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Spread out along the razor sharp ridges of a gigantic mountain wall, Cherrapunjee sits neatly on the edge of the Himalayas towering the pancake low lying plains of Bangladesh. This alluring village was once regarded as the wettest place on the earth given the massive monsoon rainfall that it sees. Road leading from Shillong to this miniscule village passes through the magnificent scenery that become sensational at the Dympep viewpoint. Here you’ll come across a photogenic V shaped valley that deeply slits into the plateau.  

The lush green surroundings of Cherrapunjee very well justifies the Meghalaya’s over-used ‘Scotland of the East’ tag. Nohkalikai Falls here are particularly dramatic especially during the monsoon season when they are brimming with a quantity which is 20 times more than the original. These can be seen from the viewpoint that is located on a plateau that lies at the edge of the 4.4 km mountain ride from the Sohra market. You can hire a local taxi here that will shuttle you to the view point. More significant than this is the series of the ‘Grand Canyon’ gorges that are located around the region that further descends into the green chasms of the tropical forests.

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We just recently did and experience this camping at Sohbar near Cherrapunji, The location was perfect for the camping and as well as the fun activity available at this camp was fun and extremely exciting. Good facilities, nice and clean washroom, good-accommodation, delicious foods, and the lush greenery of the place along the blue and green water is truly breathtaking.
Mawsynram is one of the best place to stay and spend time with loves once, Accommodation: was very comfortable and super clean along with attached washrooms. Food: The foods prepared by the local was organic and tasty. Activity: Great one which suits the place. Service: The staffs were hospitable and the host was awesome. Overall it was a pleasant experience.
Amazing experience in Meghalaya, this tour is a complete package we enjoyed everything on this nice stay and nice trek.
The place located at Lawbah ( Mawsynram ) I was amazed by the location it was just perfect the lake and the surrounding is so beautiful, Lots adventure activity, friendly staff, amazing foods, comfortable tens, Good guide for the activity. Kudos team.
Worth-traveling far for this experience, the staff provided good-service, amazing time at the campsite, we indulging in water-activity during day-time and enjoyed the bonfire in the evening, The river is beautiful and clean with a good view from the tent.
10 December 2020
I took a 8 days long trip to Meghalaya with my family a few days back and booking with Thrillophilia helped us a lot. Our check-in, sightseeings, transfers, accommodation, and food was really very spotted with this package. We could visit popular destinations like Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai falls, Mawsmai cave, living root bridges, Seven Sisters’ Falls, and many more. Since the package included permits and tolls we were totally relaxed and just enjoying. Our driver was also very friendly and aware of the local routes. He shared with us many facts about the local culture, traditions, and folklore. He also took us to excellent food outlets for our lunch and dinner. We also got a decent time to stay and enjoy each destination and there was no rush. The hotels we stayed at had very good staff and we also received good breakfast every morning. Overall, it was a very nice family trip and a good first-time experience with Thrillophilia
11 January 2021
I had visited Meghalaya this month with my spouse and it was a lovely experience we returned with. We had a stay of 8 days and Thrillophilia made everything quite simple for us. Starting from the pickup from Guwahati airport and our stay to our sightseeing tours and breakfasts, everything was just excellent. We had to do no customization as the package already included excellent places like Cherrapunji,Mawlynnong, and Mawphlang. The plus point is Thrillophilia was always available at our reach for every sort of assistance.
18 November 2019
Perfect place for solitude. Calm and Peaceful. The location is perfect, its on the edge of the hills, the downhills we can see plains of Bangladesh. The rooms are spacious and well maintained. The food is also delicious, The staff at stay is friendly and cooperative. looking forward to booking more trips from Thrillophilia. Cheers!
19 February 2020
Highly recommended for everyone. We booked this hotel from Thrillophilia at the best discounted price. This website offers stays with the activities which was a perfect package to book for us. The location was good and the night view of the valley was also good. The rooms were nice, clean, and spacious. We even trekked to Nongriat which was so much fun. Totally loved the experience. And our guide was very cooperative and friendly. We even loved the bonfire and music activity at night.
Great place to be in a lap of nature with the overall amazing camping experience arranged by the expert team.

People Also Ask About Cherrapunji

  1. Travel Advice

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Whenever you eat street food, always double check the quality.

    • Make sure the water bottle that you buy from the stalls has its seal intact.

    • Don’t let anyone mislead you.

    • Book prepaid taxis to avoid overpaying. In case you are unable to find prepaid taxis, you can hire a metered taxi or auto. In case there is no option, you must negotiate the fare before you get in the taxi.

    • Never leave your valuables, cash or jewelry behind.

