Old Manali Overview

If you want to see the other side of Manali and the touristy town, just take a walk across the Manalsu River bridge and cross over into the part of Manali that is also known as ‘Old Manali’. The exotic charm of the village will make you feel like you have walked into a whole other world. The town has somehow carved out a niche of its own and managed to retain the old world charm, where you have the characteristic world traveller, hippie vibe in its midst, it also has the traditions of the relics of the older civilizations. 

The idyllic village setting will make you feel like you have walked into the happy and hippie 1960s! The pathways are lined with swaying Eucalyptus trees and the small roads pas through valleys that are abundant with greenery. The calmness of the surroundings is broken only by the twittering of birds and the gush of the River Kullu.

Attractions: Apart from the sheer mountain beauty, there are a number of places to visit in Manali old town. The most peculiar and must visit amongst them being the quaint eateries like Lazy Dog, Red House Café, Bob Dylan’s Café, Café m 1947 and Pizza Olive. All of these serve awesome world cuisines like Pasta, Burgers and mouthwatering Pizzas

Partitioned by the river Beas from New Manali, Old Manali resides at an amazing height of more than 6000 feet above sea level. Quiet and peaceful yet mesmerizingly beautiful, the city is vastly preferred by tourists, quite specifically by solo travelers, as a place to relax and unwind. The small city is also a fraction of the pancake banana track that trails through southeast Asia. Additionally, Old Manali is a place much enjoyed by walking through the city and taking delight in the lush green tropics.

Apart from the bewitching natural retreat that Old Manali is, it is also fashioned for a wide array of restaurants and cafes. Looking at the spike in tourism the localities, throughout the years, have been able to garner the skills to curate various national and international cuisines, serving dishes from across the globe. Visitors can also shop at the local markets here for various ornaments, traditional costumes, artifacts, Music CDs, T-Shirts and jewelry among other things. The town also holds an ancient temple, Hadimba temple which lies amidst the dense tropics and travelers and devotees from around the country are known to visit the place. 

All in all, with a calm and soothing atmosphere, extraordinary nature delight and delicious delicacies, Old Manali provides for the perfect place to holiday away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Adventurers can also find themselves at home in Old Manali with activities like river rappelling or they can just hire a cab or a scooter and ride along to unexplored territories of the town and discover new fascinations including grabbing the perfect spot to enjoy the gorgeous sunset. So, remember to carry your cameras. Old Manali, with its serene ambiance and diverse offerings, makes for an ideal addition to your Manali holiday package itinerary. 

How To Reach

There are a couple of ways one can choose to reach Old Manali from Manali City Center. Since the distance from the City Center to Old Manali is just about 2 kilometers, visitors can use local transportation services to travel. Private cabs can also be hired who can take visitors close to old Manali and from there traveled can find guides who can help them explore the town throughout.

If you are someone who loves to walk, you will love the route to Old Manali. It would not take visitors more than 30 minutes to reach the place from City Center on foot. The entire route is decorated with lush tropics, cafes, and shops which the tourist can enjoy too. Visitors will also have to cross the mesmerizing Manalsu River bridge and it is, in its entirety, an extraordinary experience.

Best Time To Visit

The beautiful town of Old Manali can be visited throughout the year but if you are someone who loves to experience a cold and chilling atmosphere including snowfalls the best time to visit Manali is between the months of January and February. Activities like snowboarding, skiing, trekking, among others are much enjoyed during this time. 

You can also visit the place between the months of April and June when it's summertime and the temperatures are still very comfortable as compared to other parts of the country and many activities including trekking and camping are much enjoyed around this time of the year in Old Manali.

There are quite a few places to explore in Old Manali and one must have enough time in hand to explore all that the town can offer. It generally takes up to 5 hours to uncover the place at Old Manali and visitors must start their journey early in the morning. 

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Old Manali FAQs

How can I go to Old Manali?

One has to simply walk to Old Manali from the city center in Manali. The distance is about 2 km from the city center to Old Manali and visitors are required to cross a narrow bridge to reach the place. The journey can take up to 30 minutes but it is surely an extraordinary experience.

What should I buy in Manali India?

There are a ton of things you can buy in Manali. Starting from the famous traditional attire to musical instruments and local jewelry, Manali is decorated with a variety of things to shop.

What is the famous food of Manali?

Manali is celebrated for a number of cuisines including red rice, kadhi chawal, river trout, masala omelet among other delicious dishes.

What is there to do in Manali at night?

Visitors can enjoy a good time camping amidst the dense tropics and rivers of Manali. They can also indulge in parties and clubbing at clubs and pubs found at the center of the city.

Which are the best cafes in old Manali?

1. Café 1947: Picturesque location, delicious food, and nostalgic music increase the appeal of the only café that is open all year round.

2. Drifter’s Café: With a wide range of cuisine that tastes absolutely delicious and flavored drinks, Drifter’s café is a crowd-favorite.

3. Dylan’s Toasted And Roasted Coffee House: This café is the perfect place for you to enjoy some tasty food and delicious coffee and re-bond with your partner once again. Or, if you are a solo traveler, you can engage with the locals.

4. The Lazy Dog: Economical pricing, delectable food, chilled drinks, and live performances make this cafe all the more popular.

Which are the best cottages in old Manali?

1. Shobla Pine Royale: This cottage offers an alluring view of nature around along with carefully crafted rooms, warm hospitality, and availability of various modern amenities.

2. Compass Cottage: Overlooking the River Beas, this cottage strives to provide the best service possible to the guests along with providing spacious rooms, adventurous activities, and free Wi-Fi.

3. Asha Cottage: With a reasonable price, this cottage is set close to various tourist spots and offers delicious food along with excellent service from the staff.

4. Retreat Cottages: Retreat cottage perfectly blends the majestic beauty of nature and various luxurious amenities to give you a unique experience.

Which are the best homestays in old Manali?

1. The Dog On The Hill: Surrounded by lush greenery and various plantations like pear, apricot, etc. this homestay offers the perfect mix of serenity and availability of various basic amenities.

2. Orchards House: The Hidden Tribe: With the mesmerizing view of a garden, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi, this homestay is quite popular.

3. The Deep Hull Vivid: Offering a bar, garden, and breathtaking views from the terrace, this homestay strives to offer exceptional service to the guests.

4. Relax Guest House: Offering a wide range of facilities, which include BBQ, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, room service, and a shared lounge, this homestay welcomes visitors with warmth.

Which is better: Old Manali and New Manali?

If you are a nature lover and want to spend your vacation amidst tranquility, then Old Manali is the place for you. But, if you cannot stay without the city chaos, then New Manali is suitable for you.

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