25 Best Resorts in Mumbai for Couples - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

Resorts in Mumbai for Couples

U Tropicana Beach Resort, Dune Barr House, Hidden Village Resort, Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Della Resorts, The Dukes Retreat and many more.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your soul mate, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of beautiful resorts in Mumbai for couples offering an unparalleled cozy experience. Whether you like exploring the natural scenery around or just want to be pampered in your room - there is a haven waiting for you in these Mumbai resorts.

From a wide array of activities to make your vacation eventful to an ambiance perfect for a laid back staycation, these resorts have ideal features for all kinds of guests. Featuring a lovely ambiance and an uninterrupted stay experience, Upper Deck Resort, and Treasure Island Resort are among the best Mumbai resorts for couples where you can enjoy your special moments in the most comfortable way possible.

And if you want to spend an unforgettable weekend without having to compromise with your budget, Hidden Village Resort comes highly recommended. Whereas, resorts like Radisson and The Machan are designed to please those who like to splurge, and are known for their candlelight dinners and outdoor pools. The options of resorts in Mumbai that are apt for a romantic date are many and various.

Resorts in Mumbai for Couples Within 100 km


Hidden Village Resort, Thane

Hidden Village Resort, Thane

Located deep within dense woods in the outskirts of Mumbai, this gorgeous resort spread over four acres offers a perfect place for a romantic hideout. From the impressive range of modern amenities to the chic interiors - everything about Hidden Village Resort is a treat. Some of the major highlights you get to enjoy at this resort are fresh springs, spa therapy and a plethora of indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Whether you are looking for a lovely weekend with your loved one or your family is accompanying you for a relaxing weekend, this resort is a perfect choice. Book your room at Hidden Village to experience a vacation like never before.

Location - Atgaon, Wada - Shahapur Road, Sakhroli, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Breakfast, parking, outdoor pool, air conditioning, laundry service.

Price - INR 900

Distance from Mumbai - 80 km

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Dune Barr House, Matheran

Dune Barr House, Matheran

This 170-year-old British mansion is one of the most beautiful resorts in Mumbai for couples, helping them time-travel with their loved ones. Amidst the lush green Matheran hills, the location of Dune Barr House itself is premium and gorgeous. A total of 11 rooms decorated in a grandiose and magnificent way are accommodation options available here. One can enjoy the confluence of old heritage with modern amenities at Dune Barr House.

This classy resort is perfect for couples who like privacy and a pampered stay at the same time. Enjoy a quiet stroll hand-in-hand with your beloved in the forest, or have a romantic dinner under the stars. At Dune Barr House, your vacation will be truly luxuriant.

Location -
 Charlotte Lake Road, Matheran, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Free internet access, breakfast, outdoor pool, laundry, room service.

Price - 
INR 4.4k 

Distance from Mumbai -
42 km

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U Tropicana Beach Resort, Alibaug

U Tropicana Beach Resort, Alibaug

Stretched out over a whopping 12 acres and nestled in the lush Chondi Naka area, U Tropicana is a gorgeous property offering a relaxing getaway for couples. Groves of palm trees and lush green gardens landscaped in captivating tropical design surround the resort.

Owing to the well-trained staff that is always at your service and rooms decorated in earthy and refreshing tones, the resort offers a soul-pleasing experience. You can also book a candle-lit dinner at the chic restaurant, take a dip in the outdoor pool, and indulge in a romantic experience of couples’ massage.

Location - Chondi Naka, Mapgaon, Alibag, Maharashtra

Amenities - Outdoor pool, air conditioning, room service, restaurant, hot tub, bar, fitness centre, spa.

Price - 
INR 6 to 7k per night.

Distance from Mumbai - 92 km

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The Machan Resort, Lonavala

The Machan Resort, Lonavala

The eco-friendly resort is one of the most popular weekend getaways near Mumbai where you can enjoy a serene staycation amidst the woods. A stay at The Machan is certain to cure your weariness and boost your romantic life.

Enjoy spa and massage with your beloved at the stylish and chic spa centre. Go trekking in the unconventional trails to enjoy some serene quality time. Explore the caves around the woods to gain insight into the local culture. Or simply enjoy lounging in the resort with your partner. Make your holiday memorable at The Machan.

