15 Best Places To Visit In Kashmir For Honeymoon 2024
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Best Honeymoon Places To Visit In Kashmir

Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Kishtwar, Bhaderwah, Pulwama, Yousmarg, Badgam, Gurez, Kupwara and many more places in Kashmir. 

Every couple wants to spend their honeymoon gazing into each other's eyes, savoring the excellent weather, and soaking up the romantic atmosphere. If you and your life partner are trying to plan a romantic getaway, then let nature take you on an unforgettable romantic vacation in Kashmir. Choosing it as your destination is quite a wise decision because of the stunning places to visit in Kashmir for honeymoon. Kashmir is referred to as "heaven on the earth" because of the abundance of natural splendor and the opportunity to create precious, memorable moments with your loved one.

Your hearts will beat as one in Kashmir, and you will have many unforgettable memories created in the white snow backdrop of Gulmarg. When you're in the mood for romance, Kashmir's everlasting charm nestled in Srinagar and Sonmarg is the perfect accompaniment to the echo of flowing water as well as the fun vibes that surround you. Enjoy the stunning vistas in Aru Valley as you take the first step of the rest of your life together.

Here are some of the best honeymoon places to visit in Kashmir:

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This is one of the most romantic vacation places to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon, and it reinvents the meaning of love with its breathtaking charm. Take a ride in a Shikara on a magnificent Dal Lake or Nagin Lake during this journey and see some of the most beautiful scenery in Kashmir. A honeymoon in Srinagar can include everything from hiking to touring the magnificent Hazratbal Mosque.

You'll be enchanted by the variety of contrasts and elegance that can be found throughout the landscape. The Apple Orchards, Shalimar Bagh, Shankaracharya Temple, Pari Mahal, Tulip Garden, and the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, where migratory birds can be seen, will all take your breath away. Inside the Mughal Garden in Srinagar, visitors can take a blissful stroll with their companion and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Best Time: April to October

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As a dreamy destination in Kashmir, it is undeniably among the most popular places to visit. Throughout the summer, this hill station provides a picturesque view of lush valleys. In the cooler months, skiing down snow-covered peaks and on frozen lakes is a popular outdoor activity. It's hard to imagine a better place for newlyweds to spend quality time together than Gondola Gulmarg. Gulmarg's awe-inspiring scenery will mesmerize you and add the element of romance to your romantic honeymoon.

You'll have a lifetime of memories to look back on thanks to the snow-capped mountain peaks, breathtaking views, and pleasant climate. It's one of the finest places to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon, and it'll never fail to impress.

Best Time
: The best months for seeing snow are October through March, and the ideal months for seeing vibrant scenery are April through May.

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Pahalgam is the place to be if you really would like to experience Kashmir's blissful vibes on your honeymoon. You can unwind and explore the Aru Valley and Betaab Valley in peace and tranquility. It's the perfect place to enjoy a honeymoon because of the surrounding landscaped gardens and valleys. This hill town has enticing views that will definitely tempt you to stay for a longer time.

In addition to Baisaran and Tullian Lake, other famous locations for romantic outings include Betaab Valley, Aru Valley, and Shesh. For a romantic honeymoon, look no further than this picturesque location and its well-known valley.

Best Time: March to November.

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Sonmarg in Kashmir is among the most poetic honeymoon destinations because of its mountains and valleys, and serene lakes. On a trip to Sonmarg, you may go trout fishing, see pleasant landscapes, and view many waterfalls. Its freshwater lakes, such as Krishnasar, Gangabal, Vishansar, and Gadsar, are breathtaking from the top of the valleys, having spectacular scenery.

It's hard to miss the Nilagard stream in Sonmarg, which flows into the Sind River and provides a breathtaking vantage point to take your breath away. Picture hiking down to the Baltal Valley and seeing this beautiful lake water and iced creeks. White water rafting or trekking to Machoi Peak, Amarnath Peak, and Kolahoi Peak are great ways to get your adrenaline pumping.

Best Time: April to October

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Kishtwar, surrounded by high mountain peaks, is the finest honeymoon destination in Kashmir for newlyweds who enjoy long strolls in the countryside. Without a doubt, pine forests and lush deodar trees create an excellent environment where one can experience love and serenity.

Paddar, known for its ruby and sapphire mining areas, is a must-see if you want to take advantage of Kashmir's extraordinary landscape. Keep an eye out for the Tatta Pani, a well-known hot spring, and be a pair who takes pleasure in the tranquility while bringing back many memories. Natural beauty at its finest can be found in abundance in Kishtwar.

