15 Best Uluwatu Beaches: Location, Activities & How to Reach
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Beaches in Uluwatu

Tanjung Benoa, Padang Padang Beach, Pandawa Beach, Thomas Beach, Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach, Tegal Wangi, Green Bowl, Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach, Suluban Beach and many more.

Uluwatu beaches are quite popular, thanks to the vibrant ambience filled with excitement and thrill. Here, not only can you relax under the sheds but also increase the excitement with several water sports activities like windsurfing and snorkeling.

In addition, while you will be on the beaches, you can try out the local street foods and the refreshing drinks to keep yourself hydrated. There are a lot of other activities that you can do including scuba diving, kayaking and sea walking.

While visiting the beaches in Uluwatu, you will be surprised by seeing the crowd in the most popular beaches. Apart from that, most people like to stay on the beaches till the sun goes down just to see the sunset which looks amazing as the sky is filled with shades of red, orange, yellow, and hints of blue. So, all you need to do is make a proper travel plan so that you can get started with the adventurous water activities in Uluwatu at the earliest.

Here are the best beaches in Uluwatu:


Tanjung Benoa

What once used to be a small, quaint and relatively unknown fishing village has now grown into a thriving tourist destination and international port catering to over 50 cruise ships that dock at the Benoa Cruise International Terminal. It is one of the most happening Uluwatu beaches, with temples, clubs, resorts, and villas lining the gorgeous beaches.

The beach is 25 kilometres away from Bali International Airport and is a short 30-minute drive away via metred taxis. If you are in Nusa Dua, which is one of the more popular destinations in Bali, then you can reach Tanjung Benoa easily as it is merely 4kms away.

Location: South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

How to reach: The beach is easily accessible by local transport or Taximeters. One needs to go to Jalan Tanjung Rhu Road and then follow the diversion route which takes them to the beach.

Activity: Enjoy a plethora of adventure sports at the beach, Enjoy it is lit nightlife at places like Atlichnaya Bar and Spa, Take a stroll down the beach after your dinner


Padang Padang Beach

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Padang Padang Beach is regionally referred to as Pantai Labuan Sait, is one of Bali’s most well-known surf spots, perched on the north-western coast of the Bukit Peninsula, and just a kilometre southwest of the Anantara Bali Uluwatu. This beach emphasizes an exotic setting; a simply spectacular one hundred meter-long stretch of sand that is easily accessible down a row of stairs through a unique hollow rock entrance.

Then get greeted by the edged beach with fine, white sand, azure waters, and a faraway horizon. There are board rentals here rendered by the locals if you don’t have your own but would like to try. The shore is great for family fun and leisure, and there are local food stalls serving light meals and refreshments.

Location: Located at a distance of almost 44 km from Denpasar city

How to Reach:
The beach is located at Labuan Sait in Pecatu village and can be easily reached by any local transport.

Activities: Surfing is the main activity on this beach, right from families to advanced surfers this beach provides a haven for all. The waves closer to the shore are ideal for families and the ones farther off near the rocks are for advanced surfers only.
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Pandawa Beach

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Pandawa Beach, locally known as ‘Pantai Pandawa’, is located on Bali’s southern Bukit Peninsula. Hidden behind the carved limestone mountains the beach exhibits stunning views to the great Indian Ocean. Beyond its striking natural sea spectacle of white sand and blue sky, Pandawa Beach is also famously known for its extraordinary terrain and manmade limestone features that toil as a one-of-a-kind. 

The beach also boasts deeply carved arcs installed with huge statues. They each represent the heroic characters of the epic Mahabharata, known as Pandawa Lima or the ‘five Pandawas’, hence the name of the beach. 

Location: Regency, Badung; District, South Kuta; Province, Bali; Country, Indonesia

How to Reach:
 The one-kilometre coastal stretch is located in the village of Kutuh and can be reached by any local transport.

Activity: Explore untouched corners of the beach, fishing, surfing, soothing massages, beach walk.
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Thomas Beach

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Thomas Beach is another gorgeous beach that is known for its white-sand beaches and the forests that fringe the coast. The waters are clear, the beach is well-maintained and because of the more happening beaches that surround it, Thomas Beach remains secluded and it is easy to find quiet isolated spots for you to relax in.

To reach Thomas Beach, it is best if you have your own transportation such as the local scooters you can hire. It is a short drive away from Kuta, and once you reach the vicinity, you have to climb down stairs carved into the face of the hill to reach the beach.

Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia

How to reach: 
With great connectivity, the beach can be easily reached by a means of local transport, taxi or renting a scooter.