Location - Atvan, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Breakfast, parking, air-conditioning, laundry services, business centre, room service, spa.

Price -
 INR 20k

Distance from Mumbai - 98 km


Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Aamby Valley Road

Cloud 9 Hills Resort, Aamby Valley Road

Perched at a height of 1500 feet in Lonavala, the Cloud 9 Resort lives up its name. Standing at a balcony in this hotel, you will feel like you can almost touch the cotton white clouds. It is the perfect place to plan a honeymoon because of its surreal and romantic quality.

Besides, the resort itself is amazingly gorgeous with its modern architecture and thoughtful amenities. Cloud 9 is an essential name when it comes to resorts in Mumbai for couples if you are looking for a romantic destination.

Location - Lonavala, Maharashtra

Amenities - Free breakfast, Laundry service, Room service, Outdoor pool, Free parking, Restaurant, Spa.

Price - 
INR 5k 

Distance from Mumbai -
97 km

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Della Resorts, Lonavala

Della Resorts, Lonavala

Experience vacation like never before at one of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai. The Della Resorts will pamper and spoil you and your better half with its wide range of luxury amenities and 24-hour help desk. The resplendent rooms redefine the heights of comfort and the hotel staff is available all the time to take care of all your whims.

All the villas are designed spectacularly, keeping aesthetics and luxury in mind. The bathrooms are marble tiled and truly breathtaking too. Enjoy privacy and seclusion like never before and make your vacation with your partner memorable for a lifetime.

Location - Kunegaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Free internet access, breakfast, parking, outdoor pool, air conditioning, laundry services.

Price - INR 10k

Distance from Mumbai - 83 km.

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The Dukes Retreat, Lonavala

The Dukes Retreat, Lonavala

Tucked away among the breathtaking hills of Khandala, Dukes Retreat is famous among couples who crave a holiday that is private, comfortable, and luxurious at the same time. There are plenty of amenities at Dukes to enjoy with your beloved.

Hot tubs and pools are obvious choices, but you can also take a romantic walk in the woods hand-in-hand, or just enjoy the stunning view from your balcony. With all modern amenities and helpful staff at your disposal, you will never feel like you are in the middle of a jungle.

Location - Old Mumbai - Pune Hwy, Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Amenities - Parking, Room service, Laundry service, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Air conditioning, Fitness centre, Hot tub, Bar, Business centre, Baggage storage.

Price - INR 10 to 12k

Distance from Mumbai - 79 km

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Radisson Resort and Spa, Alibag

Radisson Resort and Spa, Alibag

Radisson Resort is a polished, upscale, gorgeous property that offers five-star facilities to its guests. The hotel is located among lush green gardens, beautifully laid-out landscapes, and pools glittering in the sun.

Enjoy the serene location with your beloved, explore the popular beaches nearby, and go sightseeing at the nearby temples and forts - staying at this resort has its exclusive perks. Or simply lay in the sun by the pool and watch the days roll by. Radisson is the perfect resort to get a romantic and serene experience without any fuss.

Location - Gondhalpada, Varasoli, Alibag, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Outdoor pool, laundry service, restaurant, hot tub, room service, business centre, spa, fitness centre, bar, library, free internet access.

Price - INR 8k

Distance from Mumbai - 93 km


Fariyas Resort, Lonavala

Fariyas Resort, Lonavala

Fariyas has become synonymous with elegance and romance when it comes to resorts in Mumbai for couples. The hotel provides luxe comforts and unparalleled hospitality to its guests. Located in the midst of lush forests and verdant greenery, a vacation here is a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

Overlooking Frichley Hills, this exquisite resort has a number of amenities ranging from outdoor swimming pool to an on-site multi-cuisine restaurant. Besides, with facilities like conference hall and WiFi, it is also a good resort to consider if you mean business.

Location - Frichley Hill Road, Frichley Hills, Tungarli, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Amenities -  Free breakfast, Business centre, Indoor pool, Hot tub, Spa, Fitness centre, Air-conditioning, Laundry service, Room service, Restaurant, Bar.

Price - INR 9 to 11k

Distance from Mumbai - 84 km

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Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala

Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala

Prepare to be flabbergasted as you step into the Upper Deck Resort. Considered as one of the most gorgeous Mumbai resorts for couples, Upper Deck is truly breathtaking for the beholder. Nestled 2500 meters above sea level, the place offers some of the most dramatic views you will witness near the city.

