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Cycling At Divar And Chorao Islands - Flat 18% Off

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Crab Catching Along with Delicious Dinner, Goa - Flat 22% Off

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Cultural Walk Tour Goa: Art Trail Special

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Deep Sea Fishing in Goa

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Motor Yacht Experience in Goa Flat 10% off

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Catamaran Yacht Experience in Goa Flat 15% off

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Backwater Dolphin Spotting Charter Boat Tour

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  • Bangalore to Goa: Distance by road is 563 Km; Best Time to visit is November to February; Nearest Railway Station is Goa. Railway Station. Best Route is Bangalore-Mumbai (NH4) highway.  The diversity of Goa is as a tiny state is a major reason for its popularity. Contrary to the popular opinion, Goa is not just about beaches and parties, though they make up a major part of the “Goa experience”.

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    But there is more to Goa- the culture and the traditions, Goa’s mixed heritage, old architecture, local markets, and the rich natural landscape- all take up a share in making Goa, so popular. Goa can be visited solo or with a group of friends, but also with young children. The many beaches around Goa make it easy to choose according to personal preferences.

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    : Experience Sunset In Cruise In Goa (25% Off).

    The proximity of Bangalore to Goa makes Goa an easy short-term travel destination which can be explored satisfactorily over 3 to 4 days. It offers a great break from the rush and hustle-bustle of city life. The many options available for recreation in Goa allow tourists to feel rejuvenated and energized. A road trip to Goa from Bangalore will take you over some of the most beautiful landscapes of India, making the journey as pleasurable as the destination.

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    There are several Bangalore to Goa packages available to choose from. These packages generally include the costs for travel and accommodation along with sightseeing deals. These packages are convenient for those who do not have the time to plan an itinerary of their own. This list aims to provide you with a comprehensive insight into the facets of a trip to Goa, along with some handy travel trips to ensure that you have a safe and fun-filled trip.

  • Quick Facts

  • 01Bangalore to Goa Distance

    Bangalore to Goa Distance

    By Road: 563 kilometres approx.

    By Rail: 638 kilometres approx.

    By Air: 463 kilometres approx.

  • 02Bangalore to Goa Route Map

    If you are taking the road, your choice of the route depends upon your personal travel preferences. Do you want to take the most scenic route from Bangalore to Goa, or are you looking for the shortest one? Some route options are listed below.

    - Short Route: Travel upon the Bangalore-Mumbai (NH4) highway and take the diversion for Goa at Hubli. This route is approximately 550 kilometres long.

    - Scenic Route 1: The Bangalore to Panjim route starting from Bangalore-Tumkur-Shimoga-Sagar-Talguppa-Honnavar-Karwar-Panjim covers 620 kilometres. This is a pretty route with great views of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea.

    - Scenic Route 2: The route taking you from Bangalore-Tumkur-Shimoga-Sagar-Talguppa-Sirsi-Yellapura-Dandeli-Ramnagar-Ponda-Panjim is one of the greenest routes to take when traveling from Bangalore to Goa. It is approximately 630 kilometres long but worth spending time.

  • 03Best Time to Visit Goa

    Best Time to Visit Goa

    Goa is beautiful year-round, and therefore, your visit to Goa largely depends upon your preferences. The party scene is severely limited during the off-season while the natural beauty of Goa bursts into bloom mainly when the rains drench the land.

    - Summer Season:

    Goan summers last from March to June. This is the off-season and the only advantage of going to Goa during this season is that you will get all amenities at much cheaper rates. However, most clubs and shacks in Goa shut down during the off-season, leaving tourists with very few entertainment options. The beaches are open but the hot sun beating down on the hot sands makes them an unappealing option in the summer.

    Temperature approximations:

    Min. temp: 23-24C

    Max. temp: 35-36 degree Celsius

    - Winter Season:

    This is the most popular season for Goa visitors. The winter season lasts from November to February. There is no chilly winter in Goa, but the sun is milder and the winds are cooler. It is by far by the most pleasant season for a Goan trip. Since November to February is considered to be the high-season, all the clubs and shacks are open and running at full capacity. The influx of tourists, both Indian and foreign, means that the party scene is at its best too. Early October is also a good time to visit though Goa is just waking up after a long hibernation at this time. The weather is good and the prices are still low.

    Temperature approximations:

    Min. temp: 19-20 degree Celsius

    Max. temp: 30-32 degree Celsius

    - Monsoon Season:

    The Monsoon Season in Goa goes on from June to September. It is not a popular season to visit Goa because the roads are mud-splashed, humidity is high, and the beaches are inaccessible due to the high waves. But the monsoon season is a boon for Goa’s natural beauty. The waterfalls around the state really burst into beauty during the monsoon and are a sight to behold. The rains also give a whole different vibe to Goa.

    Temperature Approximations:

    Min. temp: 21-23 degree Celsius

    Max. temp: 30-32 degree Celsius

  • How to Reach Goa from Bangalore

  • 04Bangalore to Goa by Bus

    Bangalore to Goa by Bus

    Travelling from Bangalore to Goa by bus is a great way to reach Goa quickly and at a low cost. There are many buses plying on the Bangalore to Goa route and you can choose one depending upon your convenience. These buses typically begin at night and reach Goa early in the morning.

    They take nearly 12 hours to reach Goa because the buses usually stop for several tea breaks along the way. This leaves tourists with plenty of time during the day to get their affairs in order and settle down before heading over to enjoy Goa. The buses can be pre-booked online for maximum convenience. Some bus operators are listed below though there are a lot more in operation.

    Bus Operators:

    - Kadamba Trans Corp.Ltd- AC Volvo Bus

    - SRS Travels Non A/C Seater/Sleeper

    - Sea Bird Tourist A/C Sleeper

    - Aditya Travels A/C Seater Sleeper

    - Orange Tours And Travels A/C Sleeper

    Starting Point (Bus stop):

    - Jaya Nagar
    - Rajajinagar
    - Yeshwantpur
    - Jalahalli
    - Madiwala
    - Navrang Circle
    - Kengeri
    - Anand Rao Circle
    - Kalasipalyam
    - Nelamangala

    Timings of Buses: Approximately board around 7 pm and reach Goa by 8 am the next day.

    Time taken: 12 to 13 hours

    Approx. Fare: 500 to 900 INR

  • 05Drive to Goa from Bangalore

    Drive to Goa from Bangalore

    Driving from Bangalore to Goa or even hiring a cab is a great option because driving, as opposed to buses and trains, affords greater travelling flexibility to tourists. You can choose to drive straight to Goa or stop at some sight-seeing locations along the way. Driving also allows you to experience the beauty of the roads unlike buses because you can choose to travel by car during the day.

    There are several routes from Bangalore to reach Goa, all of them in decent conditions and with scenic settings along the way. Depending upon your route, you pass by several interesting sites like the Dudhsagar Waterfalls or Jog Falls, apart from the quaint cities that you have to pass through.

    Time taken to reach by Car: 9 to 10 hours

    Approx. Cost: If you hire a cab, the general charge will hover around Rs. 9-10 per kilometre travelled along with the driver charge of Rs. 250. If you travel by car, you will only have to foot your petrol bill.

  • 06Bangalore to Goa by Train

    Bangalore to Goa by Train

    Train travel is a quick and cheap way of getting to Goa. There are several trains running to Goa from Bangalore. The departure station varies by the train but the destination station for most is Vasco De Gama. The trains depart at various times during the day so you are free to choose according to your convenience.

    Railway Station: Madgaon or Vasco De Gama (Goa)

    From Madgaon or Vasco De Gama Station to bus/other mode of transport: Cabs are available right outside the station and can also be pre-booked. State buses from Vasco De Gama to Panaji as well as from Madgaon to Panjim are also frequent.

    Distance from Vasco De Gama to Panaji: 25 kilometres approx.

    Distance from Madgaon to Panjim: 33 kilometres approx.

    Time taken: 13 hours approx.

    Approx. Cost: 900 INR
  • 07Bangalore to Goa by Air

    Bangalore to Goa by Air

    The quickest way to reach Goa from Bangalore is by air. The aerial distance between Bangalore and Goa is only an approximate 463 kilometres and can be covered by an airplane within two hours. The travel cost is not too high which makes travelling by air a great choice.

    The flights arrive at Goa International Airport, which is more commonly known as the Dabolim Airport. This is approximately 30 kilometers from Panaji and 4 kilometers from Vasco De Gama. Taxis can be hired for the journey to the main cities.

    Approx. Cost: 1500-2000 INR

    Time Taken: 1 hour 15 mins approx
  • Places to Visit in Goa

  • 08Baga Beach

    Baga Beach

    If you truly want to feel the pulse of Goa but cannot spare the time to go over all its beaches, head over to Baga Beach, which typifies the beach culture of Goa. In the morning, the beach is a great place to lounge in, soak in the sun and interact with tourists from all over the world. When you’re done relaxing, it will be time to take your fill of the salty sea winds with some adventurous water sports in Goa. Afterwards, you can head over to lunch at one of the many restaurants that populate the beach and which offer both fine dining and casual dining options.

    Night is the time when the beach virtually comes alive. Lots of great party options make Baga Beach an amazing beach to party the night away. Tito’s, Café Mambo, Kandy Club and many more clubs make Baga beach a party haven every night.  

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Snowpark, Monsoon Fun Park, Mackie’s Saturday Nite Bazaar

    Water Sports: Baga Beach is best-known for its jet skiing, parasailing, banana ride and boating water-sports.

