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Theme Based Team Outings Around Bangalore

  • 01Jumbo Volleyball

    Jumbo Volleyball
    Activity insights:
    Brace yourselves for a larger than life experience! This Jumbo Volleyball activity is riddled with fun and excitement where teams have to manoeuvre a ball with a diameter that is close to double the size of an average human.

    How it is done:
    Considering the size of the ball, the activity will require four teams playing at the same time. Every member has to be positioned appropriately and put in all his/her might to steer the ball in the air and pass it on to the opposite team.

    Group Size: 60 -200 (20 – 25 per team)
    Activity Time: 30 – 35 minutes
    Preferred Setting: Outdoors
    Neuron Activity Level: Light
    Activity Target:
    On one hand, this activity aims to instil the importance of team collaboration, working towards a common goal, communication and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, the fun and thrill of the task jolt members out of their boredom. They come back to work completely refreshed and energised.

    Key Takeaways:

    Team collaboration
    Right from being able to hold the jumbo-sized ball to steering it, this activity cannot be executed without the willing collaboration of the team members. The contribution of each member is extremely valuable in executing the task. Members realise how powerful team collaboration can be in getting the desired results. This learning gets carried on to the office scenario as well.

    Communication is necessary for a stellar performance, without which the desired results cannot be achieved. This activity demonstrates the significance of communication in successfully completing any given task at hand.

    Team spirit
    When participants collaborate with each other towards the common goal of emerging victorious and also enjoy doing so, it nurtures team bonding and the spirit if comrade's.

    Problem-solving skills
    During the execution of the task, unexpected problems may surface. A winning team is the one which is able to work through the problems and solve them effectively keeping the end goal in mind. The activity showcases that problems are a part and parcel of any project, but how you work across it makes all the difference in yielding results.

    Competitive Spirit
    Healthy competition is always good as it pushes the participants to bring out their very best to complete the task at hand. It shakes them off their complacency and makes them alert.
  • 02Water Volleyball

    Water Volleyball

    Activity insights:

    Packed with revelry and childhood nostalgia, this activity as the name suggests is volleyball with an interesting twist of water balloons.

    How it is done:

    The Trebound facilitator will make two teams who will stand on either side of the net. Each team will be given a satin sheet to launch as well as catch the water balloons. With careful manoeuvring and positioning, the balloons need to be tossed from one side to the other. Any misses will result in water being splashed on the participants. Be prepared for squeals of joy!

    Activity Target:

    This activity is designed to motivate and rejuvenate employees as well as get them back to the workplace with a renewed energy. It propels the team to collaborate, communicate and also triggers the competitive spirit which forces members to give in their best.

    Key takeaways:

    Competitive Spirit

    Bringing out the competitive spirit in the participants, this activity will encourage them to perform better and give in their best to execute the given task at hand. Having a competitive atmosphere is healthy as it makes members alert, shakes them off their inertia and impels them to put their best foot forward.

    Strategic thinking

    Though the game appears to be simple on the surface, it involves strategic thinking in terms of placement and grouping of team members according to their strengths. It showcases how the team with proper planning emerges victorious.

    Adaptability to changing circumstances

    With constant movement and jumping from one spot to the other to catch the water balloon, the participants will have to be extremely flexible and move around. As per how the game goes, they might have to change their positions and team up with different members. This activity thus helps to instill a sense of adaptability to changing circumstances.

    Team spirit

    When members of a team work together towards the common goal of winning and enjoy every moment of it, it further nurtures team spirit and comradeship.


    Communication forms the basis of a great performance, without which no goal can be achieved. This activity throws light on the importance of communication, and the huge difference it makes in successfully completing any given task at hand.

    Team collaboration

    This activity cannot take place without the collaboration of the team members. Every participant will be entrusted with a specific role. Through effective coordination, the team will be able to achieve the goal at hand.

