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What You Should Know More About Gangtok

  • Travel Advice

    • Pre-book your stay accommodation before you visit as Gangtok is a popular tourist destination and you might end up not getting a hotel booking.

    • Holidays in Gangtok are safe, but you should always take basic precautions like locking your backs, taking care of money and expensive belongings.

    • While going on treks or mountain biking trips, make sure that you follow the right route maps and basic safety rules.

    • Obtain all the permits to go on adventure trips and treks.

    • The locals here are very friendly and hence, you are advised to speak to them in a friendly manner.

    • Carry basic medicines and motion sickness control tablets as the mountain roads might make you feel sick.

  • Drinking Laws

    According to the State laws of Sikkim, the minimum legal age to consume alcohol is 18 years.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    White Hall

    If you are a worshipper of nature, the flower show at the White hall is like a dream come true. Sikkim is a home to hundreds of floral species of different vibrant colors and White Hall, which holds an exhibition of flowers during the months of April and May will make you witness riots of these floral colors. You can also visit the Deorali Orchid Sanctuary and Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary for flower watching.

    Rumtek Monastery

    If you are making a sight-seeing list for Gangtok, then you cannot miss out on including the Rumtek Monastery at all. This breathtakingly beautiful monastery depicts authentic Buddhist architecture, culture and impresses its visitors. The most impressive aspect of this shrine is the Golden Stupa, which has religious sayings written on it.

    Mountain Biking to Rangpo

    Being the longest mountain biking route in Sikkim, the Gangtok-Rangpo is a dream destination for mountain bikers who have always dreamt about the difficult, rugged and dramatic route for their adventure. With the view of countryside lifestyle and Himalayas as well as some naked lush green hills, this ride is going to give you a feel of riding in paradise.


    Gangtok is a paragliding hub of Sikkim and if you are enthusiastic about it, you cannot afford to miss going here. You will experience surreal beauty while you have the most mesmerizing paragliding flight of your life and it is indeed going to be one of the most memorable experiences of the sport. If you want to get the full feel of it, you should visit the Sikkim Paragliding festival held in Gangtok during October and November.

    Cable car ride

    A cable car ride from over the picturesque town of Gangtok is a mesmerizing experience as it gives you some of the most stunning views of the town surrounded by mountains and filled with lush green landscape and colorful flowers. There are three main terminals from where you can board the cable cars which cover a distance of one km in just 7 minutes. This cable car ride is a serene and thrilling experience at the same time.

    Ban Jhakri Falls

    The Ban Jhakri falls are located just 4 kilometers away from Gangtok but they definitely deserve a visit because what you experience here is sheer tranquility and rejuvenation. The falls, located inside the Ban Jhakri Energy Park are surrounded by 2 acres of blanket of green glass over the valley. This place is packed with tourists in the peak season, for the reason that this sight is worth visiting.

  • What you will like there?

    Nature’s grandeur

    If you want to see what being pampered by nature is like, you should right away book your tour to Gangtok. A town surrounded by Himalayas, lush green fields and colorful flowers in abundance acting as ornaments to the nature, this place is a mirror of nature’s real grandeur and magnificence.

    Local culture

    The people of Gangtok are very rooted to their culture and traditions. They eat traditional food, live in old-architecture houses and celebrate traditional festivals with great fun and frolic. Hence, it is best to visit here during the time of festivals to see the real reflection of the culture of this place.

    Serene Atmosphere

    Nestling in the laps of Himalayan Mountains, Gangtok is a place which will help you unwind your mind and revitalize your soul like nowhere else. The serene atmosphere, pollution and noise free environment and tranquil weather will pave your way towards sheer peace of mind.

    Shopping and Nightlife

    Despite being a very calm and less developed place compared to other major cities of Indian states, you can look for shopping for some of the best apparel, makeup, accessories, handicrafts, bamboo products, woolens and other local items in Gangtok. In addition to this, the nightlife in Gangtok is vibrant and fun beyond your imagination and you will know it only when you experience it.