    Location: Baga, North Goa
    Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa- Flat 40% off

    Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa- Flat 40% off

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    h6 HourslNorth Goa


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  • 09Calangute Beach

    Calangute Beach

    Calangute Beach is the largest beach in Goa and is also affectionately known as the “Queen of Beaches”. It is a big, and serene beach with activities enough to fill your mind for the entirety of your trip. It is ideal both if you want to lie down in the sand and also if you want to try your hand at some water sports. There are a lot of options to choose from.

    Calangute is only separated from Baga by a small rocky division that you can hike over too. At night, you will find Calangute transformed into a party hub as good as the one at Baga Beach. Since Calangute Beach is connected to other important beaches in North Goa, it is a good place to reside in during your Goa visit.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Morjim Beach, St. Alex Church, the Water Pond of Arambol, Ashvem Beach, the Aguada Lighthouse & Aguada Fort, Nerul River, the Friday Local Mapusa Market, River Betul & Betul Estuary

    Water Sports: Calangute offers the best in water sports- enjoy kayaking, sailing, parasailing, wind-surfing, snorkeling, water-skiing, and fishing here.

    Location: Calangute, North Goa
  • 10Palolem Beach

    Palolem Beach

    Palolem is one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, though unfortunately overrun by commercialization in the form of huts and hawkers. Nonetheless, its peaceful waters bordered by headlands are still very attractive. The location makes its sea calmer than others and you can walk almost 100m into the sea with ease.

    Not only are there many things to do on the Palolem Beach, there are many things you do in the nearby locality. You can participate in an early morning yoga class for one thing. There are also many sight-seeing options nearby. And if you wish to simply kick back and relax, Palolem is a good place wherein to do so. Also get an Ayurveda massage on the beach while you are at it.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Monkey Island, the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Silent Noise Disco

    Water Sports: Scuba diving, canyoning, self-paddle kayaking, dolphin watching are some activities you can undertake here

    Location: Canacona, South Goa
    1 Night Stay at Palolem Guest House

    1 Night Stay at Palolem Guest House

    NNNNM39 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlSouth Goa

    Starting from


  • 11Anjuna Beach

    Anjuna Beach

    Anjuna Beach, located next to Vagator Beach in North Goa, is one of the wildest beaches in Goa in terms of its nightlife. As soon as the sun goes down, the beach thrills with life and energy. A vibrant party hub comes alive. The night clubs around the beach are very popular with foreign tourists and the famous Shiva Valley Club attracts a vast variety of partygoers. In the day, the beach is full of beachgoers and adventure sports junkies. You can participate in watersports like scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing etc on Anjuna Beach.

    Swimming in the sea is another great option since the height of the water on the beach is suited to swimming. Anjuna Beach is often considered as the hippest of all Goan beaches, especially because of its popularity with foreigners and the off-beat activities that take place here. The Trance scene on Anjuna Beach is one its best attractions.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Chapora Fort, Mascarenhas Mansion, Wednesday Flea Market, Albuquerque Mansion, The Acid House Party

    Water Sports: Wind surfing, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Paragliding

    Location: North Goa
  • 12Arambol Beach

    Arambol Beach

    Arambol Beach is located in North Goa. This is a good beach to visit if you are searching for a place that combines adventure sports with relaxation. The strong winds on the headlands around the beach make it an ideal spot for paragliding in Goa. These sports are more well-known in Arambol than the water sports which characterise the other beaches of Goa. There is no dearth of food or accommodation options.

    And if you want to step away from the crowds for a bit, you can walk onwards to Mandrem to the south. Kalacha Beach, north of Arambol, is where the best paragliding in Goa takes place. A verdant jungle near the beach makes for a good trekking option. Depending upon the time of the year, you can go swimming in the sea too. A variety of musicians from India and abroad also tend to gather here, making it a good music destination too.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Arambol “Sweetwater lake”, the banyan tree on the hilltop, Tribal Dance Convention (held annually), Annual Juggling Convention (held annually)

    Wind Sports: Paragliding, Kitesurfing

    Location: Arambol, North Goa
  • 13Ashwem Beach

    Ashwem Beach

    Located at the end of the North Goa beach stretch, Ashvem Beach is relatively unfrequented by visitors and as a result is exceptionally quiet and serene, making it is a perfect option for honeymooners or families with children. There is hardly any commercial imprint here- you won’t find much in terms of water sports but the beach is a good place to go swimming and visitors are always welcome to stretch out on the sands and just relax.

    The charm of Ashvem Beach is in its laid-back setting which can be very attractive after the milling crowds on the other beaches of North Goa. Most people come here for the swimming on a day trip so accommodations are not high in number. But there are comfortable beach cottages in Palm Groove- an area on the beach abundant in palms- that you can live in.

    Water Sports: Swimming

    Location: Pernem, North Goa
  • 14Colva Beach

    Colva Beach

    The most popular beach in South Goa, Colva beach is a tourist must-visit. The beach has a really lovely stretch of white sand which extends for nearly 25km.  The sands and the beautiful glimmering sea coupled with the soft salty winds are Colva Beach’s most famous attractions. The ambience of the beach is perfect, being just the right balance between commercial and quiet. There are dozens of shacks that cater to the needs of visitors so food and drinks are easy to lay hands on.

    There are a lot of pubs and clubs here which contribute to the nightlife of the beach like The Gatsby Club, Club Margarita etc. Admittedly, the night scene here is not as high or wild as at the clubs of North Goa but if you want just a taste of partying when at Colva, these clubs are not bad party places.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Our Lady of Mercy Church, the markets at Margolis.

    Water Sports: Paragliding, Parasailing, jet skis banana rides, dolphin sighting are activities you can take part in on Colva Beach.

    Location: Salcete, South Goa
  • 15Grand Island

    Grand Island

    If you want an all-in-one Goa water sporting experience, Grand Island is the place to go. There is a lot to be experienced here from diving to Snorkeling to fishing. Scuba diving is the most popular activity around Grand island because it offers so much in terms of underwater exploration. There are shipwrecks to be found here as well as some reefs. The “Suzy” wreck and the “Davy Jones Locker” are especially popular with divers as are Serge City, Bounty Rock and Turbo Tunnel.

    Experienced and beginner divers both find something to satisfy in Grand Island. You can also go snorkelling. Professional instructors will provide the equipment and the instructions. Bumper boats and banana boats are also popular around the island. End the day with a fishing trip and a barbeque of the produce you caught. A day trip usually lasts from 8.30am to 4pm but it can be negotiated beforehand.

    Water Sports: Scuba Diving, Boating, Fishing, Snorkelling

    Location: Grand Island, South Goa
    Scuba Diving and Water Sports Combo in Goa

    Scuba Diving and Water Sports Combo in Goa

    NNMMM38 Ratings

    h8 HourslNorth Goa


    Starting from


  • 16Chapora Fort

    Chapora Fort

    History lies at rest in Chapora Fort. Once a huge, commanding structure which was the site of many battles, and which was passed from the hands of the Portuguese to the Indians and back several times in its long history, this fort has seen a lot of action in the past. The present building was constructed in 1717.

    The Fort rises on the banks of River Chapora and commands a great view of its surroundings. It stands on the head of a natural valley which leads directly to the sea. As you can imagine, the views from the fort are breathtaking. You can spend a couple of hours in this fort exploring it and taking in the natural landscape around it.

    Timings: 9:30am to 5:30pm on all days of the week

    Location: Chapora Fort Road, Bardez, North Goa
    Day Out in North Goa

    Day Out in North Goa

    NNNNM24 Ratings

    d1 DaylNorth Goa

    Starting from


  • 17The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

    The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

    This church has a long past and is one of the most important touristic landmarks of Goa. It was first built as a chapel in 1541. Over this chapel, the larger building of the church was then constructed in 1619. It has since undergone many revisions, but the original building has remained. It draws devotees from all over the globe and has been a spiritual and geographical landmark for centuries. 

    Old Portuguese sailors who crossed the perilous seas safely and landed at Goa would pay their first thanks at this church. The beautiful whitewashed church with a lovely multicoloured interior at once imparts peace and delight. It is at its best in December as the feast of Our lady of immaculate conception is celebrated on 8th of December followed by the Christmas and New year celebrations.

    Timings: 10am-12.30pm & 3-5.30pm Mon-Sat, 11am-12.30pm & 3.30-5pm Sun, English Mass at 8am daily

    Location: Emilio Garcia & Jose Falcao Road, Panaji
  • 18Dudhsagar Waterfall

    Dudhsagar Waterfall

    The Dudhsagar Waterfall is situated on the Goa-Karnataka border and are one of India’s must-see sights. The four-tiered waterfall structure is one of the tallest in India and is located on the Mandovi River. The white foamy water cascades down from a height of nearly 1017 feet off a nearly steep mountain face. You can reach the site by trekking from Kulem and following the jeep trail. Another possible route is the trek from Castle Rock in Karnataka. Reaching the waterfalls will not be an easy task but it is one that is worth every ounce of effort put into it.

    They are best experienced during the monsoons as they lose their force during the dry season. Many Bangalore to Goa packages include a visit to this site and often an overnight camp at the location is included. The waterfalls also fall on the road route from Bangalore to Goa making them easy to visit.

    Location: Sanguem Taluka
    Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa(monsoon Special)

    Trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa(monsoon Special)

    NNNNN242 Ratings

    h7 HourslPanjim


    Starting from


  • 19Fort Aguada

    Fort Aguada

    A Portuguese heritage, Fort Aguada has been standing stern on the beach facing the Arabian Sea from 1612 when it was built in order to provide defence against the invading Dutch and the Marathas. It was a grand old fort in its time with the capacity to hold 79 cannons among other weapons of defence. It was one of the prize possessions of the Portuguese. Today, it stands as a famous landmark dividing the Sinquerim Beach and the Candolim Beach.