With clear blue skies and sparkling pools, life at Upper Deck is truly heavenly. The whole ambience is perfect for a romantic holiday.

Location - Pangloli Village, Thakurwadi, Off. Tungarli Lake, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Paid Wi-Fi, Free parking, Free breakfast, Laundry service, Air-conditioned, Outdoor pool, Pet-friendly, Airport Shuttle, Restaurant, Fitness Centre, Room service, Hot tub, Spa, Bar.

Price - Starting at 9k INR per night.

Distance from Mumbai - 86 km


Velvet County Resort & Spa, Lonavala

Velvet County Resort & Spa, Lonavala

Enjoy a memorable honeymoon or romantic getaway at this gorgeous property nestles among lush green forests and magnificent mountains. The Velvet County Resort offers deluxe rooms and luxurious amenities to make your stay extremely comfortable.

The staff is professional and well experienced, ready to serve you without encroaching on your privacy. Enjoy the pollution free environs and serene ambience of the resort. Book a room with balcony to get some spectacular views of the sunset.

Location - Vikas Valley, Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Laundry service, Room service, Restaurant, Pet-friendly, Spa, Free breakfast, Living areas, free internet access, Mini-fridges, Flat-screen TVs, Tea and coffee making facilities, Balconies, Dining tables.

Price - INR 6 to 7k

Distance from Mumbai - 80 km

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C Cube Resorts, Gorai

C Cube Resorts, Gorai

Leave the monotony of your daily routine behind and bask in a great range of luxuries at C Cube Resorts, a popular choice among mid-range resorts in the region. Tucked far away from the concrete jungle, surrounded by rustic woods and natural beauty this resort is a complete package for a memorable weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai.

The major highlights you can expect at the resort are an outdoor swimming pool and gracefully designed rooms that are laced with all major amenities. The staff is courteous and polite, and complete privacy is guaranteed. Book your stay today for a calming holiday and create lifelong memories with your dear ones.

Location - Gorai - Uttan Road, Borivali, West, Gorai, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Free breakfast and parking.

Price - INR 3.5k 

Distance from Mumbai - 44 km


Treasure Island Resort, Charni Road

Treasure Island Resort, Charni Road

Treasure Island, as the name indicates, is a one-of-its-kind place to be treasured. Located amongst beautiful green hills, the hotel offers stunning balcony views of the natural splendor sprinkled around.

Enjoy a swim in the sparkling pools or schedule a couples’ spa appointment. The resort is also highly coveted for weddings and receptions. The hot tubs and sunken bathtubs are perfect for couples and the professional staff ensures complete privacy.

Location - Hari Niwas Building, New Opera House, Charni Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Tea and coffee making facilities, Flat-screen TVs, Balconies, Living rooms, Sunken bathtubs, Outdoor pool, Restaurant, Airport shuttle, Hot tub, Laundry service, Fitness centre.

Price - INR 6 to 7k

Distance from Mumbai - Nearly 90 km.

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Eskay Resorts, Borivali West

Eskay Resorts, Borivali West

Embark on a journey of world-class amenities and unparalleled hospitality at one of the most beautiful resorts in Mumbai for couples. The Eskay Resorts are gorgeously decorated and are extremely popular among young couples who crave a luxurious weekend getaway.

Enjoy thoughtful amenities, get dinner at the sophisticated restaurant, and dip your toes in the pristine pools. The balconies offer amazing views of the famous Mumbai skyline too. Book your stay today to experience a unique and luxuriant holiday.

Location - Off New Link Road, Eksar Village, Eksar, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Wi-Fi Laundry service, Outdoor pool, Room service, Breakfast, Restaurant, Flat-screen TVs, Minibar, Tea and coffee making facilities, Living area, 24-hour cafe, Kids’ area, Hot tub, Fitness centre, Bar, Spa, Free parking, Game rooms, Tennis court, Badminton and Squash courts.

Price - Starting at INR10k

Distance from Mumbai - 27 km

Resorts in Mumbai for Couples Within 250 km


Bella Vista Resort, Mahabaleshwar

Bella Vista Resort, Mahabaleshwar

Bella Vista is a famous name when it comes to luxury resorts in the country and the hotel in Mumbai lives up to the hype. The place has a unique romantic vibe in both its decor and surroundings. Enjoy a beautiful view of the lush gardens and verdant greenery around the resort.

