Paragliding in Manali

Manali Paragliding Packages

Duration Price
Paragliding In Manali20 mins
INR 1,749
River Rafting And Paragliding In Manali1 hour
INR 1,999

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Paragliding in Manali is a quintessential experience that you definitely should not miss when you are in Himachal Pradesh. The feeling of soaring above the age-old Himalayan mountains and watching the sun reflected from the surface of pristine lakes from a bird’s-eye view is an unparalleled experience that you are likely to cherish for a lifetime. 

There are several wonderful spots where you can go paragliding in Manali. Famous landmarks like the Solang Valley and Kangra Valley are ideal for tourists who want to explore the iconic landscapes and rugged terrains from up high. While other places like Fatru and Marhi are ideal for adrenaline junkies and experienced fliers who want to explore the vastness of beautiful mountains. When considering paragliding in Manali cost, it is good to know that the experience is quite affordable, irrespective of where you choose to take off. Also, you can do both solo and tandem paragliding here based on your experience. 

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Manali Paragliding FAQs

Which are the famous places for paragliding in and near Manali?

1. Solang Valley: One of the best places to go paragliding in Manali is the Solang Valley - one of the most picturesque places in the lap of the Himalayas. You are able to soar over lush green meadows of the Solang Valley and catch an unparalleled view of the surrounding mountain ranges capped with fresh snow from your vantage point in the air.
The paragliding activity in Solang Valley also comes with an instructor with whom you can fly in tandem.

Price: INR 1,200 per person
Timing: Monday to Sunday (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) only on a clear day 

2. Fatru: If you are an adventure lover and are looking for a beautiful, secluded spot to go paragliding in Manali, you can check out Fatru. While the takeoff spot is located in the middle of an open valley, the space in which you can go paragliding is fringed with the beautiful Himalayan mountain ranges.
If you are confident and experienced, then you can enjoy this activity on your own, or go tandem flying with a trained instructor. 

Price: INR 1,280 per person 
Timings: Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

3. Bijli Mahadev: 
Bijli Mahadev is an ancient temple located at a vantage point in the famous Kullu Valley in Manali. What makes this one of the best spots for paragliding in Manali is the high altitude of 6,300 feet from where you take off and the incredible sweeping views of the mountains that you can get during the experience.
During your flight, you can see some of the most remarkable landmarks in the area including the Dhauladhar mountain range, Friendship Peak and Pir Panjal Mountains. The activity is conducted in the presence of a certified professional who is tethered to you to navigate the parachute during your flight, to ensure absolute safety.

INR 1700 per person 
Timings: Monday to Sunday (11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ) 

4. Kangra Valley: 
For a one of a kind experience of paragliding in Manali, you can head to Kangra Valley - which is one of the most picturesque places in Himachal Pradesh. During your flight, you can catch incredible views of the ancient Tibetan Monasteries on the lap of the Himalayan Mountains.
It is recommended that you go sometime during the afternoon, so that you can catch the magical golden light of the sun on these temples and mountains. You can also check out several hidden mountain lakes, forests, valleys and other attractions from a birds eye view.

INR 2000 per person 
Timings: Monday to Sunday (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

5. Marhi: 
Taking off from an impressive height of 3360 metres, Marhi offers the perfect starting point for a wonderful adventure in Manali. The experience is famous for the sweeping views of the valleys it offers, along with the misty hills of the Himalayas.
This is one of the best locations for novices as well as adventure enthusiasts who want to go paragliding in Himachal. You can do this with a trained and certified professional who will manoeuvre the parachute and help you with the taking off and landing aspect of the activity. 

INR 1780 per person
Timings: Monday to Sunday (10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

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What is the best time to visit Manali for paragliding?

Between the months of April and June is considered the best time to go paragliding in various spots in Manali. This comprises the early summer season in the area, which increases the likelihood of clear skies and sunny, peaceful weather.

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is an adventure activity where you get to fly like a bird, only you take a flight with a wing called paraglider. A paraglider is a non-motorized inflatable wing which is launched into the air by only using pilot’s foot. The pilot is harnessed to the paraglider as he launches himself from the land to the wind and soars. It is absolutely safe and easy to learn.

How is paragliding done?

Paragliders are kind of an aircraft. They work on the same aerodynamic principles that are applied to keep Boeing aircraft in the sky. Paragliders are made from ripstop Nylon and high-stress Polyester fabric that help in easy launching and landing of the gliders.

