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Frequently Asked Questions

About the destination:

Leh – the place in India where land meets heaven is one the very popular tourist destinations that attract visitors from all over the world. The sun kisses the beautiful faces in the city which is very far away from all the bustling noise and population of a typical city. This vast piece of land situated in the Himalayans holds the potential to make everyone speechless especially when it comes to beauty and serenity.

This beautiful hilly destination lies in the middle of three great ranges namely, Ladakh, the Himalayan range and the Karakoram range and is situated approximately 3000 to 5000 meters above the sea level.

There is a lot that the place offers apart from the scenic beauty such as the endless number of activities. The people are just as calm as the beautiful weather and food in mindblowing too. The district of Leh is situated in such a way that the place remains bounded by Pakistan occupied Kashmir in the west and China in the North. The Eastern portion consists of Lahul Spiti of Himachal Pradesh. With the state capital Srinagar, the place is situated merely 474kms away from Manali – which is another popular destination.

Travel Advice:
  • The politically sensitive Leh: Tourism is comparatively new to the region of Leh with only a few years of experience in this field and given how politically sensitive Leh is, it is quite tricky as to how one must approach situations in this place. One requires special permits to visit the Inner Line regions and these are available from local authorities.

  • Don’t be dehydrated: If you’re visiting this beautiful location, it is important that you also indulge in trekking since the most primary attraction is that and if you’re going to do that then it also becomes important for you to keep enough stock of drinking water. Sometimes, serious problems can be caused due to lack of care.

  • Photography: Like mentioned previously, Leh is rather politically sensitive. Hence, photography too is prohibited in certain places. Keep a look out for sign boards which warn you of such restrictions and make sure you obey them.

  • Bottled water: It is more advisable to carry bottled water throughout your journey and not drink the local water as it can get quite polluted.

  • Drinking laws: There are only two known vendors in Leh that sell alcohol and if they happen to ask for IDs, then it is essential that you provide them with that. Alcohol is generally permitted as per the country’s rules but it is better to stay safe than become sorry later on. Apart from that, the nightlife is quite relaxed but also exciting.

What you cannot afford to miss:
  • The beautiful mountains of Leh: The whole district of Leh is typically mountainous with approximately three parallel ranges that consist of the Himalayas, the Zanskars and the Ladakhi ranges. In fact, there are serene rivers flowing through these ranges. For instance, the Shayok and the Indus which make up for the requirements of the locals. Explore these beautiful and scenic places with the help of a trusted guide.

  • Town hopping in Leh: Set your foot in the beautiful little town of Leh and you will realize just how wonderful everything that comprises Leh is. The twon consists of the Palace which was the former mansion of the royal family. There is much historic relevance lying to this place wherein the great Dalai Lama was only once a part of. You will truly understand the feeling in-depth once you visit this place yourself.

  • Visit the famous Pangong-Tso lake: Remember that breathtaking view that is showcased in many of the famous Bollywood movies? Well, that place truly exists and is not just a set created with artificial backdrops. It is called the Pangong-Tso lake which stretches through the boundary between India and Bhutan. You can camp in and around the place and there are many services that will happily allow you to do so. Indulge in extra-curricular activities too while you’re at it.

  • Visit the historic passes: We are sure you have heard of the Khardungla pass. Well, it might look like just a simple road to many but if you take a closer look, the place is quite beautiful. The Khardungla pass is managed by the Border Roads Organization and is the gateway to the north. This place holds much historic relevance and due to that, it has successfully emerged as one of the most important tourist spots in India.

  • Spiritual oneness at monasteries: There are numerous monasteries situated in and around Leh. The spiritual energy one receives at such places is truly enchanting by nature. This is one of those must-do things for all tourists who visit Leh.

What you will like in Leh:
  • Watch the sunrise sitting by the lake: One thing that you cannot absolutely miss is watching the sunrise by the lake situated in Leh. Camping in and around coupled with spending quality time with your loved one at such a scenic place will help you feel whole and complete.

  • Walk through the mountains and hear them birds tweet: Quit tweeting from your phone. Instead, take a closer look at the mountains and hear the birds tweet away to glory. The glistening magic that this place holds is way above what your phone can offer you.

  • Witness a local marriage: Each one of us hail from varied backgrounds. What we do is quite different, our mannerisms, our cultures and so on. Similarly, in Leh as well, it is quite fascinating to watch and even indulge in some of the ways the locals conduct certain ceremonies. Witness a typical Leh marriage if you’re lucky enough.

  • Food hopping: There are numerous typical food items that you can savor yourself in. Chief among them are momos. Imagine sipping on hot soups in the time of chilly monsoon climate of Leh! Isn’t that thought enticing. We are quite sure it is. So what are you waiting for? This is one of those must do things in Leh while you’re at it.

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