Relax in the gorgeously decorated rooms and experience rejuvenation like never before at the Ayurvedic spa. Connect with your partner in the midst of serene surroundings and cool atmosphere. Bella Vista is a heavenly getaway for those in the mood for a romantic holiday.

Location - Village Metgutad, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Air-conditioned, Restaurant, Outdoor pool, Free parking, Room service, Laundry service, Spa, Fitness centre.

Price - Starting at INR 6k

Distance from Mumbai - 247 km

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Anandvan Resort, Bhandardara

Anandvan Resort, Bhandardara

Anandvan offers a spectacular hideout for young and old alike and is considered as one of the most romantic resorts in Mumbai for couples owing to the secluded location. Perched 2800 feet above sea level, the resort is a quaint and rustic destination that offers spectacular views of the valley and hills.

Surrounded by nothing but lush greenery, it is the perfect place for some romance in the mountains. Enjoy candle-lit dinners observing the natural beauty, take long walks, and enjoy the swanky bar. You can also book a couples massage for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Location - Ghatghar Road, Bhandardara, Shendi, Maharashtra.

Amenities -  Free breakfast, Outdoor pool, Free parking, Business Centre,  Laundry service, Air-conditioned, Pet-friendly, Room service, Restaurant, Spa, Bar.

Price - Starting at INR 7k

Distance from Mumbai - 160 km


Amanzi Resort

Amanzi Resort

Embark on a unique holiday experience at Amanzi resort, located in the middle of nowhere, far away from the concrete jungles and lightning-paced life of Mumbai. The resort is uniquely designed and it is apparent as soon as you step in that it is not an ordinary holiday destination.

Enjoy the beautiful views of Pavana Dam and take a romantic walk along the reservoir with your better half. Book your stay at Amanzi today to experience the rustic charm and spellbinding beauty of this place.

Location - Tikona Peth, Pavana Dam, Gevhande Khadak, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Free breakfast, Free parking, Airport shuttle, Room service, Laundry service, Air-conditioned, Restaurant, Minibars, Tea and coffee making facilities, Private verandas, Outdoor plunge pools.

Price - Starting at INR 9k 

Distance from Mumbai - 121 km

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The Resort at Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

The Resort at Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

Aamby Valley’s motto is ‘love for life’ and it is apparent in the environs around the area. It is indeed one of the most beautiful and convenient Mumbai resorts for couples as you can enjoy the awe-inspiring township located in the middle of gorgeous natural splendours.

A haven for couples, this resort is an excellent choice for those who desire a serene and quiet holiday that has a pinch of excitement. Owing to their wide spectrum of comforts and impeccable services, your holiday at this beautiful resort will stay with you for a lifetime.

Location - Amby Valley, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Amenities - Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Air-conditioned, Restaurant, Outdoor pool, Free parking, Room service, Laundry service, Spa, Fitness centre.

Price - Starting at INR 8k.

Distance from Mumbai - 105 km


The Hilton Shillim, Shilim

The Hilton Shillim, Shilim

Designed with an enriching and enchanting vibe, The Hilton Shillim is one of the most gorgeous resorts in Mumbai for couples as it is tucked far away from the city, encircled by beautiful Western Ghats hills.

The lush green environs provide a serene vibe. The hotel rooms are spacious and airy, and the staff is polite and courteous. Suites and villas are equipped with private balconies offering enchanting views of the hills. Couples flock to Hilton Shillim every year for its captivating location and thoughtful services.

Location - Shilimb, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Free parking, Laundry service, Business centre, Outdoor pool, Room service, Restaurant, Kitchen, Spa, Bar.

Price - INR 22k

Distance from Mumbai - 110 km

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Prakruti Resort, Kashid

Prakruti Resort, Kashid

Experience nature in all its naked glory at Prakruti Resorts. The hotel is situated against a backdrop of beautiful hills covered in green blankets, golden sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters of the sea.

If you are travelling with your partner, there is a ton of things you can do here. Take that Hollywood-esque long walk down the beach, dip your toes into the sea, have a romantic candle-lit dinner on the beach. Or just stay in your beautiful room and enjoy the magnificent view from your balcony.