The pilot is harnessed with paraglider before he takes a flight. He deploys the paraglider before launching himself into the air. Thereafter, the winds take him to the sky and help him soar. The only process involved is that the pilot runs on a slope until he is lifted off the ground by the paraglider.

However, if the glider fails to open completely, the launch is aborted. There is absolutely nothing to fear while trying this fun sport since the control always lies in the hands of the pilot.

How much does paragliding cost in Manali?

The average price of paragliding in Manali ranges from INR 700 to INR 2500 for 15-25 minute sessions. However, the price differs from place to place and also depends on the nature of paragliding you are opting for.

Is there any weight limitation for paragliding in Manali?

Yes, the weight limit to enjoy the experience paragliding in and around Manali is 80 kgs. This is to ensure a safe flight and easy navigation by the guide who accompanies you during the tour.

Is it safe to do paragliding in Manali?

Paragliding in Manali is one of the most adventurous things to do and comes along with inherent risks of adventure. However, it is very much safe to enjoy this sport under the guidance of professional instructors. The tour operators in Manali are very much focussed on safety measures and also have an emergency medical crew on the spot. There are trained pilots to accompany you on the flight and thus its quite safe to do paragliding in Manali.

Is there any chance of emergency landing while paragliding?

There is a risk involved in everything you do in life. However, it depends on the efficiency and skills of the pilot to keep paragliding as safely as he or she possibly can. The best thing about paragliding is that the pilot is always in control, from launch to landing. Paragliding is just like any other recreational activity.

The cases of emergency landing in paragliding are quite rare. A landing emergency in Paragliding can only occur in three cases— pilot’s misjudgment, a technical glitch and lack of preparation. In any case, if the situation gets uncomfortable, one can make a landing anytime.

What are the different types of paragliding in Manali?

Depending on your level of expertise, you can avail three types of flights when you try your hand at paragliding in the places in and around Manali. These include:

- Tandem flight: Where you can fly with a trained professional who will accompany you at every point of the experience. 

- Solo flight: Where you can fly solo, if you have the relevant qualifications, experience and confidence 

- Long flights: Where you can go on guided or solo tours that are longer than the standard 15-20 minutes flight duration

What are the other adventure sports in Manali?

There are numerous adventure sports in Manali such as camping, trekking, rafting, skiing, downhill cycling, Jeep safari, zorbing, angling, fishing, river crossing, kayaking, and rock climbing.

At what different altitude we can experience Paragliding in Manali?

To live the most captivating moments of paragliding in Manali, you can choose among the various categories of flights that are available. Nestled among the mountains, Manali offers you a flight from an altitude of 2500 metres to 3200 metres. The flights vary from place to place and offer different views of the landscape beneath ranging from mountain valleys, forests and lakes in Manali.

What kind of medical arrangements will be there if someone got injured?

All the tour operators who undertake paragliding in Manali have a staff that is trained in first aid measures. They try to offer the best possible help in case of any medical exigencies.

How fit should I be for Paragliding?

Men and women who are reasonably fit can easily learn paragliding. Fitness isn’t a major requirement for paragliding but it is recommended to not be overweight for comfort and safety purpose. Even so, a good majority of people are perfectly capable of flying via these gliders without any restriction.

What is solo paragliding & what is tandem paragliding?

Solo paragliding is when you fly alone in a single paraglider and it requires prior training to go alone in the sky. One can fly solo in paragliding after 12 to 15 days of training. In tandem paragliding, two people can fly in a single paraglider. In tandem paragliding, one person is a trained paraglider who pilots and another person doesn’t have to do anything but just enjoy the experiences of flying like a bird in the sky.

What are the health issue limitations?

There are no health limitations for paragliding. As long as you feel healthy yourself, it is absolutely alright to go paragliding. The sport is quite unique and in no way extreme, as portrayed by a lot of people. It is in fact, very healing for people who suffer from anxiety issues since the adrenaline secretes happy hormones in their brains. So, please, go ahead with this activity without any fear.

Can I fly solo if I'm new to paragliding?

You will need to take a course for paragliding which lasts for 10 to 15 days. After completing your training, you will be given a certificate and then you can take your solo flights in paragliding when you are in Manali. These courses are undertaken by professional instructors and teach you all the basics of the sport.

What is the usual paragliding height in Manali?

The paragliding sessions in Manali take place at a height of approximately 2050 meters. The best place to go for paragliding in Manali is Solang Valley. A usual paragliding session lasts from 45 to 50 minutes in Manali.

