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  • Corporate team outings are becoming a very popular trend among major companies in Bangalore. Team outings not only help individuals cut loose and let off steam, but also promote better team building and enhance the team spirit, resulting in increased productivity of the team as a whole.

    The sole purpose of a team offsite or outing is to improve relations between the members and encourage further fostering of coordination and better synchronization among colleagues.

    Some of the best resorts for team outings in Bangalore are listed here. Thrillophilia conducts a number of interesting and innovative team building activities in Bangalore so as to promote the team spirit and also ensure that each member of the team enjoys to his fullest during the off-site.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Bangalore:

  • 01Day Out at Guhantara,The Underground Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Guhantara,The Underground Resort in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN2095 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5757169

    About the Activity: 

    • Enjoy a fun day out with friends and family in India’s first underground resort; Guhantara and spend a day of leisure.
    • Explore the Rangamandapa, a  beautifully equipped auditorium, enjoy good liquor at the Madhushala, enjoy a spa therapy at the Agastya Kuteera and dine at Sambhojana.
    • You can also refresh your mind and body with several activities such as the exciting tunnel trekking, various indoor and outdoor games, bicycle riding, paintball, zorbing and a lot more.
    • Get soaked into the fun and delight of the dayouting till afternoon when a lunch break at around 01:30 PM will allow you to sample the scrumptious delicacies of Guhantara.
    • Spend fun moments by the pool and the fun and enthrallment continues post lunch as group members can take part in various exciting as well as adventurous activities.
    • Activities like Zorbing are available to kids.
    • Check-in time for With Breakfast package is 8:30 a.m.
    • Check-in time for Without Breakfast package is 9:30 a.m
    • Check-out time is 5:30 p.m.

    Below listed activities can be availed at an extra price as mentioned:

    Quad Bike Rides - Rs. 200/- per head for 4 laps
    Billiards - Rs. 100/- for ½ hour (for professionals only)
    Horse Riding - Rs. 50/- for 1 lap
    Paintball - Rs. 200/-
    Rope Course - Rs. 50/- per game
    Zorbing Ball - Rs. 200/-
    Gear Bicycles - Rs. 50/-
    Trampoline – Rs 150/- + Tax per person

  • 02Golden Palms Resort

    Golden Palms Resort
    One of the finest resorts for team outings, Golden Palms offers the best in class services and accommodation. The lush greenery and the beautiful landscape welcome you at the Golden Palms. The leading features that make it the ideal place for outings include - First class conferencing facilities, excellent banqueting options, Suite and Standard rooms and indoor and outdoor activities.

    Focusing on accommodation facilities, large-sized VIP rooms, free parking areas, fire protection equipment and cooking facilities are available. The pool at the resort is a nice place to hang out in the evenings with friends or family. It actually gives children enjoyable experience when trying out new and advanced pool.

    Thrillophilia Experience at Golden Palms Resort

    Fun and excitement never stops at the Golden Palms! With Thrillophilia’s array of team building and other activities, your team is sure to have the best of their outing experiences. In addition to all the activities, we also organise award shows, DJ nights and other engrossing events at the Golden Palms.
    Day Out at Golden Palms in Bangalore

    Day Out at Golden Palms in Bangalore

    NNNNN737 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


    Starting from


  • 03Windflower Prakruthi

    Windflower Prakruthi
    Located close to the Bangalore International Airport, Windflower Prakruthi is one of the exquisite resorts for a weekend team outing. With a wide range of amenities, scenic outlook and an endless list of activities, this weekend getaway hosts contended team outings.

    Thrillophilia experience at Windflower Prakruthi

    Add a pinch of fun, adventure and thrill to you team outing with the expert guidance and myriad activity list of Thrillophilia. In addition to indoor games like chess and carom, our adventure activities like zorbing, ATV rides and paintball some of our astounding offerings at Windflower Prakruthi.
    Day Outing at Windflower Prakruthi Resort in Bangalore

    Day Outing at Windflower Prakruthi Resort in Bangalore

    NNNNM744 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

    Starting from


  • 04Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

    Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura
    • d1 Day
    • lKanakpura
    • NNNNN2005 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3428117
    • 1,230

    About the Activity with Details:

    • Start your tour by reaching the nature camp at 8:30 AM and get ready for an amazing adventure.
    • Located at a brief expanse of 50 kms from Bangalore, the Nature Adventure Camp at Kanakpura is home to the exquisite lake of Hosadoddi. 
    • A stone’s throw away from the Forest estate of Bananthimari, this pristine camping experience offers you a wide range of experiences ranging from trekking to historical exploration to spotting the bountiful excitement of wildlife. 
    • Engage in an exciting experience while you are surrounded by the gorgeous mountains skirted by a pristine lake, one can enjoy trekking amidst the Bananthimari hills or feel the rush of adrenaline while kayaking in here. 
    • Recruit a paddle raft or a canoe and experience nature in all its plush richness. You can continue adventure activities for 4-5 days, as required by the team.
    • This adventure package can be concluded at the end of the day or you can opt for an overnight package where you will be accommodated in tents for a night under the stars. 

