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What You Should Know More About Coimbatore

  • Q. Travel Advice:

    • Planning properly matters: No matter what location or destination one plans on spending their holidays at, it is essential that certain travel tips are kept in mind. Hence, if you’re still in the stage of hatching your plans for Coimbatore, make sure that you plan well and plan well ahead of time. Make a good, well-researched note of all the important information like accommodation options, local transportation, hospitals, restaurants, resorts and more. It is quite obvious that you’d want to experience a hassle-free journey if you’re actually spending money on your holidays.

    • Transportation: When it comes to transportation in Coimbatore, there is very little that you need to worry about. The holiday destination is well connected and one can easily make use of the local transport while visiting different locations within the space. However, what is better advisable is to ensure a private fare while you’re in the region. The simple reason for this tip is that it becomes much easier to visit the places around at one’s own convenience. Cars and bikes are easily available on rent at these places.

    • Beware of sham services: Travellers must remain aware of who they are hiring as guides. Past experiences have led many to be involved in a scam wherein either their property was stolen or the services were overpriced. This can really trample one’s travel experience. Hence, it is essential that one plans well and one plans well ahead of time.

    • Beware of pick-pocketers: Yes, you have come to the city with hopes of enjoying your holiday. However, it is always better to be well prepared for all circumstances rather than feeling sorry or regretting it later. Keep an eye out for pick-pockets. These disguise themselves as normal individuals just strolling across the town but they are the most dangerous. Keep yourself and your property well protected.

    • Drinking laws: Consumption in Coimbatore is not very restrictive. One can easily consume alcohol as and when he/she feels like as liquor is easily accessible. However, avoid consuming alcohol in public places. Majority of the resorts, restaurants, pubs and clubs will have the availability of alcohol.

  • Q. Things to do in Coimbatore:

    • Watch the sunrise by the Valankulam lake: Whether you’re a morning person or not, you must not miss this experience. Head down to the Valankulam lake early in the morning and watch the mesmerizing sunrise through the incredible landscapes of Coimbatore. Photographers will have the time of their lives in such a scenario.

    • Appreciate art at the Gass Museum: Want to encounter animals face to face and take eerie selfies? Gass Museum is the place for you. These animals are stuffed and well preserved and offer a wide variety of other activities that you can enroll for if you’re interested.

    • Trekking at the Monkey fall: Most of us enjoy getting drenched in nature’s love. Cut off a day and go trekking towards the Monkey fall of Coimbatore. It is filled with green trees and clear skies and is sure a worthy experience and you only have to give it a try.

    • Adventure trip to Valparai: Do road trips thrill you? Well, you simply need to hop on a jeep with your friends or family and go on an adventure trip to Valparai. The breath-taking greenery will leave you mesmerized. Imagine listening to your favorite music with this sight.

  • Q. What will you like in Coimbatore:

    • The Marudhamalai temple: The Marudhamali temple is located at a height of 500ft and is a better known attraction for people especially in Western Ghats. Enjoy the speculator bird eye’s view from the place and indulge in some fresh spiritual worship as well.

    • Spiritual oneness at Vellingiri: This destination is sincerely revered by most. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and sits on the imperial altitude of 6000ft. Enjoy this place for the beauty it beholds.

    • Visit the Kovai Kondattam: Kovai Kondattam offers an exhilarating experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Enjoy the lovely adventure by taking part in activities such as trekking, camping and other exciting ventures while you’re at this place.

    • Enjoy the magnificent view of Siruvani falls: The Siruvani falls are situated approximately 37kms away from the city. However, this place sure is worth it given its sensationally tasty water.

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