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About Meghalaya

Meghalaya, meaning the “abode of clouds” is a paradise for nature lovers. A hill station that is home to a beautiful, mesmerizing sky in a true sense has captivated the minds of tourists all across the globe. It is perfectly nestled in the northeast of India in the Himalayas. The erstwhile state of Assam spread over an area of 22, 429 square kilometers, and lies between 20.1° N and 26.5° N latitude and 85.49 °E and 92.52 °E longitudes. It is bordered to Assam to the north and east and meets Bangladesh to its south and east side. The state filled with huge hills, valleys, numerous lakes, captivating waterfalls, pitch dark caves, and sacred forests; there is no dearth of tourist places in Meghalaya. You can expect panoramic views, foggy hills, terraced slopes, cascading waterfalls, and serpentine rivers mesmerizing your soul. 

Locals here are inhabited by three tribes mainly-Khasi, Pnar and Garo, and are very friendly. English is the official language of the State so international travelers don’t have to worry. Couples can take a romantic trip enjoying the pleasant climate, friends and families can relax in the lap of nature in cities like Shillong, and adventure enthusiasts can take up the challenge of trekking through the difficult terrains of Meghalaya.

Shillong, Tura, Jowai, Cherrapunjee, Nongpoh, Baghmara are some of the famous tourist destinations in Meghalaya that you must include in your Meghalaya tour. To be more specific Wards Lake, Lady Hydari Park, Sweet Falls, the Butterfly Museum, Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Thangkarang Park, Eco Park, Khoh Ramhah, Green Rock Ranch are tourist places in Meghalaya - all worth visiting. When it comes to taking back something, you are going to be satisfied with your bag of moments turning into memories plus can also take along the brilliant handicrafts that are made of the residents of this state. Overall, this overwhelmingly beautiful, green and alive state makes a perfect holiday destination and can be thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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Meghalaya FAQ's

How to reach Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is well connected to all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc and all other parts of India. You can primarily use any of the below transport facilities from any Indian city and board flights from foreign destinations.

  • Train: Major cities like Shillong, Kaziranga, Guwahati and many more have regular train services and you can reach any of these destinations without any inconvenience.
  • Bus: Major cities like Shillong, Kaziranga, Guwahati and many more have regular bus services and you can reach any of these destinations without any inconvenience.
  • Flights: Shillong airport and Baljek airport are two airports you can fly down to in Meghalaya.

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Which are the best places to visit in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya greets every traveller happily and you are sure to enjoy its hospitality. There is an abundance of places to visit in Meghalaya where you can enjoy the best of this state at any of the following destinations.

For nature Lovers:

  • Shillong
  • Guwahati
  • Sherapunji
  • Dawki
  • Mawsynram
  • Umiam
  • Nongpoh

For adventure enthusiasts:

  • Dawki
  • Nongriat
  • Tura
  • Garbhanga forest

For wildlife explorers:

  • Baghmara
  • Nokrek national park
  • Guwahati
  • Upper Shillong forest

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What things can I do in Meghalaya?

When in Meghalaya, you are going to be flattered by natural beauty surrounding you. So except for the time spent in appreciating nature, here’s what you can do:

Hog at Trattoria
Walk on the fascinating root bridges
Hangout at Cafe Shillong
Celebrate Nongkrem festival like a local
Go shopping at Lew Duh
Get sporty at Shillong Golf Course
Enjoy the dramatic Nohkalikai Falls
Meet endangered species at Nokrek Biosphere Reserve
Take a romantic walk at Ward’s lake

Unwind yourself with a peaceful riverside stay at Umiam Lake Boathouse in Meghalaya

Which are some best resorts to stay in Meghalaya?

The resorts you choose to stay in, add to the overall experience of your trip. So you might as well hold on, analyse and take a while to choose the best one. Here is a list of resorts from various parts of the state you should certainly consider staying in when in Meghalaya.

  • Polo Orchid Resort

Location: Mawsmai - Nongthymmai, Sohra

  • Best Holiday Inn

Location: Upper Lachumiere | near Malki Point, Shillong

  • Hotel Polo Towers

Location: Polo grounds, Shillong

  • Hotel Pegasus Crown

Location: Wards Lake Road, Police Bazar, Shillong

  • Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort

Location: Village Laitkynsew | Village Laitkynsew, Cherrapunjee

  • Hotel Rikman Continental

Location: West Garo Hills, Tura

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Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Meghalaya?

