Holiday Homes That Make Bali A Honeymooner’s Paradise

We all strive to start a new journey with the best foot forward and so it is no surprise when every newly married couple want to start their life with their significant other on a sweet note and what better way to do that than going through the myriad experiences traveling in a new place, where Bali offers all of that. From the verdant nature, to the beautiful colours in the skies, to the pristine blue oceanic beaches, there is just so much to see and do in Bali, and to experience all the facets of life together. The most important part of this new stage is to discover each other in the solitude of each other’s company and so a great honeymoon holiday home plays a big role in helping you achieve that.
Listed below are some amazing holiday homes in Bali to help you have the best honeymoon which you will remember for posterity and look back on those fond memories for years to come.

1. Putting the honey in the Honeymoon at Honey Moon Villa

With the gentle and tranquil energy of the surrounding Ubud, this Villa offers an amazing private view of the lush green rice fields along with the lull musical sound of the private pool overlooking from your room. The heady mix of nature and its sounds and smells intoxicates your head with the much needed peace and romance needed at this juncture of your life.

Love, solitude and romance under one roof

Location: Lodtunduh, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Nearby Getaways:

  • You can experience amazing walks together through the lush green fields and the beautiful backwaters in Ubud village
  • Ubud Monkey forest which is home to the long-tailed Macaque; the beautiful Rice Terraces of Tegallalang and the beautiful Goa Gajah Elephant 11th century caves
  • An old world Balinese architecture and the main landmark of Ubud is the Puri Saren Royal Palace
  • The Campuhan Ridge walk through the gorgeous romantic hillside Vista and the beautiful and colourful Art Market in Ubud known as Pasar Seni Ubud

Price: The average price is Rs 14094/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges for additional guests beyond 4 does apply here.

Highlight of the property: You will find pool-side al-fresco bungalows which are pristine and well architected to provide the much needed privacy with a heady mix of indoor and outdoor living.
Also, you can avail of the staff to make breakfast for you in the personal setting of your villa while you soak in the beautiful greens and spend some quality one on one time with your beloved.

2. Romance it up at Bondalem Beach Club in North Bali

If there ever was a time needed for seclusion and privacy it is during this amazing honeymoon period, where you can fade away from the crowd and enjoy each other’s company. And this very space is provided by this beachfront hotel called the Bondalem Beach Club situated in the utmost north of Bali. Secluded and surrounded by vast open sea with scenic pristine waters and solitude, you get to enjoy your stay with your significant other during your honeymoon period.

Surf, Sand and Romance in Bondalem Beach Club

Location: Bondalem, Tejakula, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81173, Indonesia
Nearby Getaways: 

  • Pemuteran Beach- An ideal beach getaway with avenues for snorkelling and diving close by
  • Pura Maduwe Karang- One of the most intriguing temples of North Bali, located in the village of Kubutambahan
  • Sangsit- It is rich with rice fields and makes for a picturesque walk path. The Pura Beji temple here is dedicated to the Subak (Rice growers in the traditional way around the rice terraces)
  • Air Terjun Gitgit- A beautiful waterfall around 11 km south of Singaraja surrounded by the various sets of tiered waterfalls around the verdant jungle just off the waterfall pathway

Price: The average price is Rs 10,615/- per night for the rooms.
Highlight of the property: It is a secluded beachfront property where you can walk out of your beautiful villa onto the amazing black sand beach with coral reefs just 30 meters inside of the ocean.
The hotel provides free snorkelling equipment for you to explore these gorgeous reefs.

3. Honeymoon in a luxurious villa in Seminyak

This beautiful honeymoon resort which is a cosy one villa bungalow in Seminyak is straight out of a fairy-tale book. Done up with extreme care, this villa has many open and private spaces with a personal koi pond, lush green beautiful surroundings, and a feeling of being nestled in the lap of luxury; exactly what honeymooners need.

Honeymooning in the lap of luxury

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways: 

  • Enjoy couples spa packages in the many spa retreats around here and rejuvenate yourselves.
  • Go on excursions tours in the Jungles of Bali and other nature and wildlife tours.
  • River rafting, tubing, scuba and snorkelling is also available for the adventure enthusiasts.
  • For the art and museum lovers curious to know a bit of the history and culture of Bali, there are various museums to visit like the Nayaman Gallery and the Buddha Gallery etc.
  • And for shopping you can visit Makassi and Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak.

Price: The average price is Rs 9,955/- per night for the rooms.

