60 Things to Do in Langkawi 2021: Upto 40% Off
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Activities to Do in Langkawi

Visit Eagle Square, Check out Galeria Perdana, Take a ride on the Langkawi Cable Car, Check out the fish at Underwater World Langkawi, Soak in the water at Air Hangat Village, Enjoy the water sports at Pantai Cenang and many more.

Being an archipelago of 99 islands, there are an ample amount of Things to do in Langkawi which can be enjoyed by people who visit this beautiful destination. Home to the breathtaking beaches and loads of dark woods, Langkawi is the best location to indulge in some nature-based adventure activities like hiking and beachside activities.

From surfing the deep blue waters to diving and marvelling at the extraordinary marine life, the psalm-laden shores of Langkawi will provide you with numerous entertainment options. The soaring peaks of the Island have been challenging many trekkers and provide them with a much rush in adrenaline as they traverse through the deep forest and rocky terrains.

Activities to do in Langkawi not only provide you with the much-required adventure but also offer you some recreational time amidst the best of nature. From the natural and healthy spas to the long and calming walks on the shores, a vacation here will make sure that you enjoy the best of everything. Be it dancing in its chic nightclubs or enjoying a session of shopping in the flea markets, the small area of Langkawi is home to a massive amount of adventures and activities.
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Newly Added Langkawi Experience

Langkawi Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Langkawi

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It was a lovely experience. The speed of the cruise was just nice for participants to enjoy the view.It's the best way to have a view of entire landscape.
What a awesome experience to explore the jungle, as we climb up we learn more about the nature. Special Thanks to our tour guide.
Waterfall Zipline, Langkawi Geopark, Rare wildlife. What not in this amazing package. Totally worth it.
Totally in love with this place. Must visit here. Highly recommended! Very well maintained and the staff is very kind!
It was a fun-filled ride across the forest and rice fields...the guide is really professional and supportive..nice experience!
We had a fantastic experience I was a bit apprehensive about the safety aspects but I needn't have worried. The equipment is in good condition and the lines are well maintained
A complete package of exciting activities and a thrilling adventure throughout the time you spend there. One of the best in the world.
Once in a lifetime experience. Watching this variety of marine life with world-famous giant sea creatures is worthwhile. You never know how your time spent there. It’s an eye-pleasing activity to go for. Worth a visit in a lifetime.
Mesmerized by the beauty of different islands we had visited there and each island offers a different variety of views.
It was a nice experience we enjoyed the different islands there, had a great fun there in so much discounted rates from Thrillophilia, totally worth it.

People Also Ask About Langkawi Things To Do

  1. Which are the best things to do in Langkawi?

    1. Visit Langkawi Sky Bridge: Visiting the spectacular Sky Bridge is one of the best Things to Do in LangkawiThis is a curved pedestrian bridge, which is 125 metres long, and offers some of the most enthralling views of the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, Gunung Mat Cincang and numerous islets that surround Langkawi.

    Situated at an elevation of 700 metres above the sea level, the bridge is accessible by cable car and can accommodate up to 250 people at a time. While the bridge is fitted with double steel railing and has an enclosed wire mesh, the view from above is nothing less than daunting.

    Location: Jalan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Timing: 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. 

    2. Explore Dataran Lang (Eagle Square): One of the best Activities to Do in Langkawi is to explore the Dataran Lang. Commonly known as Eagle Square, this attraction in Langkawi has a striking sculpture of an eagle that is about to take flight. The sculpture is 12 metres tall, and is set atop an elevated platform, which adds to its magnificence.

    The Eagle Square is located in close proximity to several major restaurants and duty-free shops in Langkawi, along with other attractions like Kuah Jetty, Taman Lagenda and Dalam Langkawi. The square is also home to many beautiful miniature fountains, bridges and terraces and offers serene views of the harbour. 

    Location: Kuah Jetty, Langkawi

    3. Take a ride in the Langkawi Cable Car: Among the top Langkawi best things to do is to take a ride in the Langkawi Cable Car. The cable car takes you on an exciting 15-minute ride to the top of the Mat Cincang Mountain, while offering scintillating vistas of the dense rainforests, islets as well as gushing waterfalls of the region.

