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  • Are you planning a one day trip near Pune but not sure where to go? Well, Pune is a lovely city with amazing outskirts and adventurous day out locations. Drench in the beguiling places and get lost in this paradise city of Maharashtra. Plan a day out or hide away in the caves or go sporty in the water park or you can engage in trekking or paragliding. It is also the most inviting tourist places in entire Maharashtra, serving the most beguiling and lovely spots for tourists to escape and make a few recollections. 

    Gear up for an adventurous journey of your life, visit the most enchanting waterfalls and clear water bodies, walk on carpets of green spreads, blooming flowers or dried brown leaves in the alpine forests, refresh at beautiful abodes of nature and create a memory of a lifetime through these amazing destinations. Breathe in the freshness and get acclimated with the idyllic settings of nature. Climb to the places with cultural heritage or religious importance and get to know about the history in detail. 

    Reel in the awesome wonderlands that are offered by our own country. Get astonishing views of meadows, grasslands, rivers, picturesque mountain peaks and what not? There are some of the listed places near Pune within 100 km which are assembled just for your perfect getaway from the hustle bustle city life so that you could relax and refresh on your one day trip.

    Places that are perfect one day trip places near Pune are:

  • 01Rajmachi Trek

    Rajmachi Trek
    Image Credit :
    Adorned with the charms and the green capes of the grass and landscapes, Rajmachi trek makes up for an exciting place for a one day trip near Pune! Located at an ideal distance of about 78km from the city centre, the drive to Rajmachi is a pleasant one as it passes through many mountains and ideal viewpoints around the city. The stunning arms of the Sahyadri Ranges embrace this mountain, making it seem more beautiful than ever.

    The trek to Rajmachi is an easy one and passes through the fortified structures of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Forts and passes through lush thickets of the Jungles and hilly terrains. A trek to this place is highly recommended for adrenaline seekers. Rising to a height of about 2,710ft, the Rajmachi trek is an absolutely thrilling experience. You can also camp at the summit, which make it the perfect place for a one day trip near Pune.
    Rajmachi and Kondane Caves Trek, Lonavala

    Rajmachi and Kondane Caves Trek, Lonavala

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  • 02Kolad

    Image Credit :

    Rejuvenate at the sparkling waters of River Kundalika in Raigarh district of Maharashtra. Popularly visited for rafting, this village of Kolad is situated near the banks of Kundalika. Spare some time out to explore the picturesque hidden hamlet situated near Mumbai and Pune. Kolad boasts of being one of the best destination for whitewater rafting due to its heavenly rafting experience. The lush spreads of green and scenic beauty of this place make it a refreshing holiday spot. Soak in the atmosphere at the banks of Sutarwadi Lake and dump all your city stress revering at the view and listening to nature’s calming music. This destination is favourably visited in the month of August when the temperature is perfect in Kolad.

    Activities-  Indulge in the popular rafting experience in roaring waters of river Kundalika that gives you a hint of adrenaline through your torso. Also, you can cliff jump, swim, kayak and cross the magically flowing Kundalika river. Camp at the popular valley and unwind all shades of beauty at Kolad. Go on a trekking expedition or zip lining activity, other than shooting and sunset watching.

    Distance from Pune- This prominent destination was discovered by trekkers and rafters. It is situated in Raigad district, in Maharashtra and is around 117 km by road and 71 km by air from Pune city.

    White Water Rafting and Stay at Kolad

    White Water Rafting and Stay at Kolad

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    d1 Dayn1 NightlKolad

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  • 03Lavasa

    The first planned city of India, Lavasa is a stunning destination that is cloaked in the beauty of nature. Bordered by scenic hills and farms, the hill city sprawls to around 25,000ft and is an one of the most popular places near Pune for a one day trip. The gorgeous environs offer a peaceful and amiable retreat into the arms of nature while the world class amenities and luxurious gourmet options keep the leisure lover in you satiated.