Activities: Sunbathing, Try the exotic seafood and explore the caves nearby.

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Bingin Beach

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Binging Beach is another stunning beach that you should not miss if you are in Uluwatu. It is known for its coral reefs and natural rocks that have formed over time. It is a great place to relax with your loved ones as there are several villas and resorts right on the water. The white sand beaches and the foamy water also makes for stunning vacation photos.

To get to Bingin Beach, it is best that you pay a hired taxi to take you to the exact spot from where you will have to descend about 140 steps to get to the beachfront. This will take you to right to the place where most of the accommodations are located.

Location: Jl Pantai Bingin Labuhan Sait, Desa Pecatu, Uluwatu, Bali 80362, Indonesia.

How to Reach:  It is only 30 minutes from Denpasar Airport and less than 10 minutes to Uluwatu Temple

Activities: Surfing, Sunbathing, Swimming, Walking along the beach

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Balangan Beach

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One of Bali’s most famous and most beautiful, featuring an impressive half-kilometre stretch of golden sand stationed between vegetated limestone hills and a stunning reef with one of the richest left-hander breaks on the island. This surfing heaven draws wave riders from across the world, who possess most of the south-western Bukit coastline together with Balangan’s sister breaks of Dreamland.

Non-surfers can simply experience the surrounding views and the coastline, with shaded beach beds available for rent, or you can simply relax under the sun, and bury yourself in the soft sand. At low tide, the reef close to the limestone cliffs reveals exotic seaweed covered rock formations and pools, offering even more dramatic sunset angles. Great budget accommodations are also available around Balangan Beach.

Located at a distance of almost 25 km from Denpasar city

How to Reach: You can preferably the beach by taxi, or ask your hotel concierge for available shuttle services.

Activities: There’s not much you can do, you can take a relaxing dip in the water, pond watching, shell collecting. It’s far from the tourist hustle and bustle and is the perfect place to engage in a little “me” time. 
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Tegal Wangi

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If you are looking for natural, untouched and secluded beaches in Uluwatu make sure to check out Tegal Wangi, one of the most beautiful sunset spots in all of Bali. Instead of the usual white sand beaches, the coast consists of natural rock formations where you can relax while watching the breath-taking sunset.

The waves crashing against the rocks also makes for a great natural jacuzzi where you can relax in the truest sense of the term. Of all the beaches in Uluwatu, this one is located farthest north. It is roughly an hour and a half’s drive from Canggu which is further south if you are travelling on a scooter.

Location: Jl. Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

How to reach: It is around 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Canggu

Activities: Sunbathing, Surfing, Photography, Dining.

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Green Bowl

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Green Bowl Beach in South Bali is one of the most gorgeous Uluwatu beaches that attracts sports-lovers, thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts throughout the year. It is a stretch of white sand beach that spans 30 metres that are overlooked by a steep limestone cliff.

The face of the cliff has natural caves where you can relax and watch the waters of the Indian Ocean. The tides allow for the ideal surfing and paddle-boarding experience and mountain-climbers also flock to the beach to experience one of nature’s most beautiful natural settings.

The beach is located 15kms away from Kuta and is a short 20-minute drive away. If you are in Melasti beach, then you can simply walk a distance of 1-2 km to reach the Green Bowl Beach.

Location: Ungasan 80361, Indonesia

How to reach: You can reach out to the beach by local transport or by taxi.

Activities: Green Bowl is known as one of the finest surf spots on the island, and is not suitable for beginners. Entrance is from the long stairway at the temple next to the closed Bali Cliff Resort.

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Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach

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Nyang Beach in Bali is a spectacular 1.5-kilometre stretch of coastline and also one of Bali’s less-visited beaches. This is partially due to its far-flung position and requires a long trek to reach it. The long stretch of coastline makes it an ideal destination for a good long walk, with virtually no other individual in sight most of the time, other than infrequent local seaweed farmers tending to their crops, or bold and solitary surfers out on the reef break, having their thrill of a lifetime.

It has also grown into a camping site for stand pad travellers and weekenders as the deserted ambience make it an exceptional spot for bonfires beneath the blanket of stars and for those prepared to set up tents and camp the night.

Nyang Nyang, Bali

How to Reach:
The beach is located in the Pecatu area, half a kilometre drive southeast of the Uluwatu Temple.

Activities: Surfing, Sunbathing, Nature walk
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Suluban Beach

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Suluban Beach is one of Bali’s most unprecedented coasts, hidden by natural limestone structures and accessed via steps and log ramps through tight gaps in the rock. Canopied by a looming rock face, this small beach may not be ideal for sunbathers but offers pro surfers well as a base. There are numerous rocky openings and mini caves that you can explore around the beach and even claim as a leisurely spot for the day, and which also leads to multiple divisions of the beach.

