Siyali Mahadev Overview

Siyali Mahadev Temple is built on a strong base of stone and cement. The wooden temple sits on top, a beautiful mix of chalets and pagodas. This is another thing that makes the temple stand out.

There are four levels in the pagoda. Two of them are smaller and are on the sides instead of in the middle, on top of the other two levels. From far away, the sides of the roof have carefully carved wood pieces that hang down and look like tassels.

A circle of wooden pillars supports the arches and the roof, making a space around the main shrine. There are a lot of smaller, carved wooden legs that hold up the wooden bars that are about a foot high on this porch-like structure. Also made of finely cut wood are the door frame and windows of the main shrine. In the temple is a swayambhu, a Shivalinga that appears independently.


• Beautiful mountains, forests, and the Beas River surround the temple.
• This temple is important to religious people. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
• There are pine trees and fresh air all around the temple.
• The story goes that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati came down from a tree trunk where the smaller temple is now standing.
• The main mohra is named "Jetha Mukh," which means "Lord Shiva's main face."

How To Reach

By car: The Siyali Mahadev Temple is on the Hadimba Temple route in Manali, 10 minutes from the city centre. Follow NH3 signs to the temple.

By Bus: The Manali Bus Depot, which is 2 km away, offers buses to the temple area. The temple is a short walk from the bus station.

By Train or Metro: The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, 146 kilometres away. From there, visitors can rent a local car to visit the temple.

By Foot: Manali residents near Mall Road can walk to Siyali Mahadev Temple in five minutes.

Best Time To Visit

The Siyali Mahadev Temple welcomes travelers year-round to appreciate its tranquil atmosphere and spiritual sanctity.

Best Time of Week: Weekends are hectic, so go for a calmer experience during the week. A weekday visit enhances spiritual reflection and bonding.

Best Time of Day: Tourists love mornings for their peaceful and beautiful sights. Meditation and thinking in the temple are ideal in the morning since the tranquil mood makes relaxing simple.

Other Essential Information

Visitor tips

  • If you are doing poojas, you should wear traditional clothes and ask the priest for more information.
  • Follow the temple's rules, like taking your shoes off before entering.
  • If you want a quieter time, go during the week because the temple is more relaxed than other nearby sites.
  • You can use photography to show off the beauty of the temple and its settings, but please be mindful of the holy nature of the place.
  • Take some time to look around the smaller temple behind Siyali Mahadev Temple. It is famous for its historical importance and stories about Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
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Point of Interest for Siyali Mahadev
Architectural Marvel

Architectural Marvel

With its sturdy stone base and complex timber frame, the Siyali Mahadev Temple showcases ancient craftsmanship. Himachali Kath-Kuni construction is seen in the temple's use of local materials and craftsmanship. The temple's strong stone base makes it stable and long-lasting, and the detailed wooden carvings add beautiful details to the structure. The temple is a stunning sight that draws people in. They love how the stone and wood make such a beautiful structure.

Scenic Surroundings

Scenic Surroundings

For those who visit the Siyali Mahadev Temple in Manali, the view of the lush grass, tall mountain peaks, and winding streams is beautiful. Setting the temple in a lush area makes it even more appealing, creating a beautiful background for sightseeing and spiritual thought. Many people are amazed by how beautiful the Himalayas are. They also make a nice background for the temple's peaceful atmosphere. People feel amazed and awed by the beautiful scenery around Siyali Mahadev Temple and want to connect with it.

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