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    20 Corporate Offsite Team Building Ideas around Bangalore

    Corporate Offsite

    A riveting experience, corporate offsites can be used either as a training ground for the new recruits or the discussion ground for the existing ones. They not only help the team to unite amongst themselves, but also encourages their morale by uplifting their self-confidence.

    However, choosing a suitable destination for a corporate offsite can also get tougher at times as all the team members has their own needs and requirements. But with the experienced team of Thrillophilia, you can always assure your team members, a day filled with never-ending fun, excitement, bonding and merriment.


    With Thrillophilia's list of best team outing places around Bangalore for corporate offsites, get ready for an amazing experience with your team members.


    Places for adventure team building around Bangalore:

    1. Manchinbele Camp

    Manchinbele Camp

    Situated at a distance of 40 km from Bangalore, Manchinbele boasts of immense scenic splendour. A popular tourist spot, it has the Manchinbele Dam which stands across the River Arkavathi.

    Perfect destination for a short corporate team outing, Manchinbele make it to the list of the best corporate team outing destinations around Bangalore. For the lookers of outdoor activities, they can get indulged into adventurous activities like kayaking, rappelling, rafting and several others. These activities hold a great spirit of team work and requires almost all the members to take active part and give real tough times to their opponents.

    Distance from Bangalore: 40 Kms

    2. Anthargange Caves

    If you are looking for corporate offsites that are packed with adventure, fun and enthrallment, head towards Anthargange! Offering fascinating terrains for trekking and astounding cave exploration experience, it is the destination where you can indulge in some action packed and adventure activities.

    Anthargange Caves

    The topography of Anthargange is strewn with huge granite rocks and boulders. Anthargange also has a number of caves formed from volcanic rocks and attract a number of tourists every year. Trekking is another popular activity in Anthargange.

    [Explore the caves of Antargange and unwind at the Emerald Isle Resort]

    Situated at a distance of 60 km from Bangalore, Anthargange is also famous for rappelling. The huge cliffs provide ideal height for rappelling exercises.

    Distance from Bangalore: 60 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Besides the captivating caving trails, your team can also participate in several other fun and frolic activities like outbound trainings and team building exercises with Thrillophilia. 

    Book Now: Anthargange Adventure Tour 

    3. Savandurga Caving and Trek

    The Savandurga hills are a hot favourite among trekkers, cave explorers and adventure sports enthusiasts. The hills, which are located at an altitude of 1,226 meters, are known for the abundance of flora and fauna. The Billigudda hill is the preferred trekking trail among both the hills of the Savandurga range. You can set up team challenges on trekking the hill.

    Savandurga is the ideal location for those who are fond of trekking and adventure activities, but also appreciate nature and its beauty. If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful spot for corporate offsites or a day team outing in Bangalore, Savandurga is the place for you.

    Distance from Bangalore: 60 Kms

    4. Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    After a week of hectic work, the serene and scenic Bheemeshwari is the best place an individual would want to beat a retreat to. Lush forests and the tranquility of Bheemeshwari are a welcome relief after the chaos of the city. Bheemeshwari is situated at a distance of 100 km from the city of Bangalore.

    You can put up at the beautiful earthy and rustic lodges in Bheemeshwari which offer comfortable accommodation. The jungle lodges have been designed to blend into the surroundings and pull you closer to nature.

    Distance from Bangalore: 105 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges-1

    While on a corporate team outing at the Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges, enjoy Jungle Survival Theme, Rappelling and other engaging activities with Thrillophilia. Our other fun, team building and outbound learning programmes are also focused to encourage the team members.

    Best Offers on Day out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    5. Bheemeshwari Forest Camp

    Apart from adventure activities, Bheemeshwari is ideal for a short vacation by the riverside, which abounds in the mahseer fish. You can spend time with your colleagues  taking a walk through the camp and admire nature. If you are lucky, you may spot a wild animal or two in its natural habitat.

    Bheemeshwari Forest Camp

    The Bheemeshwari forest camp is the perfect location for an offsite as it offers a number of opportunities for bonding and renewing ties with your colleagues. Jump into a raft and set sail with your friends from work or get into some heavy duty action with activities such as high rope traversing, jumaring etc.

    Distance from Bangalore: 105 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?


    The appealing location around this resort and the list of Thrillophilia’s fun activities, team building and outbound learning processes are the ideal elements for a corporate team outing. 

    Book Now: Camping in Bheemeshwari  for team outing

    Popular resorts for team building near Bangalore: 

    Although a number of resorts host corporate team outings in Bangalore, here are a few hand picked resorts that are ideal for your outing in terms of the services provided, facilities offered and activities conducted.

    These resorts are the best in class and through their high quality services, they ensure that each and every member of your team has a fun-frolic and splendid holiday.

    6. Golden Palms Resort

    Photo Credit: Tahil Hashmi

    ?Surrounded by luxuriant greenery, the Golden Palms is a premium resort and one of the best corporate offsites that maintains high standards quality and service. Golden Palms not only provides comfortable accommodation, but also provides facilities that are best in class and help you make the most of your team outing.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    While at the Golden Palms, Thrillophilia’s intriguing list of team building, theme based, fun and other activities will make it for a perfect team outing. Attend the DJ evenings, take part in different outdoor games and rejuvenate with your team members.

    [Get a customized quote for your team outing at Golden Palms]


    7. Confident Amoon Resort

    If you are a fan of the Egyptian culture, you will love the Confident Amoon resort. The only resort based on an Egyptian theme, Amoon is the one of the best resorts for a corporate team outing.