Highlight of the property: 

  • The fact that it has been recently upgraded and refurbished with beautiful interiors and open and airy living decor makes it a perfect getaway for honeymooners and since it is a standalone bungalow, it provides the much needed privacy, along with a personable touch by their staff members.
  • You can take up a personal Balinese cooking class, at extra charges, from the chef at the Villa or in the owners’ home at Bongkasa village approximately an hour away from the Villa.


4. A paradise villa on the lovely hills above Lovina

This beautiful 3 bedroom villa has an open plan wherein you can enjoy the 300 degree panoramic view of the hillside with rice fields surrounding it and the view of the lovely ocean just beyond the horizon. With the beautiful romantic surroundings this setup is ideal for honeymooners and its beauty with the surrounding waterfalls, natural water springs and historic temples adds much to the romance in the air.

A romantic stay in North Bali

Location: Kayu Putih, Bali Indonesia 
Nearby Getaways:

  • Yeh Sanih is a natural water pool providing a wonderful antidote to the midday heat of Bali.
  • The Sing Sing waterfall is a small waterfall close to Lovina, while the other more popular and spectacular cascades to enjoy are the Git Git and Sekumpul Waterfalls slightly further away.
  • The many temples in Singaraja and the Brahmavihara Arama (Buddhist Temple) can be explored for its beautiful architecture and stoic beauty.
  • Banjar hot springs at the traditional Balinese temple offer Bali’s most attractive geothermal baths. Take care to dress modestly.

Price: The average price is Rs 7,374/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 1537/- for additional guests beyond 2 does apply here.
Highlight of the property: Being a new property, the amenities are quite new and being on top of a hillside it offers a one of a kind of view to soak in. You can swim in their infinity pool while enjoying the view of the lush green and the pristine blue ocean.

5. State of the Art villa, Balangan

These beautiful expanse of a villa sprawls over the cliff front providing a breath taking and awe-inspiring view. With a state-of-the-art construction the architectural design and landscape makes for a very romantic stay for honeymooners. That you will be in a lap of luxury is an understatement, and makes for an amazing honeymoon experience.

Light, Love and peace with romance thrown in

Location: Balangan, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways:

  • The cliff-top Uluwatu Temple offers a beautiful view of the sunset with the traditional performance of the ancient ritual of dance and drama known as the Kecak Ramayana and the Fire Dance.
  • Enjoy the myriad colours in the sky during the sunset and awesome music at the Single Fin Bar for a night out.
  • You can also enjoy a lovely Mexican cuisine at Funky Sunset Grill and dinner at a seafood grill at Jimbaran with tantalizing food.
  • You can also enjoy the 12 Kms long Kuta beach and a little bit of shopping thrown in. Don’t forget to bargain, a lot.

Price: The average price is Rs 52,945/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 2648/- for additional guests beyond 8 does apply here.
Highlight of the property: The private beach along with the neighbouring Ayana resort with its umpteenth amenities are a huge draw to this villa. They have their world known Bar on the Rocks besides the numerous restaurants, spas and golf course to indulge from.
They provide a unique facility for meditation on various cliff sides, to help you savour the local Balinese spirituality.

6. Honeymoon in this luxurious 6 bedroom Villa in Seminyak

The heart of Bali and a popular place to be, Seminyak has the best beaches, trendy shops and lots of things to do. So if you are honeymooning here, make sure to stay in this beautiful villa surrounded by lush green of the rice fields and tropical trees lining alongside.

The right ingredient for happiness and romance

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways: 

  • You can hang out at Eat Street, Laksmana which is ten minutes away and enjoy the food there.
  • You can head to La Laguna Bali, twenty minutes away from Seminyak, to their famous tapas bar and restaurant with its ornamented garden and quirky and bohemian props and décor.
  • For couples who love their art and museums, Biasa Art Space is a beautiful museum promoting the contemporary and avant-garde works of young Balinese and Javanese artists.
  • For the thrill seekers there are these interactive playrooms like the Escape Room and the Dream Museum Zone, where you can team up with few more players and play to your hearts content.

Price: The average price is Rs 72,601/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 2317/- for additional guests beyond 14 does apply here.
Highlight of the property:
Besides all the other amenities of comfort, the property also offers you its services of a chef, a babysitter, a masseuse, scooter and car rental, and a yoga instructor for personal classes.

7. Waking up to a beautiful Seaview on your honeymoon in Lumbung Villa

Designed with the classic architecture of Lumbung (classic wooden house), this villa is a cosy beachfront offering you with an atmosphere of the traditional Bali way of life with beautiful Balinese architecture and simple yet elegant décor. The lull of the ocean right in front will give you the much needed respite during your honeymoon.

