35 Places to Visit in Assam, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Places to See in Assam

Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Tinsukia, Sonitpur, Silchar, Dispur, Nagaon, Digboi, Sivasagar, Karimganj, Tezpur, Kaziranga National Park, Majuli Island, Manas National Park, Barpeta, Bogamati, Bongaigaon and many more.

The multitude of places to visit in Assam warmly welcome nature lovers as well as wanderlust travellers to marvel at the wonders of the Northeast. One of the most renowned places is the Kaziranga National Park that displays the abundance of wildlife and flora in the region. Meanwhile, Guwahati is the largest city and a gateway to the urban lifestyle experience with its lively cafes, restaurants and other social outlets.

Moreover, there are still many places to see in Assam that let you see the beautiful heritage and sheer beauty like the Rock Cut Caves in Bongaigaon which is known for fine specimens of five rock-cut structures, Da-Parbatia Temple known for the exquisite carvings and patterns, Kachari Fort for its picturesque glory, among many others.

Not just that, if you are interested in the adventure aspect of holidays, then you are in luck as there are several places in Assam where you can take part in activities. Starting with Rock Climbing At Assam State Zoo, Water Rappelling at the stunning waterfalls that are scattered all around Assam, White Water Rafting At Bogamati and other rivers that flow in the state, treks and hikes through the hilly and forested terrains etc. Now, all these places not only promise to offer you a wonderful touring experience but also give you loads of memories to cherish all through your life.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Assam:

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The gateway to the northeast and the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the region, Guwahati serves as the starting block for the other seven sisters locations . This featureless city – a prosaic heap of glass and concrete for the most part – is a blend of old and new sights but there are a scattering of interesting temples to explore, when it comes to tourist places in Guwahati. Walk its back alleys and old quarters to  click some timeless picture and you will be able to salvage a generous amount of local flavour that lingers amid its suburban sprawl of ponds, palm trees, small single-storey traditional houses and old colonial-era mansions.It is located on the south bank of the river Brahmaputra and is the largest city of Assam and Northeast. The place has many ancient temples and is also known as the ‘city of temples’ in Northeast India. The temple is dedicated to goddess Kamakhya an incarnation of Sati. It is on Nilachal hill, says the Shiva Purana, which the yoni or creative organ of Sati fell when Vishnu, in a bid to save the world from the Shiva’s tandava nritya or dance of destruction, cut her dead body into 51 pieces with his sudarshan chakra. Other ancient temples located in the city are Navagraha temple, Umananda temple which is tucked on an island on the river Brahmaputra, Balaji Temple; you can also visit the state Zoo.


The British legacy is still visible in the architecture and food habits of the population. The place serves as the starting block to getaways like Meghalaya, Kaziranga National Park, Kohima, Imphal, Tawang, Mawlynnong, Bhalukpong, Dirang, Bomdila, Tezpur etc.  Northeast is a hidden treasure of India and if you really want to explore the best of India then do not miss this region with exceptional vistas, phenomenal cultural differences in each state and a the unaltered Himalayas with some of the highest peaks in the world. The tourist places in Guwahati are indeed is a place for every traveling soul to visit once.

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The city of Dibrugarh is quite a colourful, vibrant but tiny location situated in the state of Assam. It is recognized as the Tea city of India quite naturally due to the abundance of tea crops that are grown over here. The location is also considered to be among the top major places in the Eastern hemisphere of India alongside other similar towns such as Guwahati and Bhubaneswar. The place is emerging at an increasingly fast pace at being known as the ultimate communication and industrial hub of the popular North East India.

Dibrugarh is recognized as one of the top places to visit in the North East due to many reasons. Not only is the place is full of lush green plantations but the city also offers its visitors with a variety of experiences including adventure activities. At the same time, the city is considered to be quite developed as well.