  • 05Day Out at Jaladhama Resort, Bangalore

    Day Out at Jaladhama Resort, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN592 ratings
    • Jaladhama Resort, Talakadu
      Jaladhama Resort, Talakadu

    About the Activity:

    • For the past 30 years, Talakadu Jaladhama has been serving its patrons with the best in class facilities which make it a unique retreat located in the calming embraces of backwaters.
    • Fun and excitement will never cease with activities such as pedal boating and river cruises on the backwaters and various sports such as canoeing, rowing and fishing.
    • Challenge each other to indoor and outdoor games such as Volleyball, Cricket, Foosball, Carrom, Table Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, and other group activities like Trampoline, Tug of War, and more!
    • A lunch break at around 1.00 PM will allow you to refuel and keep the spirit of the day alive by taking part in team building activities at an additional cost.
    • By evening after High Tea, your exciting day out at Jaladhama Resort will come to an end, and it will be time to depart the gorgeous retreat.
    • Check in time for the with breakfast package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 
    • Check in time for the without breakfast package is 9:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 
    Note: A minimum number of 8 people are required to avail the without breakfast package.
  • 06Day Out at Holiday Village Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Holiday Village Resort in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN386 ratings
    • Holiday Village, Bangalore
      Holiday Village, Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Located off Kanakapura Road, the beauty of this resort lies in its salubrious location and carefully-designed luxury rooms.
    • Get sporty with a wide range of indoor and outdoor games like Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Carrom, Throwball, Football, Badminton, and many more to kick-start the exciting day.
    • Never have a dull moment in the entire day with the fun-filled Water Polo and Sumo Wrestling, or lounge around the swimming pool after a delicious lunch.
    • Show off your moves at the discotheque which is thrown open for an hour.
    • Enrich the spirit of teamwork among colleagues by participating in various optional team building activities.
    • Check in time for the package with breakfast in 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 
    • Check in time for the package without breakfast in  9:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 

  • 07Day Out At Goldfinch Retreat, Bangalore

    Day Out At Goldfinch Retreat, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN104 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6697717

    About the activity:

    • Grab your friends and family and head for an exciting day out at Goldfinch resorts for a fun filled day, for you deserve the best getaway experience from your humdrum.
    • This beautiful resort is nestled in an oasis of 36 acres of sprawling landscaped and manicured lawns, and is one of the finest four star hotels in Bengaluru! 
    • This resort features the latest technologies you can find in a well-maintained and posh hotel along with trendy guest amenities and services that you can enjoy to the maximum the entire day. 
    • The hotel is strategically located just 7 kms from the New International Airport, Bengaluru. 
    • Engage in a series of exciting games and activities here with your buddies and relax in the comfort and luxury of the swimming pool as well! Book now for the best deal and head to Goldfinch resorts for the weekend!
    • Check in time is 09:00 AM and check out time is 06:30 PM.

  • 08Day Out At Ramanashree California Resort In Bangalore

    Day Out At Ramanashree California Resort In Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN98 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7137692

    About the Activity:

    • Located amidst the lush backdrops of Yelahanka in Bangalore, a day out at Ramanashree California Resort comes in as a delightful opportunity to escape the boorish city-life. Visit this leisure home anytime during the week or in a day, and you will be assured with jovial and fun-filled moments.
    • Ideal for family gatherings, get-togethers or corporate events, a usual day out at Ramanashree California Resort gets more exciting when it is blended with an array of activities. 
    • On offer here, there is a swimming pool, indoor & outdoor games like lawn tennis, basketball, squash and several others. For the fun seekers, they can participate in exciting activities like dart or tug-of-war and make their day out more eventful!
    • Also, as this resort is located within a close proximity to the main city, it is always a delight to get engaged in a day out at the Ramanashree California Resort!