    There is an old lighthouse standing within the Fort which was built in 1864, the oldest lighthouse of its shape and size in India. Fort Aguada is a great place to explore when you are out visiting the Candolim or Sinquerim Beaches. It can be explored on an afternoon when the sun is high and the beaches too hot for comfort. The windy atmosphere up here will keep you relaxed, and once it is evening you can easily come down to enjoy the beaches.

    Location:  Candolim, North Goa
  • 20Bom Jesus Basilica

    Bom Jesus Basilica

    One of the most important of all tourist places in Goa as well as a central landmark for Catholics, the Bom Jesus Basilica is the place in which the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept. The Church was built in 1605 and the body of the Saint was brought to it in 1622 where it has lain since in its glass mausoleum. The body is perhaps the greatest attraction of the Basilica. A gallery of Modern Art is also a part of the Basilica.

    The building is constructed in baroque style and is considered one of the best examples of baroque architecture in India. You can visit the Bom Jesus Basillica in December for the best experience of the tradition as the feast and novena take place at that time along with Christmas celebrations.

    Timings: Weekdays – 9.00am to 6.30pm

    Old Goa

  • 21Lamgau Caves

    Lamgau Caves

    The Lamgau caves can be considered as one of the ‘hidden’ attraction of Goa. Lamgau Caves are made up of two man-made caves which were meant to be a residence for monks. They are of great importance to the Hindu community in Goa and they reflect the transition from Buddhism to Hinduism. The caves are designed in a Buddhist fashion but the idols of Nandi and the Shiva Linga outside the main entrance of the smaller of the two caves reveal another aspect. The other cave is much larger and was used as a meditation and prayer hall.

    The scenic route up to the caves is another reason to visit them. Surrounded by a dense nut plantation and many interesting local temples, the trek to the Lamgau Caves is really interesting. You can visit the caves on some early morning. This will allow you to go over the entire location peacefully and enjoy the small details that you might otherwise miss out. The location is well-connected by buses and taxis.

    Timings: 9am to 5pm

    Location: Bicholim, North Goa
  • 22Verna Spring

    Verna Spring

    Verna Springs, popularly known as Kesarval Springs, are located near the Verna Cliffs, hence the name. This is a good spot to visit for some nature sighting. The surroundings are quiet and only the hum of the forest fauna is to be heard. The Verna Springs are popular not simply for their natural beauty but also because the waters are said to have curative properties. The skin, eyes, internal ailments can all purportedly be cured by a dip in the water of Verna Springs.

    This brings many people to them, and the place can get crowded. The Springs are big enough to take this influx of people and they are active enough to sweep away the resultant dirt in their strong currents. The best time to visit is during the monsoon season when the water is flowing at full force even though they continue to exist in the dry season albeit to a much less forceful extent.

    Timings: 9am to 7pm

    Location: Near the village of Cortalim, South Goa
  • 23Arvalem Waterfall

    Arvalem Waterfall

    The Arvalem Waterfalls are not as huge as the Dudhsagar Waterfalls since they are only about 50 meters high and 7 meters wide. But reaching them is far easier than reaching Dudhsagar. Their location is also perfect since they are not located far from the popular North Goa beaches and have other sight-seeing places nearby. The Arvalem Waterfalls in themselves are a pretty sight, and especially imposing during the monsoon months when the fall into the lake below with a fearful force. 

    They dry to a trickle in the summer leaving the lake to become a swimming pool for avid swimmers.  There is a well-maintained government park close to the waterfalls, which is a great spot for a picnic. You can make a fulfilling day trip to this location and also take part in the other activities close by. The children will have an especially good day.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Lamgau Caves, White-water river rafting

    Timings: 7am-5pm

    Location: Mapusa, North Goa
  • 24Bats Island

    Bats Island

    Pequeno Island or Bat Island is a small gem which does not attract too much tourist attention. The island is home to some great water-sporting action and you can take part in some seriously good snorkeling here. There are professional facilities available for snorkeling and they also provide one with the equipment and the instructions. New snorkelers need have no anxiety. It is also a lovely place to experience some marine life around Goa.

    Varieties of fishes like the parrot fish or the butterfly fish, lobsters, turtles and sea cucumbers live near Bay Island and can be spotted with ease. Reaching the Island is not an issue. You can reach the island by hiring a boat from Vasco De Gama. Take your own food along since food is not easy to come by on Bats Island.

    Timings: NA

    Location: Bats Island, Off Vasco De Gama Beach
    Ocean Kayaking at Bat Island, Goa

    Ocean Kayaking at Bat Island, Goa

    NNNNM23 Ratings

    h4 HourslOld Goa

    Starting from


  • 25Deltin Royale Casino

    Deltin Royale Casino

    Casino Cruises are a popular feature of Goa’s rivers and Deltin Royale Casino is one of the several Casino Cruises available in Goa. A Casino Cruise combines a casino, a restaurant, and some other features to give you a taste of luxury. The Deltin Royale Casino hosts a magnificent ballroom, and a boardroom apart from its vast gaming rooms and rich restaurants. The casinos give you a chance to try your hand at some Vegas style entertainment. If you are lucky, you might even end up leaving when you leave the cruise.

    They also have a children’s area where parents can leave their kids to enjoy themselves in safety. The cruise is a 12-hour experience which begins in the evening and lasts until till the next morning. This is an offbeat romantic way to enjoy yourself when in Goa. The dim lights, slow music, gently dappling river waves, and the overall ambience of the cruise is capable of giving you some truly beautiful memories.

    Location: North Goa
    Casino Cruise in Goa

    Casino Cruise in Goa

    NNNNM39 Ratings

    d1 DaylPanjim

    Starting from


  • 26Anjuna Flea Market

    Anjuna Flea Market

    Every Wednesday morning, The Anjuna Flea Market comes to life in Anjuna.- Flea markets are a quintessential Goan experience and the Anjuna Flea market is one of the best in Goa. It is an interesting off set to the beach scene and is only in operation from mid-November to April. The Market first came into existence alongside the party scene at Anjuna beach in the eighties. Hippies from all over the West congregated here to sell off their personal items, like Levi’s jeans and other trinkets, in order to fund their stay.

    But now, the place has evolved into a big weekly market with goods from all over India being sold here. You can get hold of some good trinkets here while you hone your bargaining skills at the flea market. Tea stalls and snack stalls line the streets too, allowing the visitors to have a good time without worrying about food.

    Timings: 8am, Wednesday

    Location: Anjuna, North Goa
  • 27Sinquerim Beach

    Sinquerim Beach

    This beach is connected to the Candolim beach and Fort Aguada guards one end of its shore. As a result, the tourist attractions here are pretty much the same as those in Candolim. You can explore the old fort and the lighthouse that stands within the fort, enjoy the sunset from the fort or simply watch the waves crash on the seashore during high tide. However, unlike Candolim beach which is overflowing with tourists, Sinquerim Beach is much quieter.

    The beach is a good place to relax in but be mindful of the sand as there are occasional reports of broken glass lying around in the sand. Be cautious when you take of your slippers or sit down. However, other than this minor hurdle, the beach is a good one and there are shacks which can provide you with cheap but good food options. At night, you can party at one of the clubs in Sinquerim like Sinq Night Club or head over to the clubs in Candolim and Anjuna which are only a short distance away.

    Tourist Attractions Nearby: Fort Aguada, Fort Aguada Jail, Churches around the district

    Water Sports: Boat rides, banana boat rides, parasailing, water scooters are among the water sporting options at Sinquerim Beach

    Location: Sinquerim
  • Things to Do in Goa

  • 28Scuba Diving at Grand Island

    Scuba Diving at Grand Island

    Grand Island is a water sporting nirvana. You will find a vast variety of watersports to choose from on this island including scuba diving, snorkelling and also gentler varieties like bumper boating and banana boating for the kids. But the best water sport to take part in when on Grand Island is scuba diving. The seas around Grand Island are rich in underwater sites which make scuba diving here an interesting activity.

    There are several shipwrecks around the island as well as interesting coral formations. The “Suzy” wreck and the “Davy Jones Locker” are especially popular with divers as are Serge City, Bounty Rock and Turbo Tunnel. There are professional scuba diving schools here which provide the necessary equipment and also guide beginners through the nitty-gritties of the sport. Scuba Diving in Grand Island is one the best ways to spend your time during a Goa trip.

    Scuba Diving and Water Sports Combo in Goa

    Scuba Diving and Water Sports Combo in Goa

    NNMMM38 Ratings

    h8 HourslNorth Goa


    Starting from


  • 29Water Sports

    Goa’s topaz seas are a major reason for its popularity, and the best way to enjoy the water is through water sports. There are so many water sports options in Goa that it can be hard to choose which one to take up. You can indulge in surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, kneeboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, water boarding, jet skiing among several others. These water sports can be found along most of Goa’s beaches.

    However, not all sports are offered on all beaches so you will need to do some preliminary research if you are looking for a specific water sport. Many companies also offer comprehensive water sporting packages which include costs for equipment and instructions for a pack of 3 to 4 water sports. You can pre-book your sports or even book some slots when you are on the beach. The best beaches for water sports in Goa are Baga, Calangute, Mobor, Anjuna and Colva beaches.