Dibrugarh is situated approximately 439km away from the city of Guwahati that is among the largest cities in Assam. Considering how small the town is, it is surprising how the place is also quite well connected with the rest of India by different means of transport including rail, road and air. Thus, getting to Dibrugarh is not a difficult task at all. Visitors can quite smoothly travel to this perfect holiday destination and have a great time as well.

There are many other aspects that this town is recognized for. For instance, its mega projects like the Brahmaputra Cracker and the Polymer Limited which are perhaps, India’s longest rail cum road projects. And what about the upcoming modern-urban infrastructure projects that aim toward making Dibrugarh a vibrant city?

Amidst this, the tourism industry also plays an equally important role at catering to the city’s economy. The service industry including hotels, restaurants, home-stays, activities conducting companies and more are quite sorted as well.

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Called as the "Social Capital of Assam", Tezpur is a town and urban agglomeration in Sonitpur district, Assam state, India. This place slouches with lush tea gardens. Furthermore, it has an endless extent of the paddy fields. It is not only a cultural center but also an educational destination apart from having a rich history.

The list of must visit places of Tezpur is the Jyoti-Bishnukhelpathar at Dadhara, which hosts several cultural occasions including dances like Bihu and Bagurumba, Nameri National Park, Agnigarh which is the most legendary fortresses of Tezpur, The Bamuni Hills which has the touch of Gupta architectural style, Padum Pukhuri which is a lotus lake with an island in it and many more.

The top activities to do in Tezpur is visiting the Cole Stop a.k.a. Chitralekha Udyan is filled with fun activities, picturesque beauty and ruins of Bamuni Hills. There are a few hillocks to sit and muse on and lakes to appreciate rowing, paddling and other water sports activities.

Tezpur encounters scorching summers from the  month of March to the month of July and charming winters from the month of November and month of February. During the monsoon season that extends from the month of july to the month of september, the city sees heavy rainfall.

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Jorhat is a lovely city and known as the Tea capital of the world, all because of the multitudinous number of tea plantations here. It is an administrative district of the Indian state of Assam situated in the central part of the Brahmaputra Valley.

The city is also home to the eminent historical monuments of Assamese culture. It not only enables the suburb to be one of the largest tea producers, but tea plantations have been an integral part of Jorhat's history.

Key attractions are the Manjuli Islands which possess the credit of being the largest riverine island within the world. Declared as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO, this place includes a rich cultural and religious association. Other places to visit are Kakochang Waterfalls, Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

In the course of your stay at jorhat, once can marvel at the famous raja maidam park, visit nimati ghat early in the morning, head out to the famous burigosain devalay temple, and sukapha samannay kshetra.

You will surely be able to spend some wonderful time at these places as they offer amazing experiences that will last for a lifetime. The trip to the famous kaziranga national park will give you insights about the wild animals living in their natural environment. The interaction with them will be amazing  and  you will get to observe  them closely as well as have fun with them.

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Located 480 kilometres north-east of Guwahati, Tinsukia is an industrial district of Assam. The earliest known oil refinery in India is established in Digboi, and open - pit coal mining is common in places like Margherita and Ledo.

Tinsukia is one of the chief commercial centres in Assam. One of the well known tourist destinations in Assam, Tinsukia offers guests a blend of fun, culture, and excitement. Covered in acres of verdant greenery, numerous species of wildlife, sprawling tea gardens and historical structures, Tinsukia is a traveler’s delight.

Two of the greatest and most tremendous wildlife sanctuaries: Dibru Saikhowa National Park and Dihing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary in the state are found around the region of Tinsukia. Other attractions are Sadiya, a small village located in the Himalayan foothills, Bell Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, also known as the Tilinga Temple, where 'Tilinga' stands for 'bell', Margherita is called the coal queen of Assam is filled with lush tea gardens, Rukmini Island is home to many migratory and indigenous birds to enjoy bird watching and numerous others.

People residing here are humble and basic and have retained the way of Assamese culture, food, festival and religion. Dance and music comprise a vital part of the Tinsukia festivals in Tinsukia Culture. Bihu, Tuluni Shapawang Yawng Manau Poi and Saghi Celebration, Ali Yes Ligang, etc., are some of the festivals celebrated.