    The ride begins from the Oriental Village, and takes you all the way to the top of the 708-metre-tall peak. Upon reaching the top, you can enjoy taking photographs, soak in the verdant natural vistas or even shop for souvenirs at the stalls. There are several cafes here for you to grab a quick bite, in addition to an observatory deck.

    Location: Jalan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau, Langkawi, Malaysia
    Timing: 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. 

    4. Have Fun at Underwater World Langkawi: Another one of the best Things to Do in Langkawi is to spend some time having fun at the Underwater World Langkawi. This is a 15-metre-long walkthrough underwater tunnel that is located along the vibrant beach town of Pantai Cenang.

    It is here where you can enjoy views of more than 500 different species of underwater creatures. From harbour seals, sharks, giant stingrays and rockhopper penguins, to seahorses, flamingos, mandarin ducks as well as green turtles, you can see it all up close here.

    Location: Jalan Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Timing: 09:30 a.m. to 06:30 p.m.

    5. Visit Gunung Raya: Paying a visit to Gunung Raya is among the top Activities to Do in LangkawiSituated at an elevation of 881 metres above sea level, it is said to be the highest peak in all of Langkawi. Upon reaching the peak, one can enjoy panoramic views of the entire island, in addition to catching sights of some of the major attractions, rainforests, waterfalls and islets here.

    According to legends, it is said that a mountain is a cursed form of the giant Mat Raya, who used to inhabit the island. You can also hike to the top of the peak through the dense rainforest, where you can see exotic animals like leaf monkeys, flying foxes, squirrels, macaques as well as mountain hawks and white bellied sea eagles. 

    Location: Jalan Air Hangat, Langkawi, Malaysia

    6. See Wildlife at Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise: Among the Langkawi best things to do is to see the wide range of animals and birds at the Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise. A visual treat for nature lovers and enthusiasts, this park is the abode of more than 2,500 exotic birds from 150 different species.

    From canaries, parakeets and ducks to owls, eagles, toucans, hornbills and flamingos, you can see it all here. The presence of a walk-in aviary and a 15-metre-tall man made waterfall add to the beauty of the park. You can also enjoy animal feeding sessions here, where you can feed raccoons, crocodiles, pelicans as well as hornbills.

    Location: Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pecah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Timing: 08:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. 

    7. Explore Pulau Payar Marine Park: Exploring the Pulau Payar Marine Park is one of the most popular Things to Do in LangkawiLocated around 30 kilometres to the south of the Langkawi Island, this marine park is the best spot to indulge in snorkelling and scuba diving in the region.

    Accessible by a speedboat ride, this park is home to a stunning Coral Garden, which is essentially a secluded area in the park and is filled with brightly coloured corals. There is also an underwater observation chamber here, which offers visitors a chance to see the rich marine life present here. 

    Location: Kompleks EB Adina pekanBaru Baron Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

    8. See Art at Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D Museum: You must also include a visit to the Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D Museum and witness the artworks here, which ranks among the top Langkawi best things to doHome to over 200 stunning works of art, the museum is the largest 3D museum in all of Malaysia, in addition to being the second largest of its kind in the world.

    The three-storey museum boasts of 9 interactive zones, which includes optical illusion, classic, aquatic, landscapes, safari, fantasy, castles, Malaysian and Egyptian zones. All of the artworks here are said to have been hand-painted by 23 of the most popular Korean artists, and exude stunning optical illusions. A major attraction here is the 3D painting of Kuala Lumpur skyline with stunning images of Petronas Tower, KL Tower, and Abdul Samad Building. 

    Location: Oriental Village, Burau Bay, Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Timing: 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. 

    9. Visit Taman Lagenda Langkawi: Another popular thing to do in Langkawi is to visit the Taman Lagenda. Located near the Kuah Jetty, this is a beautifully landscaped open air garden museum, and folklore-themed park which you can explore either on foot or in a buggy ride.