The best time to visit is during low tide, which exposes more spaces and accessible sandy trails. Be sure to watch the tides, as currents can be powerful, and waves can smash through cave openings, sometimes posing a hazard. Suluban Beach is also not prescribed for young children.

Location: Jalan Mamo, Uluwatu

How to Reach: The beach lies at the end of Jalan Mamo in the coastal area of Labuan Sait and can be easily accessed by hotel shuttle, taxi or motorbike. 

Activity: Take a walk across the beach and explore its natural surroundings Indulge in activities like diving and surfing
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Impossible beach

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Impossible Beach Bali is a rugged and white sand beach surrounded by high hills. It is a very beautiful beach with huge waves and suitable for surfing ventures, especially for the pro level surfer. Impossible Beach is one of the popular surfing points in Bali and is one of the most onerous surf spots by surfers.

The word of Impossible Beach may be obtained from the access to the beach which is unique because it has a challenging obstacle but now, it is far superior from the former that everyone can reach it easily. It is located at the bottom of white steep cliffs and spectacular panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. It is blessed with large and powerful waves that always grants a challenge for every surfer to experience this adventure wave surfing spot.

Location: P
ecatu, South Kuta District, Badung Regency and Bali province – Indonesia

How to Reach: The beach is located at the Pecatu village of Uluwatu and can be accessed by taxi.

Activity: Relish the view of sunset in the evening, Sunbathing, Treat your taste buds with delicious seafood
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Gunung Payung Beach

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Gunung Payung Beach, otherwise locally known as Pantai Gunung Payung, is one of the secluded beaches on Bali’s southern coast, where you can attain a remote and quiet setting over great seascapes. The location takes its name from a Balinese Hindu temple complex of the same name (Pura Dhang Kahyangan Gunung Payung) that is located high up on the cliff where visitors can see before heading down to the beach.

Along the main Jalan Gunung Payung road, you’ll also encounter the landscaped greens of the 18-hole Bukit Pandawa Golf Club together with its rugged limestone terrain. Just outside the temple, catch glimpses of grey long-tailed macaques, which are more of the shyer kind compared to its notoriously cheeky counterparts at the Uluwatu cliff area.

Denpasar city, Bali

How to Reach:
Getting to Gunung Payung Beach requires an approximate half-hour drive to Kutuh village from Nusa Dua. 

Activities: Surfing, Sunbathing, Snorkelling
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Dreamland Beach is a stretch of white sandy terrain secluded by limestone cliffs that outline the rough coastline of the southern Bukit Peninsula. The beach became profoundly accessible, following the huge advancement of the Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resort, which transformed the hilly region into the New Kuta.

Despite prevailing development over its limestone landscape, Dreamland Beach preserves much of its sturdy charm on the sand, particularly for beachgoers, day-trippers, and surfers who enjoy some of Bali’s best reef breaks near the shore. The beach is crowded with small shops and beach peddlers offering cold soft drinks.

Located at a distance of almost 27 km from Denpasar city.

How to Reach: The beach can be accessed by any local transport.

Activities to do: 
SurfingSunbathing, Trying exotic seafood, and explore the unexplored corners
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Melasti Beach

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Melasti beach can easily qualify as one of the best beaches in Indonesia because of its untouched blue and white beaches that are the perfect retreat for nature-lovers. It is also a very well-maintained clean beach with several jagged cliff ends and rocks which double-up as viewpoints where you can perch yourself and watch the waters wash onto the shore in a state of absolute, undisturbed serenity.

Getting to Melasti beach is relatively easy as there are scooters you can hire on the island on which you can ferry yourself to places. You can also hire a scooter with a driver for an entire day. It is an hour’s drive from Canggu and is located at the southern-most tip of Bali. It is a short 5minute drive from nearby places such as Abandoned Plane and also Green Bowl Beach.

Location: No.8, Gg. VIII, Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80234

How to reach: One can reach Tanah by hiring a taxi or driving on their own. Melasti Beach is just 15 minutes walk away from Tanah

Activities: Get your adrenaline pumping by trying underwater sports like snorkelling., Go for an evening dinner at Warungs., Head for a morning workout by the beachside Relish the magnificent view of Melasti Beach Waterfall.