    Monsoon Special: Water Sports in Private Beach, Goa @1499 Only

    Monsoon Special: Water Sports in Private Beach, Goa @1499 Only

    NNNNN1165 Ratings

    h3 HourslPanjim


    Starting from


  • 30Surfing


    Surfing is still an exotic water sport in India though it is fast gaining popularity in Goa. Surfing is not only a great adventure sport, it also allows you to truly get in touch with the water and learn to respect its motions. Surfing also gives its participants an unparalleled sense of freedom since you are essentially flying on the waters as you surf. Ashvem beach in Goa is one of the few places where surfing is offered.

    The Banana Surf School operates from Ashvem Beach and provides trained instructors and the equipment necessary to surf. They have various courses from beginner courses to advanced ones. If you already know surfing, you can simply rent out a board from one of the stalls and dive right into the waves. The monsoon season is the best season for surfing because that is when you get the biggest waves in Goa, often as high as 8 to 15 metres.

  • 31Sailing


    Sailing is a great way to experience the seas around Goa. It is an activity suited to all levels and if you are going to Goa with the kids, they will absolutely love sailing. It is safe and yet adventure-filled, and is one of the few water-based activities that can be engaged in with other people. If you are a couple on honeymoon, sailing is a fun way to spend time building special memories together. You can go sailing in the day or even look around for companies that offer night-time sailing opportunities.

    There are many operators in Goa who offer yachts, dinghies and boats for sailing, and they are present on most beaches around the state. If you are boarding at a luxury resort, make sure you check out their facilities as some resorts and hotels provide yacht rental options. Depending upon the operator, you may also get a chance to operate the boat or adjust the sails once in the sea, thereby getting a hands-on sailing experience.

  • 32Trek to Todo Waterfall

    Trek to Todo Waterfall

    Getting away from the beaches and heading off into Goa’s dense jungles will reveal a completely different side of the state to you. The trek to Todo Waterfall in North Goa is a must do thing when in Goa. The trek to Todo Waterfalls takes you through the virgin landscape of Goa- through thick forests, gushing streams, and adventurous terrains. There are breath-taking views to be taken in on this trek as well. 

    The trek can be undertaken alone, but if you are completely new to Goa, it is advisable that you undertake it under the guidance of an experienced guide. Many tour operates have this trek on their list of treks so you can easily arrange for a guide. The trek starts from Panaji and it takes trekkers approximately 4 hours to reach the falls. After some hours spent resting, lunching and exploring the landscape, the trekkers return. The trek back is easier and quicker.

    Trek to Todo Waterfalls in Goa

    Trek to Todo Waterfalls in Goa

    NNNNN360 Ratings

    d1 Day


    Starting from


  • 33Cycling at Divar Island

    Cycling at Divar Island

    Goa is a state full of surprises, and this is a fact that you will truly come to appreciate only when you get off the beaten track and explore territory that is not well-known among the tourists who visit Goa. Divar Island, a small island in the Mandovi River is one such hidden gem. It is a picturesque island with a laid-back ambience very different from the bustling environment of Goa’s clubs and beaches. The island is nestled in nature and is an offbeat destination for families, couples and people who wish to take a break from the beach culture. Since the island is not very populated and not many vehicles ply here, people can easily explore the island by renting a cycle.

    The gentle winds blowing around Divar Island, coupled with the lush green of the island, makes cycling here a pleasure. There are small villages along the way where you can stop for snacks and interact with the locals who are always obliging and happy to talk. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also prepare your own picnic hamper beforehand and enjoy a small picnic amidst the beautiful landscape.

    Cycling At Divar And Chorao Islands - Flat 18% Off

    Cycling At Divar And Chorao Islands - Flat 18% Off

    NNNNN176 Ratings

    h5 HourslNorth Goa


    Starting from


  • 34Backwater Kayaking

    Backwater Kayaking

    Backwater kayaking is not a well-known activity in Goa since tourists associate the idea of backwater adventures with Kerala. But Goa’s backwaters are also a pleasant place to experience. The deep river waters are enveloped in an eloquent silence and surrounded all around with thickets of mangroves with small villages occasionally appearing along the shores. You might also catch a glimpse of Goa’s famous crocodiles. Goa’s Sal Backwaters are the most famous backwaters of Goa and kayaking through them will be a treat for your senses. Backwater kayaking reveals the whole breadth of the flora and fauna of Goa, which can be awe inspiring. 

    There are several operators who arrange guided kayaking adventures over the rivers of Goa. Some famous rivers to go backwater kayaking in Goa include Zuari River, Aguada River, Mandovi River among others. These kayaking trips cost approximately 1500 INR but the prices vary according to the operator and the number of people going on the tour. The backwater kayaking takes 3 hours to complete and all necessary equipment is provided by the operator.  

    Sunset Back Water Kayaking in Goa - Flat 26% Off

    Sunset Back Water Kayaking in Goa - Flat 26% Off

    NNNNN225 Ratings

    h2 HourslNorth Goa


    Starting from


  • 35Visit Spice Plantation

    Visit Spice Plantation

    Goa Spice Plantations are not to be missed whenever you visit Goa. The state is very well-known for its extensive spice plantations and since the plantations are open to tourists, they should be visited at least once. Spices are such a common part of the Indian lifestyle that we don’t even think of the production process behind the spices. Visiting spice plantations is a great way to get to know them.  These spice plantations are located roughly 30 kilometres from Panaji, and are always eager to welcome tourists and allow them to experience spice growth close at hand.

    Visitors are usually welcomed with cups of herbal spiced teas and then taken around the plantation as the guide speaks of the different types of herbs located in here and the process which leads to their growth. The mingled fragrance of all the spices is a treat to the nose. The hours spent roaming through the plantation will be enjoyable and educative. You can also buy some spices from the plantation while you’re on your way out.

    Dudhsagar Falls And Spice Plantation Full Day Tour - 20% Off

    Dudhsagar Falls And Spice Plantation Full Day Tour - 20% Off

    NNNNN1206 Ratings

    h11 HourslNorth Goa


    Starting from


  • 36Mandovi River Sunset Cruise

    Mandovi River Sunset Cruise

    A sunset over a river is a magical thing and through its sunset cruise, the Goa Tourism Department invites you to take part in this beautiful experience. The cruise takes place every evening on the Santa Monica, a beautifully designed boat which cruises gently along the river for an hour. There are folk songs and dances enacted for the benefit of the visitors after which the floor is cleared for the DJ. Guests can sing and dance along having fun as the ship sails towards Miramar where a magnificent sunset awaits.

    The route of the ship takes one past the architectural marvels of history like the Adil Shah Palace, the first building built in Panaji, and the Aguada Fort. Going aboard the Santa Monica and cruising along the Mandovi River is an experience worth indulging in when in Goa. It’s location is an added advantage- you can board the ferry from the Santa Monica jetty in Panaji, making it easy to schedule the trip according to your convenience.

    Luxury Cruise in Mandovi River, Goa

    Luxury Cruise in Mandovi River, Goa

    NNNMM32 Ratings

    h2 HourslPanjim


    Starting from


  • 37Candle Light Dinner Cruise

    Candle Light Dinner Cruise

    Goa is a great honeymoon destination. The beautiful palm-lined white sands beaches and shimmering blue seas are amazing ingredients for a perfect honeymoon. But when on honeymoon in Goa, do not miss out on one of the most romantic honeymoon activity available there- a candle light dinner cruise. These cruises are provided by various companies, and depending upon your preferences you can choose which kind of boat you want to take your cruise in.

    You can choose to go on a yacht or a shikara. You also have the option of choosing an overnight cruise which will allow you to spend the night on the boat and wake up to a beautiful river sunrise. These boats are luxuriously decorated, and amenities are added for the comfort of tourists. Romance thrives in this intimate atmosphere. The cruises generally take place on the Mandovi river and most providers have transfer options which is very convenient.

    Luxury Cruise with Gala Dinner in Goa

    Luxury Cruise with Gala Dinner in Goa

    NNNNM37 Ratings

    h2 Hours

    Starting from


  • Where to Party in Goa

  • 38Curlies


    Curlies is an all-in-one beach “shack”. Not only is it known for its good quality of service and its equally good food, it is also very famous for its sea view. You can choose to stay here for the length of your Goa trip too. Curlies is located almost at the edge of Anjuna beach so its sand and sea all around. This makes it an amazing accommodation option and adds a great ambience to the party scene at night.

    The spacious beach dance floor of Curlies can hold as many as 500 people. Dancing at night on the beach with the sea nearby and good food and drinks alongside is what Curlies is famous for. The rooftop lounge area is great to relax in after dancing as is the pool area.

    Timings: 8.30 am to 3 am

    Location: Anjuna Beach Strip,

    Entry Fee (Couples and Stag): Free for ladies; Couples: 1200/- approx.; Stag: NA
  • 39Club Cubana

    Club Cubana

    Club Cubana calls itself the “Nightclub in the Sky”. Located in a remote location on top of the Arpora hill in North Goa, the Club comes alive at night as hordes of partygoers arrive here, beckoned by the colourful revolving lights. There is a spacious dance floor where you can groove to the beats and there is also a swimming pool with a lounge which adds to the feeling of luxuriousness that characterises Club Cubana.

    Open only from October to April, the club does not encourage stag entries unless they form part of a larger group of couples. Wednesday is Ladies Night at Club Cubana so ladies get free entry and complimentary drinks. Guys accompanying the women need to buy tickets. Do not expect a lot of food here since they only focus on providing some snacks with drinks.

    Timings: 9.30pm to 4 am

    Location: Arpora, North Goa

    Entry Fee: (Couples and Stag):

    -For the LOW SEASON: Couples: Rs.1000 to 1700/-; Stag: 1400/-; Women Only: 700/-

    -For the HIGH SEASON: Couples: Rs.1800 to 2200/-; Stag: 1500/-; Women Only: 700/-

  • 40Tito's


    There are several Tito’s outlets around Goa. Tito’s Street is one of the best, and is known to be a great party destination in Goa. The club is known for its excellent services and this compensates amply for the slightly overpriced tags on drinks and food. The DJ is reckoned to be very good and you’re sure to get in some soul-pumping dancing on your visit.

