25 Places To Visit in Shillong 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Shillong Tourist Places

Elephant Falls, Umiam Lake, Shillong Peak & View Point, Don Bosco Museum, David Scott Trail, Sweet Falls, Laitlum Canyons, Police Bazar, Ward’s Lake, Phan Nonglait Park, Air Force Museum and many others. 

Encircled with lush green hills and pine trees and having a very peaceful surroundings, the places to visit in Shillong are loaded with scenic beauty and calm aura. Be it the quaint monasteries or the rolling hills, the tourists spots here come in a large variety. If thinking about spending some time in serenity, you can hop to Umiam Lake or the Elephant Falls. Both the locations boast of having splendid natural beauty. If wishing to indulge in local culinary delights while shopping for handicrafts then you can head to the Police Bazaar and enjoy an evening like never before.

Shillong Tourist Places are not limited to nature only as this city also houses various basilicas and museums as well. Famed for being “The abode of clouds”, the city will bestow you with many beautiful landmarks no matter where you go. Being one of the smallest states of India, Shillong houses many big gems in the form of waterfalls, lakes, age old monasteries and much more.

We have curated a list of the most exciting places to visit in Shillong:

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Elephant Falls

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Elephant Falls is a sight to behold and can be visited with family on a picnic or with friends for a weekend outing. The waterfall got its name from a rock at its bottom that appears like an elephant. Three separate cascades from these wonderful waterfalls enveloped in lush greenery that the surrounding area features. 

While the soothing sound of the crystal clear water brushing through the rocks calms your senses, the spectacular site of the falls is a treat to your eyes. If you are on a quest to unravel the best of the natural wonders in the region, Elephant Falls is easily among the best places to visit in Shillong.

Location: Upper Shillong, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand: 12 km

Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fee: INR 20 per person

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Umiam Lake

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One of the most iconic sites in the entirety of Meghalaya, Umiam Lake is a perfect spot for leisure and rejuvenation. It is a reservoir that was built on Umiam River in the 1960s and has been a treat to visitors’ senses ever since.

In addition to the lake being a popular picnic spot among locals and tourists visiting Shillong, the scenic beauty of the vast lake with azure waters is truly enchanting and makes it an ideal spot for landscape photographers. As Umiam Lake is one of the best tourist places in Shillong for adventure, you can even indulge in thrilling water activities like kayaking, boating, and cruising here.

: 15 km north of Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
17 km

Water sports are available from 9 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee
: INR 20 per person

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Shillong Peak & View Point

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If you love heights for the panoramic views they offer, Shillong Peak will easily become your favourite spot once you stare at the unending green expanses from up here. The peak has an altitude of 1962 meters which makes it an amazing mountaintop overlook point from where you can relish some magnificent views of the entire city of Shillong.

The peak is also believed to be the abode of the deity that protects the city. The experience of being here is truly refreshing which makes it bag a spot among the most exciting places to visit in Shillong. 

10 km south of Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand
: 12 km

: 9 AM to 3:30 PM

Entry Fee
: Entry is free

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Laitlum Canyons

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Just a 45-minute drive away from the city of Shillong, Laitlum Canyons is one of the priceless gems bestowed upon the region by nature. Laitlum literally means ‘The End of Hills’ and the panoramic vistas you can enjoy from here justify the name given to it.

One of the lesser-known tourist places in Shillong, Laitlum Canyons is a perfect getaway spot if it is solace and solitude you seek since it is away from the blaring cacophony of the urban spaces. Perched atop serene hills of East Khasi, making this place quite popular among photographers and trekkers.

East Khasi Hills, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
23 km

: Open 24 hours

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Police Bazar

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A visit to Police Bazar is a must when you are in Shillong, especially if you are a shopaholic. Whether you want to try some tasty local and international delicacies, you want to shop clothes, you want to buy some local handicrafts, or you are looking for a budget hotel to crash in, Police Bazar is the place which will cater to all your needs.

Without a doubt, it is the busiest place in Shillong since it has so much to offer to locals as well as tourists. Your visit to Shillong is incomplete without visiting Police Bazar as it is among the best places to visit in Shillong.

East Khasi Hills, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand
: 2 km

8 AM to 10 PM

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Don Bosco Museum

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One of the best places to learn about the tribal culture and cultural history of Meghalaya is the Don Bosco Museum. The museum features an impressive collection of indigenous articles and artefacts that depict the cultural richness of the region which gives overlook to the whole of  North East India.