Best Time
: May to October

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Bhadarwah is renowned as "Mini Kashmir" and boasts unsurpassed natural splendor, making it one of the top places to visit in Kashmir on honeymoon. Planning a romantic getaway to this location allows you to experience the true wonder of Bhaderwah, which is distinguished by its verdant scenery and seemingly unending meadows. Located in the valleys of the Himalayan mountain ranges, this place provides a wide variety of flora and fauna and thick forests, dazzling lakes, and hilly terrain.

Bhaderwah offers a unique experience for newlyweds that is ideal for a romantic getaway. It's a good idea to visit Seoj Meadow, Chinta Valley Padri Valley, Jai Valley, and Bhal Padri during your romantic vacation to Bhaderwah. You should take advantage of the fresh atmosphere and enjoy every second of your trip.

Best Time: March to November

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One of Kashmir's most beautiful honeymoon destinations, Pulwama is also known as "Anand of Kashmir" because of its beautiful scenery. Natural splendor and picturesque apple orchards make it a popular tourist destination. Mughal kings arrived in the 16th century and established several settlements here. It is well-known for its historical sites as well as its numerous outdoor activities, such as skiing and hiking, which appeal to couples seeking adventure.

Major attractions encompass Aharbal Fall, Shikargarh, Aripal Nag, Hurpora, Hurpora, and Tarsar and Marsar Lake. Additionally, there are numerous religious sites in the area, including the Jama Masjid Shopian, Payer Temple, the Avantishwar Temple, and the Shrine of Shah Hamdan.

Best Time: The best time to visit is April To October. If looking for snow, visitors should plan the trip from December to February.

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Yousmarg, a tiny hill town in Kashmir's Budgam district, is probably unknown to the majority of tourists that visit the region. This location is precisely what the majority of people have been dreaming about. Yousmarg in Kashmir, with its calm Himalayan mountains and luscious green grasslands of pine and fir, is a treasure trove of natural scenery.

The richness of nature can be seen and experienced all around this area, especially on the road to Trata Kutti and Sang Safed, which is a short distance away. Snow pieces will be floating in the flows of Youmarg lakes, and you and your companion will very much fall in love with them as you view them for the first time. During the summer months, this magnificent vista makes the location even more appealing.

Best Time: March and September

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Being here provides couples looking forward to spending their honeymoon in Kashmir with so many stunning views and unique experiences that they can enjoy together. Badgam is a beautiful tale that portrays the natural and spectacular image of Kashmir. Couples often choose to spend some time at Yousmarg, which boasts all of the necessary features and lush green landscapes for a vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime.

One may also see the lovely Doodhpathri, which is a beautiful spot that is nestled in the midst of wooded areas, mountains, and a river, and it is well worth visiting. So for all the newlyweds looking for places to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon, Badgam is the spot.

Best Time: April to May

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Gurez Valley, one of Kashmir's most picturesque spots, is located at an elevation of 2,730 meters above sea level. For centuries, this was the entryway to China via Europe through the Silk Road, and it is now an undiscovered jewel of Kashmir. Known for its stunning scenery, Gurez Valley is surrounded by mountains, meadows, and a remarkable canopy of greenery.

The enchanting and mysterious beauty of this serves to make it an ideal location for honeymooners to visit in Kashmir. Nanga Parbat can often be seen from this location on a good day. Explore the fantastic destination as you visit Razdan Pass, KishanGanga River, Peer Baba Shrine, and Harmukh.

Best Time: May to October

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In Kupwara, climb to the summit of Ainch Mountain for a spectacular view of both the Kashmir Valley and the surrounding mountains. Along with this, explore the Lolab Valley as well as see Kheer Bhawani, Hazrat Mahmood Shah Shrine, and Shaloora shrine for a fun sightseeing excursion. If you're searching for the finest camps in Manali, this is where you'll come across them.

This scenic landscape of Kupwara has become one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kashmir for honeymoon with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Best Time: March To August

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Anantnag is indeed a perfect getaway within a haven when it comes to places to visit in Kashmir for honeymoon. Verinag's dazzling spring and Kokernag's gorgeously laid-out flower beds are both nothing short of incredible in their own right. Aside from that, you should pay a visit to the remains of the Martand temple as well as the dense forests of Daksum, which are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Kashmir Valley.

It's no surprise that it's one of Kashmir's most well-known destinations.

Best Time: May to October

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Betaab Valley

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Betaab Valley was formerly named Hagan Valley (Hagoon). But when the film Betaab was filmed here, it was given its nickname and hence became exceedingly popular. The valley’s beautiful grasslands, hills and greenery, all together offer excellent scenic views and hence, are a photographer’s dream. The resorts lined up along with the beautiful scenery make it one of the best places to visit in Kashmir for honeymoon.

Enclosed by snow capped hills, the scenery is lined with trees such as chinar, deodar, pine, willows, and poplars, with the Lidder River’s turquoise water adding to its splendor.
It is particularly lovely for picnics and hiking, and it is a must see on any Kashmir vacation.