    • Enquire about the availability of the room safe before buying.

    • Do not book a hotel in a shady place.

    • Never indulge in drugs of any form.

    • Never entertain the beggars.

    • Don’t trust anyone with your valuables.  

    • Always carry with you a copy of all your necessary documents and licenses. You may require to show them in some cases.

    • Do no photograph at the places where photography is prohibited.

    • You cannot shoot videos or films without the legal permissions. So, make sure you do that.

    • Do not litter around and spoil the beauty of the place.

  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Cherrapunji is 21 years.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Nohkalikai Falls

    Nohkalikai Falls is naturally one of the top tourist places in Cherrapunji. Tourists who visit this area surely fall in love with the waterfalls that are rated as the tallest in India. The water drops from a height of 1115 feet which is indeed mind boggling. This town receives the highest rainfall in the country and hence the waterfalls blast on its way to the bottom. The view from the nearby region is very amusing that can be checked out after accessing a proper trip. You can also examine the plains of Bangladesh from this region.

    Mawsmai Cave

    If you are searching for the top places to see in Cherrapunji, then do not miss a chance to visit Mawsmai Cave. This landmark would give you a chilling experience since you get to explore darkness without actually knowing where the track will lead. The roof is very low in these caves and there are chances that your head might strike onto something. But there is a light source in Mawsmai Cave which makes this exploration more interesting. You can enjoy the minute details of the cave and observe different patterns present on the walls. Tourists should plan their trip in a systematic manner keeping safety and security as the prime focus before entering Mawsmai Cave.

    Dainthlen Falls

    Dainthlen Falls can be reached after traveling about 5 km from the city area. There is a legend connected to this place which is quite fascinating. It is believed that a big snake lived in the nearby cave which was eventually killed by the local people. Tourists will like the rock carvings of the snake which are present close to the waterfall. It symbolizes greed and evil. This is a soft waterfall but the atmospheric beauty is quite electric. The breathtaking drive towards the waterfalls is itself very majestic. Prefer this as one of the gorgeous resorts during your trip to Cherrapunji.

    Thangkharang Park

    Thangkharang Park can be reached after covering a distance of 12 km starting from the city. You will get to cross the amazing Kynrem Falls. This park is located on the edge of a beautiful hill.  Tourists can access a lovely view of the hills along with the seventh highest waterfall in the country. The Khoh Ramhah rock is another popular landmark in this area that will catch your attention. It is a single rock single formation and appears as an overturned basket. Hence, the nickname ‘Giant Basket’ is due to its exclusive shape. There is a play area in this region that is loved by kids. Thangkharang Park can be counted as a smooth area for sightseeing when you are exploring Cherrapunji.

    Nohsngithiang Falls

    Nohsngithiang Falls is the fourth largest waterfall in India and is fondly regarded as the Seven Sister Falls. It gushes down from a massive height of 1035 feet and looks absolutely spectacular when you catch the glimpse of it from the base. Since, there are seven streams flowing down the plateau it gets the name, ‘Seven Sister Falls’. You can even find the limestone cliff that look splendid. Atmosphere of this place is tranquil. This is the reason why a lot of tourists come here to relax and unwind. Monsoon is definitely the best time to plan a visit to this Kerala falls.

  4. What you will like there?


    There is no denial in the fact that Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is the wettest place on the planet. So, when you are on the wettest place how can you miss out on the rains? The rains only make the place more beautiful and alluring. So, whenever you do plan a visit to Cherrapunji is a fairly good idea to carry with you additional layers of clothing.


    The locals on Cherrapunji are extremely warm and helpful. They will do their bit to ensure that you have a pleasant stay here. Whenever, you need any sort of help here, you can directly ask for help from them and they’ll willingly help you.


    There are a plenty of waterfalls in Cherrapunji that are indeed the most important places to see here. Some of the must see waterfalls here include the Seven Sister Falls, Dainthlen Falls and Nohkalikai Water Falls.

    Sneak Peak of Bangladesh

    The hills in the Meghalaya abruptly give way to the majestic plains of the Bangladesh. It is more like a natural demarcation line that mutated into the geographical one.   ?


    Cherrapunji is mainly known for its hand woven and handicraft items especially the ones that are designed from bamboo and cane. You can find the stalls and the shops here that see bamboo and cane artefacts right from furniture to mementos. It is also the best place to shop for the finest quality of orange flower honey. Shopping for spices and cinnamon is also common here. The spices are cultivated in and around Cherrapunji. You must also shop for the special Meghalaya tea which has a very distinct flavor in comparison to the tea from Darjeeling or Assam.

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