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  • 01Trek To Brahmagiri Hills

    Trek To Brahmagiri Hills
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN455 ratings
    • 4,000

    About the activity: 

    Embark on an exciting trek to the lovely hills of Brahmagiri with your adventure gang on your next holiday and experience the true essence of adventure, unparalleled! The hilly terrains of Coorg await you as you explore the vast plains and valleys that adorn the Ghats and stay in one of the most comfortable homestays there. Enjoy a warm bonfire and spend quality time with your friends as you click amazing photos of the picturesque surroundings and trudge along the rocks and lush greenery around one of the tallest hills in the state. After you have spent around 2 days in the company of nature, good food and good music, you can depart for Bangalore around 09:45 AM in the morning and visit Nagarhole National Park on the way back.

  • 02Wine Tour in Bangalore

    Wine Tour in Bangalore
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN1545 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • The tour, which is of around 60 minutes, starts in the morning at around 10.30 AM. Guests are informed about the history of wine and its cultivation before proceeding to witness the actual process at the vineyard.
    • Practically every aspect of wine-making is discussed-right from fermentation to bottling and final labeling.
    • The most awaited part of the tour is when guests sample up to 5 different varieties of wines-of which two are of Indian origin and the rest are French. 
    • Taste some of the best wines with the world on your palette. 
    • Indulge in this 1 hour experience and emerge as a wine connoisseur at the end of it. You can choose any time between 10:30 AM and 04:00 PM.
    • This tour is not applicable for children. 
  • 03Night Trek with Water Sports in Kunti Betta

    Night Trek with Water Sports in Kunti Betta

    About the activity with details:

    • Kunti Betta is a picturesque hill in the quaint town of Pandavapura, marked by the two hills at an elevation of 2882 meters. 
    • Before you begin your fun and exciting trek, you will be picked up from different points at around 09:00 PM and reach the Kunti Betta base camp around 01:30 AM. 
    • You can begin trekking up to the peak and reach the top around 03:00 AM. Relax by a bonfire and watch the beautiful sunrise at around 06:00 AM. 
    • Begin descent to base camp by 07:00 AM and travel to the lovely lake nearby where you can engage in an array of different water activities around 08:30 AM. 
    • After this, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast at 10:00 AM in Pandavapura Hotel and prepare for your return trip to Bangalore city, where you will be expected to reach by around 02:00 PM. 

  • 04Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration
    About the activity: 

    Start late night from Bangalore around 10:00 PM and reach Anthargange.
    Begin caving at around 12:00 AM after a briefing session by expert guides, following which the night trek to the Anthargange peak will begin.
    Witness rare nocturnal sights along the way, bask in the panoramic views of the night sky from the peak and enjoy a lively bonfire session.
    While at the peak, get a surreal view of the sun rising over the horizon and relish in breakfast.
    Start trekking back to the base, post which you will return back to Bangalore.

  • 05Adventure at Ramanagara

    Adventure at Ramanagara
    About the Activity:  
    • Your eventful day at Ramanagara will begin at 06:30 AM from Bangalore, while heading towards the base camp you can enjoy breakfast at about 08:00 AM.
    • After a quick assessment of the conditions on the camp, the tour guide will decide on the order of activities to be undertaken.
    • The Ramanagara adventure includes fun activities like trekking and kayaking in the rocky terrain. 
    • You can begin your activities from Ramanagara at around 09:00 AM and have lunch around 02:00 PM.
    • Continue with your activities and engage in hi tea around 05:00 PM.
    • Depart from Ramanagara by 05:30 PM and you will be expected to reach Bangalore by 07:30 PM.
    • Private tour can be arranged for a group of minimum 8 people on weekdays and for minimum 20 people on weekends.
  • 06Night Trekking in Savandurga in Bangalore

