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4 Fun Indoor Team Building Games

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    Indoor Team Building Activities for A Fun Time

    Indoor team building games conducted by Thrillophilia offer an opportunity for the team to bond and work together.  Such activities are held quite often by companies nowadays to develop and foster harmony between team members.

    Moreover such team bonding activities are a nice break and act as stress relievers for the whole team as well as the firm.

    Secondly such indoor team building activities are very effective and successful in creating spirit of cohesion amongst the employees and tend to enjoy working together in a team. This finally results in improving the team productivity.

    Thrillophilia offers many other outdoor team bonding activities which are very exciting, but there are many situations and times when you cannot go out either due to time or space restrictions, in such cases indoor team building activities are very effective.

    To overcome all these restrictions Thrillophilia has identified and created effective indoor team bonding activities.

    All the indoor team building games are creates an atmosphere that develops excellent cooperation, coordination, team spirit and communication amongst the team members.

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    The best part is that these indoor team activities help in overcoming time, place and weather restraints and do not need spacious outdoor spaces.

    Here are some of the most exciting indoor team building games:

    1. Drum Circle

    Drum Circle is an interesting indoor game which focuses on enhancing coordination among the team in very musical way. In this activity all the team members will be made to sit in a circle and are requested to beat the drums in a synchronized manner so that the drum beats sound as music. This is very effective team spirit building activity which really works amongst employees.

    2. Tower of Hanoi

    Tower in Hanoi, as intriguing as it sounds, teams work together in close conjunction with each other to build the towers. The basic motive is to enhance the mathematical skills of team members by making them solve the classic Math’s quiz or puzzle.

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    This puzzle requires high concentration levels, lots of brain power and team involvement to solve it. Perfect to keep the entire engaged and bond them together.

    3. Blind Fold Square

    This game can be played in Outdoor as well as Indoor

    This is one of those indoor team building games which can be played outdoors as well. In any team, trust and transparency play vital factors that have a significant bearing in bringing the entire team together. The leaders need to trust their employees and the employees need to trust their leaders for completing any assignment or any project on time.

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    To complete this, an excellent indoor team activity which requires trustworthy partner is ideal in fixing the loopholes of trust within your team. Having confidence in your partner in this game is the only way which can help you in playing and being a winner in this game.

    4. Helium Stick

    Some of the best indoor team building games

    In this activity the whole group is required to balance a very light glowing helium stick together just on their fingertips. This is not it there is much more exciting twists and turns in this indoor team spirit building activity which helps in developing proper coordination and bringing compatibility between the team members.

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    These games are few of the games that are held indoor and are directed towards bringing the team closer together.

    The best part is that these team bonding activities in Bangalore do not need require huge budget and travelling a long distance, all you need is indoor space and few items related to the activity and the whole team can have good time enjoying and being part of these great and exciting indoor team building games.

    Participating in such activities help the employees to interact in better manner and to gel with each other, while working in coordination towards a common goal.