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  • The team is all in spills and badly frazzled, you need to plan a day out in the sun to pep them up and to liven up their diminishing spirits. They need to take a small break from the confined four walls of their corporate office and get some sun.

    Outdoor team building activities is something which will definitely add some zest in their life by acting as stress busters.  Thrillophilia has great expertise and experience in planning out some of the most challenging and thrilling outdoor team activities.

    Most of the team bonding activities planned at Thrillophilia is very vibrant, exciting as well as of best quality. They help in inculcating teamwork and team binding amongst the participating teams.

    Here is the list of team building activites:

  • 01Amazing Race Team Building Activities

    Amazing Race Team Building Activities
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    Forget the same old training activities, work and deadlines and embark on an exciting journey of Team Building Activities in Bangalore through Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Bangalore. The activity is so designed that it will provide the employees unending excitement through specially designed activities that are a delight to commence!

    On the lines of the Amazing Race programme, there will be activities where  pace, abilities and collaboration will win. Detours, reroutes and treks all turn out to be a piece of a exciting day in which the teams comprehend a great deal about their positives and purposes of change.

    With this Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Bangalore, you can test your diverse capacities and set out on a brave and energizing voyage. Subsequent to coming to every clue, you will need to participate in an arrangement of amusements.

    The group that finishes all the given assignments effectively and achieves the last destination first will be the triumphant one.


  • 02Team Building Through Adventurous Outdoor Activities

  • 03Jungle Survival

    Jungle Survival
    In this outdoor team building activity the whole team has to act really as a team to face the challenges they come across while staying in jungle. They have to look out for perfect and interesting solutions for resolving the problems which they face while staying in jungle.

    This activity is in real terms man versus wild where the team members have to undergo the real ordeals of jungle, survive and come out as a winner.

    Coorg Jungle Survival Team Building

    Coorg Jungle Survival Team Building

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  • 04Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

  • 05Treasure Hunt

    These kind of outdoor team building activities in Bangalore are very popular as they help in enhancing the leadership, problem solving as well as communication skills.

    A game of treasure hunt helps in learning and sharpening the tactics of handling teams and effectively communicating with the whole team. In this game the whole team needs to find the hidden treasure with the help of clues and proper coordination within specific time.

  • 06Raft Building

    This is one of the most exciting team outing activities where the whole team works in close conjunction with each other to make a very strong and sturdy raft. The raft has to be made in through professional manner from the materials provided, because the raft needs to sail with a maximum number of people.
  • 07Exciting Theme Based Events for Team Building

  • 08Acid walk

    This is a real time fun activity where the team member needs to walk very closely with the other partner and reach the destination. The winning can be ensured only if you walk together in proper coordination with your partner and reach the final point in this game. Therefore this game helps in developing cooperation and synchronization with the team partner.
  • 09Ice Walk

    Ice walking is one of the most thrilling outdoor team building activities which are most popular in Bangalore. In this activity the whole team needs to work together and should put well-coordinated steps forward to reach the destination first. This game is a true test of well-coordinated team which is well matched up and synchronized.
  • 10Fun Team Building Activities in Amazing Locations

  • 11Gutter Ball

    A corporate outing turns out to be a real fun and exciting event if the whole team can enjoy few rounds of bowling in the bowling alley. So why not get along with the whole team and roll some fine shots in the game of bowling in Bangalore.
  • 12Pipeline

    Although this game looks very simple but it is a bit tough to handle and play this outdoor team game. The whole team needs to take the pipe from the starting till the end with many riders attached along as the pipe is being divided into many pieces.
  • 13Transporting

    Transportation is a very amusing as well as one of the entertaining outdoor team building activities. The whole team participates in this group activity which promises real time amusement as the team members need to be transported from one place to another through the means and supporting things provided to them.

    That is why this outdoor team building activity is great adventure for the whole team as it so very innovative and needs the whole team’s coordination for being a winner.

  • 14Plan Your Theme Based Corporate Team Outing

  • 15Construction

    In this outdoor team bonding activity you do not have any option but to be a part of the team as the whole team needs to construct a very strong, beautiful and sturdy structure within a stipulated time.

    Therefore just like a real time construction project the whole team needs to work with proper synchronization and coordination to accomplish the desired win in this game.

  • 16Obstacles

    This is one of the highly competitive outdoor team building activities where the team members need to cross various hurdles on their way to the finishing line. In order to stay ahead in the game the team member needs to be very strategic and physically tough as the activities are real time physical barriers which the participants need to overcome like climbing small walls or getting through net etc. as fast as you can.

    This is an excellent activity which helps in keeping the team members fit and healthy too.

  • 17Paintball

    Paintball is an entertaining activity in Bangalore which most of the corporate team members enjoy. This activity helps in sharpening the leadership skills amongst the individuals and at the same time it helps the team members to have fun also.

    In this activity there are guns which have paintballs containing water with coloured dyes and the contestants need to shoot at each other with these guns. The one who hits maximum targets is the achiever so it tests your staying focused and target achievement skills.

  • 18Blindfold Tent Pitching

    Pitching a tent might sound simple, but when all the members are blindfolded, the same results into one of the most enjoyable outdoor team building activities. In blinfold tent pitching, every team members need to work in proper coordination and pitch thier tents. As all the members are blindfolded, it gets tough for them to contribute all their efforts and finally achieve thier target in a given time period.

    So why not build a tent in Bangalore on your own by participating in this exciting tent pitching activity which is very adventurous and enjoyable at the same time.

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