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6 Best Jungle Resorts near Mumbai


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    • Wilderness calls out to the adventurer in you to stay at one of the Jungle Resorts near Mumbai. The city is bordered by the Sahyadri Ranges as well as the Western Ghats, which are home to a number jungles and dense wildlife sanctuaries. You can explore and discover a stunning and diverse range of wildlife, flora and fauna at these resorts. 

      Satiate your hunger for the unknown and unexplored with a stay right in the midst of the nature and green covers and let the sounds of jungle and wildlife keep you guessing and wondering as to just what you would see next! 

      Here are some of the best jungle resorts near Mumbai:

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    • 02Safari and Stay at Jungle Resort Amba

      Safari and Stay at Jungle Resort Amba
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lKolhapur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 9824012

      About the Activity with Details:

      Cossetted by the fascinating Western Ghats and adorned by evergreen thickets all around, Jungle Resort Amba makes it for a salubrious getaway amidst the nature! While visiting this astounding holiday home, one can easily delve deep into the lush forests with a safari and stay at Jungle Resort Amba.

      Divided into two days, your stay at this retreat will be further enchanted by the peace and serenity that dwells within the vicinity. During your stay, you can also participate in an array of indoor and outdoor games along with lively barbeque and bonfire.

      In addition to all these, during your stay, you can also indulge in a nature walk, visit several attraction points around the resort and curate some of the best memories of your safari and stay at Jungle Resort Amba.

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    • 04Camping Experience in Vasind near Mumbai

      Camping Experience in Vasind near Mumbai
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lVasind
      • NNNNN21 reviews
      • Ritesh Kadam
        Ritesh Kadam
      • 3,999

      About the Activity:

      This gorgeous destination which is beautified with the presence of the serene Bhatsa River, can be easily reached by the Mumbai Suburban Railway and also through the highways.However, it has still remained off the radar and enjoys a quaint and offbeat existence!

      A quick escapade from the city, Vasind camping experience near Mumbai is all about the nature. Starting from a delightful kayaking experience, you can also embark on a forest walk and explore the pristine beauty of the nature. However, unlike other nature walks, this one is conducted during the night, and thus you are sure to enjoy it to every bit.

      In the presence of expert kayaking guides and instructors, the overall experience of the tour gets more fun-filled and engrossing. In addition, as there are no major difficulties involved, you will definitely enjoy the tour to your heart content.

    • 05Jungle Adventure in Dandeli

      Jungle Adventure in Dandeli
      • d3 Daysn2 Nights
      • lDandeli
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Sumit

      About the activity with details: 

      If you love the outdoors and enjoy scouring the depths of the jungle then it is time for you to head for an exciting jungle adventure in Dandeli with your family and friends! The exotic jungle area of this place offers a wide array of  activities for the adrenaline junkie who loves nature photography as well as exploring the different mysteries of the thick greens that surrounds the place! The rustic beauty of Dandeli is incomparable to the other forests around India, with wildlife and flora that will leave you speechless and in awe!

      Experience the night jungle drive in Dandeli and explore the uniqueness of wildlife and their behaviours at nighttime! Revel in the sounds of nature and indulge in nature photography of the amazing spectres of all that is hidden in the beautiful lands of Dandeli! 




    • 06Jungle Camping near Bhandardara Lake

      Jungle Camping near Bhandardara Lake
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lLonavala
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 3663916
      About the Activity:
      • This beautiful jungle campsite is situated near Arthur Lake, which is formed due to the water coming from Pravara River through Wilson dam. From the campsite, you get a panoramic view of Arthur Lake as well as an access to the beautiful nature trails. When the water level in lake rises, the area becomes like an island.
      • During your stay here, go for a nature trail, which will not be an exhausting trek, but a peaceful walk and take in things at your own pace amidst the nature. The trail would take you into a jungle island finally reaching the flat region on the top were you get a complete panoramic view of the lake & the hills surrounding it.
      • The tour includes all the meals, DIY BBQ, and camping equipment.
      • This 2 days camping will be one unforgettable experience for you.
      • Note: Check in at 3 PM and check out at 11 AM the following day. 
    • 07Stay and Safari in Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

      Stay and Safari in Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary
      • d3 Daysn2 Nights
      • lKolhapur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • Sumit

      About the activity :  

      Trekkers out there only look for bigger and better adventures to embark on, and a stay and safari in Dajipiur wildlife sanctuary is a must on your bucket list! Gear your bags and heads for an exciting and enthralling stay and safari in Dajipur wildlife sanctuary. While here, you can engage in an adventurous set of activities with your friends and family and participate in all kinds of exciting new ventures! 

      While here at the camp, you can gaze at the stars and be a part of the exciting jungle safari with your friends! Grab your cameras and explore the wildlife around you! You can also head for paddle boating in the pristine rivers of the area and go sightseeing around the place with an expert tour guide who can show you the sights around. Explore the beauty of the Malewadi Dam, the Rautwadi waterfall, Fonda Ghat, the Kokan Darshan Point and the famous sunset point.

    • 08Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari with Stay, Chandrapur

      Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari with Stay, Chandrapur
      • d3 Daysn2 Nights
      • lChandrapur
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 1684582
      • 14,000
      • Book Now

      About the Activity :

      The wonders of nature are in plenty in Maharashtra and it is time for you to enjoy every aspect of the beauty of the places around! If you love the wild and anything associated with it, then head for a Tadoba Andhari tiger safari with your friends and family on your next holiday! The park is located in the heart of Chimur hills which are densely covered in emerald green peaks that glint off the sun. There are bamboo forests here that are tall and pristine and the river beds, deep valleys and other beautiful areas make this reserve the ideal place for you to head to for a weekend visit.  The lifeline of this park is the gorgeous and intimidating andhari River, the Erai Dam, the Kolsa Lake, the Junoria Lake and the Tadoba Lake. Indulge in nature photography and you can also click photos of the amazing wildlife that you will get to see around here, including the most majestic feline of the forest, the tiger!