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  • For all the adventure seekers there are a considerable measure of things to do in Sikkim. Sikkim is one of the littlest conditions of the Indian Territory. Yet, the spotless environment with flawless normal excellence makes it a standout amongst the most brilliant spots on the planet. It resemble a heaven on earth with the tall mountains keeping up a kind vigil on the area. Mount Kanchenjunga with the third most noteworthy crest of the world stands as the managing god of the spot. Every single Sikkim visit rewards voyagers with a one of a kind scene and society with a rich bio-differences.

    While you are in Sikkim never miss an opportunity to visit a portion of the spots like River rafting, trekking, link climbing, giving in, paragliding, hand coasting and so on. Sikkim incorporates a portion of the best treks of the nation where the strains of strolling on the challenging mountain trails are seized by the vistas of adjoining woodland. 

    Where mists play find the stowaway with the delightful silver-fir trees, and cherry red Rhododendron enthusiastically gets joined with snow white Magnolia to decorate the strolling trails. Confined from the complexities of metro life, individuals of this Himalayan state are basic, somewhat bashful and act in an enchanting way.

  • 01Winter Treks | Himalayas | Nov-Feb

  • Best Treks in Sikkim

  • 02Sandakphu Trek

    Sandakphu TrekSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : wikipedia
    Singalia trek is one of the most refreshing and mysterious Himalayan treks with deep forests and blooming rhododendrons is their full glory. Lush green meadows and sleepy hamlets add a touch of unearthliness to the whole ambience.Starting at Maneybhanjan near Darjeeling the Sikkimese part of the trek starts after the Immigration Check Post. 

    Upon reaching the peak of the summit, the Sandakphu trek allows your eyes to capture magnificent views of the five highest peaks in the world e.g. Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Everest etc.
  • 03Dzongri Trek

    Dzongri Trek
    Image Credit : Damien Roué-Flickr
    Starting from Yuksom, the Dzongri trek concludes at Dzongri Top at an altitude of 15,000 ft. The trekker traverses through moss-laden thick forests of pine, chestnut, maple and magnolia trees. The landscape all around mesmerises the trekkers with its spectacular natural beauty. This trek does not demand much stamina and is for those who do not wish to take too much strain during trekking.
    Yuksom Dzongri Trek in Sikkim, 2017

    Yuksom Dzongri Trek in Sikkim, 2017

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    d11 Daysn10 NightslGangtok

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  • 04Singalia Trek

    Singalia Trek
    Image Credit : Boggin-Flickr

    The Singalia trek in Sikkim starts from the base Mt.Kanchenjunga and ends at Darjeeling. The altitude of the trek varies between 12,000 ft and 14,000 ft. Though the Singalia trek has a barren landscape, the trail offers views of a spectacular natural setting tucked amidst lush green rolling meadows, forests of rhododendrons and silver firs. Permits are required because the trek passes through the India-Nepal border.

    On the way the trekkers can visit monasteries, cascading waterfalls and mountain rivers with strong currents. Overall, the trek will remain imprinted on your mind for long for the sheer beauty of your Sikkim tour.

    Everest Singalila Trek

    Everest Singalila Trek

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    d9 Daysn8 NightslDarjeeling

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  • 05Kanchenjunga Trek

    Kanchenjunga Trek
    Image Credit : wikipedia
    The most popular of all treks in Sikkim is the Kanchenjunga trek. Many say that a sikkim tour is incomplete without undertaking this trek. The trek consists of first trekking to Dzongri, then to Goechala, and is a trekker's delight, as trail winds through lush vegetation and rhododendron bushes. Finally, upon reaching the summit one can enjoy the divine beauty of seeing sunrise and sunset over Mount Kanchenjunga
    Trek to Kanchenjunga from Western Sikkim

    Trek to Kanchenjunga from Western Sikkim

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    d11 Daysn10 NightslYuksum


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  • 06Goecha La Trek

    Goecha La Trek
    Image Credit : juicyrai-Flickr
    The Goecha La trek extending from Darjeeling hills up to Sikkim is actually a nineteenth century trail discovered by the British. The path is quite narrow with rhododendrons, orchids, magnolias in full bloom. The yak-tending Lepchas also can be seen. From the Singalia Ridge the top five peaks at 8000 metres can be seen.
    Sikkim Goecha La Trek 2017

    Sikkim Goecha La Trek 2017

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    d11 Daysn10 NightslYuksom

