55 Places to Visit in Manali 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Tourist Places in Manali

Hidimabha Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Manu Temple, Manali Sanctuary, Mall Road, Old Manali, Van Vihar National Park, Jogini Falls, Nehru kund, Arjun Gufa, Cafe 1947, The Castle Manali, Rahalla Falls, Beas River, Jagatsukh and Many More.

Whether you are looking for some inner peace or want to have an adventurous backpacking trip, the places to visit in Manali will never disappoint you. Located on the banks of Beas river, Manali is abuzz with several unique cultural, natural and adventurous gems. From the beautiful Solang valley to the Great Himalayan National Park, there are many Manali tourist places to explore. 

A lot of them like Manu Temple and Mall road have gained popularity among several families as well as youngsters for an exciting trip. Agreed, that these are the Manali attractions that draw swarms of tourists, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the quainter destinations like Kasol and Kullu.

These places offer the most captivating sceneries of the magnificent mountains, verdant valleys, and maybe you will get to witness a little bit of hippie culture here! So indulge yourself in whichever way you want, the spellbinding places to see in Manali will surely leave you mystified. Whether you're enjoying the beautiful views or learning about the local culture, Manali has something amazing for everyone. If you're thinking of going, think about getting a Manali package to make your trip extra special and unforgettable. You'll have a fantastic time exploring this wonderful place!
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Must Places to Visit in Manali


Hidimba Devi Temple

Image Credit : wikipedia

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Manali is this ancient 15th-century temple. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hidimba who was the wife of Bheem, one of the Pandavas.

This pagoda-style temple set on a rock, which is revered by the locals, has a fantastic architecture of cone-shaped roof and intricately carved wooden walls and doors.

Surrounded by a lush thicket of cedar trees and views of lofty snow-capped mountains in the background, it is an oasis of serenity and tranquillity amidst beautiful nature. 

Hadimba Temple Rd, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

Distance from Manali Bus Stand: 3.5 Kms

Best time: After the monsoons (mid-September) or the pleasant summer months of March-June

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee


Solang Valley

Image Credit : flickr

If you are done with roaming around the common Manali tourist places, the head out to Solang Valley. Laying between Solang Village and Beas Kund, Solang Valley derives its name from to separate words namely, Solang (the village nearby) and Nullah (Water Stream). 

A beautiful valley situated at a distance of about 13km from Manali, it is best known for its awe-inspiring views. From Solang Nullah, one can get a majestic view of the glaciers, the snowcapped peaks near the Rohtang Pass and vast plains of snow and ice.

The elevation of Solang Nullah is such that it offers a perfect place to play in the snow and go skiing on the slopes. The guest house of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali is also situated here.

The institute organized winter skiing festival each year and opens up classes and workshops for tourists and travellers as well. You can feel like a child once again as you slip, slide and play in the snow! As the summer sets in, the area becomes a hub for adventurists seeking various activities such as parachuting, zorbing, paragliding and horse riding. 

Location: Solang Valley, VPO Palchan, Manali, Distt. Kulu, Burwa, Himachal Pradesh 175131

Distance from Manali Bus Stand:
 13 Kms

Best time:
December to May

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Entry Fee: 
There is no entry fee

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Rohtang Pass

Suspended at an elevation of over 13,000 feet above the ground, Rohtang Pass acts as the gateway to the valleys of Spiti and Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh. Ensconced within the towering peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains, this narrow pass is well known for its matchless natural beauty.

One of the best places to visit in the Kullu Manali tour package, the pass only remains accessible during the summer months between June and October, for the roads here get clogged with snow in the latter half of the year. There is much to do in the Rohtang Pass; for one, the Pass offers a plethora of adventure sports opportunities, with skiing, mountain biking and sledging being only some of the many such activities offered here. Several trekking trails snake their way through the mountains here as well, allowing one to explore the icy beauty at close hand. 

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Camping In Manali Explore All (50)
Explore All (50)

Manu Temple

Image Credit : Himalayan Institute

This historical Hindu temple, dedicated to Sage Manu, is a place of great religious significance to Hindus. There are many interesting folktales associated with the establishment of this temple which you can learn about when you visit this place.

All around the year, pilgrims and tourists in great numbers flock into this temple located in Old Manali. This is a must-visit place, not only because of its religious significance but also because of its ancient, beautiful architecture and wooden carving.

Moreover, the views of tall hills blanketed with lush green forests this temple offers make spectators gasp for breath. The serene atmosphere of this place is soul-pleasing. Visit this place during your trip to Manali for an otherworldly experience.

Location: Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

Distance from Manali Bus Stand: 4 Kms

Best time:
May to June

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee

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Manali Sanctuary

No trip to Manali is complete without visiting this sanctuary to see the native mountain wildlife and hundreds of varieties of plants & trees.

An important part of the protected northwest Himalayan biogeographic zone, you can spot animals & birds like Barking Deer, Flying Fox, Kashmir Flying Squirrel, Himalayan Black Bear, Snow Pigeons, Chakor, Treecreepers, etc.

See dense thickets of trees like poplar, willows, horse chestnut, deodars, and thickets of blazing red rhododendrons. The sanctuary, amongst the landmark places to visit in Manali, edges on the scenic banks of the Manalsu Nullah with high peaks in the background. 

Location: Circuit House Marg, Manali

Distance from Manali Bus Stand: 2 Kms

Best time: March till June and October to February

Entry Fee: You need to pay INR 10 per person to see this
tourist attraction in Manali

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Vashisht Hot Water Springs & Temple

Image Credit : wikipedia

Located in the premise of the 4000-year-old temple of Vashisht, the kulguru of Lord Ram, the hot springs are a major places to visit in manali.

Revered by the locals and tourists alike, the springs are said to have medicinal properties due to the presence of chemicals like lithium, calcium, etc. that cure a host of diseases.

Taking a long dip in the relaxing waters of the spring magically calms one down. There are separate areas for men and women to access the springs. 

Location: Near Manali bus stand

Distance from Manali Bus Stand: 3.5 Kms

Best time: After the monsoons (mid-September) or the pleasant summer months of March-June

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for this
tourist attraction in Manali

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Adventure In Manali Explore All (6)

Mall Road

A visit to this charming market, amongst the most popular places to visit in Manali, tops the charts of almost all the travellers. This place, lined up with hundreds of shops, cannot be missed to experience the local flavours, sights, and sounds of the region.