    Offering serene views of the Kuah waterfront, the garden museum is home to 17 colourful sculptures, which are said to depict the local Langkawi legends. Some of these include folktales of heroic giants, evil ogres, mythical birds as well as beautiful princesses. The garden is also a popular place to enjoy a serene picnic with your friends and family. 

    Location: Kuah, 07000 Kuah, Kedah, Malaysia

    10. Gaze Beauty of Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls: Of all the Langkawi best things to doyou must not forget to witness the immense beauty of the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. Said to be the home of the fairies by locals, the falls are definitely a sight to behold.

    Located on the western headlands of Langkawi, the name of the waterfalls translates to Seven Wells Waterfalls, and has been named after the seven connected natural pools which are fed by seven separate waterfalls in Gunung Mat Cincang. In addition to soaking in the scenic vistas, you can also take a dip in the cool waters of the falls, or hike to its top. 

    Location: Telaga Harbour Park, Gunung Mat Cincang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Langkawi?

    1. Island Hopping In Langkawi: Island hopping in Langkawi is considered to be one of the most adventurous activities that one can take to explore the islets of Langkawi Archipelago.

    You can head out on your exploration tour on a jet ski at a speed of about 40 km per hour. The tour would take about 4 hours in which you can visit the largest sweet water lake of Malaysia as well as a number of ancient limestone caves. You can also swim in the turquoise water of the lagoon.

    2. Langkawi Adventure In Skytrex: 
    Skytrex is Langkawi happens to be one of the most loved adventure experiences that you can take part in. This canopy walkway is constructed in the middle of the lush green rainforest to make things just wonderful for you.

    In the course of taking this tour, you will have encounters with 33 obstacles that include flying foxes and various swings. The surprises will surely be adorable and you will just fall in love with them.

    3. Marvel At The Ayer Hangat Hot Springs: 
    Ayer Hangat Hot Springs is a place where you can spend time taking on the adventure of the place away from the crowded city environment.

    The hot spring has got an outdoor pool with bathrooms, a number of reflexology paths and sheltered areas for dipping the feet. You can spend wonderful time with your group mates in the hot springs in the evening hours when the temperature of the air drops down.

    4. Hike up to the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall: 
    Telaga Tujuh which is also known as seven natural pools is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the islands of Langkawi.

    The route to reach this 91 meter high cascading waterfall will surely challenge your adventure guts. You will be climbing up for about 678 stairs in the middle of the jungles. You can also hike up to Mount Mat Cincang, the second highest peak.
  3. What are the best things to do in Langkawi for couples?

    1. Fall for the Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D Museum: Paradise 3D museum is home to more than 200 impressive artworks that appear almost lively. This is the largest museum in Malaysia and the second largest in the whole world with nine interactive zones.  within three storey buildings.

    2. Head out to the beautifully landscaped Taman Lagenda Langkawi: 
    Taman Lagenda Langkawi happens to be one of the most beautiful landscape themed parks. It has an open air garden museum that houses about 17 colourful sculptures depicting Langkawi legends including tales of heroic giants, mythical birds, evil ogres and beautiful princesses.

    3. Go close to the nature at Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls: 
    Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls is yet another natural attraction that the locals claim to be the home of faeries. This waterfall is located on the western headlands which lets the visitors enjoy cool water dips or steep inclined climbs.

    4. Try out Mega Water Sports: 
    Mega watersports happens to be a reasonably priced jet ski island that lets tourists satisfy their adrenaline rush in the course of their stay. Some of the widely popular water sport activities that you can take part in are paddle boating, kayaking, go trekking, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, and wakeboarding.
  4. What are the best things to do in Langkawi with family?

    1. Visit Gunung Raya: Gunung Raya happens to be the highest peak in Langkawi that has got an altitude of about 881 meters. The dense rainforest is home to a number of varied wildlife such as leaf monkeys, flying foxes, macaque monkeys, and many more.

    2. Head out for bird watching at Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise: 
    Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise happen to be a great spot for families and animal lovers to visit. You should not miss out on witnessing the animal feeding sessions for raccoons, crocodiles, pelicans, and hornbills between 11:00 AM in the morning and 16:00 PM in the evening.