    Night Trekking in Savandurga in Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Set off on an offbeat night trekking in Savandurga in the darkness. Make your way up to the Savandurga peak and also savour in a bonfire. 
    • Expert guides will accompany you throughout the trek. Dash off to Night Trekking in Savandurga, one of the largest monolithic rocks in Asia. 
    • Just 60 km west of Bangalore, the rocky delight soars to 1226 meters above sea level. It is shaped by two hills, Karigudda and Biligudda, the former meaning black hill and the latter meaning white hill. Assemble at a common point and begin your journey from Bangalore at around 09:30 PM. 
    • Arrive at the craggy charms and set off on the Savandurga trek by 01:00 AM under the guidance of trekking experts. Along the way, discover the nocturnal appeals of the destination as your torches guide you through the path. Once at the Savandurga peak, enjoy a campfire and as the first rays of the sun ascends, you can head back down for a buffet breakfast and by 08:30 AM, take on the return journey to Bangalore.

  • 07Learn To Play Golf In Bangalore

    Learn To Play Golf In Bangalore
    • h2 Hours
    • lKolar
    • NNNNN28 ratings

    About the Destination:

    Set in the salubrious environs of Kolar, the Champion Reef Golf County is an hour's drive from most areas of Bangalore. A class apart, this golf course in Bangalore sprawls over more than 150 acres and provides an 18-hole, 72 par, and 7000 yards course. The course was built in such a way that it conserves water and avails fully the lovely natural lakes and craggy dispositions of the area. The setting here is a unique and charming one. There is also a high end golf clubhouse in the premises that provides a restaurant, spa, health and fitness center, meeting rooms and other sport avenues.

    About the Activity:

    Learn to play golf in Bangalore, a sought after sport across the world, in a group with your friends or family members. It is suitable for all types of people from kids above 8 or 9 years to adults. Over here, a little hard ball is propelled into successions of ‘holes’ with the aid of an assortment of wood or iron-tipped sticks or ‘golf clubs’. The key is to use as minimum strokes as possible.

    The game in itself is an engaging one and comes with many advantages. On one hand, you get to enjoy the feel of refreshing and pollution-free outdoors. On the other, there are also many health benefits associated with it. If indulged in regularly, it can help you remain fit, enhance your muscle tone and endurance and also assist in losing weight.

  • 08Camping and Adventure Activities at Discover Village

    Camping and Adventure Activities at Discover Village

    About the Destination:

    Located amongst thick curtains and carpeted forest lands 55km from Bangalore, is Kanakapura. This little piece of paradise is a favourite among tourists and thrill seekers who come here to simply relax or trek to the various hills and mountains that surround it. Reclining placidly on the banks of Arkavathy River, this destination is very well connected to the nearby cities by the NH 209. Its lush green thickets, ancient temples and fort ruins present a perfect opportunity to explorers to seek a little more from their journeys.

    Rich with abundant greenery, surrounded by majestic hills and blessed by numerous temples, a journey to Kanakpura is a celebration in itself!

    About the Activity with Details:

    Located in the verdant green forest thickets of Kanakpura, Discovery Village, one of the best adventure resorts in Bangalore, is the perfect piece of haven that adventure enthusiasts seek. Take a trip to this destination that, is a start point for a treasure trove of adventure escapades designed to give you happiness, experiential learning and encourage a sense of bonding amongst you and your campmates.

    Embark on a day full of adrenaline pumping activities that are intended so that you can inject a dose of fun into the monotony of your daily life! At the Discovery Village in Kanakpura there is no dearth of activities to throw yourself into at any given time.

    Enjoy this day of fun filled escapades before you relax for a night stay at the campsite itself. Relax and recline under a sparkling canopy of stars and moonlight as your day at the Discovery village draws to a thundering close.

  • 09Play Laser Tag In Bangalore

    Play Laser Tag In Bangalore

    About The Destination:

    Playing laser tag in Bangalore can be very fulfilling and exciting activity. The Laser Tag Gaming Arena at Bangalore is the perfect destination for game enthusiasts! With a wide range of gaming options and facilities, you can find yourself being transported into an entirely different world! In a world of ceaseless work and endless deadlines, here is your opportunity to break away for a day and give yourself the fun you deserve!

    Well-equipped and spread over 2,000sq.ft, the gaming arena can accommodate up to groups of 16 people! There are themed zones alongside multiple games and consoles that allow participants to enjoy the very best in gaming! So don’t think twice before you head out to the Laser Tag Gaming Arena!