There are great guesthouses, cafes & German bakeries, souvenir shops, bookshops, local food outlets, and Tibetan people selling beautiful handmade woollens. 

There are ample benches to sit and soak in the sights and sounds of the place and looking at the mountains in the background after a day of shopping. Don’t miss the Hong Kong Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, and the Snow Lion Underground Market for some kitschy apparel and jewellery. 

Location: Main Manali Street.

Distance from Manali Bus Stand: 1.1 Kms.

Best time: March till June and October to February.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for this
tourist attraction in Manali.

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Old Manali

Image Credit : wikipedia
 Separated from its newer counterpart by the river Beas, Old Manali is a charming, laid-back district known for its distinct old-world charm. Dotted with wooded mountain trails and apple orchards, the elegance of the little town secures its place as one of the top inclusions in any Manali honeymoon package. The Mall Road, stretching through the town, is the pulsating heart of the town, riddled with low-key stores selling handmade items and quaint little cafes boasting delicious wares.

A 16th-century cave temple nestled by the cedar forests of Old Manali serves as one of the admired places to visit on Manali tour. Adventure lovers will find a home here too, rappelling on the Beas that flows by the town or biking through the slopes of Old Manali. Several scenic picnic spots can be found riddled along the banks of Beas as well, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a day out with a loved one.

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Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art

This museum was established in 1998 to exhibit the cultural and folk art and antiques of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a short distance from the famous Hidimba Devi Temple of Manali.

The museum houses a very interesting and impressive collection of antique articles and other items reflecting the culture and heritage of Himachal Pradesh. From Himachali traditional dresses and Himachali kitchenware to traditional ornaments, there is so much to look at and absorb here.

If Himachali culture interests you, start your research here because this museum will give you an overview of this culture and is among the best places to visit in Manali.

Location: Utopia Comlex, Near Hadimba Temple, Hadimba Temple Rd, Siyal, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

Distance from Manali Bus Stand:
2 km from Manali.

Entry Fee: INR 10

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Luxury Resorts In Manali Explore All (55)
Explore All (55)

Van Vihar National Park

One of the best places in Manali to visit, this park is a beautiful getaway from the busy streets. Even during the daytime, the hundreds of sky-high deodar & pine trees canopy the sky and surrounding the place in cool duskiness.

You can enjoy long nature walks and see wild beetles and other species of plants. There is a small pond where you can boat amidst the chirping birds and rustling winds. 

Location: Mall Road.

Best time: March to June.

Entry Fee: INR 10.

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Jogini Falls

These 160 feet tall waterfall is one of the landmark attractions in Manali. The beauty of the falls accentuates with the surrounding lush greenery and the tranquillity of nature.

Travellers love to spend time here listening to the sounds of water and sipping cups of tea and enjoying bowls of Maggi from the nearby restaurants.

The trek to the waterfall is as popular as the destination itself. It takes one through beautiful views of orchards, streams, meadows, and peaks of Rohtang. 

Location: Vashisht Village. 

Best time: After the monsoons (mid-September) or the pleasant summer months of March-June.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

Image Credit : pinimg

This ancient Buddhist monastery with Pagoda-styled structure is among the major places to visit in manali. Its fascinating Tibetan style architecture is worth admiring.

The elements that make this temple so popular are the massive, two-storey-tall statue of Lord Buddha and eye-catching wall paintings it houses. Visit this temple for the serenity and positivity that fills this place.

A visit to this place is incomplete without a few minutes of meditation to take a peek into the life of Buddhist monks. Located amidst the bustling Mall road of Manali, the quietness of this Monastery is in sharp contrast with what lies outside its premises.

Location: Pangan Gompa Rd, Pangan, Himachal Pradesh 175143.

Best time:
October to May.

Entry Fee: No entry fee.
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Local Experiences In Manali Explore All (7)

Other Places to Visit in Manali


Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery

This monastery, amongst the most popular tourist places in Manali, is an important seat of the Buddhist faith visited by people from as far as Nepal and Tibet.

Built-in the 1960s by Tibetan refugees, it is famous for its beige and rust architecture frilled by bright golden colour. Visit the shrine dedicated to Lord Buddha and see the murals and carvings showcasing his life and teachings.

Meeting the friendly monks, meditating and indulging in spiritual discourses further enhances the tranquil experience. 

Location: Mall Road, near Manali Bus Stand.

Best time: After the monsoons (mid-September) or the pleasant summer months of March-June. 

Entry Fee: No entry fee but you can make a donation.

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Nehru Kund

It is a natural spring located on Manali-Leh highway at a very short distance from Manali. The spring was named after India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who drank water from this spring and often visited it during his stay in Manali. 

The spring is believed to originate from Bhrigu Lake and is considered auspicious by the local people of this region. Nehru Kund is a popular attraction for tourists and is among the places to see in Manali. 

When in Manali, one must visit this place, drink crystal clear water from this spring and experience the serenity that envelopes this place. The landscape that can be witnessed from here owing to the location of this place is another reason why this is among the best places to visit in Manali.

 Bashisht, Himachal Pradesh 175103

Best time:
May to October.

Entry Fee: 
No entry fee.

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Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave)

About 5km from Manali, as you take the road that goes towards Naggar, you will arrive at this destination which is known as Arjun Gunfa. One of the offbeat places to visit in Manali, it is replete with thousands of years’ worth of legends, folklore and tales. 

The caves are situated on the left banks of the Beas River in a village called Prini. Legend has it that Arjuna from the epic of Mahabharata actually performed his penance here in order to attain greater dexterity to handle a weapon called Pashupati Astra.

Religious beliefs notwithstanding, people from all over the world visit this captivating site in order to see its natural rock formations and beauty. Close to the Arjun Gunfa, you can also take an excursion up to visit the Kunt Bhayo Lake and the Kunto Matha Temple, each of which is beautiful in its own right. 

The caves offer uncharacteristic calmness, serenity and solitude away from the crowds at Manali. However, it is advised that you visit the caves under appropriate light conditions in the broad daylight.

 Near Prisni Village, Manali. 

Best time: March to June.

Entry Fee:

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Trekking In Manali Explore All (46)
Explore All (46)

Cafe 1947

One of the oldest and best-known cafes in Old Manali and also the best places to visit in manali, Café 1947 was its first music café. Resting easily on the banks of the gushing waters of Manalsu River, it is a quaint albeit a highly recommended and a beautiful place to satisfy your taste buds. 