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  • 07Tholung Trek

    Tholung Trek
    • d10 Daysn9 Nights
    • NNNNN13 reviews
    • Dipankar Dey
      Dipankar Dey
    • 21,250
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    About the Activity:

    • This 10 day trekking tour of Tholung takes you through a picturesque locality filled with beautiful valleys, tea estates, mountain peaks and much more.
    • The places you will be visiting during this tour are Gangtok, Lingza, Tholung Gompa, Upper Tholung, Changey and Singhik.
    • Embark on to relish the sights of tea plantations, tropical forests, rustic hamlets, alluring rivers and lakes, monasteries, hillocks, mountain peaks etc.
    • The routes are perfect for those who really seek for trekking in north east.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • Adventure Things to do in Sikkim

  • 08Rafting

    RaftingSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : pixabay
    Though river rafting is comparatively new in Sikkim, the chilling cold waters of the river Teesta with a series of rapids of varying intensity offer a thrilling adventure. You will feel your adrenalin pumping high with the fast-moving swirling foaming water. 
  • 09Cable Car Ride in Gangtok

    This is one of the popular attractions in Gangtok and should not be missed. It's a double-cable zig back ropeway which is operational since December 2003. Each cable car can carry up to 24 passengers.

    They do not always wait until the cable car is full. during the trip witness, the whole of Gangtok towns and if you look down below where you started, you will see the Deorali bazaar. You can also get amazing views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks and the valleys. Look down and you can see a river flowing some 3500 feet below. Overall an unforgettable experience.
    But during high tourist season, there are usually long queues and each ride gets full before it starts. And if it gets full, you will struggle to get a vantage point inside the cable car unless you are one of the first to get in.

    Location: There are three stations in this 1km long ride (up and down is 2kms). The lowest station is at Deorali near Institute of Tibetology. From the road, a stairway leads up to the ticket counter.
    Timings: Operates daily from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 110 INR.
  • 10Caving in the North Lha-ri-nying phu

    Caving in the North Lha-ri-nying phuSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : SayanBhattacharjee2517
    Sikkim has Four Great Holy Caves – ‘Phug Chen Zhi’, which are included in ‘gNas-chen-InGa’ of Sikkim. These Caves are located at four cardinal directions of Tashiding (West Sikkim), namely –Sharchog Beyphug in the East, Lho Kando Sangphug in the South, Nub Dechenphug in the West and Jhang Lhari Nyingphug in the North.

    Tashiding, according to Holy text, is the Navel point of “Bayul Demajong”, and is considered as the 5th Dhaam of this Holy Land. Sikkim Holy Caves Guru Padmasambhava sanctified these Caves as the abodes of various Protective Divinities of the Esoteric Buddhism.

    Today, these Caves have become the most important pilgrim destination of the Buddhist followers of Sikkim, Darjeeling and for the devotees of Bhutan. For the Sikkimese Buddhist, these Caves are like ‘Char Dhaam’ of the Hindus. The ardent Buddhist devotees, especially from Sikkim, make a pilgrimage to these caves at least once in their lifetime.

    Location: Situated north of Tashiding. It is considered to be the holiest of the caves and commands a three-day walk from Tashiding.
  • 11Paragliding is Gangtok

    If you have to get introduced to the real and magical beauty, all you need to do is to take a flight over the city! And to accomplish this, you should directly head towards Luing Resithang, which lies within a close proximity to Gangtok’s Khel Gaon; the eastern part of the city.

    Opened to the public in 2010, though this location is one of the newest in entire Sikkim, the charm and appeal it holds, can hardly be matched by other destinations. So, what are you waiting for? Take a flight over this picturesque city and enjoy its aerial views like never before!

    Sikkim is also famous for it paragliding festival which happens during the month of October every year.

    Timings: Operates from 8 AM to 7 PM.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 700 INR depending on the duration.
  • 12Hang Gliding in Sikkim

    Hang Gliding in SikkimSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : USFS Region 5
    How about a flying visit in the sky, like a bird with your wings opened up and floating with the force of the air? Come to the ultimate adventure, the adventure of flying free, without any hindrance, the excitement of freedom, the freedom to fly. No one can resist the temptation of indulging in the celestial recreation.

    India is fast growing as a major aero sports destination. And, Northeast India has the potential to become one of the best sporting destination. The long stretched Himalayan range contrasted with the vast river valleys landscape offer wide scopes for activities like Para Sailing, Para Gliding.