    You can embark on various activities at this destination for a one day trip near Pune such as Segway Ride, water sports, adventure activities, lake swimming as well as camping. Youc an also revel ina stay at the various resorts in and around Lavasa.
    Discover Lavasa on a Segway Ride

    Discover Lavasa on a Segway Ride

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  • 04Lohagad-Visapur

    Image Credit :

    Image Credits : vivek Joshi

    A crowning glory of the Western Ghats, the Lohagad and Visapur Forts are connected via a small range of walking pathways which make them an ideal trekking destination and one of the most preferred places for a one day trips near Pune. One of the most historic places in the state of Maharashtra, the Lohagad and Visapur Forts are beautifully adorned in all the bounties of nature.

    What’s more awesome is that both the forts are located near the Bhaja Caves, which belong to an ear long bygone but still carry the stories within them in the form of carvings. Take a break for a while and embark on one of the most spectacular places near Pune for a one day trip.

    Lohagad Fort Trek in Maharashtra

    Lohagad Fort Trek in Maharashtra

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  • 05Pawna Lake

    Pawna Lake

    Pavana Lake is a notable artificial lake, enhancing the beauty and contributing to the tourism of Maharashtra. This place is a perfect getaway destination for those seeking a time out from their monotonous lives. Get away from the inevitable hustle bustle of your daily life and plan a one day trip near Pune. This place attracts tired city souls with its consummate natural beauty. Marvel at the popular expanse that lies before your eyes. The serene charm of Pavana Lake offers the tranquility and solace that your soul has been longing for. Indulge in various activities at this location and soak in the soothing treat this place has to offer. However, this is one of the popular places near Pune within 100 km, it is comparatively less crowded. Gaze at the pristine and untouched beauty of nature at such close proximity. Pavana Lake can be visited at any time time of the year. Apparently, you will notice tourists flocking in the months of monsoon.


    Supposedly, there is a variety of activities you can participate in at Pavana Lake. The most common are overnight camping near the picturesque lake, lighting a fire near your tents, surrender to the emptiness of the location, witness the shades of water going from silver to orange to navy, gaze at the stars while feasting on your barbequed meal.

    You can even enjoy a swim in the waters of this quaint lake or plan a picnic with your family.

    Distance From Pune:

    Pavana Lake is at a distance of 45 km from the city of Pune. It is located near Pavana Nagar Village which has a good connectivity with Pune and Mumbai. However, you must explore the area around Pavana Lake by bike or car.

    Pawna Lake Camping

    Pawna Lake Camping

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  • 06Lonavala and Khandala

    Lonavala and Khandala
    Image Credit :
    The twin hill station of Lonaval and Khandala have been extoled extensively in travel magazines, by friends, by Bollywood and whatever you choose your travel inspiration as and rightly so. These two hill stations more than compensate for the dull and dreary city landscapes and offera perfect respite whenever you want to escape to a one day trip from Pune.

    Located at a mere 5km distance from one another, both the destination offers an equal amount of natural beauty. For the adventure lovers, both these places hold the promise of an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Youc an try rappelling at Duke’s Nose, Climb up the peculiar summit of Korai gad or trek the elevation of Tikona. Each of these experiences will give you an unparalleled experience of thrill and enjoyment.

    You can also take a group of friends and head to Tiger Point from where the misty valleys of Khandala can be seen and sometimes you can see the twinkling lights of Pune too! Lonavala and Khandala are both easily reachable from Pune and are located at distance of 140km. The Bushi Dam, Ryewood Park and Shivaji Park are some of the other places that you would love visiting.
    Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala

    Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala

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    h1 HourlLonavala

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  • 07Maval, Takve Lake

    Maval, Takve Lake

    Refresh at this beautiful setting, connoted by the charms and biodiversity of Maval Takve Lake. The word Maval is taken from the Marathi language, which means the direction in which the sun sets. Plan an exquisite one day trip near Pune breathing the quiet life near the picturesque Maval Takve Lake. This destination serves as a delightful treat for the holiday mongers trying to get away from the hustle bustle of the city. Embrace the serenity of Maval’s surroundings while internalizing every bit of your parched soul. Relax in the calmness of this low budget destination. Drench in the soothing cool air that makes the trip worthwhile.