    About The Activity With Details:

    Laser tag is a goal-oriented game that takes you through a thrilling and fun-filled adventure. This is a multi-player video game that is set in a specifically themed zone to give you an authentic feel and ambience. Usually played in a dark environment, participants with laser guns seek to tag opponent players in their mission to achieve a pre-defined goal. Targeting and shooting, escaping and ducking – your quick reactions will decide your fate in this game.

    Laser tag in HSR Layout is only one of the games that can be enjoyed in the gaming arena. There are several other multi-player games that are mission oriented and competitive in design. Air Hockey, Archery, Flight Simulator, Video Games and Music Jams are other popular activities enjoyed here.

    This activity is available in different packages:

    Basic Package:

    Duration: 90 Minutes

    Rate: 299 per Child/Person

    Package Contains:

    • 1 Laser Tag game/person
    • 1 person get to play in GOD mode
    • Unlimited access to any 2 consoles
    • 1 air hockey session/child

    Standard Package:

    Duration: 120 Minutes

    Rate: 450 per Child/Person

    Package Contains:

    • 2 Laser Tag games/person
    • 1 person gets to play in GOD mode
    • Unlimited access to any 3 consoles
    • 1 Air Hockey session/child
    • 1 Foosball session/child
    • 1 return gift coupon of Laser Tag game (conditions applied)

    Executive Package:

    Duration: 150 Minutes

    Rate: 599

    Package Contains:

    • 3 Laser Tag games/person
    • 1 person get to play in GOD mode
    • Unlimited access to all the consoles
    • Unlimited Air Hockey sessions
    • Unlimited Foosball sessions
    • Themed Cake
    • 1 return gift (conditions applied)

    Ultimate Package:

    Duration: 180 Minutes

    Rate: 14,000

    Package Contains:

    • Unlimited Laser Tag and other games
    • Up to 25 persons
    • 1 return gift (5 nos.) (conditions applied)

    Meal Types: None

    Activities: Laser Tag, Archery, Air Hockey, Flight Simulator, Video Games, Music Jams.

    Duration: 1 hour each.

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 10Play Paint Ball In Bangalore At Kanakpura

    Play Paint Ball In Bangalore At Kanakpura

    About the Destination:

    Paint Ball in Bangalore at Kanakpura is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress. Located within the city of Bangalore and accessible from all local hubs, this facility is a hot-spot for locals. Spread across a comfortable area and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Paint Ball is designed to get the better of your thinking and fitness skills.

    From amongst several competitors, we stand out in our offering of Paint Ball by our exceptional offerings. Safety is uncompromised and quality is at its very best! Where passion meets adventure and thrill, Paint Ball is the game best experienced and enjoyed.

    About The Activity With Details:

    Paint Ball is a game designed with more objectives than just having mere fun. Use guns and shoot your opponents with colourful capsules in attempt to defeat them. You will be tested on your fitness as you fly past, duck and avoid being shot at! An activity that keeps you on the edge at every given moment, this game is filled with fun and excitement.

    And that is not all! You will have to interact with your team mates and stage a captivating plan! In the process, you will learn of your friends and colleagues, some unknown and unexpected characteristics. Where mental ability meets fitness, thrill and compatibility, Paint Ball in Bangalore at the facility in Kanakpura is your best bet!  

    Activities: Paint Ball

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 11Experience Indoor Wall Climbing in Bangalore For 12 Days

    Experience Indoor Wall Climbing in Bangalore For 12 Days

    About the Activity / tour with details :

    If you are in the mood for an energizing and exciting experience, then there is no need to travel far! The adventurer in you can find ample enjoyment in Indoor wall climbing in Bangalore; an adventure experience you will enjoy to the maximum! You can engage in indoor wall climbing in Bangalore for 12 sessions in a month at a popular bouldering gym that perfectly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor sports! Bouldering is a style of rock climbing that is undertaken without a rope and is usually short in duration due to its intensity level.

