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The city of Dibrugarh is quite a colourful, vibrant but tiny location situated in the state of Assam. It is recognized as the Tea city of India quite naturally due to the abundance of tea crops that are grown over here. The location is also considered to be among the top major places in the Eastern hemisphere of India alongside other similar towns such as Guwahati and Bhubaneswar. The place is emerging at an increasingly fast pace at being known as the ultimate communication and industrial hub of the popular North East India.

Dibrugarh is recognized as one of the top places to visit in the North East due to many reasons. Not only is the place is full of lush green plantations but the city also offers its visitors with a variety of experiences including adventure activities. At the same time, the city is considered to be quite developed as well.

Dibrugarh is situated approximately 439km away from the city of Guwahati that is among the largest cities in Assam. Considering how small the town is, it is surprising how the place is also quite well connected with the rest of India by different means of transport including rail, road and air. Thus, getting to Dibrugarh is not a difficult task at all. Visitors can quite smoothly travel to this perfect holiday destination and have a great time as well.

There are many other aspects that this town is recognized for. For instance, its mega projects like the Brahmaputra Cracker and the Polymer Limited which are perhaps, India’s longest rail cum road projects. And what about the upcoming modern-urban infrastructure projects that aim toward making Dibrugarh a vibrant city?

Amidst this, the tourism industry also plays an equally important role at catering to the city’s economy. The service industry including hotels, restaurants, home-stays, activities conducting companies and more are quite sorted as well.

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  1. Travel advice

    • Transportation: Like mentioned previously, even though Dibrugarh is small and petite in size and quite simplistic by nature, the place is quite well connected with the rest of the country. As far as travelling within the city is concerned, the local transport is always available for the sake of the travellers. If that is not suitable, they can always hire private vehicles and roam about the city, exploring different regions of the town.

    • Climate will vary: The place does have its own share of green. However, it really just depends on what time of the year you are planning on visiting Dibrugarh. At times, it can get quite hot and humid. During winters, the climate temperatures are quite extreme and thus, if you are planning on travelling to this region during the months of November, December, January and February – be sure of carrying enough warm clothes. Ultimately, it truly just depends from destination to destination and which location you plan on visiting during what time of the year.

    • Food and water: Like mentioned previously, the climate in this city can get quite hot and humid. If you are planning on taking a stroll outside or even have plans of exploring any city in the state in the convenience of your own personal car, it is important that you keep your body hydrated. Ensure that you choose bottled water over the tap water as there are chances of you catching an infection. As far as your basic or luxurious meals are concerned, this is well taken care of by the varied number of hotels and resorts within the location.

    • Your experience will depend on the kind of stay you choose: No matter what location or destination one plans on spending their holidays at, it is essential that certain travel tips are kept in mind. Hence, if you’re still in the stage of hatching your plans for Dibrugarh, make sure that you plan well and plan well ahead of time. Make a good, well-researched note of all the important information like accommodation options, local transportation, hospitals, restaurants, resorts and more. It is quite obvious that you’d want to experience a hassle-free journey if you’re actually spending money on your holidays.

    • Drinking laws: Underage drinking in this place is strictly prohibited. Thus, if you plan on visiting this place make sure you carry valid IDs. Otherwise, one can obtain alcohol quite easily. So that won’t be a problem as such.

  2. Things to do in Dibrugarh

    • Visit the Dinjoy Satra: Dinjoy Satra is among the most popular tourist spots in Dibrugarh. The place is situated around 5kms away from the heart of the city and was founded by Aniruddha Dev. Make sure you visit this beautiful location at least once before you leave Dibrugarh.

    • Walks by the banks of Disang River: What would be perfect? A walk through the magical waters of the pure Dibrugarh. This tourist destination is situated on the banks of the Disang river. You will surely have the time of your life – feeling fresh and full of energy.

    • Historic beauty of Barbarua Maidam: The maidam which is an ancient burial grounds of the royal and aristocrats that use to prevail during the yester-years.

  3. What will you like in Dibrugarh:

    • The religious institution of Thaan: Everyone somewhere or the other enjoy attaining a spiritual balance. The Lekai Chetia Maidan, also fondly referred to as Thaan is situated near the Mankota road of Sessa and serves as a big site for religious and spiritual attainment.

    • Check out the Raidongia Dol: One of the most magnificent structures in Dibrugarh is perhaps the Raidongia Dol. In fact, it is among the most popular destinations in Dibrugarh. Situated next to Dihingia Barbarua road, you must visit it at least once.

    • Shopping in Dibrugarh: What you will enjoy more is shopping in Dibrugarh. The high-in-demand chappals and delicious pickles is something you can choose from the assorted variety of products available for sale.

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