    3. Langkawi Sky Bridge: 
    Take a tour of the Langkawi Sky Bridge along with your loved family members and capture some of the scenic views all around.

    4. Marvel along with the sea creatures at Pulau Payar Marine Park: 
    Pulau Payar Marine Park happens to be a prominent spot where you can head out for snorkelling and diving along with your family members.
  5. What are the best things to do in Langkawi with friends?

    1 Marvel at the Sunset Deck: Sunset deck happens to be an idyllic bar that is located inside the Bon Ton Resort. This place offers an open seating by the pool which is again surrounded by lush coconut trees and a beachside.

    2. Stroll on the Langkawi Sky Bridge: 
    Langkawi sky bridge happens to an architectural marvel that attracts every single tourist visiting Langkawi from all over the world. This 125 meter long pedestrian bridge offers amazing views of the verdant Gunung Mat Cincang, Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, and several islets surrounding Langkawi.

    3. Take a cable car ride: 
    In the course of your visit to Langkawi, you must try out a cable car ride with your friends for about 15 minutes to reach the top of Mount Mat Cincang. You will be able to relish breathtaking views of the rainforests, islands, and cascading waterfalls.

    4. Dive deep into the underwater world: 
    The underwater world in Langkawi is yet another beautiful place that you can visit along with your friends. The underwater world is home to more than 500 different species of sea creatures.
  6. What are the best things to do in Langkawi at night?

    1. Overlook the beautiful coastline from the The Yellow Café: The Yellow cafe is a widely known all day restaurant that doubles up as a lounge as the sun sets into the blue ocean. This place is vibrant and has got a welcoming atmosphere with a separate indoor section, beachfront lounge area, and cocktail bar.

    2. Relish the vibe of the upscale open air D’Reef at The Cliff, Langkawi: 
    D’Reef happens to be an upscale open air bar that is located at the cliff restaurant and is widely held for its panoramic views of the sea. You can relish a wide range of drinks such as wines, irish whiskeys, scotches, cognancs, vodkas, and beers.

    3. Dance to the heart thumping music at Antero, Langkawi: 
    Antero is considered to be one of the best clubs in Langkawi where you can enjoy the tropical vibe and great music to set your mood to dancing. This two storey place offers amazing views of the beach and coastline.
  7. What are the best watersports to experience in Langkawi?

    1. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving happens to be one of the most loved water based Things to do in Langkawi that you can enjoy in the course of your visit to Langkawi. Taking part in these Activities to do in Langkawi, you can explore the underwater world to sight the brilliant marine life. You can take part in this Activities to do in Langkawi in between July to August, and from April to December.

    2. Parasailing: L
    angkawi gives you a chance to be flown like a kite attached to a boat. These thrilling Activities to do in Langkawi on the beach will definitely give you a once in a lifetime experience.

    3. Wakeboarding: 
    Wakeboarding happens to be one of the popular water sports to try out. You will be given introductory lessons from our expert guides before you actually try out yourselves. Some of the best places to try out wakeboarding are Malaysia Sea Sports in Mersing, Johor as well as Putrajaya, and The Mines in Kuala Lumpur.

    4. Jet Skiing: 
    Jet skiing certainly happens to be a fun filled way to spend your time along the pristine coastline of Langkawi. This activity will surely give you an exhilarating experience that you will never forget in your lifetime.

    You can also head out for an exploration tour to various Malay Islands, bird watching at Singa Besar Islands, and coastal mangrove forests. Some of the best places to try out this sport is Pantai Cenang Beach on Langkawi Island.
  8. Which are the best places for shopping in Langkawi?

    1. Teow Soon Huat Duty-Free Shopping - Jalan Padang Matsirat: It is a popular shopping destination for tourists as it offers duty free shopping in its 60 outlets, 12 eateries, and a supermarket. You can easily get a wide variety of apparel, bags, confectionery products, and much more.

    2. The Zon Shopping Paradise - Pantai Cenang: 
    The Zon Shopping Paradise offers you to buy some of the cheapest chocolates, liquor, tobacco and perfumes. You can also get cosmetics, souvenirs, gifts, jewellery, clothing, and watches from this place.

