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  • ‘The city that never sleeps’ is an often used sobriquet that’s used to describe the pulsating nature of Mumbai’s phenomenal nightlife. A flurry of night clubs and pubs, food joints satiating hunger pangs even in the wee hours of the morning, and ultra-luxurious jaunts that redefine opulence offer an intoxicating mix that is characteristic of this mercurial city.

    If you happen to fancy a stand-up comic leaving you in splits at midnight, Mumbai makes it possible. As the evening begins to fold, the by-lanes come alive full-fledged. The city exudes a spirit synonymous with only itself, and the Mumbai nightlife is an ode to that very vibe.


  • 01Leopold Café

    After the terror attack had extensively damaged the legendary Leopold Café, the place sprung into business full-swing a mere four days later. Established in 1871, it is the city’s oldest café where beer continues to flow freely till late evening. 
  • 02Blue Frog

    Live music was revolutionized in Mumbai by Blue Frog in 2007, and has since diversified the nightlife in Mumbai further with the wide-spanning genres of Jazz to EDM. With acoustics that are truly world-class, it is a music aficionado’s delight. 
  • 03Hard Rock Café

    Hard Rock Café is characterized by the disparate crowds that throng the venue, which reflects in the music that is doled out live. The culture of good food, live music and beer is best characterized by Hard Rock.
  • Discotheques and Clubs

  • 04Tryst

    Tryst in Lower Parel is a premier club which astounds with its countless lights—that change colours according to the music being blared out. The play of lights from every nook and corner of Tryst is mated to the tempo of the songs, and is tailor-made for electrifying the dance floor. A masterstroke, one must admit.

    To make things more exciting, the sleek-looking club has a couple of VIP tables that display your name and a personalized menu on in-built gadgetry—for a price that is no way small, of course. For the high-fliers, there is a unique King’s Table that comes with a personal bouncer and stewards serving you. However, a minimum of INR 1, 00,000 is to be spent by the patrons before the night is over—and that won’t be before sunrise.
  • 05Aer

    Soaring high above the urban chaos is Aer; a swanky 34 floors above the rest of banality. A luxuriously quaint place during the day, Aer transforms into a scintillating night club once the sun goes down—and the place is lit up in sophisticated purple hues.

    This rooftop club at the Four Seasons Hotel offers panoramic views of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Haji Ali mosque and the Mahalakshmi racecourse. Unreservedly opulent, Aer dances the night away to the tunes of DJ Shaan.
  • 06Asilo

    Aer was once Mumbai’s highest bar, until it was knocked off the title by Asilo which is at a mind-numbing 38th floor on the luxurious St Regis Hotel. Asilo, meaning ‘refuge’ in Spanish, offers ethereal vistas of the bejewelled Mumbai in the night and stays true to its name.
  • 07Li Bai

    Another nightclub that captures the nocturnal spirit of Mumbai is Li Bai at the Palladium Hotel. Craftily named after a Chinese poet who supposedly was alcohol-quaffing, the delightfully aesthetic bar has a mural of Li Bai sitting pretty. Oriental-inspired alcohol and cuisine, an elite crowd and a mesmerizing view of the city transforms Li Bai into a thumping discotheque during weekends. Interestingly, the smoking lounge is attached to the washroom area so that one is never too distant from the thriving dance floor.

    Open till 3 A.M. on all days, Li Bai has live music infusing a soulful ambiance on weekdays. On the same floor of the Palladium Hotel is Exo—a prime example of the exuberant Mumbai nightlife. The hip, young crowd intermingles with that of Li Bai on the 37th floor, and is packed to the brim before midnight on Saturdays. A table by the window is prized for its unsinkable view, and requires booking in advance with a minimum spend of INR 50,000.
  • 08Trilogy

    Trilogy is a rarity in the nightlife of Mumbai, owing to its super-massive multilevel dance floors that explode with energy unlike any other. Hot red couches dot the floor below and the club provides a stunning view of the sea.

    Dishing out generic club music, Trilogy’s batter-fried chicken is a bar snack to die for. The famed nightclub gleams with fashionistas as they sashay around upping the glamour quotient to the sky—literally.
  • 09Dome

    Dome is another rooftop bar that is set against the Queen’s Necklace in the background. Situated on the top floor of the InterContinental Marine Drive, the place is open till late and is renowned for its well-stocked and wide array of cocktails and even cigars.
  • 10Olive

    Nightlife in Mumbai is simply incomplete without a dash of popular Hindi cinema, and Olive at Pali Hill Hotel draws the quintessential Bollywood crowd. An aesthetically-done Mediterranean restaurant is quickly cleared away as the night grows thin, and a dance floor is thrown open as House music fills the atmosphere well past midnight.