    Activities- Camp at the foothills of western ghats, revering the landscapes and breathtaking views, indulge in a photo session, plan a picnic, take a dip in the sparkling water, experience rope climbing, other than river crossing, mountain climbing and kayaking are few of the activities that can be enjoyed on your trip.

    Distance from Pune- Situated in the eastern part of the Western Ghats, and west side of Pune, this famous lake boasts of being one of the stunning biodiversity sites. This is one of the places near Pune within 100 km. Take a short trip of 38 km from Pune to Malva Tal Lake to witness the origin of several rivers and captivate the beauty of Sahyadri Range.

    Group Adventure in Maval, Takve Lake

    Group Adventure in Maval, Takve Lake

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  • 08Matheran

    Image Credit :
    If a bath in the beauty of the forest is your idea of a perfect nature getaway then you must explore the beauty of Matheran near Mumbai. Easily reached by a train that travels Nerul Railway station in Mumbai, it is a gorgeous sanctuary of the Western Ghats. The unique facet of this destination is that vehicles are banned here which keeps the region free from pollution.

    You will have the opportunity to spot some of the most unique flora and fauna of the region which will give you an insight into the beauty of the Western Ghats. The hill station is located at a comfortable distance of 125km from Pune, which makes it an almost perfect place for one day trips near Pune.
    Karnala Fort Trek, Matheran

    Karnala Fort Trek, Matheran

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  • 09Kamshet

    Image Credit :

    The popular hill station located near Pune, Kamshet is a scenic village situated at an elevation of 5500 ft above the mean sea level. People generally visit Kamshet on their weekend to pursue some adventure and activities on their one day trip near Pune. Witness the luscious green spreads and undulating hilly terrain of the environs and explore the beauty of the caves and pleasant lakes here. This place is a famous tourist spot where you can plan a trip between October and May to enthral over its natural beauty.  The salubrious nature and serenity of Kamshet qualify it as a place where love exists in every corner and just needs to be felt!

    Activities- Kamshet is an ideal destination for indulging in various activities safely. Marvel at the aerial beauty of this place, that makes it one of the two top paragliding spots in Maharashtra. The world class paragliding facilities invite a large number of flying enthusiasts. Experience farming, swimming and walking in the lovely surroundings. Kamshet is also a home of many medieval fortresses and cultural temples that make it a great attraction for among pilgrims. You can also try camping here and explore the famous Bedse caves near Kamshet.

    Distance from Pune- Kamshet is located in the Western Ghats, near 45 km from Pune, in Maharashtra. It’s easy accessibility by road and railways, makes it a great destination for a short trip.

    Paragliding in Kamshet

    Paragliding in Kamshet

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  • 10 Mulshi Dam

     Mulshi Dam

    The major dam on the banks of Mula River is known as Mulshi Dam, water running from which is used for irrigation and electricity production. This dam is an extremely picturesque location in Maharashtra which offers unique views at every point. This place is more enticing during the wet season as you you witness this beauty in all its glory. This place is full of magical surroundings with forts, forests, hilly terrains and lakes around it. If you plan to trek in this area, then there are regular buses that drop you to the base point Kanderi from where you can start your journey. You can even decide to chill out in the number of resorts that circles the lake.

    Activities- The most common things to engage yourself in during your visit to Mulshi Dam, is trekking and camping. Get in the area of mulshi lake and just sit around the misty green hills, with clear blue sky. Just admire the calmness and peace around you. You can even take a soothing bath in the lake or experience camping by the lake at night. Also there is temple which is situated on the hill, and is a good trekking option. Stay in the luxurious resorts near the Mulshi lake and relax on your weekend.

    Distance from Pune- The place is in the west side of Pune at about 60 km which is an easy travel by road. This is close to Lonavla as well as the Konkan region and is a paradise for nature lover.

    Private Couple Camping near Mulshi Lake: Valentine's Day Special

    Private Couple Camping near Mulshi Lake: Valentine's Day Special

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  • 11Tamhini Ghat

    Image Credit :

    If there is any Ghat near Pune that captures the essence of the beauty of the Western Ghats, its the Tamhini Ghats. Connecting higher and hilly area of Pune to the low lying coastlines of Konkan, the Tamhini Ghats passes through some of the most stunning locations ever! You can see the Temghar dam, the sprawling backwaters of the Mulshi Dam, the virgin and deep forests on either sides and small streams, waterfalls and valleys fliting by merrily.