    3. Jetty Point Complex - Kompleks Perniagaan Kelibang: 
    Jetty point complex happens to be a two storey shopping mall that is a popular last minute shopping stopover for visitors. This shopping hub deals with branded clothing and accessories, duty-free cosmetics, leather goods, perfume, sportswear, liquor, cigarettes, and much more.

    4. Cenang Mall - Jalan Pantai Cenang: 
    Cenang Mall is a two storey shopping complex that has got a pharmacy, supermarket, retail outlets, and a number of restaurants. It is best recommended for tourists who wish to have a comfortable shopping experience in Langkawi.
  9. Which are the best islands to visit in Langkawi?

    1. Pulau Payar Marine Park: Pulau Payar Marine Park happens to be a widely known site for water based adventure activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. If you want an answer to what to do in Langkawi, then it would be to see brilliant and vibrant marine life.

    2. Pulau Dayang Bunting: 
    Pulao Dayang Bunting happens to be the largest uninhabited island that has got a resemblance of the silhouette of a reclined pregnant lady from a distance. As per the local belief, barren women become fertile swimming in the freshwater of the lake.

    3. Pulau Beras Basah: 
    Pulau Beras Basah is adorned with widespread white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, verdant mountains, and swaying palm trees. Tourists love to carry out some adventure activities like banana boat rides, parasailing, and jet-skiing.

    4. Pulau Singa Besar: 
    Pulau Singa Besar happens to be a massive wildlife sanctuary which is home to a wide variety of eagles, monkeys, mouse deer, hornbills, snakes, monitor lizards and peacocks. Tourists love to go for island hopping tours at this place.
  10. What is the best time to visit Langkawi?

    The best time to visit Langkawi would be from the month of November to the month of April. It is the time of the year when you will be able to enjoy a perfect balance of light sunshine and light rainfall.

    This time is just perfect for indulging in outdoor Things to do in Langkawi and carrying out some adventure activities as well. The temperature of Langkawi remains in the range of 30 degree celsius to 35 degree celsius in the day time and 28 degree celsius and 29 degree celsius in the night time.
  11. What is famous in Langkawi?

    Langkawi happens to be an island destination on the west coast of Malaysia. It constitutes about 99 islands and they are known for their mystical legends, pristine beaches, exquisite rainforests, and shopping paradise. Coming over to these islands, you can enjoy life at its best and this is what the islands of Langkawi are famous for.
  12. Is Langkawi worth visiting?

    Yes, Langkawi is definitely worth visiting and you will just fall in love with everything present in the pristine and serene destination. No matter what kind of traveller you are, Langkwai has something for you.

    You can marvel at the pristine coastline, shop from the duty free shopper’s paradise as well as tour in and around the islands on your rented bike exploring the full of life vibe of Langkawi. This is a perfect holiday destination for wanderlust travellers, honeymoon couples, and adventure seekers.
  13. Is Langkawi safe?

    Langkawi is a very safe place to visit as this place is crowded mainly by tourists from all over the world. As the majority of the population are tourists, the occurrence of theft and any other mischievous activity are very minimal.

    You will surely have a great time in this wonderful place along with your loved ones and if at all you come across any kind of inconveniences then you can get in touch with the helpful concerned authorities.
  14. How many days do you need in Langkawi?

    In order to cover all the important places of tourist interest and marvel at the popular landmarks taking part in the Things to do in Langkawi you would at least need to spend 3 days.
    - On the day one  of the tour, you  can arrive at the beach and spend some playful time with your loved ones.
    - On the second day of the tour, you can drive around the island to explore the noteworthy places.
    - On the third day of the tour, you can Langkawi Cable Car ride, try out some Water Sports, go Island Hopping, do a Sunset Dinner Cruise, or head out on mangrove cruise.
  15. Where I enjoy sky diving in Langkawi? Is it safe to it? What are its charges?

    Sky Diving is an exhilarating adventure activity that is quite popular around Langkawi. Skydiving can be done with reputed and experienced tandem skydiving instructors in Langkawi who offer island beach landing wih proper safety measures.