On any given day, it is not uncommon to see a live music jam happening at one of the booths at the same time as the patrons enjoy the delicious servings of the world, Indian and European cuisine. 

Get your favourite book and relish the stories with some ginger or lemon tea in your hands. The café also hosts quite a few live gigs at regular intervals.

 Near Nehru Kund, Vpo Bahang, Dist, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175101.

Entry Fee: 
No entry fee.

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The Castle Manali

Image Credit : wikipedia

Situated in the Naggar town amidst stunning hills, the Naggar castle is one of its most enduring monuments. Constructed of stone and wood, it as a beautiful combination of Indian and western sensibilities of architecture.

The palace that once served as a residence to Raja Sidh Singh Kullu, has since served the purposes of being a rest house and is now heritage hotel that is managed by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and is one of the prettiest places to visit in Manali.

Replete with cosy fireplaces, swirling staircases and captivating stone and woodwork that graces the outer façade. 
Inside, you can even appreciate the magnificent art of Roerich- the famous Russian painter who came to Manali.

If you want to take back some souvenirs, you can fill up your bag with wall hangings, coasters, as well as the Roerich paintings. The castle provides awe-inspiring views of the Kullu Valley and rests in peaceful reverie as the holy river of Beas flows merrily by.

Location: Near Hotel, Sun Park, Naggar Rd, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175101

Best time: September to November.

Entry Fee: 
15 INR Per Person.

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Rahalla Falls

Cascading from a height of 8,500ft, the Rahalla or Rehala Falls as they are called as one of the most stunning natural places to visit in Manali. They are located at a distance of 16km from the town on the way to the Rohtang Pass and are must stopover on your way to visit this haven of snow. 

The falls are formed by glaciers as they melt on their way down from the mountains. It is one of the best places to enjoy photography or just sit peacefully by and admire the natural beauty. 

The more adventurous can go trekking up the mountains behind the waterfall cascades. The waterfalls are set amidst dense thickets of Deodar, birch and pine trees, making it one of the stunning places for photography.

The sight of the place and the gentle rhythm of the falls gives instant peace and harmony to anybody who chooses to visit it.

Leh Manali Hwy, Himachal Pradesh 175103.

Best time:
The waterfalls are best visited in the months of March and November.

Entry Fee: 
There is no entry fee.

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Beas River

River Beas, the holy Himalayan river, is an alluring attraction in the already stunning Manali landscape. Clear waters backdropped by snow-capped mountains and lush pine thickets offer beautiful views.

It is an amazing sight to see the huge stone boulders perched precariously between the rushing fast-moving waters of the river. Adventure enthusiasts love to raft in grade II and III rapids of the Pirdi stretch in Beas.

Alternatively, there are beautiful camping spots all along the river perfect for night camping. One of the most picturesque places in Manali, you can also go for long walks along the lush riversides.  

Location: Near Manali Bus stop.

Best time: The best time to raft is between May-October.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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This typically charming Himalayan village, amongst the most enthralling places to visit in Manali, is a holy village famous for its Shikhara style ancient Shiva Temple and the Gaurishankar Temple.

These temples are said to date back to the 8
th century. Travellers frequent this erstwhile capital of Manali to spend tranquil time in its valleys nestled in snow-capped mountains, meadows, apple orchards, and lush pine forests.

It is also a popular day-trekking location and the base camp for Deo Tibba trek. Don’t miss to see Kalath a hot water spring here. Jagatsukh village is one of the few
places in Manali that can be easily explored in a day. However, if you wish to stay, there are plenty of homestays available.

Location: Kullu.

Best time: October till June.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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Rozy Falls

One of the most enchanting places to visit in Manali, this is a beautiful waterfall located in the midst of tall deodars framed by luxuriant mountains and valleys.

Seeing the waters gushing from the tall rocks is quite a sight. It is a popular spot for people to spend soaking in the beauty of nature and enjoying a day picnic.

Listening to the sounds of falling water amidst serene nature is a great way to spend time here. There are charming trails near the falls for short nature walks. 

Location: Leh-Manali Highway. 

Best time: After the monsoons (mid-September) to see the falls in their full glory. 

Entry Fee: No entry fee.

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Just like any Himalayan village, Katrain is a picturesque hamlet located in the midst of a lush valley. The widest point in the valley and amongst the top attractions in Manali, it offers fantastic views of the 10,000 ft high Bargarh Peak.

Don’t miss to spend time in the sprawling apple and plum orchards while here. The waters in Katrain are full of Brown and Rainbow trout fish. Not only can you indulge in fishing but also visit a large trout farm maintained by the Government.

There are great treehouse-style homestays here, perfect for a short stay. 

Location: Naggar district, Kullu.

Best time: March until June and October to February. 

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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Gauri Shankar Temple

Amongst the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the most popular places to visit in Manali, the 800-year-old Gauri Shankar Temple is famous for its architecture.

Built in the traditional Shikhara style, it is finely carved out of stone. You can see nine levels of carvings, motifs, a Shiva lingam, and a statue of Nandi inside. The local legend goes that this temple was excavated from the earth as it is.

What’s interesting to see is that there is no temple roof of this protected monument and one can see the statues in the direct view of the skies. 

Location: Naggar Castle Road, Naggar. 

Best time: While it’s a year-round destination, the temple is best visited during Shivratri celebrations in February. 

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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Jana Falls

Located in the charming village of Naggar and amongst the most enchanting places in Manali, these falls are a must-visit for nature lovers.

Falling from a height of around 30 ft, the milky white waters are a beautiful contrast against the brown rocks and lush vegetation. The views around these falls of clear blue skies, high peaks, and meadows make the experience of visiting them even more beautiful.

There is a charming wooden bridge near the falls, which is a great spot to capture the falls. Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the plunge pool.

Location: Jana Village, Naggar, Kullu.

Best time: After the monsoons (mid-September) or the pleasant summer months of March-June.

Entry Fee: No entry fee.

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Siyali Mahadev Temple

Famous for its intricately carved wooden architecture, this ancient Shiva temple is one of the most popular places to visit in Manali. The rich brown hues of the temple stand out in an amazing contrast against the snow-capped mountains and trees.

You will see chalets, 4-level pagodas, carved pillars and doors inside the temple. There is an ancient Shivalinga situated inside the temple surrounded by beautiful wooden frames.