Location - District Raigad, Kashid.

Amenities -  Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Laundry service, Room service, Outdoor pool, Restaurant, Hot tub, Spa.

Price - INR 10k

Distance from Mumbai - 125 km


Ravine Resorts, Mahabaleshwar

Ravine Resorts, Mahabaleshwar

Ravine Resorts feels like a breath of fresh air far away from Mumbai and its smoke chimneys. There is nothing more romantic and intimate than this gorgeous resort in the middle of lush green woods. There are plenty of ultra-modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing, without compromising on your privacy.

Book a couples’ massage in the spa, go for a swim together in the pristine pools, or explore the beauty of Panchgani hand-in-hand with your beloved. Ravine Resorts is the most divine romantic getaway you’ll ever see.

Location - Sydney Point, Wai-Panchgani Road, Panchgani, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Room service, Air-conditioned, Outdoor pool, Free parking, Laundry service, Restaurant, Fitness Centre, Spa.

Price - Starting at INR10k

Distance from Mumbai - 243 km

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Ccaza Ccomodore, Dhokawade

Ccaza Ccomodore, Dhokawade

Ccaza Ccomodore is a homely place and one of the most romantic Mumbai resorts for couples for the warmth and privacy it offers to couples. If you and your partner enjoy a serene holiday far away from the concrete jungles and traffic noises of the city, this is the place for you. Enjoy the sound of birds chirping next to your window as you wake up in the morning. Watch the tangerine sunset against the backdrop of beautiful green hills.

Take a walk in the jungles abundant with natural splendour. Take the jetty for a cruise around the backwaters. What is more romantic than a secluded holiday where it’s just you and your beloved? Book your stay with Ccaza today to experience the unparalleled beauty of this pace.

Location - Dhokawade, Dhokawade, Maharashtra

Amenities - Laundry service, Restaurant, Jetty ride.

Price - Starting at INR 2k per night

Distance from Mumbai - 100.3 km


The Corinthians Resort, Pune

The Corinthians Resort, Pune

Tastefully designed ultra luxury suites and a top-notch range of amenities - one needs to experience the grandiosity and magnificence of Corinthians Pune to believe it. An area of 25 acres of lush green landscape cradles this resort which is an absolute treat for any nature lover or someone in search for tranquillity.

There is an Ayurvedic spa if you want to get a couples’ massage or you can also opt to indulge in a romantic candle light dinner. From its food and accommodations to its services and amusements, everything comes together to create The Corinthians one of the best resorts in the region.

Location - Undri, Pune, Maharashtra

Amenities - Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Outdoor pool, Laundry service, Business centre, Free parking, Room service, Restaurant, Hot tub, Spa. Fitness centre, Bar.

Price - INR 17k per night

Distance from Mumbai - 165 km

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Le Farm, Pune

Le Farm, Pune

Stretched out over 15 acres and overlooking magnificent Western Ghats hills, Le Farm is slowly emerging as a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic retreat. Enjoy the stunning scenery and breathtaking sunsets from the gorgeous private balcony.

Since the place is surrounded by quaint, sleepy villages - there is nothing that will disturb your peace and quiet at Le Fram. Enjoy complete privacy in your intimate moments. Have romantic dinners under the star-studded dome. Take a ferry ride in the backwaters. Experience vacation to the fullest at Le Farm.

Location - Vadivali Lake, Maval Taluka, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Amenities - Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Room service, Air-conditioned, Outdoor pool, Free parking, Laundry service, Restaurant, Fitness Centre, Spa.

Price - Starting at INR 3k per night

Distance from Mumbai - 114 km


Ambrosia Resort, Pune

Ambrosia Resort, Pune

Counted among the most beautiful resorts in Mumbai for couples, Ambrosia Resort is perfect for a delightful stay owing to its spellbinding views and unmatched hospitality. With a touch of elegance in their interiors and all necessary in-room amenities, the accommodations at this resort will double your joy. A good option for a memorable rendezvous, the whole place has a quaint and romantic vibe to it.

Enjoy a cocktail on the balcony with your partner while looking at the breathtaking sunset behind the hills. Or take a walk around the sleepy village for some intimate moments. Book your holiday at Ambrosia for a truly romantic getaway.