    The Club is divided into two levels, a dance floor and a seating area overlooking the sea. There are various entry vouchers which have complimentary services included. The vouchers begin from Rs. 1000/-. Their security is also among the best which is very important in a party-climate like Goa’s.

    Timings: 6pm to 3am

    Location: Tito’s Street, Baga Beach, North Goa

    Entry Fee: Rs. 1000/- for two. Free entry for ladies. Rs. 2000/- stag entry
  • 41Café Mambos

    Café Mambos

    Café Mambos is a part of the Tito’s Clubs Chain. It is a good club with a fun-filled party ambience, a good DJ, and good food. The club is not as popular as Tito’s Street which works to its advantage as the lesser crowds make it a good spot to visit especially for people who do not enjoy dealing with hordes of people. The dance floor is always active, especially on Friday nights which are dedicated to some hardcore Bollywood fun.

    The weekends are also a good time to visit Café Mambos. There are several vouchers available which come with varying complimentary services. The club is frequented by both Indian and foreign tourists which makes the café a great place for cultural interaction. There are frequent live performances by foreign artists and international DJs.  

    Timings: 6 pm to 4 am

    Location: Baga Beach

    Entry Fee: Rs. 1500 for two/-. Free entry for ladies. Rs. 3000/- Stag Entry
  • 42Sinq


    SinQ is one of the best places for parties in Goa. The club is designed in keeping with modern technology and this difference makes itself apparent in the way the music is experienced here while you dance. The club is a multi-storeyed structure with dance floors on each floor. The energetic music and the laser lights dancing off the walls will have your feet tapping even as you wait to enter the club. The high energy of the club is matched by the food and drinks they offer.

    The ambience of the club will make you want to come back to it over and over again. And when you are tired of dancing, you can head over to the SinQ Beach Club which is a tastefully designed lounge where you can relax with drinks, food and good company.

    Timings: 9 pm to 3am

    Location: Candolim

    Entry Fee: Approx. Rs. 1800 for two.
  • 43Kamaki


    Kamaki is a good club and it is accessible to those on a lower budget as the entry fee is on the lower end of the spectrum. The dance floor is fun, the music and DJs are good, and the food here is also tasty. However, the one disadvantage of the club is that the crowd here tends to be quite boisterous. If you are going in a large group, this should not be a problem.

    But ladies going alone or only with a small girl gang are advised to keep alert. Stags are not allowed here on weekends.

    Timings: 6pm to 4 am

    Location: Tito’s Lane, Baga

    Entry Fee: Approx. Rs. 800 for couples.
  • 44Shiva Valley

    Shiva Valley

    Shiva valley is a one of a kind party club and definitely should be visited at least once when you are in Goa. It has a strong psychedelic vibe to it so if you count yourself as one of the hipster crowd and enjoy psychedelic music, or even simply want to experience it, Shiva Valley is the place to head to. It is modelled around the Natraj figure, that is, the dancing avatar of Shiva, and thus the name. The theme also inspires the ambience- Shiva Valley is best known for its Trance nights; some even call it “the temple of Trance”.

    The party starts at night and the trance dancing goes on till the wee hours of the morning. The ambience of Shiva valley is not just fun, it is also very powerful. Visit on a Tuesday night for the best experience. Having piping hot tea and cheese omelettes with the Chai Mamas outside is an essential part of the Shiva Valley experience.

    Timings: 6pm to 6am

    Location: Anjuna Beach

  • 45Love Passion Karma

    Love Passion Karma

    Touted to be the best party club in town, Love Passion Karma hits its customers with an amazing vibe made up of great music, trippy lighting, and a dance floor and a DJ that can compete with the best globally. The LPK waterfront is one its famous features. The glittering water is lit up at night by the huge LPK logo shining upon it making for a very surrealistic scene. Their venue has some lovely structures built to serve expressly as photography backdrops.

    If you want to get that “dancing all night” experience, you should give LPK a definite try. LPK can be visited on any of their variously themed nights. Ladies going in a group can visit on Ladies Night to enjoy some good company and a complimentary drink.

    Timings: 9.30pm to 3.30am

    Location: Candolim

    Entry Fee (Couples and Stag): Couple: Rs.1500/- to 2000/-; Stag: 3000/- approx.; Women only: Free
  • Where to Eat in Goa

  • 46La Plage

    La Plage

    La Plage is one of the best cafes in Goa and a must visit especially if you are in celebration mode and want to experience the best of everything. The restaurant is located on the scenic Ashvem beach and is surrounded by swaying palms on all sides. The subtle luxury of the interiors matches the verdant richness of the natural exterior. The design of a restaurant is very important in determining the kind of gastronomical experience you can expect there and La Plage does not disappoint.

    The food here is delicious and worth every penny. This is important because dining at La Plage is an expensive experience. But the ambience and the food is worth the money paid. The service is prompt and gracious. If you have dinner plans, it would be better to reserve a seat in advance since seats fill out quickly. The experience of dining at La Plage is not one you should miss. After dinner, you can walk out on the soft sandy beach and complete the beautiful experience.

    Timings: 8:30–11:30am, 12:30–4pm, 7:30–10pm

    Location: Ashwem Beach

  • 47Pousada by the Beach

    Pousada by the Beach

    Located on Calangute Beach with beautiful beachside views, Pousada by the Beach is a great restaurant for brunch. The location is perfect- you can hang out on the beach, soak in the early morning sun and get your adrenaline pumping with some adventure sports on Calangute Beach before heading over to Pousada for food.  The tiny restaurant is done up with a casual vibe and the food is simple and yet delicious. Their seafood is known to be amazing but it is also a good restaurant for vegetarians.

    It is a relaxing restaurant to be in- the hosts are friendly and eager to serve up the best food they can. Their dogs- Chai and Biscuit, will have you fawning over them before your visit is over. Their food quality is extremely good but the star dish of the restaurant is the Veg Xacuti. Do not miss this one when in Pousada by the Beach. The fresh and friendly restaurant will kindle a warm glow in your heart and have you return to it over and over again.

    Timings: 11am to 7pm

    Location: Calangute
  • 48Brittos


    Brittos is a decent place to catch a quick bite. The restaurant is located near the Baga Beach and is a good place to visit for breakfast or dinner. The proximity of the restaurant to the most populous beach in Goa means that lunch time can get very crowded, and so it is best avoided at this time.

    You can also get hold of the beach view tables if you at a time when the crowds are low. Their food and their service is quite good and their seafood platter is an especially beloved dish. Since Brittos is located on the Baga beach, you can breakfast here before you head over to the beach to enjoy the sand and the sea.

    Timings: 8.30am to 12.30 am

    Location: Baga
  • 49Thalassa


    Dining at Thalassa is an experience worth remembering. The restaurant has set up beachside tables which offer great sea views. As a result, the fresh and salty winds are a constant companion while you tuck into your food. This gives the already delicious food an additional tang that is delightful. The restaurant is a good dining option all through the day, but if you can get here in the evening, you will be treated to a gorgeous sunset too. Even words cannot really describe the romance of dining while the sky is lit up in purple, pink and blue hues with the sun setting on the horizon; it must be experienced.

    The Greek food served here is a good offset to the traditional Goan cuisine of the other restaurants. Thalassa is a very popular restaurant in Goa and especially so in the evening. So, if you want to visit here, you would be well advised to book a reservation in advance. After you have finished eating, you can walk down to the beach and enjoy the cool winds and soft sands. You can also go off to explore the sights of Vagator if it is not too late in the day.

    Timings: 8am to 11.30 pm

    Location: Small Vagator
  • 50Salt N Pepper

    Salt N Pepper

    Sometimes, especially when you are travelling, all you want is a bit of the home vibe. To sit back in an atmosphere which feels like home, has the smells and tastes of home, as well as the comfort. Salt N Pepper on Goa’s Vagator Beach manages to get this combination of elements right. The restaurant is casually designed with simple furniture and plain but good food. They focus on Goan and continental cuisine. Their burgers are their most popular food offering.

    They are freshly made and delectably juicy. The best part about this restaurant is that the food is cooked by the owner of the place herself, and she does her best to provide her hungry travellers with soul and body satisfying food. They offer a vast range of breakfast items and their dinner menu is outstanding too.

    Timings: 10 am to 3 pm; 7pm to 11pm

    Location: Small Vagator
  • Resorts and Places to Stay in Goa

  • 51The Zuri White Sands

    The Zuri White Sands

    This 5-star resort in South Goa is a great place to reside in when in Goa. The rates it offers as well as the many packages it has for its customers make it a reasonable choice if you are looking for a luxury hotel. The Zuri White Sands has both rooms as well as suites on offer. The rooms are well-furnished and stylishly decorated. The rooms look out onto the sea and the winds blowing in all day make the rooms bright and cheerful abodes.

    Since the hotel is located right upon the beach, it is easy to walk down for an early morning stroll on the beach. At night, when the hotel is surrounded by silence, you have the sound of the waves and the breeze to lull you to sleep. The hotel also offers entertainment options like a casino where you can indulge in some risky adventure. While you are at The Zuri White sands, you can also think about getting a full internal and external cleanse with their ayurvedic packages. The resort has many different packages for that you can look into in order to get great savings on your stay.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Varca Beach, Butterfly Beach, Benaulim Beach, Mobor Beach, Church of St. John the Baptist, Lover’s Beach

    Cost: 6100 INR approx.