    For the bike enthusiasts, a ride across the Tamhini Ghat is a must as it will surely enliven your senses and help you see nature in a whole new way. The Tamhini Ghat passes through a rich and vibrant wildlife and flora reserve that has kept it in the attention of many naturalists. Located at about 70km from Pune, it is the perfect place to ride down to and test the mettle of your vehicles.
  • 12Panchgani

    Image Credit :
    The land of five tables, Panchgani, is a stunning hill station located at a distance of about 100kms from the city of Pune. The place is bathed in a beauty of nature that is characteristic of the hill stations of Maharashtra. Green, foggy landscapes are enveloped in an air of mythical beauty. The destination is so called because it has five table like structures that are completely natural.

    These table lands and the surrounding are truly awesome sight to witness as they are full of natural beauty and overlook deep gorges that are blanketed by jungles. Amblle along the leisurely forest paths, explore the charms of a quiet hill station and revel in the beauty of on a one day trip near Pune. You can also shop at the market for some local produce, take part in some activities at the table lands ad buy some fresh produce at Mapro’s garden.
    Camping in Panchgani

    Camping in Panchgani

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    d1 Dayn1 NightlPanchgani

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  • 13Malshej Ghat

    Malshej Ghat
    The Malshej Ghat lies between Thane and Ahmednagar Districts in Maharashtra and is settledpeacefully in thickly lush slopes of theWestern Ghats. Malshej Ghat is an outstanding place for a one day trip near Pune and is also amongst the most well-known trekking spots around Pune, particularly in the monsoons. At the point when the downpours fall, the entire area decks up with waterfalls and overgrown meadows all of which give and ethereal excellence to the destination.

    Incredible and awesome perspectives of the valleys beneath are the highlight of these Ghats where one can appreciate the untouched excellence of nature and its many bounties. The Malshej Ghat is also popular for the many secluded waterfalls that appear in the rains as well a stunning and varied rage of birdlife that is native to the region.
    Lakeside Camping and Barbeque at Malshej Ghat

    Lakeside Camping and Barbeque at Malshej Ghat

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  • 14Alibaug

    Image Credit :
    If you are a beach lover then Alibaug should definitely be one of the best places near Pune for one day Trip in your list. The beach town is bestowed with several virgin and unexplored beaches on its serene coastline. Laying on the coasts of Konkan, it is an outpost that has defied many years of trade, warfare, exploration and exports and has remained one of the most stunning one day trip places near Pune and Mumbai.

     Alibag can be easily reached from Pune as it is a mere 140km distance. The beaches of Harne, Murud, Janjeera, Revdanda, Guhagar and Ganpatipule are all truly spectacular in their own right. Moreover, at Alibag beaches you can also indulge in a number of water sports like Para sailing, Para Gliding, Jet Skii, Banana Boat etc.
    Villa Stay in Alibaug

    Villa Stay in Alibaug

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    d1 Dayn1 NightlAlibag

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  • 15Satara

    Image Credit :
    A quaint hamlet at the foothills of Sahyadri Ranges, Satara is a village that is replete with the beauty of nature like no other. The Koyna and Krishna River and their tributaries that flow swiftly by create a perfect atmosphere suitable for one day trip places near Pune. While it is still an unexplored destination, it is nonetheless well equipped and nurtured with many resorts, restaurants and of course has gorgeous landscapes to offer!

    Located at a distance of 112km from Pune, it is at rough 2 and half hours drive away from the city and the drive is tunningley scenic with numerous hills covering the path. You can also take a short drive to Ajinkyatara Gad, Kaas Plateau and Koteshwar Mandir on this one day trip around Pune.
    Riding Expedition in Satara Circuit

    Riding Expedition in Satara Circuit

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    d1 DaylSatara

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  • 16Wai

    Image Credit :
    Wai is a historic destination located on the banks of the banks of the Krishna River and was often called ‘Dakshin Kashi’ (Kashi of the South ) as it is a famous temple town. The drive from Pune to Wai passes through some amazing Ghats. The drive lasts for about 95km and is a pleasant one. Wai is known most notably, for its temples.