Location - Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra

Amenities -  Free breakfast, Free parking, Laundry service, Room service, Restaurant, Kitchen, Airport shuttle, Bar.

Price - Starting at INR 5k 

Distance from Mumbai - 146 km

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22 December 2019
Midnight cycling was great fun. Rode bicycle for 4 hours. Started at 11:45 pm and finished around 4 am. Covered almost 50 kms. Started the ride from gateway of India to Worli sea face and chilled out there. Chilled out at marine drive as well. It was great fun. Met new people and made new friends. Highly recommend this. Try out this fun with friends or solo. It will be worth staying awake at night.
Tanirika Adiga Heritage Walk Mumbai
Came to Mumbai from Pune for some work and I wanted to explore the city, but didn’t really know where all to go, so I decided to book this tour online. The meet up place was easy to find, and I felt really safe as a solo traveller, and in fact made some friends along the way. Karan, our guide was so nice, and in just a short span of 2 hours he covered over 9 places with us!
"It was an amazing experience. The tour operators were very helpful and accommodating with respect to our needs. The sailboat was absolutely neat and clean. The guy doing the sailing for us was also very friendly and courteous. He had knowledge about the boat as well as knew about everything related to sailing that an average customer would want to know about. "
14 January 2016
one of the most amazing experience of my life HELICOPTER joy ride over mumbaii had some most incredible moments. During this the small time of just 10 minutes regenerted over feeling for beauty of the city.
08 September 2015
Helicopter Joy Ride over Mumbai: This is the best way to look at the whole of Mumbai. The crowded, big city is viewed the best way with this. Despite being a Mumbai native girl, I grew more than half of my life in Ooty. While I got a job back here in Mumbai, I felt like a first timer here. Funnily, I started travelling and exploring in my own city as it has got more than enough to induce the travel buds of any passionate traveller. I travelled Mumbai in various ways and this helicopter ride was my favourite. It covers the complete city, and it is indeed beautiful. The view of Bandra-Worli link from the air was in fact spell binding. I personally loved the whole experience, and also, this can be availed at a very nominal fee charges these days. I recommend this to all no matter you are resident here or a traveller.
This is one of the tour of Mumbai as we covered all the important areas of mumbai mentioned as in package. Well coordinated. Thanks for a great mumbai trip.
I booked this private 1-hour Helicopter Ride on our anniversary to surprise my wife and we had an amazing and the best experience. Watching the entire city in a helicopter was unique and my wife loved it. The views are simply beautiful and worth a watch. The climate was wonderful on that day and we spent quality time together.
27 February 2020
My experience with Helicopter riding was fun and exciting. I had booked for the shared ride and there were two other solo riders there and we interacted during the waiting time. They were very friendly and all of us enjoyed the ride thoroughly. Thanks to the staff there for a smooth service and less waiting time.
01 March 2020
The panoramic views of the Mumbai city and beaches and metropolitan areas were mesmerizing and lovely. The pilot was so friendly and let us enjoy the entire ride very peacefully with a lot of insights from his side. It was a once in a lifetime experience and worth the money spent on it.
08 March 2020
Helicopter Shared Ride in Mumbai was the best part of our short visit to Mumbai. We lived in Singapore for over 10 years now and missed our city. A lot has changed here and it looks amazing from the air.

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  4. What are the best places to visit in Mumbai for couples?

    Below is a list of some of the best places to visit in Mumbai for Couples:

    1. Hidden Village Resort, Thane: Being a perfect romantic hideout, this place is actually hidden within the lush greenery. From the chic interior to the lush greenery, this place offers some of the best panoramic views.

    2. U Tropicana Beach Resort: Filled with grooving palm trees and lush green gardens, this resort provides you the best calm surroundings where you can spend a quality time with your other half.

    3. The Machan Resort: The Machan, a luxury resort provides you with so many experiences which will surely cure your weariness and boost your romantic life.

    4. Cloud 9 Hills Resort: As the name suggests, the resort will surely take you both to the ninth cloud by its perfect ambience and surreal surroundings.

    5. Della Resorts, Lonavala: A perfect place to plan a honeymoon, the level of comfort and splendid surroundings this place provides is totally worth a try.

    6. The Dukes Retreat: Filled with hot tubs and pools, this resort also offers some romantic trails where you can take some leisure walks.
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