The museum has seven floors and encompasses a total of 17 galleries that have artefacts, paintings, figures, sculptures, and much more on display. Don Bosco Museum is believed to be Asia’s largest museum of indigenous cultures of its kind and is one of the best tourist places in Shillong for Indian and foreign tourists.

: MawlaiPhudmuri

Distance from Shillong Bus stand
: 2.8 km

: 9 AM to 5:30 PM. Closed on Sundays.

Entry Fee
: INR 50 per person

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Mary Help for Christian Cathedral

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Founded in the year 1936, this cathedral is a prominent religious place in Shillong, famous for its unique and striking architecture. The church is an exemplifying example of Gothic Revival Architecture, and thus a great choice for the patrons of architecture.

Perched atop a hill, this church delivers a feeling of serenity along with spirituality. The tall arches, stained glasses, and artwork portraying the scenes from the holy scriptures enhance the overall appearance of the cathedral, making it one of the most stunning tourist places in Shillong.

: Laitumkhrah, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
4 km

7 AM to 6:30 PM

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Ward’s Lake

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The city of Shillong is dotted with quiet places, ideal for relaxation. One of the major ones among those is Ward’s Lake. This horseshoe shaped lake is locally known as Pollock’s Lake and is surrounded by a garden where you can enjoy exploring a variety of flora.

 It is an ideal picnic spot worth visiting with your family. You can spend some quality time here taking the stroll, boating in the serene waters of the lake, and feeding the fish that inhabit the lake. 

Police Bazar, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand
: 3 km

: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry Fee
: INR 10 per person

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Phan Nonglait Park

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Once known as Lady Hydari Park, Phan Nonglait Park is among the major tourist attractions in the pretty city of Shillong. It is a Japanese style park that is beautiful and verdant enough to entice fauna and flora lovers.

Apart from housing a great range of flora and many small ponds, the park also encompasses a mini zoo where you can spot animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Jackal, Porcupine, Leopard, and deer among many others. The tranquil atmosphere of the park makes it one of the must-visit places in the city.

: Lachumiere, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
4 km

: 8 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee:
INR 10 per person

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Air Force Museum

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Image Credit : museumsofindia.org
This unique museum, built in the honor of the country’s defense forces, must be a part of your itinerary on your visit to Shillong. A visit to this museum can impart you some valuable and interesting information about the India Air Force.

The museum has a lot of pictures and articles on display, the most prominent ones among which are the pictures from Indo-China and Indo-Pak wars, pilots’ uniforms, missiles, and rockets. There is also a souvenir shop and a cafeteria in the museum complex. The impressive collection at the museum makes it one of the major tourist spots in Shillong.

7th Mile, EAC, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
14 km

9:30 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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All Saints Cathedral

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Despite being one of the oldest churches in Shillong, All Saints Cathedral is one of the most excellent examples of fine craftsmanship in the city. The church was built during the British rule and its construction was completed around 1902.

If you are an architecture buff, you must not miss out on this church as it is famed for its Colonial architecture and wooden structure which is truly exquisite. The church is frequented by numbers of tourists and devotees alike.

Near Barik Point, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
5 km

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry Fee
: Entry is free

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Sweet Falls

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As the name suggests, Sweet Falls is a perfect location for a sweet escape from the humdrum affairs of city life with your loved one and family. A magnificent waterfall, set amidst the lush green jungles of Shillong, Sweet Falls is a scenic location, perfect for some moments of peace.

Located at a distance of 5 km from Happy Valley, this waterfall boasts a height of 315 feet. However, due to the intense flow of the water, it is not possible to bathe standing under it. The presence of tourist attractions like Mini Zoo and Butterfly Museum and haunting tales connecting to the site add to the popularity of the waterfall.

East Khasi Hills, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
12 km

Sunrise to Sunset

Vehicle Entry Fee:
INR 70

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Sohpetbneng Peak

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To experience the perfect blend of divinity, tranquility, and bounty of nature on your trip to Shillong, you will not find a better place than Sohpetbneng Peak, located on the outskirt of the city. The scenic vistas and the mesmerizing aura of the place attracts a number of tourists all around the year.

Due to its immense religious reverence among the people of Hinniewtrep Tribe, the peak is also frequented by locals. The Khasi folklore and mythology refers to it as the “Navel to Heaven”. This peak, having an elevation of 1,343 meters, offers breathtaking views of the forest expanses and Shillong, and is a great site for photography enthusiasts.