  • 03Beach Olympics Theme

    Beach Olympics Theme

    Revel in fun games by the sun, sand and seaside with Beach Olympics. Be a sport and let out the champion in you. This exciting activity entails colourful flags, sand castles, beach football and what not. Based on teamwork, this event constitutes of many unique games. The enjoyable and challenging tasks insure maximum participation. We promote and design team activities where all team members play at once. The games are a good mix of athletic and non-athletic competitions, some are more physical than others, but provided is a combination that has something for everyone.

    In this activity, various countries have assembled at this day for a mega beach event known as ‘Beach Olympics’. Keeping to the theme, many games will be plated throughout the event. There will scorekeeping system and medals for the winners. 

  • 04Monopoly Theme

    Monopoly Theme

    Put on your thinking cap to enjoy a life size game of monopoly. With this exciting activity, get an opportunity to be a business tycoon. Participants will be divided into different teams and each group must build a company with the money that is allotted to them. Over here, the teams must start a company and hire employees as the company grows. Be prudent and acquire assets. Use wild cards and chance cards. In case there are any penalties, you will have to go to jail and pay bail to get out. Pay maintenances and other day to day expenses that will be incurred. You and your team will have to be smart about how the cash is spent. There is one bank where all money can be exchanged for land and necessary items. If the given tasks are not built within the time or money runs out, the team loses. A fun game, from the most junior person to the CEO, everybody gets to test their entrepreneur skills here.

  • 05Murder Mystery Theme

    Murder Mystery Theme

    Get to be Sherlock Homes for the day. A mysterious murder has been committed and the killer still lurks about. But like every criminal, he has left some clues behind. It is up to you and your team members to work together and catch the culprit. Don your thinking caps and heighten the power of observation. Is it the club manager? Is it the pool boy? Or is it someone from your own team? 

  • 06Pirates of the Deccan Theme

    Pirates of the Deccan Theme

    Shiver me timbers! Welcome to the exciting world of pirates where for a day you will get to live the life of one. Set off on an adventurous quest to unravel hidden treasures. There are rumours running wild of a lost treasure. Your team’s aim is to be the first one to acquire it. As the obstacles get harder, more and more hope of finding the valuable objects builds up. Teams that complete the task and get most points win the treasure. However, there is a catch, only one fourth of the map is given to the teams. Also, you will have to stick to the pirate’s code – a set of rules for the whole event. The ideal location to engage in this activity would be the beach.  

  • 07Rise of Civilization Theme

    Rise of Civilization Theme

    Go back to basics. Step into a time, far, far behind…an era where man as a civilization made his key discoveries. Delight in a fun filled and creatively gratifying session spread over 1.5 days and three parts. In this activity, various teams have to build their civilization from scratch through the different ages and different milestones of the actual history of man. Be inspired and feel the sense of achievement as you make something spectacular out of essentials. The group with the most points wins the race to emerge as the most successful civilization. 

  • 08Jungle Survival Theme Program for Corporates

    Jungle Survival Theme Program for Corporates

    If you want to engage in an exciting jungle style adventure and enjoy to the maximum, then head for the Jungle Survival Theme Program Challenge in Bangalore; a fun, exciting, interactive and exhilarating team building event that will teach you the tough, rugged life in a jungle, much like the corporate life you lead otherwise, only this is more fun! 

    You can kick start the Jungle Survivor Challenge team building event with each 'tribe' (team) needing to choose a fun and exciting name, and then the tribe needs to come up with an interesting flag and also a war cry that depict this name. Your enthusiastic corporate team can bear flaming torches and learn grappling, hardcore skills that will help them tackle the complex corporate life!

    During the Jungle Survival Theme course of the day, each tribe is awarded credit points for the different activities and the team with the highest points at the end of the event wins! So get to the arena, and test your adventure skills! 

    The experiences that you will have while on this jungle survival team experience will surely add value to your corporate life by teaching you skills like dealing with unexpected adversities, changes in work environment, negotiation skills and will definitely make you smart employee at work