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  • Amongst the list of amazing hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, Manali definitely takes the cake with its stunning meadows, snow clad peaks and deep and verdant valleys. This charming hill station sits merrily on the banks of the Beas River and has always been a favorite amongst backpackers and tourists alike who continually search for options for camping in Manali. While it calls out to the adventure enthusiasts with tall and towering mountains that beckon trekking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding and skiing; it entices the hippie travellers with its calm, laidback and happy vibe. Being situated between Spiti and Ladakh, it is a common stopover for travellers seeking to go further north.

    However, like every popular hill station, Manali has also seen a more than healthy influx of tourists and is thus littered with resorts, hotels and guesthouses. The best way to seek respite is this seeking out options for camping in Manali. With these exciting escapades you can feel up, close and personal with nature and be in the company of green meadows, snowy peaks and vast open lands.

    How to reach Manali:

    Image Credits : Nishanth Jois - Flickr

    One of the most popular hill stations in India, manali is easily reached by air, road, rail as well as bus services.

    Following are the ways in which you can reach this little hillside heaven:

    By Air:

    The closest airport to Manali is located at Bhuntar, which is located in the Kullu district; almost 50km away. However, weather conditions and erratic nature of flights makes this a less than reliable option to reach. It is better advised to take a flight down to Chandigarh and then drive down to Manali via the NH 21. If you do not have your own car, you can also take a prepaid taxi to reach here.

    By Bus:

    Manali is adequately connected to all the important stations such as Leh, Shimla, Kullu, Dharamshala as well as New Delhi by state run as well as private buses. The distance between Delhi to Manali is around 550km and is easily achieved with an overnight journey. Both A/C and Non A/C coaches are available but it is advisable to book an Ac coach as it offers more comfort in the winding mountain roads.

    By Road:

    The road that takes you up to this charming hill station is truly charming. The road passes through snaking mountain passes and the NH 21 and the ghats thereafter are also well maintained. The Beas River keeps you constant company and the mountains of snow loom merrily in the distance. You can either take a driver or take the journey yourself, both equally satisfying and fulfilling.

    Here are some of the best places for camping in Manali:

  • 01Photography Hike and Snow Camping in Manali

    Photography Hike and Snow Camping in Manali
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Parminder Sandhu
      Parminder Sandhu
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in photography hike and snow camping in Manali during winter season from October to April for the maximum thrill, but the tour is open on all days.
    • This private tour has night camping at different spots near frozen streams but with bonfire and delicious BBQ.
    • You will start your trek from Kakhnal village to Banad, you ascend the glacial valleys and reach the campsite at Banad.
    • Kakhnal Theli excursion will be happening on the second day which shows endless spots that are posing for photography and you will never get bored though.
    • The night camp is at Banad for relaxing after a tiresome but thrilling expedition.
    • Walk back to Kakhnal village on the last day, get driven back to Haripur with a bag full of charming moments created during the trek. 
  • 02Kids Camping in Manali 2017

    Kids Camping in Manali 2017
    • d9 Daysn8 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 9786380
    • 5% Off15,000
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    About the Destination:

    For an ideal kids camping in Manali, the Kothi Basecamp is considered as one of the most wonderful destinations. Nestled amidst lush surroundings and bestowed with all the enthralling marvels of nature, the layout of the campsite encourages several adventure sports and activities as well.

    In addition to all the scenic beauty, the rustic outlook and charm of the village plays a pivotal role in making Kothi, an ideal destination for eco-tourism. Be it with family members, friends or colleagues, one can find ample of opportunities to have fun-filled and exciting moments in this village.

    About the Departure with Details:

    In today's age, where the kids are more attracted by electronic gadgets and social media websites, this type of camping experience are much needed to expose them with the outer world. With so much of fun, exciting and adventurous activities, this adventure camp in Manali gets the children on their own and encourages them to play a role model along with their team mates.

    Even the activities included within the itinerary, are specifically meant to boost their morale and confidence. Once at the campsite, the kids are sure to get indulged with the outdoors and overcome all the obstacles on their way.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Activities: Trekking, Site Seeing, Gun shooting, Archery, Commando Net, Burma Bridge, Water Fall Trek, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Valley Crossing

    Duration: 8N/9D

    Temperature Range: 9 – 25 °C

    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

    Endurance Level: Easy

  • 03Long Weekend Camping in Manali

    Long Weekend Camping in Manali
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 6691309
    About the Activity:
    Fixed departure: 13-08-2016
    • Partake in this long weekend camping in Manali for a relishing experience amidst the picturesque apple orchards.
    • Indulge in some adventure activities such as zorbing, paragliding etc. Get a chance to pluck some red, tasty Apples from the numerous trees in the orchard.
    • Trek to Khar Myundari is the highlight of this trip which needs all your energy since it takes almost five hours to reach there.
    • Marvel at the pristine attractions of Manali while you go for a local sightseeing and strolling through the invigorating valleys.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • 04Happy Camping, Solang Valley

    One of the most well-known places for camping in Manali, Solang valley camp retreat is also one of its most popular and recommended accommodation. Cossetted on the banks of River Beas, this camping retreat takes you away from the trappings of the modern city life and deep in the heart of the mountains of Manali. 