The climate here is mild, and for the most part warm and temperate. When compared with winter, the summers have much more precipitation.

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Sonitpur is an authoritative district in the state of Assam in India. The name Sonitpur means ‘City of Blood’. Sonitpur area lies in the fields between the foothills of the Himalayas and the valley of the Brahmaputra which shapes its southern border. It is also home to several normal beauty and wildlife hotspots with several such wildlife sanctuaries, national parks are situated in and around Sonitpur.

Sonitpur is a must visit destination if you want to elude from the boisterous city life and be surrounded by evergreen parks, age-old temples, archeological ruins, and much more. The timberlands of Sonitpur district are semi-evergreen forests, sodden deciduous woodlands and bamboo forests, with hydrophytes in the wetlands.

The Nameri and Orang National Park, Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary and Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary are intriguing tourist destinations in Sonitpur. The Rock Garden, Bamuni Pahar and the District Museum are other places you can explore in Sonitpur.

Sonitpur District falls in the Tropical Rainforest climate locale, in Koppen's climate classification and enjoys Hot & Damp sort of climate. Summers are hot and humid; with an average temperature of 27 °C.

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Bogamati is situated in the Indo-Bhutan border region in between two mountain ranges Nowadays, it is a hotspot for picnickers that lies at the mouth of river ‘Barnadi’. ‘Bogamati’ refers to a white river in the Assamese and infers its title from the vast deposits of white sand and stone in the banks of the stream.

The picturesque view of the Bhutan Hills is what pulls in people to these places to visit in Assam. Moina Pukhuri is a trekking site and trekking through the rugged slopes is an experience of a lifetime. Manas Soushi Khongkhor is an eco-tourism park that provides an incredible view of the hills as well and has a river nearby.

One can trek to the golden Buddha statue on the nearby hill or drive through the shallow river water to Bhutan to enjoy the local delicacies. River rafting, trekking, paragliding and a few adventure activities can be done here.

Highlight of the place: Tea plantations and beetle farms.

Location: Nc Sukla Bagan, Assam 781368.

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Formerly known as Nowgaon, The city Nagaon is located in Assam situated 121 kilometers east of Guwahati. Nagaon in Assam happens to be a wonderful place that is adorned with some of the lavish scenes, lush forests, and waterways.

Being a home to a thousand varieties of flora and fauna and well-known wildlife sanctuary, it attracts many adventure lovers from all over the world. It is very much famous among wildlife enthusiasts for being the home to the famous Kaziranga national  park. Tourists love to spend time here to indulge in wildlife trails and spend time watching various migratory as well as resident birds.

Nagaon is also known to offer amazing adventure experiences to the tourists. The river port in brahmaputra allows tourists to be part of various adventure sports like boating, angling, and cruising.

Nagaon is home to some of the  pristine sightseeing landmarks like Nandeswar Devalaya, Surya Pahar, Manas National Park, Tukeswari and lots more. You can spend time marvelling with your loved ones here as well as taking part in some adventure activities as well.

Nagaon is located at 14 meter above the sea level and it experiences a tropical climatic condition. The average annual temperature is recorded at 26.5 degree celsius and the yearly rainfall is recorded at 2401 mm.

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Karimganj is a district found in the southernmost part of Assam, a state in the north-eastern corner of India. Karimganj happens to  be sandwiched in between Chhatachura, Adamail and Duhalia. Other than plains, forests and hillocks, three major streams stream through the locale – Kushiara, Longai and Shingla.

Karimganj could be your dream destination in case you're looking for a place that spells nature in each inch of the land. The lush greenery around to treat your visual senses and the sounds of the bubbling streams singing tunes in your ears would make your holiday extraordinary in each sense of the word. There is a castle, too, that was founded by the British. The Barak River further revitalises the fortress.

