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  • Corporate team building activities have proved an effective method in helping employees let off some steam, relax and enjoy. The extremely hectic life in a corporate organization can be very challenging and can lead to mental fatigue, restlessness, altercations within team members and even job frustration if not given a break at the right time.

    Corporate team outings prove useful in such situations and provide a congenial atmosphere for employees to relax, let go of all stress and interact with their team members in a more casual way, thus reinforcing ties with them. 

    Team building activites are thus vital for the healthy functioning of any company and hence more and more companies are making corporate team outings a must-do activity.

    Corporate team building in bangalore can be done in many destinations, most of which are located towards the outskirts of the city. These destinations provide relaxation to the mind and body with their scenic splendour and re-energise you with the innumerable adventure sports and activities that are conducted here by Thrillophilia.

    Bangalore has a number of destinations in and around it which provides you the freedom to plan quick day trips or elaborate tours of two or three days. We can help you find the most suitable accommodation in these locations and also make your trip more exciting with some fun filled team building activities and adventure sports.

    Here are the best resorts in Bangalore for corporate team building events:

  • 01Golden Palms Resort

    The Golden Palms is one of the finest and most sophisticated resorts in Bangalore. It is also one of the most popular destinations for team building activities in Bangalore. Beautifully landscaped, the stunning architecture of the resort welcomes you with lush green surroundings. Situated at a distance of 24 km, the resort is an ideal destination for teams planning a one day team outing.

    Equipped with first class conferencing facilities, superb banqueting, a fabulous swimming pool and lavish rooms and suites, the Golden Palms caters to every requirement of its guests. In addition, Thrillophilia organises exciting team building activities such as paintball and theme based events at the resort.

  • 02Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

  • 03Confident Amoon Resort

    The only resort based on an Egyptian theme, the Confident Amoon is a classy resort surrounded by lush green landscaped gardens and provides for all needs and requirements for its guests. The Confident Amoon is reputed for providing high standards of services, accommodation and recreational facilities to its guests.

    With as many as 75 accommodation options, the Confident Amoon caters to different budgets and tastes of its clients. The resort has a beautiful and well maintained swimming pool, cricket ground, mini golf course and a huge conference hall, among other facilities.

    To make your corporate team building in Bangalore more effective, you can avail of our services at the resort and partake in interesting activities such as rappelling, paintball, trekking etc.

  • 04Emerald Isle Resort

    Not far from the city is the Emerald Isle resort, which is a fantastic place for having a corporate team building in Bangalore. The Emerald Isle provides all facilities for combining team outings and corporate events as it is equipped with spacious lawns, conference halls, swimming pools with water slides, besides beautifully decorated rooms for accommodation.

    The Emerald Isle resort has about 37 twin occupancy rooms, air conditioned rooms and luxury suites to suit the tastes and budgets of clients. All rooms are beautifully decorated and are fitted with modern amenities to ensure that all guests have the best of comfort and luxury. The resort also has a fabulous multi-cuisine restaurant that dishes out the choicest of delicacies.

  • 05Royal Orchids Resort

    The Royal Orchids resort is a premium luxury resort that offers high quality services, accommodation and recreational facilities. It is one of the most popular resorts for team outings near Bangalore.

    Surrounded by lush greenery, the Royal Orchids offers luxuriously decorated rooms, fitted with all modern amenities, to cater to the taste and requirements of guests. The resort has a fitness centre, foreign exchange counter; banqueting and conferencing facilities.

  • 06Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    If you wish to spend some time in the wilderness to forget the hardships of work life, you should head for Bheemeshwari. Covered by the thick canopy of lush green trees, Bheemeshwari offers the best climate and ambience for rewinding and refreshing your body and mind.

    Besides trekking within the forest and enjoying adventure activities such as rappelling, you can complete your experience in the jungle by staying at the beautiful jungle lodges in Bheemeshwari.

    Rustic on the exterior and contemporary on the interior, these lodges are fully equipped to provide you a rather luxurious stay amidst the jungle. Go for night camping or indulge in some fun activities such as rafting, high rope traversing, cycling or archery organised by Thrillophilia.

  • 07Eagleton Resort

    Ramnagar, the famous Ramgarh village of the movie Sholay, welcomes you with a rugged terrain and an ideal landscape for adventure activities.

    If you wish to spend a corporate team building in Bangalore with your colleagues enjoying adventure activities such as trekking, rappelling etc or even simple sightseeing, Ramnagar is the ideal destination for you. The Eagleton resort at Ramnagar is the most ideal place to put up during a team outing in Ramnagar.