    Skydiving is commenced by taking people on a plane from the airport and then letting them freefall or skydive over and land on the soft sandy stretch of the picturesque Tanjung Rhu Beach. Skydiving is completely safe in Langkawi where each diver is fastened along with an expert co instructor to a parachute.

    Skydiving packages starts from 300 USD/INR 20,000 and goes up till 436 USD/INR 30000.

  16. Which are the best sites for birding in Langkawi?

    Langkawi is a hub for residents as well as migratory birds and rare species of birds which can be sighted at several birding sites spread across the archipelago in wet lands, rainforest, mangroves, reed lands and scrub forests. Head to the Geopark water area to witness eagle feeding and Gunung Raya Mountain is the perfect place to sight Great Hornbills and Wreathed Hornbills together.

    The dense rainforests in the Datai Bay area and the slopes of the mount Mat Cincang are the best places to spot birds like Flower Peckers, Hill Mynas, Woodpeckers, Oriental pied Hornbils, Dollarbirds, and more, between the months of October to April. Birds are also sighted at the Kilim area and along the Kilim River.

  17. Where can I do jet skiing in Langkawi? How much will it cost me?

    Jet Skiing is widely gaining popularity in Malaysia and Langkawi is not behind when it comes to such adventure sport. One can easily get a Jet Ski on rent from one of the beach counters of Pantai Cenang or Burau bay beach at the western coastline of the island and take an enthralling ride into the open sea. One can also hire Jet Ski from Tanjung Rhu beach on an hourly basis.

    Many operators also provide guided Jet Ski Tours encompassing several natural attractions like caves, limestone cliffs, lakes, tiny islands, lagoons, mangroves and many such breath taking sites. A standard Jet Ski Rental can be availed at 115 USD/INR 7600 and can go up till 170 USD/INR 11000.

  18. Which are the best destinations for cruising experiences in Langkawi?

    Langkawi offers great cruising escapades across its 99 islands and islets. There are many operators who carry out Private full day cruise, Dinner and Sunset Cruises that explores Langkawi’s reserve of natural resources like caves, lagoons, limestone cliffs and prominent beach areas. Cruise experiences are always pre-booked and regular departures are taken place from prominent beach areas of Berjaya, Datai, Chawi Bay and Tanjung Rhu.

    Cruises also operate from the Awana Porto Malai Terminal at the southern end of Pantai Tengah and some from Kuah. Private catamaran rides takes its guests to various snorkelling spots where one can swim in calm waters and snorkel with colourful reef fishes.

  19. Where can I enjoy a banana boat ride in Langkawi? How much will it cost?

    The Banana Boat ride is a fun water activity that can be experienced by the whole family. Major cruise operators like Naam and Wavequest Watersports offer Banana Boat Ride packages for all tourists. A Banana Boat Ride involves a speed boat pulling the banana boat onto the sea where it spins until the passengers fall into the sea.

    Most banana boat rides are taken place at tourist beach areas in Langkawi like Pantai Kok, Pantai Tengah – Cenang & Beras Basah Island. Banana Boat Rides cost between 15 USD/INR 1000 to 23 USD/INR 1500 for two persons.

  20. Which are the best locations for parasailing in Langkawi?

    Parasailing in Langkawi is very popular among locals and tourists alike and is taken place around beach areas of Tengah, Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Cenang and Kuah. Parasailing in Langkawi gives one breat taking views of the archipelago and the Malaysian Coast and the experience garners for the sailor, high-octane fun in the air.

    Beach and Water Parasailing activities are offered by various adventure sport organisation in Langkawi where they provide all equipment like life vests and harnesses that help three people to safely fly side by side. A half an hour Parasailing experience involving a ten minute boat ride before the flight, a flight of about 10 min and the boat ride back of about 10 min costs INR 3000/46 USD for one person.