Best time to visit - October to April

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Aru Valley

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The verdant grasslands, pure streams and slopes of Aru Valley draw visitors from all across the world, and also functions as a campground for hiking to the Kolahoi Glacier as well as Tarsar Lake. It is a popular tourist destination in Kashmir, lying on the banks of the Aru river, not only because of the breathtaking vistas, but also because of the variety of activities available. 

When it snows, it becomes a popular skiing and heli skiing resort, making it an idea winter getaway. The Aru Wildlife Sanctuary charges an entrance fee of INR 25 per head, yet there are no animals there, only beautiful flora all inside it.

Best Time to Visit -
July to September

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Baramulla is a small place in Jammu and Kashmir gifted with beautiful and unrestricted nature. This city has indeed been bestowed with a gently picturesque terrain, completely surrounded by the Himalayas and lying on the riverbank of the Jhelum River. 

This city features several mesmerizing beauties such as Gulmarg, Khilanmarg and Wular Lake, as well as historical sites like Buddhist stupas and religious institutions such as monasteries, temples and mosques that draws people from all over the world. The climate is ideal and the fact that few people are aware of this location ensures that it stays peaceful, making it one of the most romantic places to visit in Kashmir.

Best Time to Visit -
April to July

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People Also Ask About Kashmir

  1. What are the famous places to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon trip?

    1. Gulmarg: A popular skiing destination in Kashmir, it is among the most beautiful places to visit in Kashmir for honeymoon. Couples can enjoy a soothing view of this lovely location during the summer months when the landscapes and lush forests are in full bloom, and also when snow-capped hills and frozen lakes are visible. Gondola Gulmarg is the ideal location for honeymooners to spend quality time together.

    2. Pahalgam: Aru Valley and Betaab Valley provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway for couples in this lovely hill town in India. The mountain ranges and rich foliage that can be observed here offer an enchanting setting to the picturesque image of verdant meadows. Pahalgam's hotspots include places like Tullian Lake, Betaab Valley, Aru Valley, Baisaran, and Shesh.

    3. Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh region is an exciting travel destination. Sites such as Pangong Lake, Hemis Monastery, Leh Market, Zanskar Valley, Nubra Valley, and Tso Moriri Lake are among the most incredible honeymoon destinations in Ladakh. No time is ever enough in one of the best places to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon. 

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  2. What are the best things to do in Kashmir for couples?

    1. A Shikara ride in Dal Lake: Take a ride on one of the most popular and well-known Shikaras to experience the timeless allure. Enjoy the serenity of Dal Lake or Nagin Lake while marveling at the natural wonders that surround you and be amazed.

    2. Skiing in Gulmarg: Skiing in Gulmarg's picturesque snow-capped valleys is a romantic way to experience the thrills of adventure in Kashmir with your significant other. Enjoy the joy of the ride while taking in the scenery while skiing down. Considered among the world's top ski resorts, it has a variety of slopes ranging from beginner-friendly to expert-level.

    3. Houseboat Stay: In Kashmir, one of the most remarkable things to do is spend a few days on a houseboat. Authentic Kashmiri life can be experienced from the comfort of a floating house on Dal Lake or Nagin Lake. Indulge in traditional cuisine and a luxurious houseboat stay while taking in the area's scenic splendor.

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  3. What are the top places for a winter honeymoon in Kashmir?

    1. Srinagar: Srinagar is among the top locations in Kashmir to spend time with your partner on your honeymoon. Srinagar is graced with several of nature's most enchanting views, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. If you plan to visit during the winter months, you'll be surrounded by a lot of tourists.

    2. Kashmir Valley: Visiting Kashmir Valley in the wintertime is one of the best ways to see some of the region's most popular tourist attractions. Kashmir Valley is regarded as the top hiking spot globally, making it a popular choice for thrill-seekers.

    3. Sonmarg: In Kashmir, Sonmarg, or "the fields of gold," is among the most popular places to visit. Sonmarg shines out from the rest of the world's tourist destinations because of its breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains. So while searching for places to visit in Kashmir for a honeymoon in winter, you should keep this in mind.

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  4. What is the best time to visit Kashmir for a honeymoon?

    As a newlywed contemplating a honeymoon in Kashmir, summertime is the perfect season to explore the region. Summer in Kashmir begins in June and lasts through the beginning of August. It is the most popular time of year for tourists to travel to the state that has been described it as "heaven on earth".
  5. Is visiting Kashmir safe for couples?

    Yes, Kashmir is safe for couples. All the major tourist attractions are nestled in picturesque valleys and beautiful locations. These places provide a very safe and gorgeous atmosphere to visitors.

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  6. What are the different types of day & night tour packages you can book with Thrillophilia?

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