    The sanctauaroes of Dholya Ganpati, who is called the village deity and the range of temples on the Ganpati Ghat are well known throughout the state. Come to Wai to reconnoiter the peace and serenity that you long desired on your one day trip from Pune.Wai also has some amazing and fertile farm lands that are a pleasure to observe. The simple life of a village, the calmness of the river banks and the proximity to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar is what draws visitors to this pious land.
    Camping and Adventure Activities Near Wai

    Camping and Adventure Activities Near Wai

    NNNNM649 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlSatara

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  • 17Sinhagad

    Image Credit :
    The historic fort of Sinhagad is a must visit for a one day trip around Pune for two major reasons, to explore its surroundings and to unravel its impressive history. A standout amongst the most significant forts of Maharashtra, Sinhagad is a stronghold that is a mere 25km from the principle city of Pune. It was the spot where the courageous Maratha General Tanaji Malusare had set out his life battling the Mughals, until Shivaji Maharaj's army could arrive.

     The stronghold is still in a generally in place and can be arrived at the via the winding driveway as well as by trekking to the summit. Both courses up are just as satisfying and offer breathtakikng landscapes all around. The top likewise has an operational Doordarshan and Radio tower. The little lodgings on top are particularly well known for serving "pakode" with tea, curd in earthen pots and Bhakri (Indian bread made of Jowar Flour) with an accompaniment made out of onions!
  • 18 Adlabs Imagica

    Plan an exclusive one day trip near Pune to Adlabs Imagica, which is India’s first and the only International standard Theme Park. One of the popular tourist destinations for adventure seekers, situated near Pune and Mumbai. Embark on your journey to this fun filled kingdom having a capacity of 15,000 people, stretching in an area of about 300 acres. The well known Imagica Theme Park offers entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining and shopping at a single place. There are different zones in this paradise land, offering different kinds of adventurous activities for all kind of public. Enjoy the most famous rides and waterpark in this amusement park.

    Activities- Ravel in the most exquisite and fun filled sports and activities at this theme land. Adlabs Imagica offers you the chance to hop on the rides exclusively designed for various target groups, categorised into family rides (like Bump it Boats, Save the Pirate and Splash Ahoy!), kids rides (like Happy Wheels, Tubby Takes Off and Humpty Falls), and thrill rides (like Dare 2 Drop, Nitro and Scream Machine). Witness the most entertaining street shows, and meet the amusing cartoon characters at Imagica. You can also buy a ticket to have fun at the water park. It is advisable that you carry all your essentials while visiting this place.

    Distance from Pune-  Adlabs Imagica is one of the places near Pune within 100 km situated in Khopoli in Maharashtra, which is about 95 km from Pune airport.

  • 19Junnar Caves

    Wander in the remarkably cut out caves in Maharashtra, the Junnar Caves. Famous for its rock carved temple, this is a house of many devotees. Junnar cave is a group of 200 caves situated in a single place, serving the largest collection of caves in the whole of India.two caves serves as prayer houses, while the rest are monasteries. These sites can be visited from 9 am in the morning to 5 pm. This is one of the ASI protected monument cut out of the big rock on the hill of Junnar. Further, these caves of Junnar are divided into various categories depending on the location of their excavation. Visitors need to deck up 300 steep steps to reach this ancient site. The Junnar caves are datable from 1st century AD to 3rd century AD, offering revelling views of landscapes and vegetation nearby. This is one of the most prominent and ancient destinations for Buddhist pilgrims.

    Activities- The unique and beautifully engraved tourist site of Junnar has been of religious importance for decades. This is a group of caves, of which cave 7 is the biggest and has an idol of Ganesh, which is one of the Ashtavinayak shrines, a set of the eight significant Ganesh shrines in Maharashtra. You can enjoy the windy and lovely areas near Junnar as this place is popular for sightseeing and climbing. Also, you can travel to Shivneri which is the birthplace of Maratha ruler, Shivaji.