Lum Sohpetbneng, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
24 km

: Open 24 hours

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Spread Eagle Falls

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Among the wide range of waterfalls the city of Shillong houses, Spread Eagle Falls is the widest one and is known as Sati Falls locally. An ideal place for nature and landscape photography, this waterfall is a fine example of nature’s unmatched artistry.

The shape of the cascade appears like an eagle spreading its wings, hence the name. The soft noise created by the cascading stream, hitting the rugged steep terrain is a remedy for those seeking solace in the lap of nature. Besides, the cascading stream creates a huge pool below the fall that is a sight to behold.

Laitmukhrah, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand
: 3.2 km

10 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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State Museum

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One of the best tourist places in Shillong to experience the cultural diversity of the region, State Museum, more commonly known as Captain Williamson Sangma State Museum is a must visit a place. The museum has a wide collection of traditional tools, traditional music instruments, dinosaur models, antiques, jewelry,  etc. are on display here.

The museum is an important center for the studies of culture and history in the region. If you are a patron of history and culture, you will have a great time at the museum since it is one of the best places to visit in Shillong.

Secretariat Hills, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
3.2 km

10 AM to 4 PM

Entry Fee:
INR 5 per person

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Mawphlang Sacred Forest

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Among numerous sacred forests in the East Khasi Hills, Mawphlang enjoys a distinctive reverence and is a major tourist site in the region. The forest is house to a wide array of species of plants and trees, some of which are believed to be older than 1,000 years.

The forest is a sacred one has certain rules for the visitors so as not to enrage the deity; not removing anything from the forest, for instance. There are various stone temples inside the forest where sacrifices of animals are offered to please the deity. Mawphlang Sacred Forest is simply an excellent site for nature enthusiasts and culture vultures visiting Shillong. 

Synrang Kaban, Nongru

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
26 km

: 9 AM to 4:30 PM

Entry Fee:
INR 20 per person

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Mawphlang Village

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Experience the essence of Khasi Culture by visiting the heritage village of Mawphlang on your visit to Shillong. The scenic valley and the breathtaking landscapes of the village make it a popular tourist destination near Shillong.

The lush green hills surrounding the village, enveloped in the sheets of mist and endless meadows will entice the shutterbug inside you. It is also the place where the sacred forest of Mawphlang is located.

Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills District

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
26 km

No timing

Entry Fee
: Entry is free

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David Scott Trail

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If you are a thrill-seeker visiting Shillong, this 16-km trekking trail is an adventure you are going to remember for a long time. This old trek is one of the most popular adventure activities available in or around Shillong. This trail is a part of the horse-cart track that was built by a British Administrator named David Scott.

While trekking on this scenic trail, you will come across splendid views of cascading waterfalls, gushing streams of crystal clear water, picturesque valleys, and dense forest groves. Nature lovers and photographers are sure to enjoy treading this heavenly path.

Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills District

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
24 km

No information available

Entry Fee:
No information available

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Mawjymbuin Cave

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Meghalaya is known for its collection of caves, and Mawjymbuin Cave is one of the popular ones. A perfect site for the curious beings visiting Shillong, Mawjymbuin Cave is located in Mawsynram Village near the capital city. The cave is shrouded by lush greenery, and the location of the cave is too scenic to explain in words.

The passages and the entrances of the cave can render one speechless. Housing a few stalagmites, the cave is made of calcareous sandstone. The most prominent one among the stalagmites is a giant one in the form of Shiv Linga, which makes it a religious site for the followers of Hinduism. 

Mawsynram Village, Near Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
58 km

8 AM to 4 PM

Entry Fee:
INR 20 per person

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Rhino Heritage Museum

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Another site preserving and showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region, Rhino Heritage Museum is a must-visit attraction for any tourist interested in learning about Shillong’s culture. The museum is also dedicated to the military and exhibits weapons and photographs from military’s various operations.

The building where the museum is located was built in 1928 to shelter the Japanese prisoners during the WWII. The modest museum has a gorgeous sculpture of a rhino near the entrance. 

: Lewduh, Bara Bazar, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
5 km

9 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Thursdays.

Entry Fee:
No information available

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Botanical Garden

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The city of Shillong features numerous attractions for nature lovers; Botanical Garden is a major one among them. The garden offers an impressive collection of some rare species of orchids. You can conveniently include this spot on your sightseeing tour as it is located along the Ward’s Lake in the middle of the dense forest of Mawphlang. 

A stroll in the refreshing atmosphere of the garden is sure to mesmerize your senses. Besides, you can also spot some exotic species of birds on your visit to this garden.