  • 11Bar Stock Exchange (BSE)

    The nightlife in Mumbai is also known for its quirkiness, and the Bar Stock Exchange (BSE) at Sakinaka, Andheri confirms that. Based on the concept of demand and supply, the alcohol that is served runs on the principles of the share market. The prices of the drinks aren’t fixed, and vary according to the demand.

    In case a particular drink is being vociferously guzzled by the crowd, the prices go south; and vice versa. Distinctive in its own right, the lounge transforms itself into a happening zone and offers an exclusive experience of the nightlife in Mumbai. 
  • No-frills Nights

  • 12Janata Lunch Home

    Nestled in the western suburb of Pali Hill is one such legendary and always jam-packed Janata Lunch Home. Cash-strapped youngsters and after-work office goers frequent this no-frills place, where quarters are served right off the shelves.

    Adding to the unique experience that delights tourists and satiates locals, is Janata Lunch Home’s great food. Chicken Tikka with a quarter of rum at 3 A.M. cannot possibly get any better. 
  • 13Toto’s Garage

    Very much a part of the nightlife in Mumbai, Toto’s Garage is right around the bend at Pali Junction. One of Mumbai’s oldest-themed bars, alcohol flows crazily even as a Volkswagen Beetle hangs upside-down from the ceiling and the DJ churns out crowd favourites like Iron Maiden and Pantera from inside the shell of an Omni (more popular as the Maruti Van).
  • 14The Ghetto

    The Ghetto joins the list of absolutely unpretentious places after dark, with tunes similar to that of Toto’s Garage—although, with a generous dash of Bob Marley. A popular hangout near Mahalakshmi Temple at Breach Candy, The Ghetto believes that Billiards goes with beer. A mural on one of the walls of what looks like Jim Morrison is something to trip on.
  • Late Night Hunger Pangs

  • 15Bachelorr‘s

    Marine Drive’s Bachelorr's sees people devouring ice-creams even at 4 A.M in the morning. Their spicy green chilly flavoured ice cream is known to be a crowd-puller. 
  • 16Zaffran and Bademiya

    Zaffran near Crawford Market and Colaba’s Bademiya are perennial nocturnal food joints that serve lip-smacking delicacies till the wee hours. 
  • 17Ayub’s

    One rooftop late-night jaunt is Ayub’s in the Fort area, who are similar to Bademiya and the special Seekh Kebabs here are a celestial treat.
  • 18Kalbadevi

    Kalbadevi is home to one of the most crowded markets in Mumbai and turns into a sea of lights in the nights. A stream of restaurants never shut down—making Kalbadevi a fascinating place to delve into the subculture of the megapolis.
  • Midnight Rendezvous

  • 19Marine Drive

    Night-crawlers who haven’t had enough of the nightly escapades rank Marine Drive as the place to be in at 4 A.M. in the morning. The dazzling lights from a ship afar merge with the sky, leaving one spellbound. 

  • 20Juhu beach

    Juhu beach, on the other hand is a busting place even at night. Vada Pav stalls dot the shore and people are seen strolling along the beach late in the night. 
  • 21Worli Sea Face

    Worli Sea Face is another such popular destination which is a business district by day, which morphs into a picturesque locale by night. Watching the sea smash tirelessly against the rocks is a favourite pastime of many a night owls.

    However, nightlife of Mumbai still doesn’t end with all that. 

  • Cruises and Night Tours

  • 22

    A candlelight dinner cruise with a beloved one is also made possible, and promises to take an enchanting turn over your own private yacht for the night. The maximum city never rests, and a tour of Mumbai in the night is another unique way to experience the magic that never dies.

    The diversity of Mumbai’s nightlife is such that it caters to practically everyone—the high-flying club, strapped-for-cash youngsters, glamorous fashionistas, high society socialites, romantics and all other kinds of social butterflies. Mumbai reawakens in the night, with the spirit of the city coming alive in spectacular fashion.

    It just doesn’t matter when one steps out of home, there is always place to hangout befitting diverse preferences. Backed by such unmatched vibrancy, nightlife in Mumbai is quickly climbing up the ranks of world’s top party destinations, and the fact that most of the country’s entertainment industry resides here is only icing on the cake.

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