A cosy honeymoon with an amazing Seaview

Location: Jl. Petitenget No.1000x, Seminyak, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Nearby Getaways:

  • To enjoy some nightlife with your spouse, you can head to the Mirror Night club and Paris Cat Jazz club, both with different vibe, but promising the start of a great evening.
  • Enjoy Aquamarine diving close by and experience the beautiful coral reefs and the underwater colourful creatures.
  • Visit the Totem Room escape for some fun interactive games.

Price: The average price is Rs 8,759/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 1,921/- for additional guests beyond 2 does apply here.
Highlight of the property: You can dine at the villa by only paying the cost of the fresh ingredients used for cooking.

8. Your very own private honeymoon villa at Ungasan

To have your own cosy nook is what all honeymooning couples seek at the advent of their lives together and this private one bedroom villa offers just that. Your own romantic corner tucked away from the crowd and making it a honeymooner’s haven.

A romantic private home for the lovely honeymooners

Location: Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways:

  • Beaches like the Blue Point beach, Karma beach, Green Bowl beach etc. are lovely and you can soak in the wonderful view.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park offers an array of beautiful sculptures and a nice long walk in the park which is still getting developed.
  • There are many historical and heritage tours and photography tours for the enthusiasts.

Price: The average price is Rs 8,532/- per night for the rooms.

9. Your very own private honeymoon villa at Kuta

This gorgeous traditional Balinese cottage intermingled with all the modern amenities is what a newlywed on their honeymoon need. With love in the air and an ambience which never quits, you can’t ask for anything better.

Honeymooning with a view

Location: Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Nearby Getaways: 

  • Waterbom Bali is a waterpark with lots of crazy and fun rides to tickle your adventure bone.
  • Kuta theatre is a great place where local magicians come and perform with full theatrical gusto.
  • For the adrenaline junkies 5Gx Bali Reverse Bungy offers a huge satisfaction and allows for a couples bungee jump at a high speed of 200Km/hr and what a high it provides.
  • Upside Down Bali and Pandora experience are just a few other out-of-the-box activities to participate in for something different. 

Price: The average price is Rs 5,120/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 976/- for additional guests beyond 2 does apply here.

Highlight of the property: Constant pampering and tantalizing with their professional and personable service, the staff aims to please and succeeds.

10. Jendela di Bali- a unique villa for honeymooners

Not wanting to hobnob with a huge crowd, this private two bedroom villa offers the honeymooners an experience of authentic rustic sights and sounds of nature around along with the proximity to Ubud’s dining and art culture. It has a unique blend of evolving culture depicted in its Balinese and Indonesian architecture and a mix of French décor intermingling into a heady mix of open spaces within the premises.

Honeymoon in elegance with your loved one

Location: Jl. Benawah- Petak Kaja, Petak Kaja, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80515, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways:

  • It is no surprise that this place hosts many temples like the sacred 11th century temple- Gunung Kawi, water temples like the Gunung Kai Sebatu and the Tirta Empul at Tampaksiring.
  • The Pakerisan River listed under the World Heritage is just 5 minutes away.
  • The Gianyar Market and Ubud Village hosts traditional street food, restaurants, art galleries, shops etc.
  • The Goa Gaja Elephant caves are close by and so are the Taman Nusa Architectural and Cultural Park and Taman Safari and Marine Park.

Price: The average price is Rs 13,237/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 2,317/- for additional guests beyond 2 does apply here.
Highlight of the property: Located at the top of a sacred high caste village, the surroundings are teeming with the sounds of the daily Balinese rituals and other religious ceremonies, some of which you may participate in.

11. Lovely villa for honeymooners in Seminyak

These 4 unit villas provide the best mix of privacy and comfort to its honeymooning couples. With gorgeous eclectic décor and romantic lighting, this villa offers a beautiful experience to remember by.

Soak in the love at this gorgeous villa

Location: Jl Bidadari, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways:

  • The art enthusiasts can visit the Purpa Fine Art Gallery, Nyaman Gallery and Nacivet Art Gallery.
  • Check out the Museum Trick Art 3-D for amazing fun and laughter.
  • The Double Six beach is one of the very popular beaches in Seminyak and one of the best places to observe sunsets from with your loved one.

Price: The average price is Rs 6,552/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 993/- for additional guests beyond 2 does apply here.