    A year round operation the camping not only has luxury and deluxe accommodations but also a number of adventure activities such as skiing, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, paragliding, ATV Ride, Zorbing, Snow Tube Ride, Snow scooter, Bonfire, indoor and outdoor games and much more.

    Well connected to Manali, Solang Valley can be easily reached by road from Chandigarh as well as Delhi via the NH 21. Apart from its comfortable accommodation, this campsite also prides itself on being an ecologically aware and conscious organization, employing practices such as like recycling and protection of the natural flora and fauna.

  • 05Tentsville Camping

    Located in the Bhanupul district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, Tentsville Camping is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable places for camping in Manali. An adventure campsite that takes you right in the midst of the beautiful mountains of Manali, it integrates the comfortable and luxurious tents with adrenaline pumping and striking adventure sports. 

    You can expect to be shadowed by tall pine forests, wildlife, waterfalls and stunning valleys. As the night descends, the experience becomes even more lively with twinkling stars and cackling campfires to warm yourself.

    The accommodations are a combination of private and community tents that each have a unique comfort and adventure offerings. For those who want their holiday to be far from the ordinary, Tentsville camping also gives you the option of choosing well guided tour around the stunning landscapes of the surroundings, embark on a motorcycle expedition or even enjoy adventure activities in the river.

  • 06Camp Heaven

    In the hillsides of Manali lie some campsites that offer the most amazing abodes where you can experience the magical mountains in the most serene and natural environment. Take a break from the regular and enjoy the same comfort of a hotel room at a campsite in Manali.

     Located at a distance of 3km from the main city of Manali, the campsites are located next to the River Beas and are surrounded by lush green forests of pine. Not only this, you can also avail a number of adventure treks and activities while you are here. 

  • 07Camping at Bhuntar near Manali

    If campsites in Manali are too crowded for you to visit then head out to Bhuntar near Manali and enjoy an adventure camping experience unlike any other. While the campsite is pretty basic with essentials stocked up in abundance. It is here that you can enjoy a number of activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing as well as leisurely pursuits like kayaking and swimming. 

    The campsite is located right next to the river and is a refreshing departure from the regular and routine! The night dawns with the enjoyable promise of a cheerful campfire in the woods with friends and loved ones.

  • 08Into wild Himalayas Camps, Manali

    A Camping in Manali experience unlike any other awaits you at the Into Wild Himalayas campsite in Manali, located near the village Kalath.  The campsite caters to adventurers and holiday seekers with adequate comfort and a host of amenities that promise to make your stay memorable and comfortable. 

    Adorned with Swiss tents, it is situated at a quiet village close to the main city of Manali but far enough to not attract unnecessary crowds. The accommodations are peaceful and well-endowed with all the necessary amenities. The Swiss tents are decorated with traditional Indian motifs and are luxuriously furnished. 

    They have all the essentials such as private attached bathroom, in room services as well as LCD color television. Each need of yours is being taken care of to make sure that your stay is momentous and lively!

  • 09Baba Camps

    If you are looking to combine fun, magic and serenity on your next excursion to campsites in Manali, then you can halt your search at Baba Camps in Kullu valley near Manali. The Himalayan retreats have always attracted pleasure seekers, adventurers as well as those looking for some peace away from the maddening city life.  

    Also known as ‘Valley of the Gods’ Kullu is definitely the best place to pitch a tent and Baba Camps does just that! On the banks of the River Beas, it gives a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and jungles. The campsite is the endeavor of the hotel by the same name and thus, you can very well expect top notch services and professional approach. 

    The campsite also has a number of options for adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, river crossing, rafting and paragliding. You can expect a strictly professional and qualified approach as all these activities are run by professionals in the field who are trained at the national level. 

    The camps rest on the approach of providing the best of comfort, adventure and enjoyment that will in turn result into being an amazing experience for the participants.

