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Yumthang Valley

Nested in the northern part of Sikkim, Yumthang Valley is also nicknamed as the 'valley of flowers' (not to be confused with the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand). It is perched at a dizzying altitude of 3,500 meters, and unmistakably one of the most scenic places to visit in Lachung.

True to its assigned nickname, Yumthang valley fosters countless floral species which criss-cross all across its lush green carpet. The valley also houses the beautiful Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, hosting over 24 different species of rhododendrons! The verdant pasture that is Yumthang valley is lapped by mighty mountains on either side, and the freezing river Teesta forms a crystal ribbon through the forested beauty of the valley.

North Sikkim District, Gangtok, Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand
: 25 km

From gushing waterfalls to sprawling forests, from solitary monasteries to austere mountains, Gangtok offers a range of awe-inspiring things to do for visitors


Chopta Valley

Another one of the most beautiful tourist places in Lachung, the stunning Chopta valley is wrapped up in North Sikkim. Sitting about 2 hours away from Lachung, and beautifully en route Gurudongmar Lake, Chopta valley reigns at a staggering 4,000 meters above sea level.

During summers, the entire valley is bathed in a stunning medley of colours due to the presence of beautiful alpine flowers that it is home to. Winters turn the entire place into a picturesque wonderland, layered by a thick carpet of snow.

The tree line begins to fade from here, and the dominion of shrubs is evident. Beyond the valley, the land becomes completely devoid of vegetation, and the lofty mountains begin to rise. The aroma of the flowers merges will the cool breeze from the mountains to render you truly speechless.

North Sikkim District, Sikkim

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
30 km

Explore the scenic beauty of North East India with the most awe-inspiring activities and tourist attractions with Gangtok Tour Packages.


Yumesamdong / Zero Point

Yumesamdong, otherwise known as Zero Point, is one of the most frequented tourist's places in Lachung. It is located about 15 km away from Yumthang and sits at a mind-numbing altitude of 4,724 meters. Zero point marks the edge of civilization, and the road comes to a dead end here.

The vicuna China border is just beyond Zero points, though no tourists are allowed there. Despite the treacherous roads, Yumesamdong brings you exceptional rewards! Treat your eyes to the confluence of three magnificent rivers, flanked on either side by enormous, snow-clad peaks.

While yaks often graze here, the land is nearly competent devoid of vegetation. The place sits beneath thick, powdery snow, and brings extremely cold weather conditions. But there’s a great respite in the form of Hot Springs by the river Sebu Chhu!

Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 50 km


Bhim Nala Falls

Seated at a distance of about 13 km from Lachung, in the rustic hamlet of Khedum, experience a spellbinding blend of serenity and thrill at the Bhim Nala Falls! It has the privilege of being amongst the highest waterfalls in Sikkim.

Owing to its staggering height, the cascading waterfall seems like a three-step waterfall, the roaring of which can be felt even from afar. Housed in an envelope of verdant hills, the plummeting falls roar in a soothing lullaby to enchant you. Enjoy the moment by sipping hot tea, while the roaring falls lull your senses.

Fun fact -
Bhim Nala Falls is also known as Amitabh Bachchan Falls amongst the locals! 

Chungthang, Lachung, Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 15 km


Naga Falls

About 21 km away from Bhim Nala Falls, the Naga Falls sits somewhere along the Gangtok - Chungthang road and is easily one of the most spectacular places to visit in Lachung. Another one of the tallest waterfalls in Sikkim, this multi-tiered cascade is veered a little ways off the beaten tracks and offers wonderful solitude and respite from the most popular sites in Lachung.

Early morning or evening spent here, amidst the wooded hills, listening to a beautiful medley of sounds that blend in with the tumultuous roar of the falls is an experience that lingers in the heart. Surrounded by the panorama of lofty mountain peaks, Naga Falls is an unmissable place to visit during your Sikkim trip.