Near Wards Lake, Police Bazar

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
3 km

9:30 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Bishop Falls

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Bishop Falls is the 22nd highest waterfall in the country, plummeting from a whopping height of 443 feet. The waterfall is three-tiered and is accompanied by another majestic fall named Beadon Falls. The streams from both the falls contribute to the waters of Umiam River.

Rugged terrain and lush jungles surround the fall, making it a sight worth freezing in frames. Due to its proximity to the main city area of Shillong, Bishop Falls is a popular picnic spot and is visited by locals on weekends for a respite from the city life.

Mawprem, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
5 km

10 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Lumpongdeng Island

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There are more than just a few factors making Lumpongdeng Island an ideal spot to create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Located in the middle of the cobalt waters of Umiam Lake, this island can be reached by boat.

Once you reach the island, apart from the unending expanse of water surrounded by green hills, you can enjoy camping and trekking. The scenic beauty of the spot makes it a paradise for photographers as well. You can even stay at the houseboat available here. If you want to disconnect from the chaos of urban lands, this island promises an experience full of calm.  

Umiam Lake, 

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
17 km

: No information available

Entry Fee:
INR 20 per person

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The Grand Madina Masjid

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India’s only glass mosque, The Grand Madina Masjid in Shillong is an architectural marvel to behold. It is also the largest mosque in northeast India. When you are in Shillong, you must witness the surreal beauty of the glass dome and the glass minarets of the mosque bathing in the illuminating green at night.

This large mosque, located at a short distance from Police Bazar, can accommodate up to 2,000 people at once, and also has a separate section for women. Besides, The Grand Madina Masjid embraces an orphanage and a library and is one of the most illustrious places to visit in Shillong for experiencing pure divinity.

Laban, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
6 km

No information available

Entry Fee:
Entry is free

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Ever Living Museum

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This beautiful museum, located at a distance of 9 km from the main city area of Shillong, is dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the region. The main area of the museum has on display a wide range of items and articles related to the Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia tribes.

The major articles exhibited here are coins, ornaments, traditional and contemporary weapons, utensils, and handicrafts. Furthermore, there is a stone museum section where you can explore various fossils, crystals, seashells, and many related items.  

Mawshbuit, Shillong

Distance from Shillong Bus stand:
9.2 km

11 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee:
INR 50 per person

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People Also Ask About Shillong

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Shillong?

    Umiam Lake: Bustling with serenity and having the mountain peaks as its backdrop, the Umiam Lake is one of the very famous tourist places to visit in Shillong.

    Elephant Falls: This multi tiered waterfall exhibits a beautiful scenery of streams and makes a beautiful pool below it. 

    Police Bazaar: The bustling streets of Police Bazaar are loaded with small food stalls selling local snacks and souvenir shops selling handcrafted items.

    Shillong Peak: Offering some of the most beautiful sceneries from high above, the Shillong Peak falls in the list of the most scenic places to visit in Shillong.
  2. Which are the romantic places to visit in Shillong?

    Ward’s Lake: This lake is surrounded by beautiful walking tracks and enjoying a romantic walk here will offer you some of the best views of the pristine lake.

    David Scott's Trail: This bridge is covered with white paint and overlooks the huge georges around it. It can be a very good location to click some memorable pictures. 

    Shillong Peak: Soar your love at new heights and enjoy the panoramic views of the whole town from this peak. Not only will you get the much required solitude but this place can also be a perfect place to plan a picnic.

    Butterfly Museum: Housing around 300 species of different butterflies, this museum is one of the very famous Shillong Tourist Places.
  3. Which are the best Shillong Tourist Places for families?

    Don Bosco Museum: With 16 art galleries spread on six floors, this museum houses many relics and paintings dating back to several decades.

    Lady Hydari Park: The park consists of a small zoo and houses a wide variety of local flora and fauna. A visit here can turn out to be the best day out with your little ones. 

    Khasi Village: From taking part in local customs to enjoying a perfect village vibe, this place is a must visit location if you want to indulge in local cultural activities.
    Jakrem: Famed for its hot water springs, this spot will let you enjoy some blissful time with your loved ones.
  4. How can I spend 3 days in Shillong?

    The three day itinerary of Shillong includes the following:

    Day 1:
    - Start the day with visiting Umiam lake and spend the noon having fun while clicking pictures.
    - Stop at a local diner to enjoy streetside delicacies.
    - In the evening, you can visit the elephant falls and the Shillong Peak before returning to your stay.

    Day 2:
    - Start the second day with enjoying a walk around the Ward’s lake, followed by having your breakfast at some local restaurant.
    - The remaining time of the day can be spent sightseeing around places like Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Dainthlen Falls and Krem Falls.