    Location: Some areas in Sikkim are also fast developing as hand gliding spots, with other northeastern states, and can be availed in most places of the vicinity.

    Timings: Operates from 8 AM to 7 PM.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 1000 INR depending on the duration.
  • 13Yak safari

    Yak safariSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : wikipedia
    Yak safari is typical of Sikkim as nowhere else would offer such safari trips. Yaks are animals like ox living in high altitude of 14,000 ft. Yak safaris are normally conducted on domesticated yak and has thus become a source of income for the local people. The usual route for yak safari in Sikkim is from Dzongri to Tsomgo lake. Spectacular view of the valleys, meadows, the mysterious views of the vales and the snow-clad mountains make this journey memorable.
  • 14Paragliding at Ani Gumpa in Sikkim

    Paragliding at Ani Gumpa in Sikkim
    • h1 Hour
    • lGangtok
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr. Dipankar Dey
      Mr. Dipankar Dey
    About the Activity:
    • Embark on a customizable paragliding adventure over the scenic beauty of north eastern part of India in Sikkim.
    • The paragliding trip ranges according to time slots and the altitude, here you can indulge in three different paragliding adventures such as medium fly, high fly and alpine flight.
    • This paragliding trip will begin from Ani Gumpa, Gangtok, Sikkim where you can soar through the clear blue skies while you paraglide over the breathtaking landscapes of north eastern India.
  • 15Archery

    ArcherySend Enquiry
    Image Credit : Andrea Kirkby-Flickr
    Archery in Sikkim is a popular traditional game which is normally played after the harvesting is over. The game is played on such a serious note that at times choicest expletives are thrown to the opponents. Though initially restricted to the males, of late Bhutia women have also taken to this sport. At times even divine intervention is sought to ensure a victory over the opponents. 
  • 16Helicopter Ride

    Helicopter RideSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : Vinu Thomas-Flickr
    Regular helicopter services for sight-seeing are available for those wanting to save time on travelling in their Sikkim tour. This gives the discerning tourists a special thrill. The mountain flights by helicopter help you to go closest to the Mt.Kanchenjunga or Mt.Sinolchu and enjoy the majestic grandeur of the entire Himalayan range from above.

    During the Kanchenjunga flight the helicopter flies at an elevation of about 17000 ft. There are different flight packages to be chosen from.
  • Places to Visit in Sikkim

  • 17Rumtek Monastery

    Rumtek MonasterySend Enquiry
    Image Credit : wikipedia
    Rumtek monastery or the Dharma Chakra centre is situated at a height of about 6000 ft and is about 24 Kms from the city of Gangtok. There is the main shrine of the beautifully-built temple and there are also monks' living quarters. The Karmapa resides here and the most important relics are also kept  here. Two major festivals are held here annually during summer and winter.
  • 18Pemayangtse Monastery

    Pemayangtse MonasterySend Enquiry
    Image Credit : wikipedia
    This monastery was built by Lama Lahtsun Chempo, one of the lamas who had anointed the first king or Chogyal of Sikkim way back in 1642. The monastery is situated at a height of 2080 metres. There are a number of impressive statues of Guru Padmasambhava. Then there is zang-thok-palri which is the celestial palace of the Guru and which is a seven layered structure.
  • 19Nathula Pass

    Nathula Pass, situated at a distance of 56 km from Gangtok, is a path on the Indo-Chinese border. Serving as a trade route to India and China, this park once served as the principle trading route between Sikkim and Tibet. Prevalently known as the Silk Route, this path is at an altitude of 14,450 feet and is rich in the varied snow capped flora.

    The Nathula Pass is separated into "Nathu" and 'La', which signify 'listening ears' and "pass" individually. Passing the Tsomgo Lake on its way , this pass is one of the most astounding motorable roads in India. Covered by snow for most parts of the year, an original license is required to visit this pass.

    How to Reach: This route can be accessed only by road from Gangtok.

    Things to Keep in Mind: At present, tourists are permitted to visit the pass on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, the Nathula Pass also reduces the travelling distance to some of the major Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites such as Lhasa and Mansarovar Lake.
  • 20Visit Tsomgo Lake

    Visit Tsomgo LakeSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : abhinv
    The beautiful Tsomgo which means “source of water” in Bhutia language. The lake is located 38 km away from Gangtok on the Gangtok-Nathula highway which is part of an old trade route from India to China. This serene lake is located at an elevation of 12,000 ft.

