34 Destinations, 8 States, 1 Epic Journey through the North-East

We have all planned a number of trips in our lives, most of them are to popular destinations. Keeping aside all the famous destinations that we have often heard off, it is now time to explore some of the less known but amazing destinations of the North-East India.

The North-east is a well accomplished India in itself; here are some of the amazing destinations that should definitely make it to your bucket list when you think of the North east India.

  1. Arunachal Pradesh

    1. Ziro Valley

      m_Ziro Valley

      Image Credit: rajkumar1220 – Flickr

      Walk through the beauty of greens and experience the serenity of nature as you trek along the Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a place less known when compared to any other nature spots in India, but surely will leave you with a much enhanced nature treatment like the others.

    2. Sela Pass

      m_Sela Pass

      Image Credit: googleapis.com

      This mystic pass will allure you with its beauty as it becomes a home for all biking lovers.  The snow-capped mountains, green coated plains and blue waters will leave you stunned by the splendour and enrich your experience here.

    3. Bomdila


      Image Credit: panasianholidays.in

      This is a perfect getaway for a summer vacation with your family. A vacation trip here will promise you great sightseeing of the Himalayas and for an adventure, you can also trek along the hills and escalate your level of delight.

    4. Pasi Ghat

      m_Pasi Ghat

      Image Credit: bcmtouring.com

      A place where water and land meet to give a new definition to your vacation trip. With beautiful landscapes that enthral you, there is also home for some adventure at the Siang River.

    5. Parasuram Kund

      m_Parasuram Kund

      Image Credit: overindia.com

      Off for a vacation in the North-east during winters? If so, this is a place you should not miss out on. Peaceful ambience and mesmerising sceneries will draw you closer to the divinity of this place and set you up for a refreshing vacation trip.

    6. Bhalukpong


      Image Credit: northeastsimplified.com

      Nested in the dense forest and rinsed by the Kameng River this destination should be a definitive visit. Exploring the unseen should be one of your must do things here. This place is much known for its ethical value and can take you back to the days of Mahabharatha.

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  2. Manipur

    1. Khangkhui


      Image Credit: e-paolive.net

      See the unseen in the rocks and make your way through the amazing creations of nature! Set apart and explore the cave beauties of Manipur as you fall in love with the unusual experience of travel that will stay with you for a lifetime.

    2. Loktak Lake

      m_Loktak Lake

      Image Credit: purplewallpaper.net

      The floating lake of Manipur will enthral and accelerate your urge to travel more. It is one of those experiences that you feel while you are visiting a place that is one of its kind. Loktak Lake is one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the North east part of India.

    3. Nillai Tea Estate

      m_Nillai Tea Estate

      Image Credit: blogger.com

      Nillai Tea Estate is a picturesque delight for every tourist who explore their way to this place. Amidst the surreal mountains and hills exists the sweet aroma of this tea estate. It is one of the best sightseeing experience in the city of Ukhrul in Manipur.

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    4. Shirui Kashung

      m_Shirui Kashung

      Image Credit: iromxmo

      Mother of a number of rivers and streams, Shirui Kashung is also a home for pretty pink lilies. At an elevation of 2,835mts above the sea level, this hill promises you a mesmerising hilltop view that will definitely awaken the nature lover in you.

    5. Bhishnupur Temple

      m_Bhishnupur Temple

      Image Credit: Flickr

      Bhishnupur Temple is an ancient home for all the Lord Vishnu followers. Doomed in the spirituality of Lord Vishnu, this place is also a hub for the old architecture lovers.

  3. Assam

    1. Digboi Oil Refinery

      m_Digboi Oil Refinery

      Image Credit: blogspot.com

      Home to India and Asia’s first oil refinery, Digboi is also known for its amazing scenic beauty. The city located in Tinsukia can be a great visit as it is a place for both learning and leisure.

    2. Mayong


      Image Credit: wikimedia.org

      Mayong is a place best known for its archaeological pilgrimage locations. It is also a place to experience great wildlife and explore the unusual customs of the city. It also accommodates educational museums that can be visited to learn more about the place.

    3. Haflong Hill Station

      m_Haflong Hill Station

      Image Credit: assamtouristspots

      Also known as the ‘White Ant Hillock,’ Haflong is a great destination to be explored. Life in the lush green Landscapes call you to visit this place over and over again. A view from any of the hill tops here can relax and sooth your mind within no time.

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  4. Meghalaya

    1. Nohkalikai falls

      m_Nohkalikai falls

      Image Credit: Neelima v – Flickr

      We all want a little more from life, always; it’s the same with travel experiences too. Nohkalikai falls in one of those destinations that will make you feel like this. Its enchanting beauty and the splendor of looking through the streams that make their way into the valley will leave you mesmerised!

    2. Garo Hills

      m_Garo Hills

      Image Credit: ybijoysingh

      Hills, rivers and lush green forests take you through the ecological canvas of Garo hills. A place best to experience the tranquillity of nature and sooth your mind with incredible scenic beauty.

