Jogini Waterfalls Overview

Jogini Waterfalls is situated in the picturesque village of Bahang, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, and is a testament to the best of nature. These falls descend from a height of around 150 feet and come with a mesmerising sight of the green surroundings of the Himalayas. Accessible via a moderate trek of about 3 kilometres from Vashisht Temple, Jogini Waterfalls falls from a cliff and joins the Beas river. 

For travelers seeking an immersive experience in the natural wonders of Manali, exploring Jogni Waterfalls should be a top priority, making it a must-include destination in the best tour packages for Manali. The Jogini waterfall is located in the outskirts of the Vashisht village in Manali district, Himachal Pradesh. This is a stream of water that falls from a cliff and emerges as this beautiful waterfall. Later, the water from this falls worth 150 feet tall flows into the Beas river and joins the Kullu valley.

The falls is a part of this beautiful trek that is no less than an adventure due to the slippery path. It can get risky, but it is so worth it. So whether you are an expert or if you are simply looking to give yourself a boost of adrenaline, then this trek has got you covered. This is a one hour trek but it is so worth it. Apart from the falls, the road to the falls is lined up with pretty cafes and restaurants that serve a variety of authentic Himachali dishes. 


• Watch the sight of the Jogini waterfall that plunges from a height of 150 feet from rugged cliffs. 
• Experience the fresh burst of energy as you have a bath in the waters of the Jogini waterfalls. 
• Visit the Vashisht temple and admire the unique architecture along with knowing more about its cultural significance
• Trek a rugged path to get a glimpse of the falls and fuel your cravings for adrenaline.
• Take a dip in the small pool of water located next to the waterfalls and experience the fresh burst of adrenaline.

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Jogini Waterfalls Reviews

Rajinder Kapoor
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
The hot water springs were the best part of the entire day. Taking a dip in the spring and relaxing there for some time was helpful. We felt so much energized from there and had so much energy to complete the trek without much of a hassle. Highly recommended place to visit in Manali.
Divjot Johar
Reviewed: 21 Jan 2020
The waterfall, the temple and the hot spring were beautiful and worth a visit in Manali. The entire activity was fun.

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