    Day 3:
    - The third day can be spent in local markets while shopping for souvenirs and handcrafted goodies.
    - You can spend this day by taking part in activities along the lakes or opting for some trekking sessions. 
  5. Is Shillong worth visiting?

    With an array of beautiful lakes, national parks and gushing waterfalls, Shillong is loaded with some of the best scenic locations. Visiting here is totally worth it as here you will get to soak deeper into nature and enjoy a getaway like never before.

    This hill station is not only beautiful, but offers many adventurous activities as well like boating and trekking.
  6. What is famous in Shillong?

    Shillong is known for being home to the two wettest places in India, one of which is Cherrapunji and the other is Mawsynram. The town is also famous for its limestone caves which are considered to be a UNESCO heritage site.
  7. How many days are enough for Shillong?

    A three day trip is enough to cover all the major tourist attractions in Shillong and indulge in some fun filled activities. You can spend the first day visiting major tourist attractions like the Laitkor Peak and Umiam Lake and the next day can be dedicated to activities like boating and camping.

    The last day can be spent shopping in the local markets and enjoy streetside food.
  8. Is Shillong Safe?

    Either you are a solo female traveller or a couple on a romantic vacation, the environment of Shillong will welcome you with very safe surroundings. From CCTV surveillance to local police patrolling, the tourist attractions in Shillong are highly secured.
Newly Added Shillong Experience

Trekking in Shillong

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Shillong Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Shillong
31 May 2015
This trek has a beautiful trek path. This can be done at any season. A couple of years back, my friend went to this trek in the month of March, and he said it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. But I went in September because of holiday constraints and it was awesome. I totally loved it. It is completely worthy.
It was our first-time camping. In this camp, we met nice-people in which we are not only enjoyed the stay or activity but we get to know the culture and tradition of the place from the locals who visit the camp in was interesting to know about the Khasi people's traditions. Worth-traveling far for this experience. would visit Meghalaya again.
Vimala Bharadwaj Zip Lining Cherrapunjee
We were glad that we are making this plan to Sohra on the way we took this activity. Staff were nice and warm gave us good instruction and demo for the activity, the equipment used for this activity was a good one which we felt so safe the whole-experience, We saw many tourists that day. Booking through Thrillophilia was convenient.
Balagovind Mehra Cherrapunji Sightseeing Tour
A fantastic journey to these amazing sights each has its interesting stories behind it. Each sights arrival was impressive and breathtaking and gave us good photographs at each. We booked this through Thrillophilia the company arranged a good operator and staff at a reasonable rate with hassle-free, Good Transport, and professional driver who take care of us the entire tour.
Anasooya Jain Krang Suri Camping
If you want to take a break from your busy life this is the better option for you. pack your bag and move ahead with this camping. In my personal experience, this is really a good one because it has all that you are looking for. I can assure you that you would get the best-experience as our group was.
05 January 2021
Suma Kocchar Trekking in Shillong
Since it was my first trekking tour ever, I was a bit nervous and that’s when one of my friends recommended Thrillophilia. I booked their Shillong trekking package and it made my trip so easy. Trekking on the David Scott memorial trail and finally reaching the Double Decker Living Root Bridge was such a beautiful experience. I also got excellent places to try the authentic local food and they were so tempting. I will recommend Thrillophilia to all solo travelers like me for a totally sorted experience!
07 November 2020
Sanya Abbott Trekking in Shillong
A visit to Shillong was long due and I finally got it ticked last month with Thrillophilia’s package. My entire group really enjoyed the tour and the trekking experience to the Living Root Bridge was very amazing. We also hiked to Shillong Peak and the view was simply excellent. The hotels in which we were made to stay at Shillong and Cherrapunji were also very decent with sanitization done. The rooms were spacious and most importantly the bathroom was clean. The staff was also very kind to send us some late-night tea for our gossip sessions. We also received fresh and delicious meals every day of our trip which was again a bonus. Our entire group was so happy and we really made a lot of memories. Thanks to the whole team of Thrillophilia!!
It was an awesome experience in Shillong.A magnificent view of the valley from an altitude. Clear blue sky, golden sunshine and greenery all around, what more could one ask for.
Interesting trip, the driver was nice and well-behaved, we managed to visit all the tourist spots. Really a good experience
Bhadra Kaniyar Krang Suri Camping
Everything was well-organized. Beautiful sceneries, nice camping experience, Good accommodation, tasty meals, and what a lovely activity. Overall tip-top experience.

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