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18 Great Team Building Games in Bangalore


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      Team Building Games Bangalore

      Team Building Games Bangalore

      There are plenty of places around Bangalore which are great for adventure and team building activities. If you are looking to organize an outdoor team building session in Bangalore, we could help you out with fantastic games and events.

      We have the expertise to organize fantastic team building games in Bangalore which is sure to invigorate your workforce and leave them a better team.

      Some of the outdoor team building games:

      1) Raft Building

      Let them work together to build the strongest raft that can hold its own in exhilarating rapids.

      2) Jungle Survival

      An activity which will make them learn to trust each other and face tough situations together.

      3) Cob Web

      One of the best and extremely encouraging team building games in Bangalore, Cob Web encourages the team members in solving problems together.

      4) Acid walk

      Trust on your partner is what will take you to the end. That’s what this game is all about.

      5) Ice walk

      There is not a tougher task that involves coordinated walking than Ice Walk. And it is pure fun.

      6) Pipeline

      A seemingly simple game that involves taking the pipe from start to finish though obstacles.

      7) Transporting

      This is a different kind of transportation that involves team work and trust to get you through.

      8) Construction

      A quintessential team building game where they will learn to listen to each other and coordinate.

      9) Obstacles

      There is nothing better than going through obstacles to get your adrenaline pumping while bonding better with your teammates.

      10) Paintball

      It requires delegation of responsibility, leadership and listening to each other- everything that makes a good team.

      11) Tent Pitching

      It may look like a run-of-the-mill activity, but it definitely is a team challenge that your employees would find interesting. 

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      Some of the indoor team building games:

      If you are more interested in team building activities that can be indoors, we can help you out with that too. We have plenty of interesting ideas for indoor team building games in Bangalore.

      From the tried and tested such as drum circle and Tower and Hanoi to something unique like Blind Fold March and Helium Stick, we have plenty to make your employees bond with each other better.

      12) Drum Circle

      Not everybody is a good musician, but beating in sync with each other is what this game is all about.

      13) Tower n Hanoi

      A classic puzzle that takes more than one brain to solve effectively and quickly

      14) Blind Fold March

      The list of team building games in Bangalore is never complete without the Blind Fold March. The game is all about crossing the final line without falling or stumbling; it also shows how much you can trust your teams or vice versa.

      15) Helium stick

      Balance the stick on your fingertips and arrange it perfectly straight. It takes teamwork.

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      Corporate Team Building Events

      An annual day event does not have to focus on the usual stuff. It could be made much more fun, interesting and most importantly, a team building event.

      At Thrillophilia, we have helped organizations take their special occasions to new levels, as well as organize theme based events for corporate team building purposes, such as Corporate Yoga etc.

      16) Corporate Yoga

      Get them together to focus on their health and fitness the traditional Indian way.

      17) Annual Day Events

      Theme your annual day as an all day-outer by planning a Corporate Team Outing or a more specific Bangalore.

      18) Endurone Team Building

      Test your stamina, Test your endurance. Indulge in activities which are taxing to your body. 

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