    [Offering a pleasant breather are these lovely destinations around Bangalore for a team outing]

    Confident Amoon Resorts offers facilities that are at par with global standards. Equipped with conference halls, discotheques, a rejuvenation centre, restaurants, health clubs, pools, golf course, cricket stadium etc; it caters to each and every need of a guest.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Confident Amoon

    Go on an engrossing trekking trail, explore the caves, hunt down your opponents in a paintball tournament or take part in the theme based, enjoyable team building activities and inspire the group members to perform as a team.

    8. Eagleton Golf Resort

    Overlooking a green, grassy expanse of golf course, the Eagleton Golf Resort is a premium luxury resort that offers state of the art facilities. With comfortable and beautifully furnished rooms, the Eagleton resort promises ultimate comfort and relaxation to a tired mind.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Eagleton Golf Resort

    Thrillophilia’s high energy, fun team building activities at Eagleton are the key elements for a perfect corporate team outing. Trekking in Ramnagar is an addition to the fun and delight your team can have while in Eagleton. 

    [Get a customized quote for your team outing]


    9. Ramee Guestline Resort

    Equipped with all facilities to hold a business coterie, the Ramee Guestline is one of the most popular hotels in Bangalore. The resort has about 96 air conditioned rooms fitted with all modern amenities.

    The resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy mouth watering delicacies. Among other facilities offered by the hotel are sauna, an outdoor pool, a health club etc.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Join Thrillophilia’s different activities and programmes in Ramee Guestline and bond with the team members. Corporate Yoga, Archery and Jungle Survival are some of the delights at this resort. 

    10. Royal Orchid Resort

    One of the most preferred hotels for corporate team outings and corporate offsites, the Royal Orchid is a classy, five-star hotel with lush green surroundings and great interiors. The rooms are lavishly furnished and offer the best of comfort and luxury.

    Fitted with all modern amenities, the rooms at the Royal Orchid are designed specifically to cater to your needs. The hotel has yoga on request service, a fitness centre, foreign exchange facilities, superb banqueting etc.

    The hotel has a beautiful pool side where you can spend the evening in peace. However, if you are an action lover, you can indulge in a game of paintball and archery which Thrillophilia conducts at the Royal Orchid as a part of its team building programme.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Set new targets for your team members. Make them defeat the other groups with their skills, decision making abilities and hidden talents at the Royal Orchid. Join Thrillophilia’s team building, outbound activities and watch your team members accomplishing the impossible.  

    Book Now: Royal Orchid Team Outing Program 

    Interesting theme based programs for team building:

    Themes are the best way to add that extra enthusiasm into everyone and a little punch to your party. Here are some interesting themes from Thrillophilia which will get your party going:

    11. Murder Mysteries

     Murder Mysteries

    This theme revolves around a murder mystery and you might have to don your favourite detective’s attire. You will have to hunt for clues together with your teammates and identify the killer before your opponent team does. An excellent way to exercise your minds, boost team spirit and, of course, have fun!

    12. Amazing Race

    Amazing Race

    This activity focuses on the speed and agility of individuals and aids in team building. Individuals will be asked to race against their opponent and reach pit stops before him. 

    The one to complete this challenge wins the race. The patience, perseverance, passion and physical stamina are put to test through this wonderful activity.

    13. Jungle Survival

    Jungle Survival

    This activity uses an individual’s fear of the unknown to boost team reliability and responsibility, thus encouraging team spirit. Teams are sent into thick forests and ask to race against their opponent team to a finishing point.

    Each member of the team is now dependent on each other for safety and each member is given the responsibility of reaching the finishing point safely. This activity tests the leadership skills and the presence of mind of an individual.

    [Contact us for theme based team outing]


    14. Beach Olympics

    Put your agility and fitness to test with beach Olympics. Take challenges head on and let off some steam by indulging in some sports. This theme puts the stamina and agility of a person and also promotes team bonding.

    [Check out the top five corporate getaways in Bangalore]

    15. Military Warfare?

    Get a feel of a battle zone with this theme based game. Get into some heavy duty gear and wield your weapon to take your enemy down. This game focuses on the strategizing and delegation skills of an individual and a team.

    A very popular game form to boost team spirit and promote team building, this game is quite popular among most teams who come for team outings.

    Some of the creative team building activities:

    Theme based team building activities are fun and entertaining and effectively serve their purpose. Amidst all the fun and frolic, you get to build a better rapport with your colleagues and start to understand them better. This aids in better functioning of the team and enhances its productivity.

    16. Drum Circle

    In this theme based activity, teams are given drums and asked to form a circle. They are asked to beat the drum till they find a rhythm and are in perfect synchronization with each other. This activity enhances the coordination between the team members in a fun manner.

    17. Corporate Cooking Lessons

    Cooking can be fun too! Through this activity, teams are made and are given lessons on cooking. There may be challenges too for each team to face. Through this, individuals are helped in relieving stress and refreshing their minds.

    18. Corporate Yoga

    An interesting theme is used to introduce corporate yoga, which is very effective in relieving stress and tension. By using a theme, even people who are not in the habit of practicing yoga are drawn into the exercise and are effectively involved in it.

    19. Paintball

    Paintball is one of the most popular games today preferred during most corporate team outings. Not only is it fun and entertaining, but is greatly beneficial in promoting team spirit, enhancing leadership and strategizing skills.

    20. Cycling and Photography Challenge

    Cycling and photography challenges allow you to step out into the wilderness and explore it in a way you have never done before. Teams may be asked to capture their perception of the region through their lenses and present it for a challenge to the other team. The entire experience is great in improving creativity and boosting the team spirit.

    [Contact us now to plan an amazing team outing]

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