    3. Umiam Lake

      m_Umiam Lake

      Image Credit: indiantravels.com

      Sunset, lake and coffee! No evening can get any better than this on a vacation. In the serenity of nature will you enrich the experience of your holiday and come back with a bang!

    4. Mawsynram


      Image Credit: blogspot.com

      Blessed with the diverse collection of flora and fauna Mawsynram is a must visit place for all you nature enthusiasts. It is a much bigger experience that you create than just any usual sightseeing tour.

    5. East Kashi Hills

      m_East Kashi Hills

      Image Credit: tourismguideindia.com

      Amidst the forests and tribal Kashi dwellers you are sure to hit on some new experiences that you have never made before. Sure to be like any other hill station East Kashi Hills also describe nature’s beauty in an amazing way.

  5. Mizoram

    1. Durtlang Hills

      m_Durtlang Hills

      Image Credit: Flickr

      Sunrise and sunset are best viewed on a hill top. Here is one such place that will leave you with this exquisite experience. Looking through the splendour of greens and kissing the morning rays makes you feel absolutely amazing at Durtlang Hills.

    2. Paikhai


      Image Credit: Flickr

      Look down the cliff and let yourself loose into the hands of nature. Feel the tickle in your stomach and let the cold breeze touch your cheeks.  Paikhai will not only sooth your eyes but also your soul.

    3. Vantawng Waterfalls

      m_Vantawng Waterfalls

      Image Credit: betterphotography.in

      This great water fall is a visual treat as it generates a seven storey cliff on its fall. It is surrounded by the bamboos making it look much more beautiful. It leaves every tourist mesmerised as it paves way into the valleys of Mizoram.

    4. Lung lei/ bridge of the rock

      m_Lung lei

      Image Credit: dinteafanai

      Also known as the ‘Bridge of the rock’, this place has the best of scenic beauty in store for you. Surreal landscapes and peaceful atmosphere will attract you to visit and revisit this place.

  6. Tripura

    1. Jampui Hill

      m_Jampui Hill

      Image Credit: ZoParrimtui Jampui – Flickr

      The highest elevation of the state allures you with a panoramic view of the valleys, hills and villages of Tripura. It is a destination that will accelerate your urge to feel the warmth of nature.

    2. Pilak


      Image Credit: panoramio.com

      Nestled in the greenery of Tripura, it is one of the ancient shrines of Hinduism and Buddhist art. Pilak is famous for its archaeological remains from the 8th and 9th century.

    3. Unakoti


      Image Credit: justraveling

      Unakoti is one of the places that is described as the wonders of India. It is also a destination for archaeology and art lovers. It is a primitive beauty dated back to the 7th and 8th century that is sure to attract the artists and followers of Lord Shiva.

  7. Nagaland

    1. Dzoukou Valley

      m_Dzoukou Valley

      Image Credit: tootlers.com

      A trek to this blissful valley is a must as it will credit you with mind blowing experiences. At a perch of 2,462 mts above the sea level this glorious valley makes you adore its pristine beauty.

    2. Dzulekie Stream

      m_Dzulekie Stream

      Image Credit: allmacwallpaper.com

      Lose yourself in the murmur of streams as you walk through the valleys carpeted by lush green and exotic flowers that will boost your experience of a nature trip. A place any nature enthusiast cannot afford to miss!

    3. Mokokchung


      Image Credit: holidify.com

      Mokokchung- the land of Ao Nagas, is the best urban hub in Nagaland. It is mostly known for its cultural attractions that will engage you in the customs and traditions of Ao Nagas tribe.

    4. Mount Tiyi

      m_Mount Tiyi

      Image Credit: suryanaidus

      Mount Tiyi is one of the local tourist destinations of Nagaland the will charm you with an amazing hill top view. It is a place to be for the sunrises and sunsets as it will amuse you with its scenic beauty.

  8. Sikkim

    1. Pelling


      Image Credit: Atanu De – Flickr

      Pelling, one of the famous tourist destinations of Sikkim offers you an amazing view of the Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan Mountains. It is a hub for both nature and adventure lovers, a blend of both will make your trip more thrilling!

    2. Khecheopalri Lake

      m_Khecheopalri Lake

      Image Credit: roman korzh – Flickr

      Not so far from Pelling, Khecheopalri Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Sikkim. It is much known for its religious values and is also accounted as the cleanest lakes in Sikkim.

    3. Rumtek Monastery

      m_Rumtek Monastery

      Image Credit: flowcomm – Flickr

      At an elevation of almost 5000 feet, Rumtek Monastery not only offers a spectacular visual treat of amazing landscapes and sceneries but also is a home for spiritual solace. Rumtek Monastery is the largest monastery in Sikkim.

    4. Nathu La Pass

      m_Nathu La Pass

      Image Credit: Shayon Ghosh – Flickr

      Situated on the Indo-china border, Nathu La Pass nails it with its scenery. Beautiful mountains and ice scalped landscapes fascinate you and take you through a jolly ride by hand.

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