Another charming place that one must visit is the Malegarh Crematorium of Sepoy Revolt Troopers. Son Beel is the biggest wetland of Karimganj. Karimganj is one such travel destination in Assam that also welcomes trekkers. It is well known for several handicraft things and jute products which you'll be able to shop in the local markets of the district.

In the course of your stay at Karimganj, you can head out on sightseeing tours to chhatachura range, adamail range, duhalia range, river kushiara, river longai, and river singla. You can take part in some of the river activities like fishing and boating.

The climate of Karimganj varies from some of its nearby places. The hottest month at this place is july whereas january is the coldest. The wettest month is august and the windiest month is April.

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Dispur happens to be a beautiful city in Assam that is adorned with some of the panoramic views and unique traditions. The rich tribal culture of this place and the lively flora and fauna entices nature lovers and The city is home to some of the important buildings as well as landmarks like the state emergency operations, assam secretariat, and state assembly house.

Dispur is also very much famous for its water sports and adventure sports which attracts adventure junkies from various parts of the world. You can enjoy trekking and overnight camping activities in the course of your stay.

Dispur is also very much popular for sightseeing adventures. One can visit Sualkuchi, Assam State Emporium, Navagraha Temple, Kamakhya Temple, Assam State Zoo, Guwahati Planetarium, and Botanical Gardens.

Dispur has wonderful weather all through the  year which means you can enjoy warm summer days and cold winter days. It is a perfect destination for tourists who love to spend time in the  middle  of alluring natural beauty and take part in outdoor activities. Winters are also supplemented by infrequent rainfall which makes the natural scenic beauty appear more alluring. It would be just amazing if you can for a trip in the middle of november and march.

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Established as the "Oil City of Assam," in the north-eastern part of the state of Assam, India, Digboi is a town and town region committee in the district of Tinsukia. It is said that the town gets its title from the phrase "dig-boy-dig," which is what the English told the workers as they dug for crude oil.

The refinery in Digboi is recognized as India 's origins of the oil industry. It was commissioned on 11 December 1901. It has the qualification of being Asia's first refinery and one of the oldest still in operation. Oil was accidentally discovered in 1867 while laying a railroad line in the Digboi area. One will have a wondrous vacation in the scenic town of Digboi with the magnificence of the majestic animals and tea gardens.

Digboi Oil Refinery is the most popular tourist attraction. Digboi is also famous for other interesting highlights like handicrafts, textiles and wildlife sanctuary. The 18-hole golf course that the English set up is now rated to be Upper Assam 's finest golf course.

The biggest wildlife sanctuary in Assam, Dibru Saikhowa Natural life Sanctuary, is 60 km from Digboi and houses like Royal Bengal Tiger, cheetahs, Indian elephant and also over 300 species of birds. Ridge Point and the War Cemetery are the other sites that make up Digboi tourism.

The wet season in Digboi is humid, stressful, and usually gloomy, with a mild and mostly clear dry season.

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Sivasagar is a city in Assam, India, and is the headquarters of the Sivasagar district. The city gets its name from the enormous lake, Sivasagar, situated in the heart of the city.

This popular destination in Assam is set amidst the rich and diverse biodiversity encompassed by numerous historic attractions. Tourism in Sivasagar is well known for its Ahom monuments and royal residences which are a work of excellence. And circled by the beautiful ambience and elegant hills this place features a number of other attractions as well.

The astonishing Sivasagar Tank is the most noteworthy attraction of the town. There are three imperative temples around the tank namely, the Shivadol, the Vishnu Dol and the Devidol. Sivadol is the tallest temple on the banks of Sivasagar Lake, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Talatal Ghar is the royal residence of the Ahom rulers. Rang Ghar is an oval formed, two-storied structure from which the Ahom rulers are said to have watched elephant battles and other occasions. Tai Ahom museum grandstands the history of the Ahom Dynasty.

During your stay in Sivasagar you should visit Talatal Ghar, Ahom Museum, Rang Ghar,  Charaideo, Shivadol, Joysagar Tank and Temples. You should marvel at historical monuments and heritage sites.