    Situated at a distance of 32 km from Bangalore, the Eagleton resort boasts of an expansive, well maintained golf course, luxurious accommodation with as many as 110 rooms, a fabulous spa, excellent banqueting facilities etc. You can also enjoy activities such as rappelling, paintball, trekking etc organised by Thrillophilia at the Eagleton.

  • 08Angsana Resort

    Besides providing comfortable accommodation and luxurious facilities, the Angsana also offers great opportunities for building leadership skills in your employees or colleagues. The spacious surroundings of the resort form base for adventure team building activities of Thrillophilia. Activities such as paintball, obstacle courses, archery etc are conducted here to help you sharpen your soft skills in a fun way.
  • 09Bheemeshwari Camp

    Bheemeshwari is one of the most popular destinations for corporate team building in Bangalore. Situated at a distance of 100 km from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is well known for sport fishing due to the large population of mahseer fish in the region. In addition, Bheemeshwari offers great trekking trails through the thickly forested slopes of its hills.

    You can trek up to watch towers and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region from there or explore the region and go sightseeing. To enjoy a complete jungle experience, you can put up at the Bheemeshwari jungle huts and lodges available in the region. The huts are designed in a manner to bring you closer to nature and provide you a memorable experience of living in the wilderness.

    Although they make look rustic on the exterior, the jungle lodges of Bheemeshwari will surprise you with their contemporary interiors.

  • 10The Serai, Chikmagalur

    Situated amidst the luxurious coffee plantations of Chikmagalur, The Serai resort offers plush accommodation and all facilities for a comfortable and pleasant stay in the wilderness. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your room, go on plantation walk or indulge in some action packed activities arranged by Thrillophilia at the resort.

    Situated at a distance of 250 km from Bangalore, the Serai is one of the best resorts for team building sessions around Bangalore. Well connected, the Serai can be reached by rail or road.

  • 11Kings Sanctuary, Nagarhole

    Spread across 60 acres, the Kings Sanctuary in Nagarhole is the oldest wildlife resort in the country. The Kings Wildlife Sanctuary is home to as many as 60 tigers, birds and mammals. An ideal place to spend a quiet vacation in the midst of wilderness, the Kings Sanctuary offers wonderful sights of animals in their natural habitat and offers to provide you peace of mind and relaxation of the body.

    You can lose yourself in the beauty of the spectacular sanctuary and spend time watching fish flitting about in pools and playful butterflies romancing wild flowers. The resort offers comfortable accommodation that is beautifully decorated and fitted with all modern amenities to ensure that guests get all the luxury and relaxation that they need.

  • 12Windflower, Bandipur

    Nestled in the canopied wilds of the Bandipur, the Windflower Spa and Resort is an oasis of luxury and comfort in the wilderness.  Situated in the foothills of the Western Ghats, the Windflower is owned by the Maharajkumari of Mysore and has been created and designed to facilitate an intimate interaction between visitors and nature. The Windflower Spa and Resort, formerly known as The Tusker Trails, provides ample opportunities for sightseeing, wildlife sightings and adventure activities such as trekking.

    The Windflower offers comfortable accommodation in tastefully decorated rooms that are in complete sync with nature. The resort has a sprawling swimming pool and provides for indoor and outdoor games for the entertainment of its guests.

  • 13 Vythiri Village, Wayanad

    Nothing can be more refreshing than a trip to ‘God’s Own Country’-Kerala. The Vythiri village in Wayanad is the perfect destination for an escape from the maddening rush of the city. Unwind amidst the lush greenery and natural beauty of the Western Ghats and lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings.

    The Vythiri village is one of the country’s leading spa resorts and offers spacious standard, deluxe and suite rooms that are fitted with all modern amenities.

    The Vythiri resort has a world class spa, a well equipped gym, a multi-cuisine restaurant, an ozone treated swimming pool and a pretty souvenir shop, among others.

  • 14Exciting Theme Based Events for Team Building

  • 15Ankola

    Situated between Gokarna and Karwar, Ankola is a small coastal town that offers spectacular scenic beauty and lots of fun. Situated at a distance of 494 km, Ankola is perfect for a long team outing. The beautiful weather and the turquoise water of Ankola will stir up enthusiasm in you and erase all traces of fatigue and stress.

    Ankola is situated in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and is located very close to another tourist destination called Yana, which is famous for its black rock formations and trekking trails.

  • 16Yercaud

    Yercaud is on the one of the popular hills stations around Bangalore. Nestled in the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud is emerging as a major trekking destination of South India. Major sightseeing destinations such as the Yercaud Lake, the Killiyur Falls, and the Pagoda Point will mesmerize you with their beauty and invoke the nature lover in you.