North Sikkim District, Sikkim 737116

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand
: 35 km



Sitting at a distance of about 100 km from Gangtok, Chungthang is a beautiful little town that falls en route Yumthang, by the conflux of the rivers Lachen and Lachung. Chungthang is also the birthplace for the river Teesta. The town brims with legends and tales of old, and there is also a stone with the imprinted footprints of Guru Padmasambhava.

The town also houses a little rock here, from where mineral water flows ceaselessly. Chungthang is a place where you’ll have to travel through to reach the higher alpine regions of Lachen and Lachung. Steeped in fascinating mythology, the town offers beautiful 180-degree views of the neighboring snow-capped peaks.

Chungthang Tehsil, North Sikkim District, Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 23 km



Nestled at an altitude of 2,750 meters, Lachen in North Sikkim is the base of Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar lake. Sitting about 27 km away from Chungthang, Lachen village is cradled by a beautiful mountain valley. ‘Lachen’ literally translates to mean ‘big pass’, and affords unmatched views of the mountain slopes that seem to seat the village in an embracing sprawl.

Lachen is one of the more shaded, unexplored parts of Sikkim, and reward you with unmatched mountain views, serenity, and peace. Housing, not more than 200 houses, the village is ideal for backpackers and adventurers looking to explore offbeat destinations. The village is also home to the Lachenpas, a Sikkimese community. Amongst the most offbeat places to visit in Lachung, Lachen warrants to be on the top of your Sikkim itinerary.

: North Sikkim District, Sikkim

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 47 km


Lachung Monastery

Cradled by beautiful apple orchards of the Lachen Valley, Lachung Monastery is an ancient Buddhist monastery. Crafted with brilliant architecture, the monastery is perched atop 2,750 meters, near the confluence of the rivers Lachen and Lachung, two of the several tributaries of the Teesta river.

The gompa is also the base for the Green Lake trek. The edifice was installed in 1806 by the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism and harbors a majestic statue of Guru Padmasambhava. A prayer wheel stands guard near the entrance of the monastery, leading visitors to the resident Handloom and Handicraft Centre. The Lachung Monastery is one of the most tranquil places to visit in Lachung.

Lachung, Sikkim 737120

: 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM every day.

Entry charges:

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 20 km

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Traveller Tales from Sikkim


Rajesh Sharma

20 November 2018

About the operators: Thrillophilia ties up with trek operators for this amazing trek. The team that carries the group is well trained, well versed and allows the trekkers to focus on their trekking. To...

  • 1542715203_28e28f99-2057-4a83-8259-b1e0d66477b4.jpeg
  • 1542715205_778367d8-c481-40cb-b260-fa7f83705966.jpeg
  • 1542715215_7adf8de8-c11d-420e-ad9e-b85b1dcbea0b.jpeg
  • 1542715217_bbfa29f6-499b-435f-a90a-964bc9bc8c03.jpeg
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  • 1542715221_6b6658e5-fc9e-4cfe-a3cc-687a411131a6.jpeg+2

Vipin C

20 November 2018

"The beauty of this trek is all about the landscape. You start of the trek from dense forest with fresh streams and then to Rhododendron trees when you gain altitude , later which you would come across...

  • 1542716520_img_20181109_055038.jpg
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Bishakha Nayak

23 November 2019

This was my first trip with Thrillophilia as well as with complete strangers. I must say that Thrillophilia did not disappoint me ( nobody is perfect, so be flexible to accept minute glitches) . The wh...

  • 1574513946_d7d8424c-6b23-476c-9e89-27c893f5adda.jpeg
  • 1574513946_49d26fc7-29e6-463c-863e-13cc81e0190e.jpeg
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  • 1574513947_14eb86f5-4477-4377-aedc-a0930a7bacfd.jpeg
  • 1574513947_d8606c0b-9113-4528-9023-daf977513ef9.jpeg

Apsara Mahajan

16 October 2015

Trekking in the state of Sikkim is very different and a unique experience that you would not gain from trekking in any other part of India. The Indian Himalayas trek in Sikkim is awesome and a must tak...