    Safety measures are taken seriously in a bouldering gym and you need not worry as there is a padded mat that cushions any accidental fall! There are several benefits that you incur on bouldering, some of which are weight loss, body toning, flexibility, confidence, stamina and endurance! 

  • 12BREAKOUT - Real Life Escape Games, Bangalore

    BREAKOUT - Real Life Escape Games, Bangalore
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN80 ratings

    About the activity:

    • Prep up for a fun-filled experience with real life escape games ! 
    • Participants are required to team up in teams of 2-5 members. The teams will then be locked in the themed rooms. 
    • The real challenge begins now! the teams will now have exact sixty minutes to observe and identify the clues given to them in their respective room.
    • The team that is able to solve the mystery faster than the rest will be declared winner. 
    • Delight in a refreshing and engrossing experience with rest of your group members! 
  • 13Adventure Activities in Bangalore with Night Stay

    Adventure Activities in Bangalore with Night Stay
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN32 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Located around 26km from the heart of India’s IT Capital, Jade Garden is one such club that complies with international standards and assures pleasant time to its visitors. Whether you are planning for adventure activities in Bangalore or a fun-filled getaway, this retreat can be your ideal destination! And in case, you are looking out for some adventure activities in Bangalore with night stay, you definitely cannot miss out Jade Garden.

    Spreading across 250 acres of lush and green surroundings, this leisure home is merely around 5km from Bangalore International Airport. On your quest for adventure activities in Bangalore, visit Jade Garden and indulge in an array of exciting activities. On offer here, there are thrilling activities like paintball, jumaring, archery and several others. For those looking for adventure activities in Bangalore with night stay, can enjoy almost all the amenities and facilities offered by Jade Garden.

  • 14Corporate Lazer Tag Experience in Indiranagar

    Corporate Lazer Tag Experience in Indiranagar

    About the activity:

    Lazer Tag in Bangalore is the brand new 'Alternative Sport' to take the world by a storm! It is a highly advanced computer controlled sport system that offers a gala time for all participants, irrespective of their age or experience!

    The equipment for the sport comes from Australia, the leaders in the market of outdoor Lazer Tag. It is an exciting live gaming system, suitable for players  that can be played by anyone from 6 years and above.

    The laser-guns use a harmless infra-red beam, which tags sensors worn by each player. The individual guns are built tough, with realistic sound effects, weights and scope. Just like the latest computer games, players will receive their mission briefing, intelligence on the enemy and tactics and will battle against others to fulfill their mission objectives as a team.

    Embark on a the Lazer Tag in Bangalore at Lazer Castle which is a great activity for employee engagement or group sessions!

    Activities: Lazer Tag

    Meal Details: (Can be availed at extra cost)

    • Starter- French Fries or Nachos, Creamy Red Sauce Pasta /Burger (veg or non-veg), 
    • One Quencher / Ice Tea.

  • 15Nandi Hill Heritage Walk, Bangalore

    Nandi Hill Heritage Walk, Bangalore

    About the activity / tour with details:

    The serenity of Nandi hills is best explored at the foot of the hills, rather than the top! With this enchanting Nandi Hills heritage walk, you can witness the rich South Indian culture and history that lies hidden in this place! Travel back to the 9th century with an enchanting tour of the Bhoganandishwara Temple, an ancient temple, befitting the visit from the kings of yore! You can stroll through the old Nandi Halt train station and reminisce about the amazing design our railway systems adopted back in those days!

    Join excited adventurers on a guided heritage tour to the Bhoganandishwara Temple and get amazed at the interiors of a museum based in Muddenahalli, a sanctuary dedicated to the famous sir M. Visvesaraya. The trip is suitable for all age groups and captures over 1000 years of historical stories in a nutshell for the historian in you to enjoy! You can gather at the temple at around 08:30AM-09:30AM sharp, and enjoy the sights till about noon, after which you can enjoy an early lunch before departure! The trek lasts for around 3 hours, and those who wish to grab a quick breakfast can do so at the tiny eatery nearby. 

    Meal Types: Tea and Snacks, Water bottle, Lunch (Depends on the package)

    Activities: Walking Tour

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    NOTE : Children below 5 years of age - Entry Free

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