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Traveller Tales from Yuksom


Suryakanta Patil

01 July 2015

Located in the state of Sikkim, this Goecha La trek is my dream and desire come true. This trek is a treat to all the adventure lovers who are in our country or visit our country. This place is nestled midst colourful, unique, and vibrant flora and fauna. This trek also paves way to the astounding Kanchenjunga National Park that can be visited in a day. This trek is an opulent beauty as it opens doors to murky valleys, snow clad mountain peaks, astonishing lakes, and lovely rivers in Sikkim. I was just marvelled at the spectacular beauty of this place.

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Anjali Malik

12 April 2015

Definitely not for the light hearts. Make sure you have enough experience of trekking before you indulge in the Goechala trek. From around 5000 ft. it will take you to a greater height of around 16,000 ft. Pack well before you start, get all the required info form the trek operator and do your own research on it. To be on the safer side, try to book it with this organiser as they have the best of the Himalayan trek guides and other crew members.

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Avani Kakkar

17 December 2015

Trekking, mountaineering, camping, rock-climbing-I did everything I always wished for on this trek. The lovely sceneries and ranges of mountains took my breath away for the moment and I was gasping at the views.

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Deepesh Namboothiri

25 January 2015

For those who want to join this trek, they must have prior trekking experience. And if possible they should have Himalayan trekking experience. Once done, they can sign in for the much acclaimed Goechala trek and enjoy the thrill of the Himalayas. Only make sure, while booking, the trek operators provide you with all the required info. I would personally suggest to book with this organiser as they have been very reliable and trust worthy to me during my other treks as well.


Gopaal Asan

05 July 2015

Not my first mountaineering expedition, but I can proudly say that the Goecha la pass trek was by far one of the best that I have ever been on with my friends. The tour guides were very friendly and made sure we were well fed and taken care of. The temperature was favourable for most of the time, even though there were sudden drops in the temperature. Once in a lifetime experience, this was an amazing holiday trip; definitely my top 5 recommendations.


Anusuya Mehrotra

12 May 2015

To do or not to do was the first thought in my mind when I heard about the Goechala trek. I mean 11 days (9 days of trekking) and that too with such difficulty level was the nut to crack. But after joining the trek, I really found it as one of the must do treks in the country. From Yuksom to Tshoka, it was just a wow experience. Every day in the trek was more enthralling than the previous day. Amazing experience in the Indian Himalayas!


Shridevi Dhawan

14 June 2015

The trek from Kokchurang to Tshoka had us on a mountain for almost a whole day as we slipped, trekked and trudged along those huge mountains. We had all our gears strapped on tight as us mountaineers made way for the top of the mountains. We headed up to several peaks while we were here and it was our trek to Sachen that made me really proud to be part of this challenge.


Charvi Chattopadhyay

11 February 2015

If you haven't yet done the Goechala trek, you are still aloof about the magical beauty of the Indian Himalayas. Just pack your bags, and get started man. Just make sure, you have some hardcore experiences of trekking and do not forget to take a good quality camera as there are millions of things to capture with the lenses. It is a 10 on 10 trek.


Anand Dubashi

03 September 2015

We were a group of 10 members and other 7 members joined us in Yuksom. From the second day to the tenth day, we all trekked with immense energy and enthusiasm and finally crossed the mark of 16,000 feet. The guides were very friendly and had amazing knowledge about the region. All thanks to them for making Goechala trek so awesome for us.

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