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What You Should Know More About Meghalaya

  • Travel Advice

    • Book your accommodation prior to travelling in Meghalaya.

    • Get an emergency travel kit and a health check up before travelling to any part of this state.

    • Avoid going to isolated places or trekking without a guide.

    • You can ask for cars service from the hotels front desk. Pay the taxis their fair only after reaching destination and do not tip them.

    • Hire cars that have valid number plates.

    • Always keep emergency numbers of the local area with you handy.

    • Keep your name tags and address inside the luggage.

    • Do not deposit your credit cards and other important travel documents at the hotels safety deposit.

    • Keep all your medications with you and do not accept anything edible from strangers.

    • Before buying bottled water check for date of packing and expiry date.

    • Beware of staged accidents that catch tourists off guard.

    • Do not discuss your travel plans openly and beware of eavesdroppers.

  • Drinking Laws

    Meghalaya does not have stringent drinking laws. You must be above 18 years of age to start drinking. You must also not drink in public or holy places.

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Traveller Tales from Meghalaya


Tara Sharma

31 May 2015

This trek has a beautiful trek path. This can be done at any season. A couple of years back, my friend went to this trek in the month of March, and he said it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. But I went in September because of holiday constraints and it was awesome. I totally loved it. It is completely worthy.

  • 1462531742_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_38.jpg
  • 1462531742_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_18.jpg
  • 1462531743_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_24.jpg
  • 1462531743_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_28.jpg


18 April 2017

Highly recommended. We were a large family of 10 members, including children & aged parents & who booked package for Meghalaya & Shillong experiences. The host & their team where real caring, be it food, guidance, knowledge of local must things to do & we felt very homely. The homestay was excellent for cleanliness, hospitability, being tucked away from the chaos of the city, yet easily accessible to all amenities. Everyone of family were highly indebted to this wonderful hospitality & experience.

  • 1492529918_bel.png


12 April 2017

Meghalaya.. A journey worth a mention!!! In this materialistic world, it is indeed necessary for a person to break free every now & then, enjoy mother nature to stay fresh & get our inner strength back. Last month, it was my time to break free & what can suit better than a trip to Meghalaya, one of the seven sister states of North East. After careful review, I decided to proceed with this team & It proved not to be a wrong decision. The tour plans, hospitality, arrangements, time management were absolutely perfect I should say. More than that this team knows this part of India like back of their hand, which made us comfortable & feel safe. I could feel the mother earth in its purest form through their well-planned itinerary. I could see the beauty of nature through its falls, forest, rivers, & caves. The team ensured to take us to many unexplored places which was really adventurous. The team also took us to some villages wherein we could learn and mingle with the villagers & learn their culture. The trip was relaxing & thanks to the team for the wonderful arrangements throughout the trip to keep us fresh, relaxed & ensuring that we enjoy every bit of the trip. Kudos to the team for their wonderful work… Hope to see you guys soon in my next trip… 


Shiva Kumar

25 March 2017

MEGHALAYA- is a must visit place at least once in life time..! & this team made it the most memorable one in my life..! Right from their pickup from the airport and their drop back on the last day it was so very well organised.. completely customised the way we wanted it..! We were taken to the most beautiful and untouched places which were so beautiful and unique in its own way.. & trust me many tourists don't even know those places..! And to be mentioned is the cultural feel u get in their home stay - it's just awesome.! And their food and snacks- really loved it..! On a whole.. it was worth the money and worth the time we send..!


Rajinder Butt

15 March 2014

Meghalaya is such a beautiful place, the trek was thrilling. I went with my 3 other friends on a backpacking trip to North East. We decided to take this trek because it was looking good in pics and indeed it is one of the best trek I did.

  • 1462531765_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_45.jpg
  • 1462531765_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_52.jpg
  • 1462531765_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_42.jpg
  • 1462531765_trekking_through_history_meghalayas_david_scott_trail_43.jpg

Dhana Guha

23 August 2015

I so loved this trekking. Meghalaya is a wonderful place. The climate, the culture, the heritage, and the whole surroundings deserve a great applause. I so loved it. I wish I could just stay here. It was wise decision from my side to have taken this trip along with a couple of days stay in this wonderland. No one can ever say no to staying at this beautiful place. I wish to visit this place again and again. This is such a wonder. Do take this trek, you will fall in love with the place.


Charuvrat Ahluwalia

26 September 2013

Meghalaya trekking was fine. The weather was good, which made the trek feel nicer. I am recommending this trek to all you trek enthusiasts. Have a nice experience trekking in Meghalaya. Everything about this place deserves applause. They have a really rich cultural heritage and food. It is also a nice place for shopping too. Along side the trek try to stay over here for a couple of days to enjoy the shopping, culture and food of this little known place of India.


Akshat Asan

13 September 2014

Meghalaya Trek is one of the best treks I had known about. Trekking is no longer a distant dream for many as trekking groups are started and are functional all over the country. There are many moderate level challenging treks that are available in across India for trekking enthusiasts. We, some of the Delhi Trekkers, took this trek and it was amazing. The trek was definitely tedious and exhausting, but It was a spellbinding experience.


Marut Gill

15 July 2015

WOW! The trek I took here was amazing. I totally loved it. It was very interesting. We had a really a nice time and fun. What is more interesting is that you get to stay in the camping rest house. This is fun if it is well planned. If you haven’t planned well, it can be tedious. Also local guides over charge, so go well planned with this trip.

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