  • 10Nature’s Outpost Camps

    Located on a slight detour on the Kullu to Manali road, Nature’s outpost camps are truly a heaven of comfort in the region. Situated in the village of Laran Kelo, they stand for true and archaic luxury. The campsite is located amongst tall and proud trees of Deodar and has been built keeping in mind the conservation and protection of nature. 

    The campsite is a true playground of nature and is definitely a top draw amongst recommended places for camping in Manali. The accommodations are of a pucca structure but definitely provide for the best of the rustic experiences. The abode prides itself on combining wilderness with comforts of modern, plush lifestyle.

    Arm yourself with this list of the best campsites in Manali and make plans to visit this heaven of a destination. However, also keep in mind that camping is essentially a wild pursuit and thus, it does not do well to dwell on luxuries and plush accommodations. Instead, it is better advised that you let yourself close to nature and let it take care of the rest. 

    Following is a list of things that you must carry while deciding to have an experience of camping in Manali. While it’s is possible to rent most of this stuff from shops in Manali, there are a few that you must keep with you!

  • 11Summer Camps in Manali

    Located along the Manali highway just 10km before Manali off the Kullu- Manali National Highway. Situated right in the river bed within the confines of beautiful nature and peaks of Rohtang Pass. The campsite can accommodate around 150 to 200 people at a time and is replete with cute, cozy and comfortable tents that are a true measure of one’s expectations. 

    There are also a number of adventure activities like kayaking, river crossing, rock climbing, rappelling, crossing of Burma Bridge and many more such activities that are conducted by professionals with adequate safety precautions.  You can also enjoy many activities such as music in the night, a charming bonfire, volleyball and many more. The campsite has an onsite kitchen and there are various packages are available for tented and group stay.

    A combination of stunning hills and verdant valleys, Manali is truly a place of stunning natural beauty and serenity. Manali has always attracted tourists from all walks of life, be it domestic or international. With its old world charm and distinct heritage it is a great place to visit for all age groups young and old alike. 

    While backpackers love the hippie charm of old Manali, family and group tours love to visit its old structures like Hadimba Temple, Vasisht Kund and Tibetan Monastery. Manali also has a number of options for adventure travel apart from camping in Manali, like trekking, paragliding, mountain biking, canyoning, river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, flying fox and many more! Playing in the snow on the Rohtang Pass is one of the most enjoyable activities.

    Camping in Manali is a truly adventurous and exciting experience and you can either choose from a number of pre-installed campsites listed here or kip your own tent and enjoy in the company of nature with a truly rustic and natural environment that will truly rejuvenate and refresh you to have fun in the company of nature. 

    However, do make sure that the site you choose has appropriate clearance and approval from the government and the authorities. Manali is truly a place that has the answer to all your worries and stress! 

  • 12Camp Exotica

    Camp Exotica

    Situated on the Kullu- Manali Bypass, Camp Exotica and is a truly home away from that is tucked away in the lap of stunning natural beauties. This venue for camping in Manali is decked up with the comforting escapade of luxury tents and lies in the lap of verdant and silvery mountains. 

    These stunning accommodations are furnished with every kind of luxury and creature comfort that you can possibly think of. The campsite is resplendent with 18 luxury Swiss tents, each of which feature king size beds that are four poster and each tent comes with the luxury of an attached bathroom along with hot and cold water. Just walking into one will make you feel like you have taken an escape into royalty.

    Activities: Trekking, heli skiing, river rafting and fishing.

  • 13Tirthan Jibhi Camp

    If you are looking for a true experience of camping in Manali along with an escape to an adventurous destination, then guide your feet to the Tirthan Jibhi camp, which offers a beautiful ambience in the escapes of nature. The campsite is located well within the Great Himalayan National Park as well as another one at the shores of River Jibhi. 

    The snow fed river gushes merrily right outside the campsite. The accommodation quarters consist of Deluxe Cottage Tents which have a sufficiently large carpeted area, slightly smaller but comfortable hill safari tents and mess tents.

    Activities: Tracking, River Crossing, River Rafting, Rock Climbing, Jeep Safari.

  • 14Mulkila Adventure Camps

    Mulkila Adventure Camps in Manali offers a comfortable and memorable escapade into the arms of nature and is one of the premier places for camping in Manali. The camps can be organized at various locations throughout Manali and are known for their irresistible combination of easy mobility, comfort and adventure sports. 

    The camps are cottages as well as three man tents that can easily accommodate medium to large groups. The activities at the campsites include rock climbing, river crossing, trekking, hiking, rappelling and team building activities. 

Camping in Manali