    The lake gets filled with clear and fresh water from the melting snows of the mountains encircling the lake. Of legendary beauty, the lake looks distinctive in every season, in winter the tranquil lake remains frozen with the region and mountains around it all wrapped in the snow while in late spring the bounty full of flowers in efflorescence covers the whole area in pleasing colors and fragrance around the lake.
    How to Reach: The lake can be reached any local road transport from Gangtok.

    Things to Keep in Mind: This area is restricted and hence an inner line permit is mandatory to visit this place. You need to submit a photocopy of any the ID proofs issued by the Government of India along with passport size recent color photographs.
    Note that PAN card or Aadhaar card are not accepted in Sikkim.
  • 21Do-Drul Chorten

    Do-Drul ChortenSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : lionel.viroulaud
    Do Drul Chorten, the largest stupa in Sikkim, is positioned on the hill hock, which is facing the Tibetology Institute. Known as Phurba, this stupa was constructed in 1945. This sacred stupa was under the head of Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, Trulshik Rinpoche. The stupa is surrounded with 108 prayer wheels. These prayer wheels have a spiritual saying carved on it, Om Mani Padma Hum.

    It is said that while rotating these prayer wheels, the person has to sing the mantras carved on them. Themed out in white, the stupa is also the symbol of peace, which has a fine golden tower erected on the top. Encircling the chorten are Chorten Lhakhang and Guru Lhakhang, which are the two giant statues of Guru Rimpoche.

    Tourists can witness massive groups of enthusiastic and young monks along with old lamas learning and working.

    Location: Visitors can reach this stupa by hiring taxis or boarding regular jeeps from Gangtok.

    Timings: Opened daily from 8 AM to 6 PM.

  • 22Phodong Monastery

    Phodong MonasterySend Enquiry
    Image Credit : wikipedia
    This is one of the six important Buddhist monasteries you should visit in Sikkim. Located at a height of 4500 ft this monastery is run by the Kargyupa sect (Karmapa). The monastery is situated on a hill about a kilometre away from Phodong.

    This monastery has been constructed by Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal in the 18th century. An annual festival is held here on the 28th & 29th of the tenth month of Tibetan calendar. This is said to be the most beautiful monastery in Sikkim.
  • 23Gurudongmar Lake

    Gurudongmar LakeSend Enquiry
    Image Credit :  Kiran Raja Bahadur SRK
    Lake Gurudongmar is one of the extraordinary lakes in the world, resided at an elevation of 17,100m above sea level. This fresh-water lake is found in the northeast of the Kangchenjunga range.

    Lachen, a tiny beautiful village at the foothills of the Himalayan range. The journey towards the lake takes around 5-6hrs. The lake is in the middle of a cold desert with least or no vegetation at all.

    Due to the high elevation, one can feel the conciseness of breath while exploring the place. Once you are at the place, the tranquility and the calm atmosphere engulfs you. The water is as still and the beautiful which cannot be expressed in words and one have to explore the place to understands it true value in this planet.

    Location: Situated approximately 5km from China border, it is accessible via Lachen by road, the journey towards the lake takes around 5-6hrs.
  • 24Tashiding Monastery

    Tashiding MonasterySend Enquiry
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    This monastery was constructed by Ngadak Sempa Chembo in 1717 during the reign of Chogyal Chakdor Namgyal in Sikkim. This monastery is located at a distance of 19 Km in the south-east of Yuksom and has company of two rivers on two sides, the Rathong river and the Rangit river. Dense wooded forests surround the monastery making it a treat to include on your Sikkim tour.

  • 25Trip to Pelling

    Trip to PellingSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : flickr

    Pelling is fast becoming the second biggest attraction on Sikkim tours. Situated at a height of 2150 metres it is about 115 Km from the beautiful Gangtok, the state capital. This place is famous for offering an amazing view of Mt.Kanchenjunga and the other Himalayan mountain peaks. The serene, tranquil environment and the picturesque sceneries have turned the place into a tourist's delight.

    The Kanchenjunga festival is held in Pelling every year with a lot of adventure sports like rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking being organised. Flower exhibitions, cultural dances along with folk songs add a special charm and flavour to the spirit of festivities.