12. Two bedroom private resort perfect for honeymoon in Mengwi

Not too far from the city, yet perfect getaway for honeymooners, this villa offers the romance and quiet that newly married couples need. With traditional Indonesian structure, minimalistic and eclectic modern amenities, this villa is a dream come true.

Romance in Solitude and elegance

Location: Mengwi, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways:

  • You can go on a temple tour, whereby you can visit all the beautiful historical temples Bali is famous for.
  • You can also visit the monkey forest and explore the rustic nature in all its glory.
  • The Ogoh-Ogoh Museum is resplendent with sculptures made by local artistes of gods and demons that are true to the Balinese history and religious scripture.

Price: The average price is Rs 6,486/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 662/- for additional guests beyond 2 does apply here.

Highlight of the property:

  • The main highlight in these villas are its en-suite, semi-outdoor open bathrooms with gorgeous outdoor showers.
  • For a surcharge they also upgrade you to a Bali honeymoon package whereby they provide 2 way Airport transfers, honeymoon cake on arrival, honeymoon decoration, romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, a couples massage and a full day tour.


13. 180 degree Seaview from this gorgeous honeymoon villa Sanglung in Lovina

This fairly new private property in North Bali offers amazing panoramic view of the Sea from all sides and awakens all your senses to the beautiful, breath-taking, myriad colours of the ocean and skies. The Villa is constructed at a prime location where you can get the feel of Bali 25 years ago and enjoy the calm, comforting and romantic feels.

Gorgeous romantic sunsets and sunrises at this villa

Location: Depeha, Kubutambahan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81172, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways:

  • There are umpteenth number of waterfalls to visit and enjoy near Lovina, like the Dedari, Munduk, Gitgit, Melanting Waterfalls etc.
  • Explore beautiful local artwork at Buleleng and Gedong Kirtya Museum.
  • Explore prime beaches like the Lovina, Lingga, Gondol beach etc.

Price: The average price is Rs 10,449/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 1,153/- for additional guests beyond 5 does apply here.

Highlight of the property: The open spaces and its en-suite outdoor gorgeous showers are an experience to take back.

14. Two bedroom romantic villa in Ubud

If you love tropical nature, local artistry mixed with the rustic authenticity and lush green surroundings then this is the right place for you to honeymoon in.

Love and romance in verdant nature

Location: Sumita-Gianyar, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Nearby Getaways: 

  • Kintamani (Batur Volcano)
  • Taman Safari and Marine Park
  • Besakih Temple
  • Tirta Empul Temple with water spring
  • Elephant Safari Park Taro
  • White water rafting for the adventure seekers

Price: The average price is Rs 13,237/- per night for the rooms. Extra charges of Rs 1,986/- for additional guests beyond 4 does apply here.

Highlight of the property:

  • The property boasts of beautiful panoramic valley view surroundings with beautiful coconut trees lined up providing a calm and serene atmosphere.
  • The traditional lightings in the evenings spruces up the place and bathes the whole atmosphere in a romantic hue making it a breathtaking view.


Honeymooners – now you can be spoilt for choices with more of these holiday homes options

1. Beachfront luxurious and romantic stay at Driftwood Lembongan

With a huge infinity pool overlooking the beach, Driftwood at Sandy Bay oozes a charm of its own calling. Gorgeous villa with an average price per night of Rs 34,348/-, this place is worth a visit.

Lembongan adding the romance in your life


2. The Villa epitomizing art and romance near Berawa Beach, Canggu

This luxurious, ethnic styled and artistic villa is a piece of art in itself and is close to Berawa beach in Canggu, priced at an average of Rs 29,782/- per night.

A perfectly tranquil and artistically decorated romantic getaway


3. Honeymooners paradise in Lovina- a 3 bedroom villa

This beautiful private hillside villa at Lovina is just the place for a honeymoon getaway resplendent with Balinese culture and atmosphere and is priced at an average of Rs 6,147/- per night.

Romantic designs for the romantic honeymooners


4. Romantic sojourn for newlyweds at this beautiful villa at Petitenget, Seminyak

Located in one of the best parts of Seminyak, this gorgeous one bedroom villa in Petitenget offers not only the peace and solitude that honeymooners seek but amazing nightlife for party-goers too. This villa is priced at an average of Rs 13,899/- per night.

Privacy and comfort for the romantic couple


5. Two bedroom honeymoon villa in Jimbaran, South Bali

Located in Bukit area of South Bali, this gorgeous honeymoon villa boasts of overlooking Pandawa beach while its huge garden consists of a golf yard and a tennis court. This villa is priced at an average of Rs 57,578/- per night.

Putting the elegance in romance

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