    If you are more of an outdoors kind of a person, Thrillophilia organises adventure activities such as trekking, rappelling etc at Yercaud

  • 17Yelagiri

    Situated at an elevation of 1,410 metres above sea level, Yelagiri is a popular hill station and an ideal place for team outings near Bangalore. Surrounded by rose gardens, orchards and beautiful green valleys, Yelagiri soothes the mind and body of all tiredness and fatigue.

    The gentle slopes of Yelagiri are a favourite among trekkers. Some of the popular trekking destinations of Yelagiri include the Swamimalai Hill, the Javadi Hills and the Palamathi Hills.

    High on adventure team outings:

    If you are looking for destinations that provide opportunities for enjoying adventure activities, look no further. There are many locations in and around Bangalore that can give you all the fun and adventure that you will need. You can check out our list of recommendations from adventure locations in and around Bangalore:

  • 18Rafting in Bheemeshwari and Adventure camp

    Bheemeshwari is situated at a distance of 100 km from Bangalore. It provides ample opportunities for adventure activities such as rafting, trekking, angling etc. Out of these, rafting is an extremely enjoyable experience, without which corporate team building in Bangalore can never be completed! The River Cauvery, though gentle at most places, falls into a steep gradient in some places which results in a current ideal for rafting. Challenge your guts by getting into a raft and defying the threatening currents of the river.

    Bheemeshwari is also blessed with a great terrain and rich flora and fauna which make this destination ideal for camping too. Bheemeshwari is thronged by nature lovers every year as it is visited by as many as 200 species of birds. You can also watch wild animals such as the Malabar giant squirrel, wild pigs, elephants etc from your camp.

  • 19Bouldering and Rappelling at Ramnagar

    The hills that once echoed the angry screams of Gabbar now stand vulnerable to seasoned trekkers. Ramnagar, which was portrayed as the village Ramgarh in the Hindi movie Sholay, is dotted with granite rocks and boulders and hence attracts a lot of trekkers each year. The fantastic terrain presents some interesting trails and also provides opportunities for adventure activities such as rappelling and bouldering.

    Take a shot at bouldering, which involves climbing up the slippery slopes of a boulder, and them scale down its height and enjoy rappelling. The beautiful granite dotted landscape looks beautiful from the tall rocks and boulders.

  • 20Water Sports at Manchinbele

    Want to beat the heat with some water sports? Head for Manchinbele! Located 50 km from Bangalore, this tranquil destination rests on the banks of the Manchinbele Lake. The reservoir was built for irrigation purposes but now is slowly emerging as a popular tourist destination. The waters of Manchinbele facilitate exciting adventure sports activities such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting and other similar sports, and is redifining the value and spirit of corporate team building in Bangalore.

    So head for Manchinbele and drown all your stress through water sports activities!

  • 21Caving at Anthargange

    The Anthargange caves have time and again lured tourists towards itself. The caves have formed out of volcanic rocks and boulders and offer a fantastic opportunity for cave exploration. Thrillophilia can help you with experts who can guide you through these caves and help you enjoy their beauty without any fear. The Anthargange terrain is also good for trekking and sightseeing.

    Theme based team building programmes:

    Adding themes to your team activities ups the level of enthusiasm, entertainment and participation. You can enhance your level of enjoyment by partaking in our theme based outdoor activities that boost the team spirit and encourage a greater level of interaction between the team members.

  • 22Jungle Survival

    Ever fancied going out against the jungle all alone? We bring you this innovative theme based team building exercise which works like magic in improving the rapport shared by you and your colleagues. In this challenge, participants will have to successfully lead their teams out of the jungle, safely and responsibly. What could enhance leadership skills better?
  • 23Endurance

    This sport theme based activity tests your physical ability and stamina through a series of activities such as cycling, running etc. Besides testing your physical strength, this activity will also help you lose some extra calories you have been planning to lose for a long time now!
  • 24 Beach Olympics

    Invoke the athlete in you as you indulge in this fun version of team building activities. Take up challenges and put your physical strength and stamina to test through this fun activity.
  • 25Murder Mysteries

    Don your favourite detective’s garb and get going on a trail for clues to solve a murder mystery before your opponent team does. These games subtly test the analytical skills of an individual and ensure loads of fun!
  • 26Back to School

    Ever wondered what your boss would have been like in school? Well, here’s your chance to know. Get dressed in your school uniform and be ready for a day at school with your colleagues and team members. Teams may be given challenges based on the theme which makes this activity extremely enjoyable!

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