    Location: Salcete, South Goa


    - Maya Spa
    - Electronic safe
    - Wi-Fi Connectivity
    - Wellness Packages

    Fun at Beach Zuri, Goa

    Fun at Beach Zuri, Goa

    NNNNM28 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 Night

    Starting from


  • 52Vivanta by Taj- Fort Aguada

    Vivanta by Taj- Fort Aguada

    Vivanta by Taj, situated near the Candolim Beach is one of the best accommodation options in Goa. This luxury resort in North Goa is a huge, multi-storeyed structure with a lot of luxury rooms and suites. These rooms are furnished in a posh and sophisticated manner which is very appealing. The ambiance of the hotel is comforting and luxurious. Not only is Vivanta located in a prime Goan locality, it also offers prime services to its guests which help make the vacation a great success.

    You can rent a yacht and go out for a sunset run on the Mandovi river and enjoy their Champagne Sunset Cruise. Or you can indulge in a candlelight dinner on the hotel’s terrace. The hotel also offers guided tours of the neighbourhood and cooking classes that are personally supervised by the chef. The hotel staff is gracious and ever ready to help.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Fort Aguada, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Fort Aguada Jail, Braganza House

    Cost: 12,500 INR approx.

    Location: Candolim, North Goa


    - Fitness Centre
    - Sightseeing tour
    - Heritage walks to the Latin quarter – Fontainhas
    - Laptops on Hire
    - Babysitting Services

  • 53Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

    Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

    The Goa Marriott Resort & Spa is a luxury resort located in the capital city of Panaji. The resort’s location is perfect because it allows visitors to enjoy both North and South Goa with ease. The resort is modern and designed with every luxury in place. The rooms are furnished with modern amenities like flat-screened TVs and high-speed internet. The beds are plush and cosy, and the view from the rooms is good.

    The services offered by the hotel make staying here interesting and convenient. There are many amenities offered both for personal as well as for business purposes. They also have a casino where you can indulge in some fun and in-house fine dining. The location of Marriott in central Panaji means that you can walk out and enjoy the sights and sounds of Panaji whenever you wish as well as enjoy sundry attractions around Panaji with ease.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Dona Paula Beach, Baga Beach, Miramar Beach

    Cost: 11,000 INR approx.

    Location: Panaji


    - Fitness Centre
    - Conference Room
    - Spa
    - Outdoor Pool
    - Whirlpool

  • 54Park Hyatt Resort

    Park Hyatt Resort

    If you are in a mood for celebration on your Goa visit, you could choose to stay at the grand Park Hyatt Resort. Park Hyatt Resort is a luxury resort in South Goa and true to its brand, it offers a great stay experience. The rooms and the suites, numbering over 200, are all well-furnished and fixed with modern technologies that enhance the quality of your stay. Their bathrooms are designed to offer a penultimate bathing experience with a spa-style setting. The rooms are spacious and light, and the views are amazing. Apart from this mini-spa, you also have the option of indulging yourself at the resort’s award winning Sereno Spa.

    There is a lot more to do in and around Park Hyatt. The resort offers a chauffeur service at all times and airport transfers which ease your movement to and from the resort. If you are staying with children, let them participate in Camp Hyatt, a centre which offers plenty of children friendly activities that will keep them engaged and interested. There are many restaurants around the resort but they also have great in-house dining and fine dining options that you can try out.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Big Foot Cross Museum, Goa-Chitra, Palacio do Deao, Menezes Braganza House, Varca Beach, Cavelossim Beach

    Cost: 11,000 INR approx.

    Location: Cansaulim, South Goa


    - Camp Hyatt
    - Yoga Centre
    - Spa and Wellness Centre
    - Water Sports
    - Cooking with the Chef

  • 55Ramada Caravela Beach Resort

    Ramada Caravela Beach Resort

    Another luxury resort in South Goa with rooms and facilities that will delight you with their sheer range. The resort offers villas and suites that are designed in harmony with the nature around. The Presidential Villa is a beautiful sea-facing building with amazing interiors and amenities that give a sense of home to the guests. The villas are a popular option with couples on honeymoon.

    Their suites are luxurious and boast of amazing sea views. The staff is friendly and always happy to help. Nestled in the lush green foliage with the heavenly blue sea nearby, the resort is a great place to rejuvenate and recharge yourself before you have to return to everyday life. There are a lot of activities to keep you engaged in the resort as well as a lot of sights to see around Salcette too.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: St. Cathedral Church, Goa- Chitra, Menezes Braganza Pereira House, The Basilica Of Bom Jesus Church, Shri Shantadurga Temple, Kavlem

    Cost: 7000 INR approx.

    Location: Salcete, South Goa


    - Golf
    - Swimming Pool
    - Ayurvedic Centre
    - Yoga and Gym
    - Live band
    - Outdoor Jacuzzi

  • Beach Shacks in Goa

  • 56Tantra Beach Shack and Huts

    Tantra Beach Shack and Huts

    Shacks are a quintessential Goa experience and Tantra Beach Shack is one of the best shacks around. The shack is a good place to have a quick bite or two before you head out to enjoy yourself with the various activities available on the Anjuna Beach. It also offers good accommodations at decent rates. Shacks are usually a favourite haunt of backpackers and budget travellers. Tantra Beach Shack is known for its good food and its laid-back and yet comfortable ambience.

    It is conveniently located on Anjuna Beach which has the best party options around. You can go out to party and come back easily. The many sight-seeing options in and around Anjuna can also be conveniently approached when you are boarding at Tantra Beach Shack Their Tree House sitting area is very popular with tourists since it affords an exotic view of the sea and is also a fun way to spend some time.

    Location: Anjuna Beach
  • 57Sam’s Beach Shack

    Sam’s Beach Shack

    Sam’s Beach Shack is one of those places that’s tick in your mind long after you have been to them. The Shack is a reasonably priced hotel on Mobor Beach in South Goa. Their food is reckoned to be very delicious. The Shack specialises in fresh seafood so if you’re hankering after some sea delicacies in Goa, give Sam’s a try. Their fries are also full of flavour.

    The open-air setting on Mobor Beach gives Sam’s Beach Shack an additional edge since customers really enjoy being enveloped by the cool breezes as they dig into piping hot food. The staff is gracious and helpful and the service quick. Visit Sam’s Beach Shack at least once when you are in South Goa.

    Location: Mobor Beach, Cavelossim
  • 58Souza Lobo

    Souza Lobo

    Souza Lobo is perhaps one of Goa’s oldest and best shacks. The shack has been in operation since 1932, and it still draws large crowds because of its rustic charm, edgy vibe and great food. The shack is an airy, well- furnished restaurant with a simple design and simple lighting. The simplicity adds to its charm and the rustic tone makes it feel exotic. The food and drinks served in the shack are at par with the best of Goan restaurants.

    The Goan Fish Curry with Rice is one of their beloved dishes. The shack is conveniently located at Calangute Beach so you can simply stop by for a quick bite in between enjoying the activities on Calangute Beach. A live band playing at all hours keeps the tone light and chirpy.

    Location: Calangute Beach
  • 59Sublime


    The Sublime Shack in Goa is a great place for food lovers and a place to visit when on Arambol. The shack has an innovative menu that is the delight of food lovers but it is best known for its steaks. The steaks that Sublime has to offer are unparalleled on Goa’s food scene. The location of the shack is a great advantage since it offers people to enjoy the Arambol Beach and the Sublime Shack at the same time.

    The shack is decorated in an offbeat style with personal and quirky touches which adds to its popularity because the design of the place is a part of the experience of dining at Sublime. Raw food rolls and fresh salads are a great way to start the meal. Their eclectic cocktails are a gastronomical delight too.

    Location: Arambol

  • 60Calamari Beach Shack

    Calamari Beach Shack

    Calamari Beach Shack is a good Goan shack which offers decent well-priced meals to its customers. The shack is located on Candolim beach and the beachfront view only adds to its popular appeal. The location allows the customers to experience the light breezes and cool sands of Candolim Beach.

    You can head over to the shack after you have enjoyed the activities Candolim has to offer. Once in the shack, you can order from a vast menu that has great vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The live band adds a hippy vibe to the beach shack which is truly enjoyable.

    Location: Candolim
  • Travelling in Goa

    Even though Goa is a small state, there are many places that tourists can visit scattered all along its coastline. Unless you are going to Goa by your own car or bike, you will need to get around Goa with the help of public means of transport.
    There are many inexpensive governmental means of transportation available to tourists like buses, and trains along with taxis and rental options. This section will take you through the various options available to tourists and also provide information on the convenience of each option.
  • 61Taxi


    There is no dearth of taxis in Goa. They can be found outside every major railway station and near the tourist resorts as well. Pre-booking a taxi is also easy. You can either get in touch with a local taxi service or have your hotel pre-book a taxi for you. Many Goan taxi providers are also available online. App based taxi services are also gaining popularity in Goa. Taxis are a convenient way to travel all over the state. 

    They are a comfortable travel option since there are no crowds to reckon with and the taxi drops you off right outside your destination. However, renting a taxi can get expensive and so they are a good option only if you are in Goa for a couple of days and need to get around to some places conveniently.

    Taxi Fares: Taxis rates per kilometre vary according to the taxi model you choose. However, approximate per kilometre costs are Rs. 26 to 30 per kilometre. You can rent a taxi for 4 hours for approximately Rs. 750 to 1000.