These vistas enveloped in crisp mountain air lend a very serene atmosphere to the place. You can spend a lot of time here meeting locals, meditating, and looking out onto the surrounding views. 

Location: Hadimba Temple Road, Siyal, Manali. 

Best time: While it’s a year-round destination, the temple is the top
places in Manali to be visited during Shivratri celebrations in February. 

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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Manali Bazaar

This is the pulse of Manali and the best way to see the colours typical of a mountain state. Amongst the most famous tourist places in Manali, the bazaar has hundreds of shops selling local handicrafts, souvenirs, and delicious snacks like dim sums, soups, etc.

The Tibetan shops are a must-visit to pick up colourful woollen scarves, socks, stoles, Himalayan salts, oils, etc. You can also pick up intricately carved home décor items, juices, and pickles made from local Himalayan fruits & vegetables.

Head over to the nearby German bakeries to try delicious homemade cakes and coffee. A visit to the bazaar is a great way to get to know the way the locals live, their culture, and try the authentic snacks of the region. 

Location: Dhungri Village, Manali.

Best time: This is an all year round place. 

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

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Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery

Inaugurated by HH Dalai Lama in 2005, this monastery is a must-visit for people who want to experience the calmness of the Buddhist culture.

Spend time seeing the brilliant plum and yellow colours of the monastery’s architecture, paintings, sculptures, and intricate wood carvings on the ceilings and pillars.

The prayer area resounds with Buddhist hymns and looks out to snow-capped mountains in the background. The monks are friendly and open to talking to travellers. Definitely, a must-visit amongst all the
tourist places in Manali. 

Location: Kullu-Naggar-Manali Road, Kais. 

Best time: The monastery can be visited round the year.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee but a donation can be made.

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Trekking Places in Manali


Chandrakhani Pass

This beautiful low-altitude trek lets you see experience the diversity and magnificence of the Himalayas like no other. This 10-day long nature sojourn will take you through thick forests of chestnut, pine, and deodar trees on rugged trails covered in wildflowers.

You walk through the quaint Ramsu village, ancient Jamlu Temple, and emerald green meadows with flocks of grazing sheep at Celanti. Throughout the trek, you will be accompanied by views of the mighty Parvati & Deo Tibba mountain ranges.

Cross the rugged ridges along Malana River to reach Kasol & Malana. 

Distance from Manali: 
21 km from Manali town.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate level trek. 

Best time: Mid-June to early October.

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Bhrigu Lake Trek

Image Credit : wikipedia

Bhrigu Lake is a beautiful glacial high altitude lake located in the upper Kullu region on the eastern side of Rohtang Pass. The 4-day trek to this sacred lake is perfect for people who want to escape from the dryness and heat of the plains.

Get amazed by the views of high peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters Peaks as you traverse through pine & oak forests. You will pass through beautiful meadows, apple & plum orchards, and quaint wooden houses in the villages.

The highlight of the trek is the lake itself, which is said to appear in different hues every time one looks at it. The camping site at Rola Kholi lets you spend the night in tents under the starry skies.  

Distance from Manali: 18 Kms.

Difficulty: Easy level trek. 

Best time: Mid-May to October.

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Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass trek is one of the most dramatic crossover treks in India from Kullu to Lahaul. Trekkers are in for striking views, which shift from lush Kullu landscape on one hand and the barren desert-like vistas of Lahaul.

It takes one through beautiful wildflower meadows, glacial lakes, thick alpine forests, gurgling streams, and high peaks. All of this change in scenery can be seen on this trek of 5 days. The maximum altitude that one gain during the trek is 14,000 ft. 

Distance from Manali: 15 Kms.

Difficulty: Moderate level trek. 

Best time: Mid-June to Mid-October.

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Deo Tibba

Considered to be one of the most beautiful treks in the region, Deo Tibba trek is famous for the views that it offers. You will walk through fragrant pine forests, small streams; enjoy splendid views of peaks like Deo Tibba and Nobru Peak, and the striking blue waters of Chotta Chandratal Lake.

You will also see the houses of local gaddi tribe on the way. The maximum altitude that you will gain during this 5-day trek is around 13,775 ft.  

Distance from Manali: 
19 Kms.

Difficulty: Moderate level trek.

Best Time: May-June, and September-October.

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Beas Kund Trek

Lying in the Dhauladhar Range, Beas Kund is one of the most important places in the region. This originating point of Beas River is considered to be sacred and the trek to it is amazingly scenic.

In this 3-day long trek, you will walk along the banks of Beas through the beautiful Solang Valley, and the charming mountain village of Dhundi. You will see glacial moraines and pass through Bakarthach, which is a high-altitude wildflower meadow full of Gaddi tribe people and flocks of sheep.

The highest point of the trek is Beas Kund located at an altitude of around 11,600 ft. See striking views of Friendship Peak and Hanuman Tibba Peak from here. 

Distance from Manali: 21 Kms.

Difficulty: Moderate level trek. 

Best time: June to Mid-October.

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Bijli Mahadev Trek

Perfect as a weekend getaway trek, this scenic hike takes you to the revered ancient Bijli Mahadev Temple. The legend goes that every now and then lightning strikes & shatters the temple statute, which is then glued back by the priests using butter!

To reach the 8,000 ft high temple, you will traverse through scenic valleys of Kullu and mountains of Pir Panjal range. You will pass through the charming Chansari village, Kais Wildlife Sanctuary, and Matikochar Range.

You will be amazed to see breathtaking views of the confluence of Parvati and Beas Rivers. The temple remains closed during the winter months. 

Distance from Manali: 62 Kms.

Difficulty: Easy trek.

Best time: April-October.

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Patalsu Peak

A perfect trek for beginners wanting to experience summiting a peak, Patalsu Peak trek is an absolute treat for the eyes.

During this short two-day trek, you will pass through rich vegetation of oak & deodar forests habited by colourful birds like Pheasants and Monals. Throughout the trek, you will see panoramic views of Kullu Valley, Hanuman Tibba, and Friendship Peak.

From the peak’s summit, you will be amazed by the views of Lahaul, Spiti, and Beas Kund Peak. The maximum altitude that you will reach during this trek is around 13,800 ft. 

Distance from Manali: 36 Kms.

Difficulty: Easy trek. 

Best Time: May-June, and September-Mid October.

