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  • Team outings are a great way to rejuvenate yourself and your team. Beat the stress, excite and energize your team with the plethora of activities conducted by Thrillophilia at some of the most amazing locations in and around Bangalore for team outings.

    Based on the time you can allocate for the outings, the outings have been classified into various categories. Some of the activities conducted at the various resorts and camp based locations are as follows:

    Listed best resorts for team outings in Bangalore:

  • 01Golden Palms

    This five-star resort is run and maintained by the Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan. With a large swimming pool, a spa for massages, indoor games etc, this resort can promise you a relaxing retreat.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    To add some spice into your day team outing in Bangalore,Thrillophilia offersa fascinating list of teambonding activities such as Paintball, Corporate Yoga,Drum Circle, Treasure Hunt and other theme based events.

  • 02Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

  • 03Confident Amoon

    Want to escape the concrete jungle around you? Run to Confident Amoon, which has been built in a serene and tranquil atmosphere, with lush greenery around.

    While this Egyptian style 4 Star resort can provide you several amenities to make your outing a relaxing one, Thrillophilia can join hands to make your outing a fun filled one.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    We conduct effective outbound trainings that increase the productivity of the team. Some of the activities we conduct at this resort include Corporate Yoga, Treasure Hunt, Paint a Canvas and Drum Circle. Satiate the adventure side of you with Paintball, Rappelling, Trekking, Cave Exploration and cycling.

  • 04Emerald Isle

    A team outing in Bangalore is amazing fun and through Emerald Isle, which is a budget resort, it gives you the home away from home feel. Surrounded by lush greenery, and housing a spa, Emerald Isle can pamper you and relax you.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Thrillophilia makes the outdoor learning an engaging and adventurous one with cave exploration and rappelling in and around Anthargange Caves. Revel in our tailor made fun theme based and team building activities.

  • 05Royal Orchid

    Offering a true respite, Royal Orchid makes for an enjoyable place for team outings. Amenities and facilities offered by this resort are among the finest and add to its imperial essence.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Thrillophilia Experience at Royal Orchid

    With Thrillophilia, treat your team to an enjoyable and recreational outing experience. Our different programmes and activities are focussed on team bonding and building without missing out on the fun factor. Games like Paintball, Corporate Yoga and Paint a Canvas are some of the poplar ones in Royal Orchid.

  • 06Plan Your Theme Based Corporate Team Outing

  • 07Jungle Lodges, Bheemeshwari

    Located on the banks of the Cauvery, Bheemeshwari can become etched in your memory as a memorable place. Housed between the Gaganachukki, Barachukki and Mekedatu falls, this scenic place is the heaven for all nature lovers.

    Filled with mountains, exotic birds, the mahseer fish and lush greenery, this place can make your team outing in Bangalore a thrilling experience.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Jungle Survival, Forest Camping and Treasure Hunt are some of the special team outing games conducted by Thrillophilia within this vicinity. We even organize Rafting, Pool Kayaking, Trekking and other similar adventure activities in Bheemeshwari.

  • 08Eagleton Resort

    A team outing in Bangalore is one of the most exciting experiences to have for a corporate. And Eagleton is a good combination of relaxation and recreation. Being a golfing village, Eagleton is paradise for golfers, but it has something to offer to non-golfers as well. The unlimited space and fresh air make the place suitable for a host of amenities and activities. 

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Thrillophilia conducts several team bonding activities at this location. Since Eagleton is close to Ramanagara, which is a rock climber’s paradise, we also organize High Rope Traversing, Bouldering, Rappelling and Trekking at Ramanagara.

  • 09Bheemeshwari Camp

    Located on the banks of the river Cauvery, Bheemeshwari is an  ideal location for crocodile spotting, deer spotting, elephant spotting, camping, trekking and wildlife spotting.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    If you and your team feel up to some adventure, then indulge yourselves in Rafting, Pool Kayaking, Jummaring, High Rope Traversing, Cycling and Archery programmes offered by Thrillophilia in and around the Bheemeshwari Camp. 

  • 10Exciting Theme Based Events for Team Building

  • 11Grand Palace, Yercaud

    The Grand Palace is located atop a hill, overlooking a lake. It is a great resort in calm and serene surroundings.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Join our outbound learning in Yercaud and enjoy the best of your outing experience. Whether the fun theme based, adventure or team building activities, Thrillophilia’s high energy and engrossing activities will keep the  members in high spirits. 

  • 12Kings Sanctuary, Nagarahole

    If you are looking for luxury in the midst of wildlife, Kings sanctuary is just where you need to go. Located close to the Nagarhole National Park, the Kings Sanctuary is  famous for wildlife safari.

    This place is home to  about 60 tigers, herds of elephants and scores of other mammals, birds and reptiles. A visit to  the Irupu falls, which is close by, can relax you, and rejuvenate you and your team. Visiting Kings sanctuary can leave you spoilt for choices are there are tons of activities you can indulge in.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    In addition to the activities offered by the resort, Thrillophilia also conducts scores of team activities such as Paintball, Burma Bridge,theme based activities like Jungle Survival, Drum Circle and many other activities. 

  • 13Windflower, Bandipur

    If you want to feel truly relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed, Windflower, Bandipur is the place where you need to be. It is in this holiday destination, you can go for a jeep safari and felel the vibes of the bountiful nature. 

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    At the Windflower, Thrillophilia’s offers several captivating and joyous activities. This includes team building, theme based and other entertaining activities that will encourage your team members to perform as a team and accomplish different tasks. 

  • 14Vythiri Village, Wayanad

    If you wanted to be surrounded by lush greenery, serenity and tranquility, there can be no other region other than the mist-clad Wayanad mountains. Vythiri Village, one of the gems of the Wayanad region, is at an altitude of 2600 m above sea level, and is spread over 20 acres, and is one of the finest Ayurvedic resorts in God’s own country.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Some of the team activities that you can enjoy in this resort include Cycling, Trekking ad Archery. Enhance the whole experience withThrillophilia’sother activities like Jumaring, High Rope Traversing, Archery, Corporate Yoga and Drum Circle.

  • 15Eagle Eye Resort, Chikmaglur

    Not too far from Bangalore, the Eagle eye resort is at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level and is spread over 130 acres. The lush greenery around you, along with plantations of coffee, medicinal plants, spices and orchids will beckon you to get lost in the arms of nature. Truly the Eagle Eye is a paradise on earth.?

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    This hilltop resort not only provides you a picturesque landscape to relax with your team, but also allows you to indulge our several team building activities. They includeKayaking, Paintball, Raft building, Burma Bridge, Kayaking and Archery. Corporate Yoga and other theme based activities are also conducted. 

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