  • 09Day Out at Vana Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Vana Resort in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN62 ratings
    • Vana Resort, Bangalore
      Vana Resort, Bangalore

    About the Activity: 

    • The sought after day outing at Vana Resort provides Ayurvedic therapies alongside engrossing indoor and outdoor activities packed with fun and frolic.
    • Starting with Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Darts and an array of indoor games to outdoor games like Sand Volleyball, Throwball, Badminton, Basketball and Cricket will keep the members soaked in the excitement.
    • Unwind after lunch and embark on the relaxing organic tour and mini forest trekking within the serene vicinity for some much-needed rejuvenation.
    • Laze around in the swimming pool and indulge in optional team building activities.
    • High-tea is served, following which members depart the resort after a replenishing day.
    • Check in time for the with breakfast package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 
    • Check in time for the without breakfast package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 

  • 10Mango Mist

    Mango Mist

    One of the newest, yet endearing resorts around Bangalore, the Mango Mist is all about joy, fun and excitement. Relive your childhood memories amidst the thickets of mango, mould your memories with the exotic smell of the different varieties of the king of fruits and witness yourself surrendering onto the blend of a countryside weekend outing!

    Thrillophilia experience at Mango Mist


    With the expert team of Thrillophilia, each and every moment at Mango Mist will be memorable and ever cherishable. while for the adventure buffs, Thrillophilia’s trained instructors conducts activities like Burma Bridge, zorbing, quake walk, ladder climbing, ziplining, rock climbing and several others, the other members can satiate their yearnings with several indoor and outdoor games.

  • 11Taj Kuteeram

    Taj Kuteeram
    A delightful offering of the popular ‘Taj Groups’, this amazing weekend outing retreat is located 29km from the main city. With an outlook of ancient India, it is perfectly blended with the essence of ancient architecture and the contemporary world. Set amidst a picturesque settings, Taj Kuteeram guarantees a weekend escapade filled with fun, relaxation and excitement.

    Thrillophilia experience at Taj Kuteeram

    While the appealing and tranquil settings of the resort offer an ideal outing to relax and unwind from corporate anxieties, Thrillophilia’s array of activities add fun and delight to the day outing. 

    Take part in different cultural, yoga and ayurvedic programmes with Thrillophilia’s trained instructors or relive your childhood days by participating in games like ‘gilli-danda’ and ‘catapult’. Be it the indoor or outdoor games, our experts guarantees you an amusing day at Taj Kutteeram.
    Day Out at Taj Kuteeram, Bangalore

    Day Out at Taj Kuteeram, Bangalore

    NNNNN121 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

    Starting from


  • 12Anandadhama

    If you and your team members are looking for a serene and peaceful day outing, Anandadhama is the perfect weekend outing destination. Located beside the Cauvery River, the appealing outlook and the myriad list of offerings of Anandadhama makes it an ideal destination for team outings.

    Thrillophilia experience at Anandadhama

    From the starting to the end of the day, Thrillophilia's exciting list of activities will definitely keep the team members soaked in fun and excitement. Be it coracle rides at Cauvery River, jungle gym, archery, Tarzan jump, balancing beams, trust falls, or other team building activities, there is a game for every team members.
    Day Out at Anandadhama Near Bangalore

    Day Out at Anandadhama Near Bangalore

    NNNNN110 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


    Starting from


  • 13Discovery Village

    Discovery Village

    Located off the Kanakpura Road, Discovery Village is one of the most sought after weekend outings. Nestled amidst a lush and picturesque ambience, this retreat has a lot to offer to its guests. Large and spacious amphitheatre, dedicated grounds for team building and obstacle courses, kid's zone and the other modern amenities of this resort make it for an ideal team outing near Bangalore.

    Thrillophilia experience at Discovery Village

    In addition to the resort amenities and facilities, our trained instructors and facilitators will take care of all your yearning for fun and excitement. while activities like keypunch, untie me, tower of Hanoi and others make it for an engaging and fun-frolic day, our adventure activities like survival camping, rope challenges and other team building activities helps the team members to unite and perform as a team.
    Day Out at Discovery Village Resort in Kanakpura

    Day Out at Discovery Village Resort in Kanakpura

    NNNNN105 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


    Starting from


  • 14Clarks Exotica Resort

    Clarks Exotica Resort
    One of the best among Bangalore resorts, the Clarks Exotica offers special events facilities, gym and dining options to spend an amazing weekend with your team. The resort is set amidst lush green grounds, a large well maintained swimming pool and a host facilities for almost all types of games - indoor and outdoor.