Sivasagar lies at an altitude of about 95 m above sea level which makes the climatic condition mild and generally warm. The average annual temperature of Sivasagar is 23.7 degree celsius and the average rainfall is about 2432 mm.

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Silchar is the district headquarters of Cachar, recognised as the 'Island of Peace' along the North-Eastern side of the nation. Situated on the shores of River Barak, Silchar attracts thousands of tourists in unprecedented numbers thanks to its natural beauty, lush and diversified heritage and improved infrastructure.

A quintessential little town, Silchar is beautiful in its way. The river Barak encircles the town and strengthens the beauty of the city. Since the Barak flows past this area, Silchar and a few other abutting towns and villages are commonly called the Barak Valley.

The list of the tourist attractions in Silchar incorporates the names like ISKCON Temple, Bhubhan Temple, Khaspur, Gandhi Bagh, Kancha Kali Temple and Maniharan Tunnel are frequented by the people. Dolu Lake is one of Silchar's most stunning lakes and the exhilaration of a photographer. This lake is a pleasant thing to invest some quality time alone or with your family and friends. There are some tea estates in Silchar as well that produce the finest tea in the vicinity of the area.

The average temperature of Silchar during summer remains 37°C and 23°C during winters. The winter season is the right time to enjoy the splendid beauty of Silchar.

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Other Attractions

Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Assam, India, is a haven for nature lovers. Home to two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhinoceroses, it offers a unique wildlife experience. It is home to lush greenery, diverse fauna, including tigers, elephants, and water buffaloes, and vibrant birdlife. Kaziranga promises adventure and close encounters with nature's wonders.

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Explore Majuli, the world's largest river island nestled amidst the Brahmaputra. Discover a haven for birdwatchers and delve into Hindu Vaishnavite culture at its sataras. Immerse yourself in Assamese dance, music, and drama at Dakhinpat, Garamurh, and Auniati Satras. Located 200km east of Guwahati, Majuli beckons with its serene beauty and vibrant cultural heritage.

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Covering an area of 39,100 hectares, the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Assam, India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a project Tiger Reserve, and a biosphere reserve. The site provides critical and viable habitats for rare and endangered species, including tiger, one-horned rhino, swamp deer, and Bengal florican. It welcomes visitors on an exploration adventure where wildlife, a variety of ecosystems, and cultural legacy join together to create a symphony of natural spectacle.

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A half an hour drive towards East from Kaziranga National park will make anyone go awestruck with the beauty channelized in the form of Kakochang waterfall. The pristine clear waters falling from the top of the hill and accumulating in the natural pond below is just praiseworthy. You can feel the drops sprinkling on your face and freshness in the air while anywhere around this fall. 

The wet rocks and greenery support this Natural beauty while adding extra grace to the whole aura. You can be a part of this falls by taking a shallow dip in the pond below this soothing waterfall. A not to be missed tourist spot, this waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Assam.
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Also known as Dima Hasao district of Assam, the place inhabits minor and major tribes like Dimasa kachauris, Zeme Nagas, The Hmars and The Kukis with a minimum population in terms of space covered. Anyone who is visiting these hills can experience Nature even with their eyes closed. 

Sipping a cup of tea while watching birds at Jatinga, a district in Dima Hasao; enjoying a long walk in the ‘Scotland of Assam' (Haflong) and shop local handloom at Haflong bazar would combine a trip to North Cachar Hills. With all that, swing in the clouds above your head. One can reach this place from nearest Silchar airport from where a rough 140 km road drive will land you finally on these thrilling hills and you will be in one of the best places to visit in Assam.
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Lake, also known as Bil in Assamese is an evergreen feature of the land of the North East. The list of tourist places in Assam never completes without including Dipor Bil in it. The mighty Brahmaputra has an extension into the plains which resulted into this enchanting lake. Located 13 km in South West direction from Guwahati, Dipor Bil is perfect to watch beautiful birds basking in the sun and swinging on the tunes of the lake's ripples. 