  • 1461824378_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_248.jpg
  • 1461824378_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_255.jpg
  • 1461824378_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_317.jpg
  • 1461824378_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_347.jpg
  • 1461824378_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_422.jpg

Suryakanta Patil

01 July 2015

Located in the state of Sikkim, this Goecha La trek is my dream and desire come true. This trek is a treat to all the adventure lovers who are in our country or visit our country. This place is nestled...

  • 1461824582_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_028.jpg
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  • 1461824582_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_195.jpg
  • 1461824582_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_211.jpg
  • 1461824582_dongzi_goechala_trek_2013_243.jpg

Dr. Atmaja Pattanaik

24 November 2019

"vehicles provided i.e, Xylo were comfortable enough to make the journey through non existent roads bearable. hotels had all standard facilities.our driver was very compliant. Mr.Deep really coordinate...

  • 1574568321_effects.jpg
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  • 1574568322_img_20191117_143943_2.jpg

Aslesha Desai

14 September 2015

I am madly and deeply in love with Sikkim. I can't believe a place like this can be so beautiful and still people are unaware about it. Walking through narrow pathways and tiny hamlets on the way make ...

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews33761.jpg
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  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews33763.jpg

Dayaanidhi Devar

03 June 2015

Trekking through the entire Goechala trek route was not so easy...but then that was the real fun of trekking. Every single move on the trek got us closer to the charm of the snow-capped peaks. The ever...

  • 2012_1_862.jpg
  • Goecha_la_-_april_201060.jpg
  • Ki-monastery.jpg

Vinay Trivedi

17 November 2013

The trek might sound easy, but it is really not for the amateur trekkers. Guys, make sure you know enough about the Himalayan terrains and all the quotients related to height. Also, the vendor you go a...

  • Go1.jpg
  • Go2.jpg
  • Go3.jpg

Most Popular Places Around Sikkim

What You Should Know More About Sikkim

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Sikkim has a chilling weather. Pack heavy woollens to enjoy the beauty of Sikkim.

    • Sikkim is a peaceful and politically stable state. Not many cases of crimes are heard about. Still you need to be careful about your luggage and purse.

    • Being a small state, Sikkim does not have big pharmacies. Carry your medications accordingly.

    • Know the local laws thoroughly to avoid any issue.

    • Hire a taxi from any well-known agency. The roads out there are not smooth as plains. Special training is provided to the drivers to avoid road accidents.

    • If you wish to stay in a five star hotel room, hard luck, you won’t find any five star hotels in Sikkim. The small hotels and lodges are pretty comfortable.

    • Sikkim is a sparsely populated, calm & quiet state. Respect their culture.

    • You are not allowed to smoke in public there. Maintain this law to avoid legal issues.

    • Don’t visit Sikkim you want to party around. Visit Sikkim if you are looking forward to a peaceful vacation.

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    Drinking is not allowed under the age of 21. If you are younger, avoid drinking in Sikkim. Smoking is also not permitted below 21 and in public.

  • Q. Our Recommendations- Things you can’t afford to miss?

    Tsomgo Lake

    Popularly known as the Changu Lake, it is located at a height of around 3800 m. The view of the lake is divine. On the banks of the lake you will get hot momos served with a tangy sauce which will help you to warm up in the chilling cold weather.   You will also get tea and coffee to enjoy the numbing cool breeze. It is one of the most visited places in Sikkim. The other beautiful lakes worth visiting are Lampokari lake, Manmecho lake, Khecheopalri lake and Gurudongmar lake.

    Teesta River

    This beautiful river starts in Sikkim and flows to our neighbour Bangladesh. You must have heard controversies between India and Bangladesh regarding the water of Teesta River. It originates in the Himalayas and runs down through Rangpo, Sikkim. This river offers a great rafting opportunity for the adventure seekers. At some places, the river calms down and at some places it turns wild giving the rafters an unmatched experience.

    Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple

    This temple is also known as Shiv Mandir. Situated on the banks of river Rangit, it is as beautiful Hindu Temple which can be reached by crossing a hanging foot-over bridge. Watch your steps.

    The four caves

    In Sikkim, you can visit the four holy caves which face the four directions. These caves are one of the five dhams of Sikkim.


    Pelling is a small and beautiful town. The places to visit in Pelling include beautiful monasteries, rock garden, Rimbi river waterfalls, the holy Khecheopalri lake, Dzongri, Rinchenpong and Hee Burmiok.


    Gangtok is the capital town of Sikkim. It is a lovely small town with the maximum visiting places in Sikkim. The places of attraction are Nathula Pass, Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok, Tashi View Point,  and Himalayan Zoological Park. MG Marg, the market for buying really interesting stuffs, is there in Gangtok.

    Hot springs

    Sikkim owns many hot springs. Few examples of hot springs you must pay a visit are Yume Samdong Hot Spring, Reshi Hot Spring, Yumthang Hot Spring, Borong Hot Spring and Ralong Hot Spring.


    There are around 200 monasteries in Sikkim. You must visit few of them to achieve inner peace as the monasteries are calm and quiet. The ones you should visit are Rumtek, Phodang, Tashiding, Phesang, and Dubdi.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Culture: one of the main revenues in Sikkim comes from the tourism industry, which makes a very tourist friendly culture out there. The locals are simple and helpful. There are a lot of travel agencies to help you out to enjoy your trip completely.

    Nature: Sikkim is truly blessed with the best of nature. From mountains to lakes and rivers, Sikkim has it all. You won’t regret over your trip ever after visiting Sikkim.

    Flora and fauna: if you are fond of wildlife, Sikkim is your paradise. You will get to see red pandas in Sikkim. The breath-taking flowers in Sikkim will surely be a treat for your eyes. Orchids, mognolia, blue poppy, camellias, gladioli and so much more. Among the birds, the national bird of Sikkim, the Blood Pheasant is a must watch. The big bird is truly interesting to watch. You will also notice blue sheep in the national parks.

    Napali food: Nepali cuisine is delicious and full of distinct flavours. The flavours are totally different from Indian masalas. You will get a hint of black pepper in all their dishes. Don’t miss out steaming hot momos at the road-sides, which are small dumplings with meat or vegetable stuffed inside. You must have Sikkim’s speciality, Temi tea.

    Climate: Sikkim is your perfect destination during hot Indian summers. At the zero point in north Sikkim, the temperature is always below the freezing point. The monsoons receive heavy rainfall. You will witness heavy fog throughout the year.

    Locals: The locals of Sikkim are very simple, clear-hearted and shy. They live a really simple life close to nature. They are really friendly and helpful. There are basically three communities among the people of Sikkim, namely, the nepalis, the lepchas and the bhutias.

    Shopping: The markets of Sikkim are really fancy and colourful. You will get good quality woollen clothes and handlooms brought from Bhutan. The prime market area in Gangtok is the MG Marg. You must get your sikkimese cups from there. Make sure to bargain hard.

  • Q. Recommended reads for Destination:
  • Q. What is the best time to visit Sikkim?

    • The summer months are the best time to visit Sikkim, which is March-June, if you want to enjoy the pleasant weather.
    • If you want to see snow clad mountains, then winters are the best time. You can go between the months of November-February

  • Q. How to reach Sikkim?