What is the minimum age to do paragliding?

Paragliding is an extremely safe sport and can be enjoyed by anyone who is above the age of 15. However, it is advised to those who are suffering from any ailments like heart conditions, epilepsy etc to not try paragliding for their own safety.

Can one capture his video while paragliding in Manali?

Yes, you can absolutely capture a video of your paragliding adventure. You can either capture your whole experience with a selfie stick or ask your pilot to shoot the whole session via GoPro or a camera that could stick effortlessly on his or your helmet. The best way is to ask your pilot to capture the video for you. He will arrange it for you.

What type of clothing is required to do paragliding?

There is no specific clothing required when you are going for paragliding tours in Manali. But people who are going for paragliding in Manali should carry some light jackets and woollen clothes. The paragliders are only advised to wear warm and thin T-shirts with comfortable shoes so that they can enjoy the experience at its best in Manali.

What are the basic things to keep in mind before paragliding?

Paragliding isn’t rocket science. It is a fun sport and is completely safe. Even so, here’s a list of all the things one should keep in mind while Paragliding-

- Make sure that when you are running before the take-off, you do not stop or sit down. This causes an imbalance which might hurt you and your pilot, both.

- Keep running until you soar high in the sky. In about 10 seconds, you leave the land and fly in the air.

- Try not to lean forward during the session. When you lean too forward in your seat, it becomes difficult for your driver to handle the glider and maintain the balance. Enjoy your ride comfortably.

- Don’t have heavy food right before your flight for obvious reasons. Since your body is not used to flying in an open sky, there are chances that you barf out all the food you have eaten a while ago. It is advisable to go for the session with an empty stomach.

- There is a possibility that you might lose control before or during your paragliding session. Try to breathe and calm your muscles, in case you panic. It is absolutely safe to paraglide as your pilot will take care of the business.

- Lastly, listen carefully to your pilot’s instructions. A good understanding with your pilot will make your paragliding experience a memorable one.

What all places can I see in Manali?

Known as one of the most popular hill stations of North India, Manali is always flocked with tourists to explore its enchanting landscapes. Some of the popular places which you can see in Manali are:

  • Hadimba Temple
  • Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art
  • Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa & Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa
  • Manu Temple
  • Club House
  • Vashisht Hot Water Springs
  • Maa Sharvari Temple
  • Nehru Kund
  • Jogini Falls
  • Solang Valley

What are the different things apart from paragliding which can be done in Manali?

Manali is often hailed as one of the most bustling hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. There is something for everyone and you can look forward to having a great time when you are in Manali.

Some of the different things which you can try in apart from paragliding in Manali are:

  • Trekking
  • Rafting
  • Bike ride to Rohtang Pass
  • Hike to Beas Kund
  • Hampta Pass Trek
  • Zorbing
  • Sulphur water bath at Manikaran
  • Trekking at Bhrigu Lake
  • Mountain biking

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Manali Paragliding Reviews

Dharamveer Kumar
Reviewed: 12 Jan 2023
Awesome experience... Thanks Thrillophilia
Dharamveer Kumar
Dharamveer Kumar
Dharamveer Kumar
Dharamveer Kumar
Vikas Goel
Reviewed: 06 Nov 2022
It was amazing experience, I enjoyed a lot. Staff is very polite and supportive because of there politeness, the fear factor was very less that' why i enjoyed
vikas goel
vikas goel
Dharamveer Kumar
Reviewed: 12 Jan 2023
Enjoyed a lot Awesome experience
Ng Teng
Reviewed: 05 Jan 2023
Do note that location is counter 3477 instead of the meetup point they sent (a good 1.3 hours walk away). Thankfully they cleared and managed their mistake quickly and we managed to catch the activity. Kudos to the team. Was a cool experience, lots of paragliding counters along the highway so do kee... Read More
Abdul Rahim
Reviewed: 05 Oct 2022
Both paragliding and river rafting were excellent.... In paragliding the pilot keep on compelling me to take 360 degree for extra 500....he keep on compelling till I landed... That's the worst part of it.... They delayed for about 2 and half hours for the arrival of pilot...
Saravanan Saravanan
Reviewed: 09 Mar 2021
Dreams Come True Paragliding - Time to Fly High and Capture all natural views through your eye. Remember it for your entire life. River Rafting - Enjoying the Beas River water flow with cool and chillness loaded fun activety. I booked both activity through thirllophilia. they took me at reaching ... Read More
saravanan Saravanan

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