  • 62Rented Vehicle

    Rented Vehicle

    If you are planning to stay in goa for a considerable period of time and would like to travel extensively over the state, renting a vehicle is the best transportation option for you. Renting a vehicle gives you more freedom to move about as you like and it also offers the privacy that a taxi cannot offer. There are many rental options to select from including cars, bikes and scooters. Though there are many rental services offered online, your best bet is to go down to the provider physically and bargain hard for a reasonable rental rate.

    The longer you rent a vehicle for, the cheaper the rent. Cars should be rented only if it is absolutely necessary since their rental costs around 800 INR per day. Scooters and bikes are cheaper and quicker alternatives.

    Rent Rates: Car- 800 to 1000 INR approx.
                         Bikes- 300 to 400 INR approx.
                         Scooter- 250 to 300 INR approx.

  • 63Public Transportation

    Public Transportation

    Public transportation in Goa is the cheapest way to get around the state. The government has laid out a well-developed network of railways and buses which connect to every part of the state, making transportation convenient. Apart from buses, you can opt for motorcycle rickshaws which operate in the major cities. Buses and motorcycle rickshaws are the cheapest modes of public transport in Goa. Other public transport services include ferries for river crossings. If you are travelling long distance, you can also check out the local train services.

    Rates: Buses- Rs.10 for 2 to 3 kilometres

    Motorcycle Rickshaw- Rs. 5 for the first kilometre and 2.50 for the rest

    Ferries- Reasonable but no fixed charges

  • Things to Keep in Mind

  • 64Things to Carry

    Things to Carry

    Now that you have decided to go for a trip from Bangalore to Goa, it is time to sit back and make a list of all the necessary items that you need to pack in order to make your trip to Goa more enjoyable. There is a lot to do in Goa and you must prepare your bags in accordance with your itinerary. If you are planning a solo trip, a bike trip or a budget trip, your bags will have a different feel to them in comparison to the people who are travelling by car or with a family.

    It is therefore necessary to keep your travel needs in mind before you pack your bags. You also need to keep in mind the time of the year you’re visiting Goa in when deciding what you need to carry.

    This list aims to give you a comprehensive list of items that you can carry when heading over to Goa. You can modify the list according to your preferences but keep it handy so that when you’re packing, you do not have to rush about clutching your hair while you try to think of what you have forgotten to pack.

    Regardless of when and how you are visiting Goa, there are some things you always need to carry with you.

    - Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    - Hand Sanitizer and paper soap
    - A travel sized shampoo and face wash bottle
    - First aid box with essential medicines
    - Sunscreen
    - Good walking shoes
    - Beach sandals
    - Sunglasses
    - Clean towels

    If you are visiting Goa in the summer months, always carry the following items with you:

    - A wide- brimmed hat
    - A large water-bottle
    - Light summer clothes
    - Swimming Costume
    - Light sandals
    - Umbrella

    If you are visiting in the winter, carry the following items along:

    - Light clothes
    - A warm jacket in case the nights get chilly
    - Swimming costume

    Visitors heading over to Goa during the monsoon season should definitely carry:

    - Mosquito Repellents
    - Raincoats
    - Umbrellas
    - Good sturdy shoes

    Some additional items that will serve you well on your Goa trip by adding to your convenience include:

    - A fanny pack (or a small sling back that you can carry everywhere)
    - Loose change (especially if you plan on using public transportation)
    - Power Banks
    - Ladies who are travelling alone or in small groups should also carry some safety ensuring items like:
    - Small nail cutter with a file or a sharp pen
    - Pepper Spray

    If you are travelling by public transport or are taking the children along, carry entertainment items along too: These include but are not limited to:

    - Reading material of your choice
    - Board Games
    - Music pods and headphones
    - Puzzles

    If you are a solo traveller or a budget traveller, you will need to keep the list of things you carry with you to a minimal. The best way to ensure that you take everything that you need without taking up too much space in your bag is to carry smaller versions of most items. For example, carry shampoo sachets, transfer some of your facewash to a small container or carry a small soap. 

    Similarly, pack a small, foldable umbrella. Pack the lightest clothes possible because light clothes are easy to roll up tightly. When you roll your clothes tight, they take up less space as compared to when you lay them out flat one upon the other.

  • 65Tips for Solo Female Travellers

    Tips for Solo Female Travellers

    Goa is certainly an exciting travel destination. It is a great party hub and this alone draws hordes of tourists down to the tiny state. Because of the heavy foreign influence in Goa, it is not a prohibitive state when it comes to females. You are not condemned for enjoying yourself in any way you want to or dressing in any fashion you wish to dress. But despite a certain progressive sentiment in the state, there is always a possibility of danger against women.

    Unlawful elements lurk about everywhere and at night, after bouts of heavy drinking have been indulged in, this danger becomes amplified. Women, and especially solo female travellers, are best advised to ensure their safety in these circumstances by taking certain precautionary measures. Taking these measures will ensure that your Goa trip passes without any dangerous incident. 

    The best measures that female travellers can take include:

    - Carry protective items with you such as pepper sprays or sharp, pointed items

    - Never wander on deserted streets alone

    - If you are travelling alone, keep your dear ones aware of your whereabouts in case of emergencies

    - If you intend to be out at night, always carry your phone with you and if possible, let a friend know your approximate whereabouts

    You can read in detail safety tips for solo women travellers in Goa by Rachel Jones

  • 66Tips for First Time Travellers

    Tips for First Time Travellers

    If you are travelling to Goa for the first time in your life, great! You are about to have a lot of fun and experience a whole lot of adventure when you’re in Goa. However, since you are a Goa rookie, you might end up making some general mistakes that most first time travellers to Goa make, and we’re here to help you avoid that pitfall.

    - The first and most important tip- Goa is not all about the beaches. There are a lot of things you can do in Goa like exploring its natural landscape outside of the beaches, going over its historical sites, and visiting the local villages. Don’t spend all your time on beaches. The nights are good enough for that. Take a bike and roam about the rest of Goa when you have exhausted the water sports.

    - Research your options well- there is so much to do in Goa that it can get rather baffling. Look about you on the internet well in advance to get an idea about where you are going.

    - Don’t trust everybody you meet in Goa- people do seem nicer when both parties have downed a few drinks. Don’t walk into a trap in your eagerness to make new friends.

  • 67Tips Regarding Nightlife

    Tips Regarding Nightlife

    Goa would not be Goa without its titillating nightlife. It is the reason so many people love the idea of going to Goa. The nightlife in the best clubs can reveal a whole different sense of the word “partying’ to those who indulge in it, and the nightlife can bestow some great memories to remember when Goa is far away. But the night is also when Goa is at its most dangerous so there are certain rules of thumb that you should follow if you wish to remain safe and enjoy your vacation.

    - If you are going alone, do not drink so much that you lose awareness of your surroundings. Giving way to vulnerability is not a good idea when in Goa, and an especially bad idea if alone.

    - If you are going to drink, either guard the drink with hawk like concentration or better, get a drink in a can or a bottle. This way you can be assured that it has not been tampered with.

    - Research your nightclubs well. There are many types of nightclubs and they cater to different types of crowds. Decide in advance which kind of club you want to go to. Does a trance club interest you, a disco or a club with a Bollywood dance theme?

  • 68Other Tips

    Other Tips

    - Unless you want to experiment, keep away from the shady places and people. Goa is a fun destination but it is also a place where drugs and other dangerous items are easily procured. Thugs are a common presence. If you engage in these situations, things can easily get tricky and move downhill. It is better to stay away, enjoy yourself in the safer bars and clubs, and interact only with people you can trust.

    - Nudity is a practice that has come to be tolerated, if not wholly accepted in Goa. However, some beaches are better than others if you want to give nude bathing a try. Ashvem beach, Morjim beach and Ozran beach are amongst the beaches adults can visit for nude bathing. However, remember that this practice might draw a lot of stares, so go prepared.

Adventure in Goa

Attractions in Goa

Trekking in Goa

Day outs in Goa

Camping in Goa

Tents in Goa



Dona Paula Beach

A lover’s paradise, the name of the location got its designation after a tragic love story, making the place more interesting and catchy. This former village is a heaven on earth that provides picturesque spots and huge space for sunbathing while relaxing in the calm beaches adjacent to clean blue waters.

Travellers love to be here to indulge in water sports like parasailing, kayaking etc. and gets the adrenaline rush at beaches like Dias beach and Dona Paula beach. Moreover, the markets for shopping are also vibrant and gets shiny names of food and drinking spots to attract visitors. For a perfect stay, one can also book their own resort or hotels here which are also loaded with amenities and good services.

: 6 km from Panaji city.


Temple of Bodgeshwar

Welcome yourself to one of the most enchanting pilgrimages centres, which is additionally an unbeatable place to visit in North Goa. Well settled in Mapusa, the temple is situated within the lush green environment and contains a small shrine within dedicated to Kanakeshwar Baba or Bodgeshwar, locally known as Bongini.

Famous for fulfilling the desires of its devotees, it also gets a flock of people searching for peace and a calm mind. Every year, a cultural festival also take place in the month of December of January and the location gets thronged by locals as well as tourists.

Location: Mapusa at Calangute - Mapusa Road.

Entry Fees: No fees required for entry.


Basilica of Bom Jesus

The oldest withstanding Church of Goa, beautifully built under the influence of Portuguese architectural style, is one of the best places to visit in Panjim. The lovely marble floor embellished with valuable stones adds up to the charm of the magnificent church.

The cathedral of the Church holds the remains of St. Xavier's in a silver casket which is elegantly decorated and, worshiped by his devotees. Famed for its amazing architecture, this ornate structure survived since the 16th century.
The locals believe the remains are eternal and, have obscure healing powers which in turn makes it one of the most attractive places to see in Panjim.