The local cuisine of Meghalaya is mostly rice, dried fish and meat. The food is bland but is topped with hot fish chutney that gives it better taste. One of the local favourites is "Jadoh", a dish which is prepared with pork and rice. People here also drink a lot of rice beer locally called as ‘Kyat’. Below is a list of some best places where you can enjoy the best of local cuisine in Meghalaya.


  • Cafe Shillong

Location: L.P. Building Niit Building, Main Road, Laitumkhrah, Shillong


  • Ginger Restaurant

Location: Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Grounds, Shillong


  • Phunga

Location: Laitumkhrah Main Road | Opposite Sweety Studio,Near HDFC Bank ATM, Shillong


  • Trattoria

Location: Police Bazaar, Shillong


  • City Hut Family Dhaba

Location: Earle Holiday Home Oakland Road, Shillong

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What are the best public transport modes to commute around Meghalaya?

People of Meghalaya usually use the bus transport for local commuting. The buses are available at regular frequency and in all parts of the state. The major cities are also well connected with each other. Except for this, you can also board the yellow and black unmetered taxis for internal travelling. You can check the estimated rate of your ride from any local or the hotel you’re staying in.

What are the best places of shopping in Meghalaya?

Everybody is fond of shopping and Meghalaya happily satisfies us when it comes to shopping. Generally, Shillong is the most visited place when it comes to shopping. There are several places in the state from where you can pick up a handful of souvenirs for your loved ones. Here are a few you should definitely visit:

  • Lewduh (market also known as Bara bazaar)
  • Police Bazaar
  • Laitumkhrah

For handlooms and handicrafts,

  • Meghalaya Handicrafts
  • Khadi Gramodyog
  • Purbashree

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Which are some famous caves in Meghalaya for caving experience?

A traveller's Meghalaya Tour is incomplete without visiting the deep dense forests that have some beautiful caves that manage to get the explorer out in you. When in this state, visiting these caves is a must as they give you a great sense of adventure. Meghalaya has more than 500 roughly and many of which are yet to be explored and mapped. Here are a few popular ones you should definitely head to-

  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Dobakhol Cave
  • Kotsaki-Umlawan
  • Krem Chympe
  • Krem Dam
  • Synrang Paming
  • Krem Phyllut
  • Krem Mawnluh
  • Krem Shrieh
  • Krem Lympat
  • Krem Lamet Latang
  • Kut Sutiang
  • Dobhakol Chibe Nala

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Which are the famous trekking trails in Meghalaya?

Trekking in Meghalaya can be a challenging affair. An advantage is that unlike the Himalayas, these trails are not snow-wrapped so you don’t have to carry a lot of winter clothing on yourself. Moreover, be welcomed by flora fauna that you may get to see nowhere else. These intimidating rare species make your trek absolutely worth it! Here are some of the best trekking trails of Meghalaya-


  • Smit
  • Mawlyngot
  • Pynursla
  • Living Root Bridge
  • Kyllang Rock
  • David Scott Trail
  • Sohpet-bneng

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Which are some of the famous festivals of Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is a state full of celebrations. It is joyful, vibrant and filled with positive vibes. If you’re planning a visit here, try and be a part of at least one festival.

  • Khasi Festival
  • Shad Suk Mynsiem Dance
  • Nongkrem Dance
  • Jaintia Festival
  • Behdienkhlam Festival
  • Laho Dance Festival
  • Chad Sukra
  • Garo Festival
  • Wangala Festival
  • Ranikor Festival

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How far is Cherrapunji from Shillong and What is special about it?

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is located at a mere distance of 55 km from the town of Shillong. This place attracts lakhs of tourists every year and is special because it is one of the wettest places on planet. It is nestled in the East Khasi Hills about 50 km southwest of the state’s capital and is also known as Sohra or Churra. The name means the ‘land of oranges.’ Moreover, the place is also popular to be the home of living root bridges, bridges that can hold up to 50 people at a time and are a result of bioengineering practiced by the locals.

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Where is Living Root Bridge located in Meghalaya? Why is it famous?

The living root bridge is situated in the Cherrapunji part of Meghalaya, the wettest place on earth. There are 11 functional root bridges in this area and all of them look exceptionally good. The most famous of these is the "double-decker" root bridge which is a 150+ year old man-made natural wonder. However, visiting this bridge is not easy as you have to trek through the difficult trails of forest. But the tiring journey is totally worth it eventually.

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Which are must visit waterfalls in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is home to list of best and spectacular waterfalls on East Khasi Hills district and has beautiful hill station with plenty of tourist attraction all around. In and around Shillong there are numerous waterfalls Bishop Falls, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, Crinoline Falls and Beadon Falls.