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Karma Beach

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Karma beach is one of the quintessential beaches in Bali, with a balayage of blue waters ready to welcome you as soon as you step onto the stretch of white sand and pristine jetties. It is one of the most photographed beaches in Bali and if you are looking for the perfect Instagram shot from your vacation, this is the place to be.You can also enjoy delicious local cuisines at exclusive restaurants such as the Karma Beach Club and watch the sunset from picturesque seating areas lining the beach. 

Karma Beach is located quite a distance from other tourist attractions in Bali such as Ubud and Kuta, which is why taking a metered taxi is the best option for you when you are travelling. You will be provided either an escalator or a gondola to help you descend onto the beach from the steep height of the cliff. 

Location: Karma Kandara Bali, Jalan Villa Kandara, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80362, Indonesia

How to reach: With good connectivity, the beach can be easily reached by a means of local transport, taxi or renting a scooter

 Apart from lazing around in luxury, you can even watch a movie while the sun sets on a large projector screen set up for guests. 

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Places To Visit In Uluwatu
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People Also Ask About Uluwatu

  1. Which are the best water sports to do in Uluwatu beaches?

    1. Surfing: One of the most amazing water activities that you can do in most of the Uluwatu Beaches is surfing. Just take a surfing board from the rental clubs near the beaches and get into the ocean water. You can either swim using the surfboard or dance with the sea waves while standing on the board. 

    2. Snorkeling: If you want to discover the true beauty of the beaches in Uluwatu, the best activity to do is snorkeling. In this activity, you will go underwater and swim with the fishes and other marine organisms to discover the beauty of the underwater world. In addition, the corals will add on to the beauty of the activity. 

    3. Kayaking: There are several small islands near the Uluwatu beach and to discover these islands and the rock formations, you can get on a kayak and go kayaking in the sea waters. A kayak is a canoe-shaped board which will help you in visiting the narrow places like creeks and other areas to discover the islands. 

    4. Sea walking: Get under the water and walk on the seafloor to discover what's present there. It will be equivalent to discovering and experiencing marine lifeforms. So, do not miss out on this activity while you are visiting Bali.

  2. Which are the best things to do in Uluwatu?

    1. Experiencing the beauty of the beaches: Visiting the beaches in Uluwatu is one of the most amazing things you can do in this area. After all, Bali is known for its coastal beauty where you can get engaged in different water sports and even soak yourself under the sun. You can even enjoy some refreshing drinks and try out the local food in the restaurants nearby.

    2. Watching the sunset: When you visit the Uluwatu beaches, the best thing that you can do is watch the sunset. As the beaches are quite long, you will be able to see a vast expanse of the sea and hence, watching the sunset will become an unforgettable moment for you.

    3. Visiting the Yoga clubs: Close to the beaches are several yoga clubs. You can visit one of these clubs and get started with yoga to experience the therapeutic treatment that the place offers.

    4. Cave visiting: If you are visiting the Suluban Beach in Uluwatu, you need to discover the caves located near to the beach. Walking through the caves will lead you straight to the sea water where you can surf and get engaged in other types of water sports.

  3. What is the best time to visit Uluwatu?

    The best time to visit the Uluwatu beaches will be from March to May. Not only is it the peak tourist season but also offers a soothing and comforting climate which will make your vacation in Bali worth the money. Also, since no rain occurs during this time, you won’t have to worry about missing out on water activities like jet skiing, surfing, sea walking and others.
  4. How do you get to Uluwatu?

    First you need to take a flight to Bali to reach the main city. If you want to visit the beaches in Uluwatu, you can hire a private car rental service to reach the area within Bali. Sometimes, getting a private car might seem difficult, especially if it’s the peak season. So for such times, you can easily avail the public transport.
  5. Is Uluwatu expensive?

    To be honest, Bali, as a whole, is not that expensive, including Uluwatu. The attractions in this area are worthy of every penny you will spend. Yes, if you are on a budget tour, it will be better to make a plan beforehand. So you can do that by opting for many Uluwatu or Bali tour packages offered by Thrillophilia.
  6. What is Uluwatu famous for?

    Uluwatu is actually famous for its beaches. There are several beaches, both crowded and isolated. In fact, to reach some beaches, either you have to trek or go through caves to reach the sandy shoreline and the water. Moreover, since the sea is vast and the waves are not so high, a lot of water sports are practiced here.
  7. Is Uluwatu worth visiting?

    Yes, without a doubt Uluwatu is worth visiting. You can discover their amazing nightlife, especially in the bars and the casinos or try out the local foods and relish the taste of the delicacies. But, beyond all these things, it is the view of the ocean and the long coastline which makes Uluwatu so special for couples, especially newly wedded ones.