    Clarks Extoica presents an eclectic mix of facilities such as a Gym and Fitness centre for those looking to flex their muscles, conference facilities for business, and banquet facilities with fine dining facilities. The resort also has a spa to rejuvenate and freshen up those tired limbs. If you want to reward your yourself on a weekend for hard work done over the week, just head to Clarks Exotica.

    Thrillophilia Experience at Clarks Exotica Resort

    Jumbo Cricket, Nuclear Balance, Sport Olympics and Management Trainings are some of the engrossing activities, your team can enjoy during a team outing at Clarks Exotica. 

  • 15Eagleton Golf Village Resort

    Eagleton Golf Village Resort
    The resort offers a memorable experience with all being taken care of with a well hospitable staff and serene landscaped surroundings. The Eagleton Resort is located at a distance of just 36 Kms from the central Bangalore. The resort hosts accommodation facilities comprising of nearly 110 rooms which come in various sizes and packages.

    The facilities and amenities offered in the resort are amongst the best in class which one can avail, some of them include a fully fledged Spa, Banqueting facilities and Conference facilities for business purposes. Apart from which Guests are also pampered with delicious food from their multi-cuisine restaurant and also offer a mini bar for most of their rooms.

    The golf course offers a diverse range of challenges on lush green rolling hills and is one of the finest resorts in Bangalore. Without concern, you have avid golfers or novices in your team; everyone can join the game and have a great time.

    Thrillophilia Experience at Eagleton Golf Village Resort

    Team outing was never so enjoyable! Join Thrillophilia’s various team building, team bonding and other activities in Eagleton Golf Village and experience a new dimension of fun and adventure while on a team outing. 
    Day Outing at Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

    Day Outing at Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

    NNNMM23 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

    Starting from


  • 16Park Field Resort

    Park Field Resort
    ark Field is one of the most highly popular resorts in Bangalore for organizing  team building exercises,workshops, events, and conferences. It has vast open areas, play areas and swimming pools in addition to indoor facilities. It has a large pool that is the ideal spot for organizing a number of activities.

    The ultimate manifestation of beauty, luxury and comfort, the Park Resotel offers best in class services to its guests. The resort has standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites that are aesthetically decked up and fitted with modern amenities to ensure complete comfort and relaxation to guests without compromising on style and sophistication.

    The resort also has a fantastic multi-cuisine restaurant that serves mouth watering dishes. You can also enjoy yourself at the exquisite lounge bar called Ironwood High Bar that exudes a Mediterranean flair.

    Thrillophilia Experience at Park Field Resort

    Add more fun to your outing with Caving and Rappelling at Anthargange while on an outbound training at the Park Field Resort! Besides this, the members can also take part in several other programmes like Acid Walk, Jumbo Cricket, Angry Birds and many more. 
  • 17Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    Visit Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges to enjoy a variety of team building activities. Corporate teams regularly visit the resort to enjoy bonfires, acid walks, paint balls and ice walks. The activities allow you to bring the teams closer and rejuvenate them to increase their performance.

    Beautifully decorated exteriors with tribal motifs, these jungle lodges surprise you with their contemporary interiors. Comfortable beds, fabulous furnishings and all modern amenities promise you a comfortable stay in the wilderness. These lodges also have spacious sit outs and balconies that allow you a great view of the beautiful surroundings.

    Bheemeshwari is, hence, the best destination for a quick getaway from the chaotic city and rejuvenate your body. Spend the daytime exploring or indulging in adventure sports and retire into the comforts of your cozy jungle lodge at the end of the day.

    Thrillophilia Experience at Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    Whether our Jungle Survival Themes or any of the other adventure activities, Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges always offers the thrill and enthrallment of a perfect team outing.

  • 18Day Out at Urban Valley in Bangalore

    Day Out at Urban Valley in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lKanakpura
    • NNNNN283 ratings
    • Urban Valley Resort
      Urban Valley Resort

    About the Activity:

    • Upon reaching this idyllic lakeside resort, a refreshing beverage welcomes you at around 8.00 AM, and a sumptuous breakfast is soon served to fortify you for the day ahead.
    • With the whole day at your disposal, indulge in indoor games like Chess and Carrom.
    • Take the excitement a notch higher with ATV rides, Jet Skis, Rain Dance, and Paintball! The trainers and instructors are internationally certified.
    • Languish around the swimming pool and spend a few relaxing moments.
    • A host of team building activities at the resort can be availed at an additional cost.  
    • You can choose from three options or packages. 
    • With breakfast package for which check in time is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM.
    • Without breakfast package for which check in time is 9:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM.
    • Dinner package for which check in time is 8:30 AM and check out time is 9:30 PM. 