  21. Where can I go fishing in Langkawi?

    When in Langkawi, discover the joy to fishing as the archipelago boasts of a thriving fauna life where one can fish on exotic fishes like Snappers, Barracuda, Mackeral, Stingrays, King Fish, Wahoo and more. Enjoy fishing in Langkawi at world class fishing destinations of Pekan Rabu, Teluk Baru, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Kuah and Cenang.

    Many tour operators provide private boats and arrange for daily fishing trips for tourist groups. A fishing adventure package takes one for a 5-hour fishing experience, swimming, and beach trip from Langkawi.

  22. Where to head for snorkelling in Langkawi? What are its charges?

    There are few islands in Langkawi that offer unmatched experience of oceanic life and many sites of fresh water lakes surrounded by mountains are great areas to try out snorkelling. The Pulau Payar Marine Park in Langkawi offers the best snorkelling experience in Langkawi as it boasts of soft sandy beaches, clear waters and great reefs where one gets the opportunity to observe marine life up close and personal.

    Snorkelling Packages of the park includes Hotel transfer, 2 snorkelling sessions, packed lunch, Snorkelling equipment and the Marine Park fee. Such snorkelling packages starts from 114 USD/INR 7400.

  23. Which are the best destinations for kayaking in Langkawi? How much will it cost?

    The best destination for Kayaking in Langkawi is at the Kilim Mangrove Forest Reserves, which features a beautiful well protected green mangrove forests. Kayaking adventures are conducted by experienced operators where passengers are picked from Kilim jetty for a boat ride to the bat cave from where one can paddle through the mangrove forests in a kayak.

    A standard 4-hour Kayaking adventure package costing 69 USD/INR 4500 includes a fish-feeding show at the local fish farm, Kayak ride, refreshments and transportation back to the hotel.

  24. Where can I do wakeboarding in Langkawi? How much will it cost?

    Wakeboarding is an enthralling and fun water sport that is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The islands of Langkawi are very scenic covered at sides by jungle clad hills and the archipelago offers great views of limestone formations, caves and lagoons that make water sports like wakeboarding a rewarding experience.

    For Wakeboarding the right amount of pressure, speed and balance is required and such instructions are given out before a session. Wakeboarding is majorly conducted by expert professionals. Pantai Tengah is the best beach to try your hand in wake boarding and one ride can cost up to INR 4000/62 USD.

  25. Which are some famous caves to explore in Langkawi? Is it safe to go there?

    Langkawi is an archipelago that is characterised by its unique geological formations and thus the islands are blessed with an abundance of stunning caves. The caves in Langkawi are UNESCO World Heritage Geoparks and the accessible ones are completely safe for explorations.

    The accessible caves features intriguing limestone formations overhanging from the ceilings and such caves can be explored on foot but to visit a few distant caves, one has to avail boat rides.

    The famous caves in Langkawi are:

    - Bat Cave
    - Gua Kelawar, Crocodile Cave
    - Gua Buaya, Porcupine Cave
    - Gua Landak, Porcupine Cave
    - Gua Landak, Gua Pasir Dagang
    - Gua Langsir
    - Cave of Banshee 

  26. Where can I do zip lining in Langkawi?

    Ziplining in Langkawi is a great adventure activity that lets one zip through the treetops of the oldest rainforest in Malaysia. Umgawa’s Zipline Eco Canopy Tour is the only Zipline circuit in Langkawi that offers 12 ziplining circuits of lengths up to 200 meters soaring over Seven Wells waterfall, through the towering trees of the rainforest canopy.

    The 2.5 hour long Zip line circuit lets one soar sky high grasping enchanting views of the Andaman Sea and the famous Langkawi Sky Cab.

  27. Where can I enjoy a wildlife safari in Langkawi? What are the timings?

    The Langkawi Wildlife Park is a tropical rainforest boasting of several species of birds, reptiles and mammals. The wildlife park is located in Kilim area and is a short drive from Kuah Town. The park is equipped with roofed and covered walkways all the way from the entry to exit for the convenience of the visitors who can enjoy the park and its exhibits without any worries.

    Tourists can also participate in feeding sessions with various animals and birds at a nominal fee. The entry to the park costs INR 430/7 USD and the park stays open daily from 8:30am - 6:00pm.

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