The surface of the lake is flared by flora like Waterlily, water hyacinth, aquatic grass and believe us, it is adding an extra grace to blue clean waters. Along with a boat ride, one can feel the difference with migratory birds while taking a tour here. Moreover, you can notice Storks, Ducks, Kingfishers, and Pelicans enjoying in the glory of the climate and making it an attraction for thousands.
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An ancient pilgrimage center located comfortably 24 km in Northwest, from Guwahati on the banks of Brahmaputra and well connected by roads, is a well distinct place to visit in Assam. The whole area coming under Hajo is beautifully studded with temples and sacred artifacts like each of them is a graceful diamond. 

An absorbing quality of Hajo is the blend of three religions that are Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim. One can notice a grand entrance to  Hayagriva Madhava Mandir at one side and a tall white green Hajo Powa Mecca, the Muslim sacred pilgrimage on the other. The temples are shining with old sculptures carved into the same stone and are worshipped by hundreds of people every day. 

It is situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra river which overall enhances the attribute of Hajo. Some of the temples were settled in the 18th century during the times of regional Ahom king and are absolutely priceless. Beauty lies in the details and this truth could be rightly sought here amidst the lush green tall trees, varying topography, the center of Buddhist Nirvana and waters of Brahmaputra.
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The hill station of state, Haflong has proved to be a perfect tourist place to visit in Assam. Located away from major cities, the nearest urban agglomeration is Silchar which is 100 km from Haflong. An enchanting place to visit here is Haflong lake. The charming beauty of crystal clear waters not just calms the nerves on one side but also excites people to take boat rides in the lake on the other.

The scenic beauty of the lake along with greenery and sun on the top will remind you of old Bollywood movies with a blink of eyes. It is possible because of an extra addition of Hanging bridge above the lake. This bridge will definitely let you take camera filled pictures along with your happy smile. It is also a perfect spot for a family outing and a romantic walk with your love in the cool weather of Assam hills.

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Discover the vibrant cultural fabric of Barpeta, Assam, also known as the "Land of the Satras." Here, the eternal souls of Sri Madhabdev and Srimanta Sankardeva echo. At Barpeta, you can see the thriving universities that support the many facets of Assamese culture, including dance, drama, music, and more. An enduring reminder of this legacy is the 500-year-old Barpeta Satra. Moreover, the wonders of nature also await you in the adjacent Manas National Park.

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Explore the rich history and breathtaking scenery of Bongaigaon, which is tucked away 180 kilometres to the northwest of Guwahati. Surrounded by verdant hills, this site, which was formerly the capital of the Kamatapur Kingdom, now includes ancient ruins and Buddhist caves. It fuses modernity and history smoothly and serves as the entry point to the Manas National Park, which is classified by UNESCO.

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Sualkuchi, a sleepy town in the northern bank of the river Brahmaputra is the center of Assam’s textile production, which has earned it the title of Manchester of India and has been declared as a Handloom Heritage Village.

One can witness the ethnicity and provincial view of the town in the form of the bamboo houses and mud wallsSualkuchi is also rich in flora and fauna and is an economically and environmentally multicultural city that has not only local endemic animals and birds, but also innumerable migratory bird species. Dotted with temples, namcars and cloisters at every step, the village could be a wholesome package for visitors.

One of the primary temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sidheswar Devalaya was restructured by the Ahom King Shiba Singha. 
Hatisala is additionally one of the biggest monasteries in the village. Devoted to Ruler Krishna, the place spreads the awe inspiring message of Vaishnavism culture. Hajo is a land of extraordinary religious significance to Hindus as well as Muslims.

Highlight of the place: The silk village of Assam.

Location: Saualkuchi, Assam.
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Diphu, a district in southern Assam, is very much for being a tranquil tiny town renowned as weekend getaways. The Botanical Garden of Diphu houses a number  of  therapeutic plants, herbs and flowers.