    Sikkim can be reached by the below mentioned ways:


    • By air: Sikkim doesn’t have an airport at the moment. The Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal is the closest to Gangtok, being 130 kilometres away. You can go to Gangtok from Bagdogra by road.
    • By road: The best way to travel from Siliguri (closest railway station) or Bagdogra (closest airport) to Gangtok is by renting a car or taking a bus. You will find many shared jeeps that operate in Sikkim and are very safe and convenient to travel in.
    • By rail: Sikkim doesn’t have a railway network. The only way to get here is by taking a train to Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri, and then travelling from here to Gangtok by road.

  • Q. What things can I do in Sikkim?

    Here are some of the things that you can do in Sikkim:

    • Kewzing: Bird watching

    The forests of Kewzing are home to more than two hundred species of birds. You can find Satyr Tragopan, Fire-tailed Myzornis, Red Faced Liochichla, Scarlet Finch, Cutia, Black-headed Shrike Babbler, Sultan Tit, Puff-throated Babbler etc here. You can find even exotic birds like the Scaly Laughingthrush, Rusty Cheeked Scimitar Babbler, and Scaly-breasted Wren Babbler here. Whether or not you have a keen interest in birds, Kewzing is a must visit.

    • Gangtok: Cable car ride

    The cable car ride in Gangtok that takes you from the highest point of the place gives you a stunning bird’s eye view of the city below. The ride takes up to seven minutes and covers a distance of one kilometre, but that’s all you need for this amazing experience.

    • Tsomgo Lake: Yak ride

    At a height of 12400 feet, Lake Tsomgo stands proud. You can find yaks here, which are decorated in colourful items and can be hired for a ride around the lake. The yaks look really adorable, and you will undoubtedly enjoy your ride.

    • Visiting the Rumtek Monastery

    For someone visiting Sikkim, going to a monastery should definitely be the first on your list. The Buddhist architecture is a beauty to marvel at, and the iconic Golden Stupa here that has the relics of the sixteenth Karmapa.

    • Flower exhibition at the White Hall

    A visit to the Flower exhibition at the White Hall is a must for you, especially if you have a keen interest in flowers. The White Hall houses several wild flowers and bright seasonal orchids, and seeing them will teach you a lot about them.

    • Gangtok to Rangpo: Mountain biking

    The longest mountain biking route in the state, the Gangtok to Rangpo route is frequented by bikers who love to experience the countryside of Sikkim and see the lifestyle of its people. If you are an avid biker and would love to try something adventurous, this road is a must to cycle on when in Sikkim.

    • Enjoying the Sikkimese nightlife

    The Sikkimese people certainly know how to have a great time with their live music clubs and comfortable lounges. While in Gangtok, instead of being cooped up in your hotel during the evenings, take a leisurely stroll through the markets and the city square, or visit a live music cafe or club. The Sikkimese nightlife is very different from the rest of the country’s and you will love it.

    • Have the Sikkimese Tongba

    The famous drink of Sikkim is a delight one must indulge in while in the state. Tongba is a fermented drink made from millet that’s is often served as an alcoholic beverage in Sikkim. It’s commonly made in households and can be served to you at a restaurant too. Make sure you try this special drink while in Sikkim, as you are unlikely to find it anywhere else.

    • Rinchenpong: Leisure walk

    Located about 40 kilometres to the west of Gangtok, Rinchenpong is a small town that’s best known for its tranquility. Visit Rinchenpong if you crave a quiet place to spend a few days in. You can go on long nature walks and see the sun shine bright upon the peaks of the Kanchenjunga. To explore more about complte.affordable tour package of sikkim click here

  • Q. Which are some best resorts to stay in Sikkim?

    Here are some of the best resorts where you can stay in Sikkim:

    • Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino, Gangtok: Lower Samdur Block, Ranipool, Gangtok
    • The Golden Crest Hotel: National Highway 31A, Amdo Golai, Deorali Bazar, Gangtok
    • Summit Golden Crescent Resort & Spa: Near Sichey Co-operative Taxi Stand, Lower Sichey, Gangtok
    • Denzong Regency: Forest Colony Road, Cherry Banks, N.H.31 A, Gangtok
    • Central Ninamma Boutique Resort: PNG Road, Near Palzor Namgyal Girl High School Gate, Gangtok
    • The Elgin Nor-Khill: Paljore Stadium Road, Gangtok
    • Suhim Portico: Helipad Road, Near District Court, Upper Sichey, Gangtok
    • Magpie - Chestnut Retreat: Church road, Pelling

  • Q. Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Sikkim?

