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What You Should Know More About Darjeeling

  • Travel Advice

    • Avoid traveling during rains as the roads here get really muddy and slippery.

    • Stay Hydrated and drink bottled water that is sealed.

    • Avoid street food.

    • Wear footwear that is comfortable and water resistant.

    • Keep your phones, laptops and iPods in a secure waterproof case as it can rain anytime.

    • Power cuts are frequent here especially during the summer months. So, keep the mosquito coils, matchboxes and candles handy.

    • Double check all the bills for errors or over estimation.

    • Don’t use any valuable, jewelry or extra cash in hotels. Make use of the room safes wherever available.

    • Keep daily cash and change handy.

    • Don’t flash your valuables or large sum of money in public.

    • Never pay for anything upfront especially to the drivers.

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Avoid exchanging the money in the black market.

    • Whenever and wherever you get currency exchanged, ask for a receipt.

    • Carry small currency notes – INR 5, INR 10, INR 20, INR 50 and INR 100 when you are traveling in public transportation or eating in a street stall.

    • Monkeys are troublesome here. Don’t flash food when you see a monkey around.

    • When walking in the secluded area, keep a walking stick handy.

    • Hold tightly onto your camera, purse, etc.

  • Drinking Laws

    In West Bengal, the legal drinking age is 21. However, selling or serving of the liquor in any form at hotels or restaurants to individuals who are aged below 25 is illegal.   

    Here are some days that are regarded as dry days in Darjeeling as well as in whole of West Bengal:

    • Jan 26: Republic Day

    • Holi

    • Mahavir Jayanti

    • Independence Day

    • Gandhi Jayanti

    • Dussehra

    • The 9th and 10th day of Muharram

    • Eid ul-Fitr

    • Eid al-Adha

    • Durga Puja’s Second Day (Maha Ashtami Day)

    • Dol Jatra

    • Kali Puja 

    • Besides this, alcohol is also not served during election days.

  • What you will like there?

    Mount Kanchenjunga
    Darjeeling is endowed with the overwhelming Kanchenjunga range which is the third largest peak in the world. The view of the tea gardens, rolling hills and the horizon is sheathed by the mighty Himalayas. Darjeeling indeed offers the most breathtaking views of this range.

    Tiger Hill is an exclusive point in Darjeeling from where you can view the hills of Nepal, China and Sikkim as well as the mountain ranges of Everest and Kanchenjunga apart from the platonic sunrise. 

    The Zoo and Mountaineering Institute
    The zoo in Darjeeling is the key breeding centre for some of the most endangered species from the Himalayas. It has been lauded with international awards for breeding some exotic species. The key attractions at the zoo are snow leopards and endangered red pandas. Fauna found here is also varied. There is a mountaineering institute adjacent to the zoo and there are only two of these in whole of the country. 

    The Ropeway
    This not just happens to be the longest cable car rides in Asia but is also the one that passes through the rolling tea estates. The entire ride will take about 40 minutes with Sikkim on the right and tea estates right below you. 

    The Walks
    Short hikes around the town to explore the tiny tea stalls, hidden trails and the monasteries of Darjeeling can help you understand the non touristy side of Darjeeling.

    The Joy Ride
    The steam engine of Darjeeling is really very special. It has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage and spans for about 2 hours. This is indeed going to be a once in a lifetime experience. 

    The Food
    Darjeeling has its own authentic cuisine that deserves a try. The food here is a unique potpourri of flavors from Nepali, Indian and Tibetan food. Restaurants in Darjeeling range from the British era cafes to the small wooden structures serving nothing but hot and spicy momos. Be it the full scale English breakfast or the pastas and the authentic Nepali meals, you can get it all in Darjeeling. You know what’s better? You’ll never find bad food in Darjeeling. 

    Yes, TEA! We all know what Darjeeling is fondly popular for across the globe? Tea! Some of the choicest teas in the world is extracted from these hills. 

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    Darjeeling: The Colorful History and Precarious Fate of the World's Greatest Tea

Traveller Tales from Darjeeling


Ajit Khan

29 March 2016

Dzongri Goechala Trek in Sikkim is one of the best treks in the town. It had been a great trek. I had a lovely time there. It was awesome. I loved it totally. One should definitely try this to know how it had been. It was definitely a nice and fun trek.

  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_111.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_198.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_203.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_240.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_262.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_322.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_343.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_345.jpg

Satyen Naik

15 December 2014

After this trek, I realized why everyone recommended me for Darjeeling and Sikkim. Truly a paradise and this trek reveals more about these places.

  • Img_0051.jpg

Divjot Sinha

23 November 2014

A big big thankyou to my friends to accompany me, our tour guide to led us the beautiful heaven and my parents to finance this holiday trip, really I loved being there!!!! Otherwise I would have missed such an awesome experience of my life. The mountains peaks should not be missed at any costs. Moreover Up and above the clouds, this trek is a mixed affair of fascinating heights, lush greeneries, exotic wildlife and scenic villages. Enjoyed the panorama of the other peaks and the evergreen valleys.


Pulkit Gurnani

11 February 2015

For me, this was a treasure trove journey. Though Sandakpu is the main attraction, I also enjoyed the panorama of the other peaks and the evergreen valleys. Terrains might get difficult at times and to overcome them, you have to be quite careful and attentive towards the guides and instructors. Do not miss the sunrise view over the Kanchenjunga Peak at any cost.


Anjushree Namboothiri

11 September 2015

This was my first trip in any northeast India, and now I proudly suggest everyone that this is the place everyone should visit, atleast for once.I gaurantee you will experience the heaven.


Deependra Devar

12 September 2014

We were glad to be the part of the trip, tosar lake looks so beautiful in evening, moreover the trekker was fantabulous....just can not explain the joy of being there.


Mahendra Mehta

24 February 2015

After this trek, I am truly, madly and deeplyy in love with Darjeeling and Sikkim. Truly a paradise and this trek reveals more about these places.


Chetan Dwivedi

06 September 2015

It was a fun trek overall. However, I just wish it could have been better planned. I had a really great time with the beautiful backdrop. I just feel that there is something that made it look a little unorganized. I wish it could have been better.

  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_200.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_258.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_300.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_341.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_342.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_351.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_393.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_394.jpg

Tanya Reddy

31 December 2015

It was an overrated trek. I wouldn’t call it a great trek; it was just about fine. I had a fine trek. It was well-organized but it is not worth all the hype. It is worth trying only once. There are more than this trek in Sikkim to visit.

  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_108.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_194.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_246.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_403.jpg
  • Dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_423.jpg

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