Old Goa Road, Near Gandhi Circle, Goa 403402, India

All days of the week except Sunday (9:00 AM - 6:30 PM)
               Sunday (10:30 AM - 6:30 PM)

Entry Fees:

Distance from Panjim Bus Stand:
Approximately 11 km


Fort Aguada

 Pulled up with a dark bricked stretch within the sea waters, Fort Aguada invites the visitors even from far to take a walk in, take a peek into the sea differently and get clicked in a movie style. The architecture of the fort is in royal Portuguese style and its vastness within the fortress is just grand.

One can witness the confluence of Mandovi river in the Arabian sea from here and the fort is a witness to the same since years. Embrace the old construction and military architecture here along with the lighthouse that stands tall. If the fort is not visited on a Goa trip, the trip is just not done right.

Location: At the southern tip of Candolim beach

Timings: Fort Aguada is open all days from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Entry Fees: Good news! There are no charges to visit this ecstatic location. Visit it like a free bird.


Se Cathedral Church

One of the most striking churches in India is the “Se Cathedral” located in the Southern part of Goa. This magnificent church exhibits excellent artistry of the Portuguese-Manueline style with beautifully arched interior and an impressive courtyard. Previously, the cathedral had two towers but one of them collapsed in late 17th Century and was never rebuilt.

This cathedral is dedicated to St.Catherine, who belonged to Alexandria and there are six panels where her life scenes are beautifully carved. The most prominent feature of this cathedral is the huge “golden bell” which is one of the best bells in the world. This 250 feet high cathedral is a frequented spot and is visited by the tourists as well as locals. The tranquility and serene aura of the cathedral makes it a must visit spot in the list of places to visit in South Goa.

Velha, Goa 403402

7:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Entry Fee: 


Shantadurga Temple

“Pious Aura” this is what you will witness at this magnificent temple situated at the foot of Kavlem village in Ponda Taluka. This temple is devoted to goddess “Shantadurga” who is worshiped as the “Goddess of Peace” and, it is one of the most prominent and, large temples in entire Goa.

The divine shrine was initially situated at, Cavelossim but during the demolition period of the Portuguese in the mid 15th century, the celestial being was relocated to Kavlem. The vibrant combination of the maroon, white and peach give the temple an enchanting old-charm look.

Apart from these, Nayan Manohar Deepstambh is another point of attraction which is beautifully lit during the festivals and at that time, the beauty has no boundaries.

Kapileswari - Kavlem Rd, Donshiwado, Ponda, Goa 403401

5:00 AM - 10:00  PM

Entry Fee:


The Church of Mae De Deus

This bright white building and Neo-Gothic architecture are so impulsive that just mesmerizes its beholders. One will surely get awestruck with the impact of peaceful beauty, settlement within the greenery and the aura it presents right from the first look to the same.

Right from the exteriors to interiors, the church is certainly one of the best places to visit in North Goa. Interestingly, it houses the miraculous statue of Mae de Deus which brought the church back to life post its ruin state. With imposing interiors and carved ornamentation on ceiling and walls, the church magnetizes not just the religion followers but also those who love to praise the reality on the ground.

Location: Chogm Rd, Saligao

Timings: Gate to God’s own home opens up every day from 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM and from 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

Entry Fees: Absolutely none!


Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary

Sitting, right in the middle of the hillock this mighty church has three shrines of Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary and, Crucifixion of Jesus. Being the first church to built-in Goa it holds utmost significance in its tourism and, adding up to the most attractive places to visit in Panjim.

Previously, it was just a chapel in the early 15th century but, with time and tide, the chapel went through many transformations and, led to this massive structure which is elegantly built with influences of several architectural styles.

 North-Eastern Side of Central Square, Panjim 403001, India

All days 10 AM - 12:30 PM and 4 PM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fees: 

Distance from Panjim Bus Stand: 
Approximately 1.6 km away.


Casino Royale Goa

This place will “blow your mind” as here casino floats on water. Deltin has modern and classy casinos which are undoubtedly the most happening ones. There are numerous floors sprawling over an area of 40,000 square feet with various sections to keep people engaged of all ages. With 123 gaming tables here, you can play all sorts of gambling games be it Poker, Teen Patti, Black Jack, and many more variants.

While you enjoy the gambling, you can also savor exclusive liquors at the whiskey lounge with amazing hand-rolled cigars. The casino provides all the top-notch amenities and, is the ace in the field of the casinos. Undoubtedly it is one of the most happening places to visit in Panjim.
One can also relax in VIP gaming suites where one can stay as well as play. The highlighting feature of the casino is that it is the only place with a dedicated poker room.

Noah's Ark, RND Jetty, Dayanand Bandodkar Road, Panaji, Goa 403001

Open 24 hrs

Entry Fees: 
Monday to Thursday    Rs 2500/-   
                    Friday to Sunday
         Rs 3500/-

Distance from Panjim Bus Stand: 
Approximately 1.6 km away


Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife century came into existence in the year 1999 under the Wildlife Act. The Sanctuary lies on the Western Ghats in the northern part of the Panjim city. Sprawling over an area of 240 sq km, it has rich flora and fauna which attracts the tourists. One can witness bewitching scenic views at this splendid Sanctuary which is the largest protected wildlife. 

Here at this sanctuary, you can come across numerous variant of animals like Pythons, Cobras, Slender Toris, Jungle Cats, Elephants, avian Birds, and many more rare species. One can even hire a jeep to explore every nook and corner of the diverse sanctuary.

NH 4A, Caranzol, Goa, 403410, India

8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fee: 
Rs. 20 per person for Adults
                  Rs. 10 per person for Children
                  Rs 30 per Still Camera
                  Rs 150 per Camcorder


St Xavier’s Church

This is one of the most frequented sightseeing places in Goa famed as the prominent landmark for the Catholics. This extrusive church holds the incorrupt body of Saint Francis Xavier and, was built in the year 1605. After a few years of being built in 1622, the body of Saint Xavier was brought here and laid in a glass mausoleum. It is one of the most charming places to visit in South Goa which has showcased modern art in the gallery and, the structure exhibits a jaw-dropping baroque style of architecture.

The best time to visit Bom Jesus Basilica is December, as in this month you can experience the traditions, cultures and a lot more at Christmas time.

Off National Highway 4, Velha Goa, Goa 403110

9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Entry Fee: 


Fort Aguada

Showcasing the glory of the Portuguese empire this fort stands overlooking the Arabian sea. Built in the early 16th century to keep an eye on the enemies this fort give breathtaking views and, is one of the most majestic places to visit in Panjim.

The mystifying structure is more than 400 years old and still, its majestic beauty remains intact. It also houses a lighthouse which was built to guide the ships and, another part is the Aguada Jail which is one of the largest jails in Goa.
The location of the mighty fort is strategic so that it provides great defense from the rivals.

Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa 403515

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fees:

Distance from Panjim Bus Stand:
Approximately 15 km


Goa Archaeological Museum

This “Architectural Marvel” showcases the artifacts of the Portuguese rule in India, with eight unique galleries exhibiting different slices of the pre-historic era of Portuguese sways. The most significant of these are deemed to be the paintings of the long-dead Governors and, Administrators of Goa.

To add up to the amusement of the visitors, the museum also has a remarkable collection of stamps, religious artifacts, and other such hidden gems. This is a perfect place to dig up the history of the Goan culture and styles in the early ages.

EDC Complex, Patto, Panaji, Goa 403001

9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Entry Fees: 
Only Rs 5/- per person

Distance from Panjim Bus Stand: 
Approximately 9 km


Naval Aviation Museum

Get awestruck by the amazing collection of The Naval Aviation Museum where you can witness the true essence of Military. This amazing museum is a must visit tourist place in Goa and lies in the vicinity of Vasco da Gama.

Here, one can see real Helicopters, Aircraft, Fighter Jets and learn about their history. The museum is a combination of two parts, one is the outdoor regions which exhibits the evolution of the Indian Naval Air Arms and, another is the double-storey indoor gallery. The Naval Aviation Museum is the only of its kind in Asia. The outer region is a large park which has 13 aircraft in total namely, Sea Harrier, HAL Chetak, Westland Sea King and many more such decommissioned aircraft.

Bogmalo Road, Dabolim AP Vasco da Gama, Mormugao, Goa 403806

Tuesday - Sunday(9:30 AM - 5 PM)
               Monday(Remains Closed)

Entry Fee: 
Rs. 20


Casino Pride

Another amazing casino life could be experienced at Casino Pride which has its anchor tied down in Mandovi river. The casino boat has the best of the facilities and services having well-trained staff, delicious meals and a good range of drinks.

Moreover, the charm of the boat gets an upgradation with the performance of skilled dancers, acts by celebrities, people counting their winning amount while enjoying offers on unlimited drinks.

Entry Fees:
Rs 1500 on Monday-Thursday and Rs 2000 on Friday-Saturday

Open 24x7 to all its guests.


The Grande Island

“The Grande Island” also known as the Ilha Grande is one of the most amazing discoveries in Goa. The Island is a house of Palm trees, jaw-dropping marine life experiences, and extraordinary sunsets.

The Island is not only for the adventure buffs but is also a perfect destination for couples looking for a less crowded place with amazing facilities. One can indulge in sight-seeing, snorkeling, sea walk, swimming, and many more aqua activities. The outstanding activity which can be witnessed here is, Scuba diving which gives you a picture of the underwater kingdom making it one the most amazing places to visit in South Goa.

Apart from these, one will also have instances when they can delve in dolphin sighting which is an amazing experience and cannot be experienced everywhere.

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