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Prashar Lake Trek

Parashar Lake is considered a hidden gem in the Dhauladhar range of Manali region. It is reachable by a short albeit beautiful two-day trek, which rewards one with amazing views of this offbeat location.

Pass through steep rugged trails rich with pine and oak trees. See the deep red-hued rhododendron bushes along the way as you walk alongside views of Kinnaur and Shimla mountain ranges.

Once you reach the oval-shaped blue water lake you will be intrigued not only by the beautiful views but also the interesting myths surrounding it. There is a 3,000-year-old temple on the lake’s banks and a floating island inside it.

It is said that nobody has been able to ascertain the depth of the lake. The maximum altitude that you will gain on this trek is around 9,000 ft. 

Distance from Manali: 103 Kms.

Difficulty: Easy level trek. 

Best time: June-October, and January-February. 

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Bara Bhangal Trek

This challenging trek, perfect for experienced trekkers, is a great way to explore the beauty of Himalayas. You will gain altitude frequently & daily during this trek as you traverse through passes to cross high peaks.

While the gradient changes frequently, trekkers are rewarded with amazing experiences each day. You will get close views of Kalihani Glacier, meadows, oak forests, Ravi River, etc. This high altitude 10-day trek will let you experience nature from as high as 16,000 ft. 

Distance from Manali: 36.5 Kms.

Difficulty: Difficult level trek. 

Best time: April-June, and October-November.

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About the Activity:
  • Indulge in this 8 days trekking expedition in Chandratal Baralacha and get a chance to witness the alluring beauty of the region.
  • Start your tour after arriving at Manali by morning and then transfer to the hotel .Visit the  Hadimba Devi Temple and the mall road.
  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast and drive to Batal via Rohtang pass (3980mts) and reach Batal.
  • Continue trekking to Chandratal (4250 mts/13940 ft) with packed lunch and enjoy the amazing view of a lower ridge and the main Kunzum range, the outlet being into Chandra River.
  • Marvel at the sights of the surroundings and have fun nearby the lake. Witness the beauty of the mountain peaks and the trek to reach  Tokpo Yogma.
  • Keep trekking through the streams and reach Tokpo Yogma and then hike for 10kms to reach Baralacha La (4950 M).
  • Explore the three rivers Chandra,Bhaga and Yunam as you trek and reach  Baralacha Pass.
  • Get transferred to Manali by a jeep for the overnight stay.
  • End your tour by departing to Delhi in the evening.

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Places to Visit Near Manali



For a place that is known as the ‘Valley of Gods’ needs no further introduction. Famous for its striking landscape dotted with thick pine forests, snowlines, emerald green meadows, glaciers, pristine lakes, and ancient temples, it is one of the most frequented Manali tourist places in the region.

Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure junkie, or are looking for some serenity, its landscape offers plenty of amazing things to do. Kullu is located on the banks of the Beas River, which is also amongst the most popular places to see in Manali. 

Distance from Manali: 
40 km from Manali town.

Best time:
March to June. 

A haven for adventure enthusiasts, its rugged landscape offers activities like rock climbing, paragliding, trekking, river rafting, etc. 

Tourists from all over the country attend Kullu’s colourful weeklong Dussehra celebrations showcasing local folk songs and dances. Visit the Great Himalayan National Park to see native species of flora and fauna.

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Image Credit : wikipedia

Kasol has been a very popular destination not only for Indian trekkers and nature lovers but also for people from other countries. Known as Mini Israel and Amsterdam of India, it is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty.

Stroll along the river Parvati, gaze at the snow-capped alpine mountains while breathing in the fresh crisp air, shop at the local bazaar for colourful woollens, and indulge in delicious Lebanese food while here.

Kasol is also one of those few popular places to visit in Manali for enjoying night dance parties and great music. 

Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

Distance from Manali Bus Stand: 74 Kms.

Best time: March to May.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for this
tourist attraction in Manali.

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The erstwhile summer capital of British India, Shimla is famous for the still evident grandiose of British architecture amidst the magnificent alpine landscape.

The popularity of the place can be judged by the fact that the number of tourists visiting Shimla is only increasing by the year. It is packed with colonial-era landmarks, Toy Train, a buzzing mall road, ancient temples, cafes, and restaurants. 

Distance from Manali: 246 km from Manali town.

Best time: March to June to experience pleasant weather. Visit between October to February if you are looking for snow. 

Highlights: See the majestic pre-independence attractions like the Viceregal Lodge, Shimla Town Hall, and The Gaiety Theatre. Get the best views of the surrounding mountains from The Shimla Ridge.

Summit the Jakhoo Hill at 8,000 ft and see the ancient temple. See the helipad and golf course at Annandale and visit the Shimla State Museum.

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The Great Himalayan National Park

Image Credit : Wikimedia

This Park spread over 452 sq. mi is located at a distance of 70 km from Manali town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The altitude in this park ranges from as low as 1,800 m to as high as 5,800 m. It is home to some of the threatened fauna species and claims some of the most scenic natural settings in the Himalayas. 

However, popular among Indian and foreign tourists, this region has been resolved to be left “Roadless” to avoid undue human interference, which is the reason why you can find nature in the unadulterated form here. 

An ideal, quiet place for nature and adventure enthusiasts, this place laced with alpine meadows, riverine forests and snow-capped mountain peaks is definitely among the most beautiful places to visit in Manali and this is also one of the best places to go
camping in Manali.

Distance from Manali:
70 kms.

Best time:
March to June and then September to November.


Pandoh Dam

Image Credit : wikipedia

About 6km from the town of Pandoh is the stunning sight of the Pandoh Dam which provides a sight for the sore eyes. This is one of the best places to visit in Manali if you are looking to spend time in a virgin, unexplored place.  The dam is built over the Beas River and lies in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

It is a part of the hydroelectric energy generation project of India. The dam is surrounded by tall pine trees and the verdant green hills of the Himalayas. Although swimming and water activities are banned in the catchment areas, you can still enjoy the greenery and scenic beauty around the dam.

The dam can be easily reached by road as a rough road leads right up to the dam. However, prior permission from authorities is required to visit the dam. 
The place is ideal for weekend treks, picnics, and a day outing. There is also a small island in the middle of the lake which is perfect for just relaxing with the sight of cool water all around you!

The dam is especially suited for the click-happy photo lovers out there who want to catch a sight of nature in all its glory. The sight of the blue and green water reservoir surely makes up for some great shots.

Distance from Manali:
88 Kms.

Best time: April to October.