    Here are some of the best places to have local cuisine in Sikkim:

    • 9ine Native Cuisine, Gangtok
    • Indulge Karaoke Restaurant, Gangtok
    • Bamboo Retreat Hotel, Gangtok
    • Roll House, Gangtok
    • Jungle Cafe, Gangtok
    • Chopstick, Gangtok

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Sikkim?

    Sikkim is a state in India which is largely defined by its hilly terrain, rivers, lakes, and mountain passes. Travelling from one place to another in the state is mostly done by booking rental cars and jeeps. Although buses are available to commute on between major towns, cars are most comfortable.

  • Q. What are the best places of shopping in Sikkim?

    Here are some of the best places to shop:

    • Tea Store Gangtok, Best tea shop in Gangtok
    • Kanchanjunga Shopping Complex, Gangtok
    • MG Marg Market, Gangtok

  • Q. Do we need permit to visit North Sikkim?

    Yes. You will need a permit to visit any point in North Sikkim beyond Singhik.

  • Q. What things should I carry while travelling to Sikkim?

    Here are some of the important things you must carry with you:

    • Woolens
    • Sunglasses
    • Thermo-flask
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Medicines
    • Socks
    • Gloves
    • Dry food items

  • Q. What are the famous treks in Sikkim?

    Here are some of the best places you can go trekking in Sikkim:

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Nathula and Gurudongmar lakes?

    • When to visit Nathula Pass: The Nathula Pass is a mountain pass that join Sikkim to China. This is one of the famous tourist destinations in the country and the Indo-China border is what tourists flock in to see. The Nathula Pass is located at a distance of 56.3 kilometres from Gangtok. Nathula Pass is best visited during the summer months, that is, between May to mid-November.
    • When to visit Gurudongmar Lake: Located at 17100 feet, the Gurudongmar Lake is the second highest lake in India. The lake is located in Lachen in North Sikkim. The best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake is between November and June as the weather is the most pleasant then.

  • Q. Which are famous monasteries in Sikkim?

    Here are some of the most famous monasteries in Sikkim:

    East Sikkim:

    • Enchey Monastery
    • Karthok Monastery
    • Rhenock Monastery
    • Rumtek Monastery
    • Sang Monastery


    West Sikkim:

    • Dubdi Monastery
    • Khecheopalri Monastery
    • Mallu Monastery
    • Pemayangtse Monastery
    • Sanga Choeling Monastery
    • Sinon Monastery
    • Tashiding Monastery


    North Sikkim:

    • Chawayng Ani Monastery
    • Lachen Monastery
    • Lachung Monastery
    • Lingdum Monastery
    • Phensang Monastery
    • Phodang Monastery
    • Tholung Monastery


    South Sikkim:

    • Dalling Monastery
    • Kewwzing Monastery
    • Namchi Monastery
    • Ralang Monastery
    • Tendong Gumpa
    • Yangyang Monastery

  • Q. Where can we go for rafting in Sikkim?

    Here’s where you can go rafting in Sikkim:

    • River Teesta: River Teesta is a premium destination for river rafting in Sikkim. It is adventurous and extreme fun to raft here, although the waters have a high speed and the terrain is rather rocky. If you are an ameteur, do not start at the emergence point of the river, as the water are turbulent.
    • River Rangit: Rangit is a tributary of the River Teesta and the water are very much turbulent here. Rafting can prove to be a difficult experience here, so ask the guide to advice based on your skills. This is meant for people who have enough experience in the adventure sport.