  • Nohkalikai Falls-335 metres

  • Nohsngithiang Falls-315 metres

  • Langshiang Falls-337 metres

  • Kynrem Falls-305 metres

  • Bishop Falls-135 metres

  • Beadon Falls-135 metres

  • Sweet Falls-96 metres

What are famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Meghalaya?

Other than the beautiful waterfalls, scenic mountains and breath-taking clouds, Meghalaya is also the home to a variety of rare flora and fauna. You can spot rare species of birds and animals in any of the below listed national parks and wildlife sanctuaries:

  • Nokrek National Park
  • Balpakram National Park
  • Siju Bird Sanctuary
  • Baghmara Reserve Forest
  • Nongkhyllem Sanctuary

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Where is Mawlynnong Village located? Why it’s so famous?

Mawlynnong Village, also known as God’s Own Garden is popular for all the right reasons. It has bagged the title of the cleanest village in India and has also stood ahead with achieving 100 percent literacy rate or in promoting women empowerment. Mawlynnong is located in Cherrapunji and mainly inhabited by Khasi tribe. It is home to the UNESCO world heritage site, the living root bridges. Moreover, the food prepared by locals of this village is purely organic. Even the meat here comes from in-house bred birds and animal. Interesting, isn’t it?

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What is the capital of Meghalaya?

Often referred to as the “Scotland of the East”, Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. Out of the eleven districts, this city has been a major tourist hub and comparatively more developed. Located at an elevation of 1496 metres above sea level, this city lies in the midst of beautiful hills and thick forested areas. Being the capital of Meghalaya, the city is a cultural as well as a tourist hub and attracts flocks of nature enthusiasts from all over the world.

Be it some adrenaline rushing activities or spending some time in solace, all kinds of activities can be done here. From public transport services to night time security, the city is surely worth a visit.

Meghalaya Reviews

Arpan Patel
Reviewed: 08 May 2023
Tour was amazing and we will remember it forever.. Notheast has its own charms.. Though we found little hurdles but Rahul from Quality from thillophilia handle it well. we have expected Professional and good services and we got it..
Arpan  Patel
Arpan  Patel
Arpan  Patel
Arpan  Patel
Arpan  Patel
Arpan  Patel
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Ujwal Vemuri
Reviewed: 18 Apr 2023
It was a memorable trip. Trip to cherish for life.  Our driver Prakash was very good with places and tried to cover most of the places in the limited time that we had. He took us to good hotels for lunch. He even tried to manage to get us elephant safari ride tickets. He also tried to cover few plac... Read More
Ujwal Vemuri
Ujwal Vemuri
Ujwal Vemuri
Ujwal Vemuri
Ujwal Vemuri
Ujwal Vemuri
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Nikita B Jana
Reviewed: 19 Aug 2023
Trip was amazing and a memorable one. We loved exploring the caves ,trekking to waterfalls and enjoying scenic view points on the way, meeting new people and enjoying the food .Loved the trek to double decker living root bridge and rainbow falls. Made lots of memories with new people.The itinerary w... Read More
Nikita B Jana
Nikita B Jana
Nikita B Jana
Nikita B Jana
Nikita B Jana
Nikita B Jana
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Reviewed: 25 Apr 2024
We had opted for a 6 day private trip to Meghalaya. It was really good and mesmerizing. We had a one day stay at Shillong, then two days in Cherrapunji, then one day in Dawki and one day at Shillong. We covered all the points in itinerary and our driver took us to even some more. Our guide to nongri... Read More
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Vishwas Borse
Reviewed: 14 Nov 2022
This was my first ever tour to North East India. I usually plan and execute all the tours for my family on my own. But since I'd never been to NE India, I was in a fix whether to plan and proceed on my own or to book through a travel company. Finally we decided to book through Thrillophillia and it ... Read More
Vishwas Borse
Vishwas Borse
Vishwas Borse
Vishwas Borse
Vishwas Borse
Vishwas Borse
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Hansraj Meena
Reviewed: 29 May 2023
It was a fabulous experience with thrillophillia. I am already following thrillophillia on Instagram. Hotels were good. Cab driver fakruddin was helpful. Thrillophillia staff was always in reach. I am thankful to Mr Abhishek das, Mr amlan Chakraborty. As a vegetarian we have less options on veg food... Read More
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Hansraj  Meena
Hansraj  Meena
Hansraj  Meena
Hansraj  Meena
Hansraj  Meena
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