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Surrounded by high peaks, beautiful valleys and dense alpine forests, the village of Malana is as intriguing as it gets. Amongst the most enthralling places to see in Manali, the residents here believe themselves to be the descendants of King Alexander and run the place as per their own unique rules.

Since a couple of years, overnights stay for tourists has been banned. Make sure to head back by evening after exploring the place.

Distance from Manali: 527 Kms.

Best time: March to June to experience pleasant weather. Visit between October to February if you are looking for snow activities. 

See ancient temples dedicated to Renuka Devi and Jamlu Devta, amongst the top Manali tourist places. They have unique wooden architecture, intricate carvings, and images of bones & skulls of animals on some walls.

Take a long hike along River Parvati, shop for kitschy souvenirs at the local bazaar, and eat delicious Israeli and Italian food at the numerous home cafes.

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80 km from Manali, located in the Parvati valley, this place is popular for its hot water springs and is frequented by visitors due to the famous Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib that is located here.

Besides, Manikaran also houses the famous temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama that attract pilgrims from different parts of the country. This is a place of religious significance for Hindus and has a few tales associated with it.

The serenity and the scenic beauty that Parvati River adds to this place makes this an important one among Manali tourist places. 
There are also various beautiful places in the vicinity of Manikaran that are worth a visit.

Moreover, easy trekking options available in this region make Manikaran a hotspot for adventure-lovers as well.

Distance from Manali
: 80 kms.

Best time to visit:
April to June.

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A significant bridge between Manali and neighbouring states, Bhuntar is a charming hamlet enveloped amidst mountains and amongst one of the best places to see in Manali.

It is the perfect place for people who want to spend time amidst mountains but away from the hustle-bustle of the touristy places. Bhuntar is an old-worldly place running at its own slow pace. 

Distance from Manali: 49 Kms.

Best time: October to May.

Highlights: Visit the ancient Basheshwar Temple from the time of the Pandavas. Amongst the top
Manali tourist places, it is famous for its carved stone architecture.

Another great attraction is the 8
th-century Bijli Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is most visited during the time of Shivratri festivities. Visit the Jagannath Temple located on the top of a hill. 

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Parvati Valley

Home to some of the most beautiful villages and attractions in Manali like Malana, Manikaran, Rudranag Waterfall, and Kheerganga is the amazingly beautiful Parvati Valley.

Created by the confluence of Rivers Beas and Parvati, it is believed that it was the residence of Lord Shiva for around 3,000 years. You will see a beautiful homogeneity between the stoic sadhus and the hippie tourists from Israel all united by their love for the mountains. 

Distance from Manali: 72 Kms.

Best time: March until June and October to February.

Highlights: Surround yourself by divinity as you visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and the famous hot springs, which are amongst the most serene
places to see in Manali.

Visit the mystic villages of Malana and Tosh for short nature hikes and to fill up on delicious Israeli and Italian food. Enjoy some of the best night parties at Kasol. \

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This scenic village in Himachal Pradesh is named after Raja Gulab Singh who camped here when he was invading China. The major attraction of this place is snow that can be seen here all year.

However, parts of this village turn green during summers which add a different sort of charm. Gulaba can easily be put on the list of the most picturesque places in Himachal Pradesh. Since this region receives heavy snowfall, it has developed as a popular hub for those who lust after snow adventure sports. 

Located in Pir Panjal Range at a height of 4300 m, Gulaba is definitely a popular places to visit in manali, of course owing to its beautiful, dreamy landscape and the options available for adventure enthusiasts here like skiing and paragliding.

Distance from Manali:
27 Kms.

Best time:
April-June & October-January.

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This small alpine village draws its name from the milky white waters of the Parvati river that flows through it. One of the most beautiful tourist places in Manali, its secluded charm comes from the fact that it is slightly off the road.

It is famous for its flaming rhododendron bushes and pinecone-strewn trails.

Distance from Manali: 
97 Kms.

Best time: May to June, and September- October. 

Highlights: Adventure enthusiasts must try the 13-kilometre Kheerganga hike. You will be amazed by its charming trails dotted with thick pinewoods, plenty of babbling brooks, and quaint & colourful village houses.

At the end of the trek, you will be rewarded with a hot water spring perfect to take a relaxing soak.

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Located at the foothills of Rohtang Pass, Kothi is a small village with extraordinarily beautiful scenery that makes it easily one of the best places in Manali. 

The picturesqueness of this village is made up of elements like its green meadows, the blue water of the Beas River that flows across it, and the white, snow-covered mountains standing tall beside it.

Due to the exceptional beauty of this village, it has been featured in many Bollywood movies. 
This village has also hosted several great poets and painters and inspired them to enhance their artistry.

Kothi is also popular for its geothermal springs. It is an ideal location to come and relax at while admiring the image of God that he turned into reality in the form of Kothi.

Distance from Manali:
12 kms.

Best time: 
April to June.

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Naggar Village

This is an ancient town situated on the left bank of Beas River at a height of 2047 m and is one of the best places to visit in Manali. This town has numerous interesting sites for tourists to explore.

Naggar holds historical significance as it was the capital of Kullu for 1400 years. The major tourist attractions in Naggar are Naggar Castle, Gowri Shankar temple, Nicholas Roerich art gallery & museum and Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery.

This is an ideal place to explore the historical and cultural side of Manali. Naggar is also perfect for spending some time relaxing in the lap of nature.

Distance from Manali:
20 kms.

Best time:
October & November.

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Jibhi is one of those places that are perfect for a getaway from the noise of the cities and the busier tourist places in Manali. Just like any Himalayan villages, Jibhi is no less when it comes to drop-dead gorgeousness.

Bubbling creeks, crystal clear lakes, and snow-capped peaks peeping from between thick and fragrant pine forests are what the place is all about. 

Distance from Manali: 100 Kms.

Best time: October to May.

Highlights: Experience a stay in one of the Victorian style homestays. Visit the Jibhi waterfalls nestled inside a thick forest. See the ancient Chaini Fort, amongst the most popular
Manali tourist places, built in the traditional Himachali style of architecture.

Don’t miss to explore the hidden underground tunnel at the Fort. Visit the magnificent Serolsar Lake & Jalori Pass. 

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A charming quiet little village, Tosh is much more than its popularity as a cannabis destination. It is amongst those perfect tourist places in Manali that promise to give you respite from the unbearable heat of the plains.