  • Best Sikkim Tour Packages

  • 26Sikkim Tour Package For 9 Days/ 8 Nights

    Sikkim Tour Package For 9 Days/ 8 Nights
    • d9 Daysn8 Nights
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Dipankar Dey
      Dipankar Dey
    • 19,375
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Indulge in this 9 day tour of Sikkim for a relishing experience of the most beautiful region of north India.
    • The breath taking landscapes that include mountains, waterfalls, forests, lakes and monasteries have been attracting thousands of people.
    • During this tour you will be witnessing the charming beauty of Changu Lake, Lachung Chu, Yumthnag valley etc.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • 27Trip to Yuksom in West Sikkim

    Trip to Yuksom in West Sikkim
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • lYuksum
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 6804037

    About the activity:

    • Designed specially keeping in mind all the features this place had to offer, this multiple sports trip to Yuksom will give you an overall experience of the beauty of West Sikkim.
    •  It is a complete package of few many things that hit the right spot. You can get an elated experience of riding a bicycle on the beautiful trails or climbing up and down an intimidating boulder.
    • The hike to Khechuperi Lake gives a firsthand experience of the evergreen rain forests of the region.
    • By the time this trip ends you get to know and experience everything this place is all about.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian meals

    Accommodation Types: Hotels

    Activities: Cycling, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Sight Seeing

    Difficulty Level: Moderate 

  • 28Silk Route Cycling Tour

    Silk Route Cycling Tour
    About the Activity:
    Fixed departure: 05-11-2016
    • This is one of the best adventurous trips through the Silk Route in Sikkim for 7 days covering the beautiful locations around Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan ranges.
    • Get a transfer from New Jalpaiguri to Sillery Gaon from where you will start your cycling trip through the serene valleys and scenic mountain roads.
    • Rishikhola, Zuluk, Nathang Valley etc are the major points to visit during your tour.
    • Pickup and drop point is NJP Railway Station is at around 10 A.M and approximately at 02:00 P.M respectively.
    • The package is inclusive of food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • 29Cultural Holiday to the land of Hidden paradise

    Cultural Holiday to the land of Hidden paradise
    • d12 Daysn11 Nights
    • lGangtok
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Dipankar Dey
      Dipankar Dey
    • 23,750
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Have a good time in the most scenic places around Sikkim during this 12 day long sightseeing tour.
    • The major places you cover are Bagdogra, Kalimpong, Gangtok, Pelling, Yuksom and Darjeeling.
    • Sikkim being known for its clear mountain air, pristine landscapes and quaint monasteries, attracts a number of tourists year around.
    • Spot Siberian tigers and red pandas at the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, catch the sunrise over the Kanchenjunga Peak, visit Directorate of Handicraft and Handloom tour and Rumtek Monastery.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip. 



Goecha La Trek

Goecha La is a high mountain pass in the Himalayan range. The trek starts at the sleepy little town of Yuksom in West Sikkim. The town is very pretty with lush green surroundings and a salubrious weather to go with it. You can shop for all supplies at Yuksom before beginning the trek as this is the only place where you will get to buy all your necessary items.

Furthermore, before trekking the Goecha La, you will have to do two things, first make an entry at the local police station and second pay the permit fees at the forest check post. Usually the agencies take care of all these hassles and you will not have to bother about them.

The first phase of the trek to Goecha La will take you from Yuksom to Sachen. Yuksom is situated at an altitude of 5,700 feet and Sachen is situated at an elevation of 7, 200 feet. The trekking trail passes through a route of immense natural beauty. You will come across lush green fields, valley of the Rathong River and thick forests. From Sachen you will need to climb ahead to Tshoka which is at an altitude of 9,650 feet.

This trek is quite enjoyable in the initial phase but becomes tryingly steep towards the later phase. On reaching Bakhim, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Yuksom valley. As you trek on ahead, you pass through Dzongri and Phedang. You will also be able to enjoy the beauty of some of the densest rhododendron forests in India and get a breathtaking view of the highest mountains in the Himalayan range. You will pass through the beautiful Samiti Lake which will mesmerise you with its sparkling blue waters.

The entire journey from Yuksom to Goecha La is a treat to the eyes. Despite being a test of physical stamina, the route is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes that you can come across while trekking in the Himalayas.

Best Season: September- November & March-April
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
Max. Elevation: 5002 m
Best Offers on Goecha La Trek

Most Popular Places Around Sikkim