The aura of the garden enthrals lovers of nature and it is an incredible spot to take a leisurely walk with your  loved ones in the  evening hours. You can also try out boating  in the lake present at the garden of Diphu. The District museum reflects the culture of the land by displaying old ornaments, musical instruments, hunting tools, fishing equipment, handlooms.

All the exhibits of the museum reflect the culture of Diphu. In the course of your visit to Diphu, you can think of taking trips to Singhason, Khanduli, Kohora to get a hands on experience of trekking, bird watching,  and horse riding along with your loved ones. You can also choose to offer prayers at a number of places of worship.

Highlight of the place: Hidden Eden.

Location: Diphu, Assam.
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People Also Ask About Assam

  1. Which are the best picnic places in Assam?

    1. Kulsi River: If you want to spend a day out with dolphins, then Kulsi is the most excellent picnic spot for you. You can simply sit on the bank of the river and see the dolphins hopping and playing in the waters of the river.

    2. Akashiganga: 
    Akashiganga is a colossal fountain near Dabaka City, situated in Nagaon, Assam. This features a charming environment and dazzling background scenes, making for a perfect picnic spot.

    3. Bogibeel: 
    This  place in Assam is filled with glittering sand all along. The famous Bogibeel bridge is 4.94 kilometres long, making it the longest bridge of its kind in India.

    4. Chandubi Lake: 
    The place is calm and serene covered by deep woodland, tea gardens and little and distinct villages. The lake is bestowed with beautiful natural beauty. Its chief highlight is the natural lagoon that has been formed in the lake. The lake offers its visitors the opportunity to go fishing in the lake.

    Have an adventurous experience by indulging in Brahmaputra River Rafting In Assam
  2. Which are the famous national parks in Assam?

    1. Kaziranga National Park: Home to two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhinoceros population, this national park has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Owing to the four major rivers of the North East that meet here, this lavish abode is domestic to the rarest of species of flora and fauna.

    2. Manas National Park: 
    It is a World Heritage Site, a Project Tiger Reserve, a Protected region for Elephants and most imperatively a biosphere reserve because of the rare diversity that confines this region.

    3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park: 
    It is especially the wetlands in Assam and one of the 19 biodiversity hotspots in the world.the park witnesses more than 500 species of migratory and native birds and is home to the rarest animals on the planet.

    4. Nameri National Park: 
    Located on the Eastern Himalayan foothills, this park gives you not only the chance to spot some of the country’s rarest animal and bird species, but also offers top-notch views of the frigid crests of the Himalayas and perpetual meadows of orchids.

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  3. What is famous in Assam?

    Assam is widely famous for its scenic natural beauty, varied wildlife, and lively cityscapes. This Indian State is home to some of the world heritage sites where tourists can marvel and make memories.

    The diverse culture of Assam makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in north eastern india. You should make sure that you  visit Assam to take away experiences of the Tea plantation Estates, Kaziranga National Park, scenic Brahmaputra  river cruise and loads more.

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  4. Which are the best honeymoon places in Assam?

    1. Majuli: Majuli is considered as the world’s biggest river island away from all the hustle-bustle of city life and is a very unwinding location to enjoy a laid-back vacation. Lush rice fields, towering bamboo trees, small houses and amiable people keep the charm lively of this special destination.

    2. Guwahati: 
    The city is filled with beautiful tourist places to see in Assam and there are endless things to explore. There are numerous picturesque views accessible from this place and there are many facilities for couples and sightseers in this place along with decent inns.

    3. Haflong: 
    It is one of the best places to visit in Assam for the honeymooners to visit and appreciate the fabulous views. Resting at a height of 680 m, this place is known for its picturesque beautiful views and rich heritage.

    4. Agnigarh Hill: 
    It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Assam and also one of the most famous tourist destinations. People here like to welcome visitors and guests with a kind heart. The encompassing environment easily attracts nature-lovers to come here and enjoy the beauty.

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  5. Which are the top adventure sports to do in Assam?