Every nook and corner of Tosh lets out to brilliant views of high peaks capped with snow. 

Distance from Manali: 95 Kms.

Best time: March to June to experience pleasant weather. Visit between October to February if you are looking for snow activities. 

Highlights: Don’t miss to admire the beauty of the ancient Tosh temple from the outside as it’s mostly locked up and tourists hardly allowed inside. See the village waterfall and hike through its narrow alleys. 

The locals are friendly and happy to strike up a conversation. Try amazing sizzlers and desserts at the homestays.

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Tirthan Valley

Known as one of the hidden gems of Himachal, Tirthan Valley located in the district of Kullu is a place that cannot be described in words.

Named after the glacial Tirthan River originating in the Great Himalayan National Park, its magnificent natural vistas are perfect for people who want to spend time amidst raw mountain wilderness. 

Distance from Manali: 93 Kms.

Best time: October to May.

Highlights: One of the top 
places to visit in manali is Tirthan, a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts. You can try your hand on the river crossing, rock climbing, and trekking.

Lose yourself in the sounds of the rushing river water and try trout fishing.

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Sethan is one of the few Buddhist villages in Himachal Pradesh comprising of a majority of people who have settled here from Tibet. It is a secluded hidden paradise in the truest sense.

One of the most spellbinding tourist places in Manali, it comprises of only 20 houses. This makes the village perfect for a mountain holiday amidst the tranquillity of nature. 

Distance from Manali: 16 Kms.

Best time: October to May.

Highlights: In winters, it is the ideal place for adventure enthusiasts who want to try skiing, snowboarding, and winter treks. It is also famous for its summer treks and night camping.

Visit Pandu Ropa, considered to be one of the best p
laces to visit in Manali, which is believed to be meditating place for Pandavas. 

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People Also Ask About Manali

  1. Which are the Must places to visit in Manali for Couples?

    1. Old Manali: The best way to spend some cozy moments with your partner is to venture into the rustic charm of the Old Manali. The laid back vibe of the village is just perfect for you to stroll along hand in hand with your partner.

    2. Van Vihar National Park: A scrape of nature amidst the bustling city can be found in this national park. It is the perfect opportunity for you to admire nature and spend some intimate moments with your lover.

    3. Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery: This monastery built to pay homage to Lord Buddha is quite popular among the couples. You can admire the architectural beauty of the monastery and take in the peace the place exudes with your partner.

    4. Jogini Waterfall: The picturesque view of the waterfall is bound to mesmerize both you and your partner. You can also trek to the waterfall, and make some unforgettable memories.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Manali in June?

    1. Hidimba Devi Temple: The lush greenery that can be seen in June surrounding this ancient temple is simply magical. Dedicated to the Goddess Hidimba, who was also Bheem’s wife, the temple with its stunning architecture, has an air of serenity.

    2. Manali Sanctuary: To witness the diversified flora and fauna, you must visit the Manali Sanctuary in June. Apart from the rich vegetation, it also boasts of enrapturing wildlife like Flying Fox, Himalayan Black Bear, Barking Deer, etc.

    3. Manu Temple: Visiting this temple in June will provide you with the glorious beauty of nature around. With numerous folk tales weaving around this holy place, this Hindu Temple dedicated to Sage Manu will definitely soothe your soul.

    4. Vashisht Temple: The pleasant weather in June is the most ideal time to visit this temple in Manali. Named after the kulguru of Ram himself, this ancient temple also encompasses a healing hot water spring.
  3. Which are the best adventure sports I can try in Manali?

  4. Which are the best river rafting tours in Manali?

    River rafting in Manali is one heart-racing adventure that gets thrill-seeking travellers on their toes. Check out the list of river rafting tours to get discount upto 33%.

    1. Rafting At River Beas In Kullu at Flat 33% Off
    2. White Water River Rafting In Kullu Manali at flat 8% Off
    3. Rafting Adventure At Tattapani at Flat 6% Off
    4. Rafting Adventure In Kullu Flat 20% Off
  5. Which are the best activities to do in Manali?

    Manali is a true paradise for those who wish to get close to the magical snowy hills, With a vast bucket of things to do in Manali, a trip to this alluring hillock will definitely be a memorable one.

    Skiing In Manali Solang Nallah Flat 23% Off
    2. Downhill Cycling In Manali Flat 23% Off
    3. Paragliding In Kullu Manali, Flat 13% Off
    4. Adventure Camp In Manali With Rafting, Flat 17% Off
  6. What is there to do in Manali at night?

    As the moonlight shrouds the mountains and valleys, evenings and nights in Manali throw up their own surprises. Some of the best ways to spend your nighttime in Manali are:

    - Night camping: The most unforgettable and amazing way to spend your nights is to do so under the brilliant skies shimmering with a million stars as you are surrounded by the crisp mountain breeze. Some of the best places to enjoy camping area on the banks of Beas River and at Solang Valley.

    - Enjoy the vibrant chaos of the Mall Road: This place is always full of touristy chatter and buzz and is a great place to enjoy an ice cream or a midnight coffee & dessert.

    - Enjoy music with drinks: There are several charming pubs and bars in Manali that are open till midnight and let one enjoy drinks, finger foods, and great music around a fireplace. Some of the best places are Drifter’s Inn, Johnson’s Bar & Restaurant and Lazy Dog Lounge.

    - Visit the charming Old Manali: Old Manali is a beautiful place where the laid back and rustic Pahari village life co-exists with the new café culture. It is a great place to wander in the narrow stony trails seeing the charming houses lit up in night lights. Anywhere that you go in Old Manali, you are accompanied by the roaring and crashing sounds of the Beas River. 

    - Dine: Round off your day by indulging in a great variety of cuisines that the restaurants here offer. Places like Chopsticks, Casa Bella Vista, and German bakeries offer scrumptious options like wood-fired pizza, pasta, momos, Lebanese platters, trout dishes, fruit wines, warm ciders, and tandoori snacks. Don’t miss to enjoy the decadent desserts like fruit & chocolate filled pancakes, waffles, and cakes accompanied by steaming cups of flavoured coffees.

  7. How can I spend 2 days in Manali?

    Your 2-day itinerary for Manali Trip will be swift, peaceful with a hint of thrill and natural bliss. 

