge into deeper thoughts.

The park has managed to preserve old tanks, models of some old planes & missiles and other naval ships which are edifying for visitors.

Distance: 3.9 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 06.00am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: 15Rs/person.

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Shri Vani Science Park

Shri Vani Science Park is amongst the educational parks in Bangalore that was founded with a straight out intention of making science more than just a subject for students. You might find young adults and school children being brought by schools to give them a wider perspective to understand science.

Within this campus is an open-air physics lab, a geological museum, a gallery holding models of several animals, a geological and physics science museum, fossils, a rock garden, a garden of medicines and tiny forest with a biodiversity park. It is a great way for parents to spend educative time with their children.

Distance: 13.4 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timings: No restrictions on time.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Aqua Kingdom

Water water everywhere and lots of fun things to do! The Aqua Kingdom in Bangalore is known for the length of the water slides that reach a height of up to 5 feet.

You could bask under the sun while you lay off at the sandy beach or you could dance the day away with an open dance floor while you drip off every drop of water you took away from the water slides.

This attractive place also has a Cartoon City, a haunted house, a mirror maze, a facility to play mini golf, a petting zoo and a dino park amongst the many other things to do.

Distance: 7.0 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.00am to 07.00pm

Entry Fee: Starting from 799Rs

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Crazy Waters

Crazy Waters
Starting from background views to inside joy rides, Crazy waters is packed with entertaining and astounding things to do. It is recognised for its lengthy water slides that splash one into a pool of laughter and elation at the bottom.

Chillax while you watch the gracious musical fountains after tiring yourselves with all the rides. Climb on the family train ride and get the next family picture to frame! The Video arcade games in the premise are like a calling to the teenagers who just don’t want to leave.

Distance: 35 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.00am to 06.00pm (Up to 07.00pm on weekends)

Entry Fee: Rs.100 for children and Rs.200 for adults

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Ranadheera Kanteerva Park

Ranadheera Kanteerva Park
This open-air park has a lot stored for people in one place. Not just is it of historical importance since it houses sculptures of old kings and queens but it is also a place of peace for walkers and fitness freaks with separate gym areas for women and men.

You might have a great time in the garden with its colourful flowers along the path. Children can spend plenty of time at one of their two playgrounds with swings, slides and dry sand to build their own castles!

Distance: 6.6 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.00am to 09.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

Coles Park

Coles Park
Staying fit with walking and jogging requires a lot of motivation which one can find at the Coles Park in Bangalore. Apart from that, it is a children’s park with ample space which is just what any kid wants to do away with the hangover of a school day.

The place is packed with senior citizens who are keeping themselves upbeat with the laughter clubs in one corner of the park. You can find a spot to chat on and catch up with lost friends without spending a penny. Even though it is one of the oldest parks in Bangalore, Coles park is still a favourite of many.

Distance: 5.6 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 05.00am to 11.00am in morning and 04.00pm to 08.30pm in evening.

Entry Fee: Free.

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It was a very well organised trek by friendly and courteous hosts. Shahid, Danny, Habib and Avinash were great and were fun to trek with. Homestay near Shuntikoppa was beautiful with coffee plantations close-by and it was raining the whole time. Trek is an easy to medium range one. Except for the rain and leeches (which we were informed earlier) there is absolutely nothing to point out in the trek. We met many new people and it felt like college days all over again. Loved this trek and would definitely recommend it to everyone.
17 September 2018
I would say that this is once in a lifetime trekking experience. Conquering the 3 highest peak. Karthik n Anupam who were our ODL made our trek memorable n entertaining through out, very friendly n energetic guys. We never felt that this was a group trek with some strangers, it was a nice bonding experience n meet new people. It’s a must do for core trekkers.. tests your endurance n spirt. 22 kms to n fro.. if u think only climb would b difficult n u can come down easily your wrong.. the path is so narrow n tricks n will test you in each n evry corner. A sense of accomplishment after completing the trip successfully with lots of stories to tell around and eager to venture on the next one. Thanks a lot to Anupam n karthik who took such good care of us throughout the trip.. awesome hospitality. Would love trekking with you all again soon
15 August 2014
Kudremukh is an amazing peak and so far I had just heard about this place but finally I get to see it. Amazing place - loved the trekking experience. What an experience. I'm going again.
26 September 2014
It was my first trekking and had loads of fun :) Planning another trip with thrillophilia grp very soon.
"We had taken 7PM-11AM package for 6 people over Diwali holiday. It was well organised and hosted by them. It is located around 75km from Bangalore and drive was also mesmerizing during our time. So, based on overall experience below are my rating:\nHosting: 4/5\nNight Event (Bonfire): 4/5\nTrekking: 5/5( Must attend)\nOutside Activities :5/5( Rapplin, Mud games, kayaking etc).\nFood: 4.5/5\nValue for Money: 5/5\n\nNote: Only thing I didn't like was sleeping in tent. It should have been flat and sponge but rather it was sloppy and uneven. Also, if you close the zip of tent it feels like gas chamber. \n\nOther than this its a must tryout over the weekend...????"
I thank Thrillophilia for making the plan and it's beautiful execution. Would to travel with you again.
The trip to Mysore from Bangalore was an amazing experience, I went for this trip with my family and they all really enjoyed a lot. It was fun exploring the beautiful city. The facilities provided for the trip was great. The accommodation was cozy and comfortable, the food provided was delicious, The driver was a really nice man, he was quite helpful and had good knowledge of the routes and places. Thanks for the memorable trip.
The trip to Mysore, Ooty, Kodaikanal was an amazing experience. We enjoyed a lot on the trip. The weather was so amazing and greenery everywhere made it more mesmerizing. The accommodation, meals, activities included in the package were really nice. Thanks for the great experience!!
Recently I went on a trip from Bangalore to Mysore, Coorg, Ooty and it was an amazing experience. We explored so many places. We went to the Mysore palace it is so beautiful and the Chamundi hills was so beautiful with greenery everywhere. The weather was so pleasant. The botanical garden and Ooty lake all was amazing to visit. The accommodation and other facilities included in the trip were really nice. The transport facility was also good. We had a nice time on the trip.
Good tour very nice and peaceful. Thrillophilia has the best tour option for all. The price is the best and cheap. Comfort is better than any other mode.

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