Sailing in North Goa

Sailing in North-Goa waters is an activity fit for all including gang of friends as well as family or even if you are traveling solo. You can go sail with your traveling partners, plan scuba diving or have a date planned while on a cruise amidst the waters. While sailing amidst the waters and away from the rush and crowd of the world you get to encounter utmost peace. So, explore the best sailing tours in North Goa.


Is it just miles and miles of beach merging into the aquamarine waters with their foamy waves, with bamboo shacks dotting the entire coastline where the plenteous tourists are seen forever mingling, relaxing, enjoying. Whether it be nights of melodious tunes being played around a crackling fire, enjoyed by a group of friends sharing bottles of beer, or days of family fun engaging in water sports like swimming and snorkeling in the sea, Goa is unequivocally an enjoyable vacation spot for one and all. Of the many pleasure-giving activities here, one of the more important ones is sailing. Sailing does not entail just taking off on a yacht in the choppy blue-grey waters. There’s much more activity involved there.


Given your budget, preference and number of individuals you want to go sailing with, you can hire the appropriate vehicle. Then you can take guides and trainers with you who can take you deep sea diving or snorkeling in Goa’s waters! It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. And when you climb aboard the dock once more, tired after the day’s exciting adventures with the fish folk, you can relax on the deck while the yacht floats peacefully in a tranquil bubble.


With the sun shining upon your face, a cold breeze in the air and a cooling drink in your hand, you can stare at the vast sea expanding beyond the horizon and contemplate the many mysteries of life. The expansive sea, its tumultuous waves may echo with your own inner turmoil and help you introspect and philosophize regarding the ever-changing ways of life. The calm and serenity of this moment, sailing on your yacht will be a welcome change from the bustle of urban life caught up in the monotonicity of daily drudgery.

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