    Day 1:
    - Hadimba temple 
    - Old Manali Market. 
    - Maa Sharvari Temple
    - Manu Temple
    - Vashisht Hot Water Spring 

    Day 2:
    - Solang Valley. 
    - Rohtang Pass
    - Kothi Village
    - Rahal a Pass
    - Gulaba
  8. What is the cost of a Manali trip?

    One can explore Manali for 3 days within a budget of INR 10-12,000 (per person cost) easily. This includes the cost of taking a bus, a semi-budget stay, exploring the town either on foot or hiring a bike, and food at one of the German bakeries or the street food shops.

    If you can shell a bit extra, you can venture outside places to visit in Manali like Solang Valley to enjoy adventure sports like Zorbing, paragliding, and hiking. You can also visit places like Manikaran to see the Gurudwara, ancient Shiva temple, and the hot water springs. 

  9. What are the famous places to visit in Manali?

    There is no one thing that's famous in Manali. From dazzling sole satisfying landscapes to thrilling activities, Manali is famous for a number of things. Some of the well-known places to visit in Manali:

    Rohtang Pass: wanderers who love to indulge in sightseeing and want to capture the wonders of nature would love it here. 

    Solang Valley: adventurers would definitely want to try rafting, trekking, and gliding here.

    Old Manali Market:
    shoppers can spend eternity shopping here. The shops here encapsulates various kinds of clothing and jewellery. The designs of these garments embody the cultures and traditions of Manali and give it a distinct look.

    Hadimba Temple and Tibetian Monastery:
    Not to forget the variety of temples and monasteries Manali holds. From ancient temples like Hadimba temple admits the forests to monasteries like Tibetian monastery way up the hill. Manu Temple and Shiv temple are perfect for peace seekers who will find themselves at home here.
  10. How many days are good for Manali?

    To optimize your stay at Manali a minimum of 3 days is compulsory. 

    - The first day can be spent wandering around in the hills and tropics exploring the cultures and traditions of Manali depicted through a number of monasteries and temples. 
    - The second day can be divided into a spread of thrilling activities at the beautiful Solang Valley.
    - And finally, the last day to fully relish the sheer beauty of Manali at Rohtang Pass along with shopping at Manali market.
    - All activities at Manali are distinct and exciting and hence, make sure you cover every one of them.
  11. What food is Manali famous for?

    Himachali cuisine is famous for its rustic yet delicate flavours and aroma due to the usage of condiments like cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, etc. The locals eat a lot of rice, meat, and chickpeas cooked in yoghurts, ghee, and buttermilk. Some of the best foods to try in Manali are:

    - Mittha: Mittha is a delicacy of Manali which is made using rice and raisins and further decorated with dry fruits. One can find this in any of the restaurants in Manali and it is a must-try if you are visiting the hilltown.

    - Dham: This traditional one-pot meal is made with rajma and moong daal mixed with rice cooked in curd. It tastes even more delicious when generously topped with melted ghee with sweet and sour tamarind and jaggery sauce.

    - Siddu: One of the most-loved local dishes, Siddu is a steamed ball of wheat flour that is delicious and light. It is the perfect accompaniment to daal or meat.

    - Chana Madra: This is a delicious side dish made of Kabuli chana or chickpeas cooked in a gravy of yoghurt and chickpea flour flavoured with the aroma of garlic, cardamom, and onions. \

    - Kullu Trout: Fish is one of the most-enjoyed foods in Manali. Kullu Trout is made by shallow frying a fresh fish in mustard oil with spices like ginger and chillies. It is best savoured with steamed rice.

  12. What should I wear in Manali?

    - Summer or Winter, Manali is cold all year round. So, no matter where you come from making sure you carry some warm clothes along with you. 
    - Thermal inners, jackets, woollen garments are a must at Manali. 
    - You can also choose to buy handcrafted woollen clothes, mufflers, and socks at the regional market.
  13. What is special about Manali?

    Tradition and culture: The structures here hold a distinct value, some dating back to the 1500s. Every building here has survived the test of time and holds a story to tell that fascinates the visitors.

    The Landscapes:
    situated on the hills, Manali is surrounded by dense tropics and alpine mountains providing an excellent view, wherever you look.
  14. What is the best time to visit in Manali?

    The best time to visit Manali is when it's snowing which is in January. If you are an adventurer you can choose to visit the place between October and February:  During this time, the place hosts a number of exciting activities, delicious dishes at the restaurants and more.
  15. How can I go to Manali in 3 days?

    Here is how you can explore various shades of Manali in a 3 day getaway trip. 

    Day 1: 

    - Hadimba Temple
    - Shiv Temple
    - Hot Springs at Vashisht Temple
    - Jogini Falls
    - Van Vihar

    Day 2: 

    - Solang Valley
    - Gulaba
    - Kothi Village
    - Old Manali Market

    Day 3: 

    - Naggar Castle
    - Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery And Museum. 
    - Tripura Sundari Temple
    - Manikaran
  16. How is the road from Chandigarh to Manali?

    Manali is located at a distance of around 304 kilometres from Chandigarh and the road conditions vary from good to okay to bad. From Chandigarh Airport to Kurali, you can expect broken patches due to the roads being under construction. The road becomes better as you proceed through Kirtarpur Sahib and remains good as you enter Himachal Pradesh.

    However, one must be careful with the traffic, especially loaded trucks. The road after the first toll plaza till Gara is great to drive on but worsen as one reaches Swarghat. From here till Bilaspur, you must be careful about traffic incoming from the wrong side, potholes, broken patches, and some sharp curves. From Harabaag, the road conditions improve as you proceed towards Mandi, Pandoh, Bhuntar, and Manikaran to finally reach Manali.
  17. What should I carry for Manali trip?

    - Warm clothes is an absolute must. 
    - Sunscreen and sunglasses. 
    - A first aid kit and basic medication. 
    - Photography here is a must. So, charge your smartphones or carry a DSLR. 
    - Sports shoes. 
    - Identity proofs. 
    - Detailed information of the itineraries
  18. Is Manali safe to visit?

    - Places like Rohtang pass can be a bit dangerous during the extreme winter season. Other than that, travelling and visiting various places to visit in Manali is safe to enter and enjoy.
    It is also important that the necessary actions are taken by the visitors as well. 

    - During outdoor activities, visitors should adhere to the safety regulations and wear proper safety equipment.
  19. What are the best Himachal Pradesh Treks that we can book with Thrillophilia?

    Here is the list of the best Himachal Pradesh Treks that you can book with Thrillophilia:
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