  • 19Day Out at Jungle Lodges Galibore

    Day Out at Jungle Lodges Galibore
    • d1 Day
    • lGalibore
    • NNNNN150 ratings
    • Galibore Nature Camp
      Galibore Nature Camp

    About the Activity:

    Cosseted by the pristine beauty of the Cauvery River and several hillocks, the Galibore Nature Camp is a perfect day outing destination for the nature lovers. Located around 100km from Bangalore, this camp offers a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. With ample opportunities for bird watching and other wildlife spotting, the visitors can also enjoy a serene and quiet day outing in this campsite.

    Be it a smaller group of family members and friends or a larger corporate group, the campsite never ceases to amaze its visitors with all its offerings! While its location and surroundings are ideal for activities like coracle ride, nature walk, cycling, rafting, trekking and much more, the corporate teams can also enjoy a plenitude of team building activities within the vicinity.

    While August-February is considered to be the best time to visit this camp, other months of the year also has their own flamboyance and significance. During the monsoons, the surrounding flourishes with lush and vibrant greeneries. On the other hand, during the drier seasons; March-June, one can revel around the sandbanks and cater to some of the wonderful memories of day outing in Galibore Nature Camp.

  • 20Day Out at Chairman’s Jade Club Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Chairman’s Jade Club Resort in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN52 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1988610

    About the Activity:

    • Reach at around 8.30 AM and sip a few refreshing beverages, even as a yummy breakfast spread awaits.
    • Relax in the marvellous arched lobbies and let yourselves amble through the serenity of the resort.
    • Post lunch at around 1.00 PM, take a cooling dip in the massive swimming pool, while kids get their own baby pool!
    • You can also be a sport and challenge your mates or family to re-energizing games like Volleyball, Squash, Tennis, Badminton or Archery.
    • Splash about merrily on the water slides and experience the kid-like joy of Bunge Runner.
    • Sunday outings start at 11:00 AM and ends at 05:00 PM and on the other days it starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 05:00 PM.
  • 21Day Out at Jungle Adventures Resort, Bangalore

    Day Out at Jungle Adventures Resort, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN81 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3930104
    • 349

    About the Destination: 

    • Spreading over 30 acres of bright green pastures, Jungle Adventures Resort is located between Electronic City and Bannerghatta National Park. The holiday retreat offers a spectacular and relaxing environment away from the noise of city life.
    • Escape into the arms of nature and relax with your corporate team, families and school mates. Participate in various adventure games and team building activities, and engage with loved ones in the amazing party venues at Jungle Adventure Resort.
    • A perfect combination of adventure and relaxation, this nature retreat is the place for you to go for a memorable time!
    • On your arrival at the resort, relax with a refreshing welcome beverage before the start of your exciting day. If you wish to start your adventure at the earliest, arrive at the resort by 09:00 AM and you can spend the entire day having a blast with your family and friends.
    • Check in at the resort is scheduled at 12:00 noon and check out is at 11:00 AM.
    • The different packages include food, accommodation and a number of fun activities.
  • 22Day Out At Jade Vanani in Bangalore

    Day Out At Jade Vanani in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • Jade Retreat
      Jade Retreat

    About the Activity:

    • A lush expanse of well-manicured gardens and stone art await you at Vanani by Jade Retreats, Bangalore. 
    • Located off the Bannerghatta Road, Jade Vanani combines authentic rustic charm along with modern luxury and convenience. 
    • Day out at Jade Vanani offers you a luxuriating experience with its beautiful landscape amidst a backdrop of calm, peaceful stonework architecture that could take your breath away
    •  If you wish to get away from the madness of city life and escape into a world of tranquillity and luxury, then the day out at Jade Vanani is one of the best options for you.
    • Tilt your head back and relax in the swimming pools throughout the day. 
    • The state of the art cuisine offered to you from Jade’s butlers menu can send your taste buds into an excited frenzy.
    • The vast social space around the beautiful Vanani Gardens is all for you to enjoy and experience the real taste of freedom during the day-out! 
    • Experiment your love for barbeque with the delicious barbeque grilled cuisine whilst you enjoy the in-house entertainment.

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