    1. Trekking: Trekking can be one of the most exciting and related adventure activities to do in the Nilachal hills, Garbhanga forest reserve and many more trails in Assam.

    2. Kayaking: 
    Assam is blessed with various water bodies in the form of spouting waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes and waterways and it would be a sin to not experience kayaking in these water bodies.

    3. Paragliding: 
    A few regions around North Guwahati are particularly known for their astounding parasailing experiences.

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"it's was nice experience.. "
18 April 2017
Highly recommended. We were a large family of 10 members, including children & aged parents & who booked package for Meghalaya & Shillong experiences. The host & their team where real caring, be it food, guidance, knowledge of local must things to do & we felt very homely. The homestay was excellent for cleanliness, hospitability, being tucked away from the chaos of the city, yet easily accessible to all amenities. Everyone of family were highly indebted to this wonderful hospitality & experience.
It was one of the most beautiful place to spend your vacation in. The beauty North Eastern states are eternal and truly surreal. We visited various nature oriented places. The team was very cooperative and reliable
The trip includes Karziranga Park is very much worth a visit. You can see many animals close up. Elephants, Rhino, Wild Buffalo, if you are lucky a Tiger. It is also a paradise for birds, too many to name. In short amazing tour
Ekadant Chopra Dinner Cruise Guwahati
2-hours dinner cruise was great, we get as we expected, Great-traditional music and folk-dance, great-service, and great-foods. An unforgettable experience.
13 February 2021
To revel in the beauty of the north east, there is nothing like an Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh package that will ensure you make the most of a serene chance to view the stunning locations. We booked our trip with Thrillophilia and headed off to see many fantastic places like the Bomdila, Tawang Monastery, Sela Pass, Dirang Orchid Center and so many more. We gorged on the most delicious breakfasts and spent our nights in the most hygienic hotels. I must admit that had I not booked my tours with Thrillophilia I probably would have never enjoyed such a beautiful trip that intelligently includes visit to all the major locations in just 9 days.
15 January 2021
Generally, I and our group of 4 friends make our own travel plans. But, this time, we decided to go ahead with Thrillophilia as we had a 9-day tour to the northeast. Also, we had to ensure safety with the corona restrictions in place. If I had to summarize the trip in one sentence then I would say that I relished the beauty of every major location with unparalleled service experience from the Thrillophilia team. Right from our arrival at Guwahati to our stays at Bhalukpong, Shillong, and Dirang, everything was beyond perfect.
15 January 2021
Generally, I and our group of 4 friends make our own travel plans. But, this time, we decided to go ahead with Thrillophilia as we had a 9-day tour to the northeast. Also, we had to ensure safety with the corona restrictions in place. If I had to summarize the trip in one sentence then I would say that I relished the beauty of every major location with unparalleled service experience from the Thrillophilia team. Right from our arrival at Guwahati to our stays at Bhalukpong, Shillong, and Dirang, everything was beyond perfect.
19 January 2021
Since we were a group of 9 friends planning for a long tour, we wanted everything to be in place so that we could utilize all of our time in having fun rather than worrying about things. I must say, choosing Thrillophilia for our 8 days long Meghalaya trip proved to be of great help. Their package not only helped us with the perfect itinerary, but also made sure our sightseeing transfers were on point. There were no delays made by the driver, he was really knowledgeable about the routes and also guided us as a local. He told us a lot of things about the culture of Meghalaya and the lifestyle of the people living there. Our package also included trekking and we could not have asked for more fun and thrill. All thanks to Thrillophilia for their excellent Meghalaya tour package.
20 November 2020
When it's a long awaited trip, you need to be very sure about everything as you don’t want any kind of trouble in your vacations. Thrillophilia came as a boon for us for our long trip to Meghalaya and we are happy that we chose their 8 days adventure Meghalaya package. This package not only offered the right amount of thrill with trekking opportunities, but also helped us with our local transfers and lodging. Thanks to Thrillophilia, another destination on our bucket-list is ticked!

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