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Traveller Tales from Gangtok


Aslesha Desai

14 September 2015

I am madly and deeply in love with Sikkim. I can't believe a place like this can be so beautiful and still people are unaware about it. Walking through narrow pathways and tiny hamlets on the way make this place all the more interesting and worth the effort.

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Bhima Sinha

15 May 2015

Kanchenjunga is certainly an epitome of beauty and Sikkim is one place that provides you with panoramic views. loved the entire trekking part. Great place, great people amazing time - thanks to our trek guide who made sure people were satisfied and enjoying the trek.

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Yoginder Bhattathiri

14 August 2017

It was a dream come true for me and some of my friends. We have been planning a trek to Sikkim for a long time. We are a group of all girls and we were looking for some packages only for women. But we did not get many options. Finally we decided to book a tour package with other people also. But it went well. We did not face any trouble during the whole trip and very much thankful to all the people came with us and the guides. There was a woman manager too in the group since we were in the trip. Sikkim is a treasure house. It has everything for any age group. The trek was simply amazing. We were so excited and the routes were challenging. Our parents were asking how can we do trekking all alone. But I think, Kanchendzonga and other mountains in Sikkim do not have such variations as boys or girls. It was welcoming from the starting point to the end. Guys, the views from the top were extra ordinary. What we can see are long stretches of mountains and the snow cladding peak tops. The sunrise views were omg extremely astounding. The peaks were glittering in the first rays and it is the most scenic sight. We found yaks too. I was seeing yaks for the first time. They are so cute. Gentle too. But was scared to touch and pamper. What if they do not like us. They were roaming around freely. We were slow at many points since the routes were not so smooth but challenging too. So we had to stop in between, hydrate ourselves and continue. So according to the schedule we could not finish the trek also the last day was a little messed up. We could not explore the places as we discussed earlier but we did not feel it as a loss. Since all the places we saw were absolutely beautiful. We’ll plan some similar trips in the future and will head out to conquer the paths with more energy.


Ashutosh Kothari

06 April 2015

A full 10 out of 10 for the Green Lake Trek in Sikkim. Over the 13 days of this enthralling trek, I and our entire group members were all so captivated by the beauty of the Himalayas of Sikkim. If you are planning for this one sooner or later, be sure to experience a lot of variations in the terrains. At places, they might appear easy and other places it might be a bit challenging to strenuous. In a nutshell, it was an amazingly awesome experience we all had.


Mohit Rathode

16 April 2015

This must be on everyone’s to do list while travelling up north! Be it the mountains or the rivers, the trek shows you the amazing places around Sikkim which you will want to visit again and again. The organizing team has done a stellar job in providing us with this experience. I honestly wish to go back for more. The Teesta River and Phodong monastery are few of the amazing sights to see in this place.


Geeta Marar

07 December 2015

I always wanted to visit Sikkim and thrillophilia made this dream of mine true. Surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains and greenery, it is a must visit place. Trek was also awesome. the instructors were so very good and they took care of us perfectly. It was an amazing experience.


Rachit Baweja

09 April 2015

All the 13 days of this Green Lake trek was so charming and memorable that I am again planning for it. The great views of the Kanchenjunga, Mt. Everest and other peaks were so refreshing and way better than other experiences I had so far. Would love to do it once again.


Chandraketu Trivedi

07 December 2015

My trek to Kachenjunga was truly awe inspiring the trails were slightly challenging but the amazing guides were so helpful and made everything easier. The views are very dream like and the sunsets were even more beautiful. Definitely must try for trekking enthusiasts!


Gagan Jain

16 April 2015

LOVED IT! Being an adventure junkie pays off to a huge extent when you are assisted by the brilliant team at thrillophilia to provide you with such an experience. We saw the lovely peaks of Mt. Simvo, Green Lake and much more. Feel so happy having gone there!

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