    Distance from Pune- Junnar caves are ancient cut out rocks, situated at Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra. This is one of the places near Pune within 100 km, having largest cave excavations in India, which could be visited on a weekend trip. It is about a 96 km drive from Junnar to Pune.

  • 20Bhaja Caves

    Created about 2200 years back, these ancient rock caves are of importance as they signify Buddhist cut out rock architecture in Deccan region. The not so famous caves of Bhaja are located near Lonavala and are worth a visit. The most prominent reason for their tourist's attraction is the number of stupas situated in Bhaja caves. The caves are perched up on a hill at the foot of a small village; a passage of steps has been created by government for easy access to the caves. The climb is steep and you need to be physically fit to reach the location, however, you can take several breaks on your way.

    Activities- Bhaja caves are open from 8 am to 6 pm and is an amazing ride from Pune. Explore the village down below or witness the scenic beauty from the top of the hill. Breathe in the fresh air and take a dip in the waters of the enchanting waterfall ( visible in monsoon) near the cave.

    Distance from Pune- These are one of the oldest caves in India, located near Lonavala in Maharashtra. The ancient group of caves is situated in the valley of Indrayani River. These caves are about 400 ft above the village of Bhaja, near the major route of ancient trade which ran from the Arabian sea eastward into the Deccan Plateau.

  • 21Rajgad Fort

    As the name suggests, Rajgarh, the fort of the Ruler, is truly an amazing site of Royal time. The famous Raigarh Fort is an epitome of high class architecture, initially a property of the great Maratha Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja, later shifted to Raigarh. In October, the whole area is covered with wildflowers which add on to the beauty of this place and is surely a delight to behold. The fort is quite huge with an area of 24 square miles. This is a muddy trail with zig zag paths along with some boulder patches, taken to reach the fort, which is perched up at a height of 1400 m above sea level. However, the beauty of the fort and the environs are a treat to the eyes.

    Activities- This is one of a fascinating trekking locations. Most of the visitors flock in the season of summers and winters as it is a good time to trek here. The narrow and taxing trekking trails cannot be climbed in the monsoon season as the path gets really weary. Also, the sunset from the fort is a view to witness.

    Distance from Pune- The popular Rajgarh Fort is located southwest of Pune city, in Maharashtra. The base village of the trail, Gunjavane is at a distance of about 60 km from Pune and can be visited for a one day trip near Pune.

  • 22Tikona Fort

    Amidst the beauty of Maharashtra, there is the majestic fort of Tikona. Tikona Fort is a fort perched on a hill and literally means three sided fort. This fort has witnessed many dynasties rule in their era in the Maratha region. Also popularly known as Vitangarh, the fort is dotted with special features, such as the Maruti carvings, the small Hanuman carving, mammoth entrance, grinding wheel and what not. This idyllic setting calls for a romantic day out or a short trek to the fort atop. As you reach the epitome, you will see a red colour flag that marks the highest point of this location. You will come across the small Trimbakeshwar Temple on your way to the point. This fort was built during the Silhara dynasty and is still a beautiful site to visit. If you look down from the fort, you can admire the view of the fresh green grass and small herbs and shrubs growing on the walls and the vistas of the fields filled with water and vegetation in the wet months.

    Activities- Tikona Fort is a great destination for a one day trek near Pune and Mumbai. You can admire the eye catching views of the forts at Visapur, Tung and Lohagad. Also, relax at the picturesque Pawna dam or the enclosed lake and Satvahan caves. Waddle through the mud, look at the farmers working in the fields along the road, hear the sweet chirping of the birds, spot beautiful streams making this walk a lot more fun and evenly satisfying. Spot small flowers and practice hands at photography on your trek to this great destination. Witness the breathtaking views of beautiful clouds and soothe in the heavenly drops of water, notice the greenery everywhere and see the magnificent valleys on both sides from the top of the small plateau. Have lunch inside the caves and make this trip an amazing one.

    Distance from Pune- Situated near Kamshet, Tikona is a small fort located 60 km from Pune, in Maval in Maharashtra. However, Bedse caves and Tadashi Temple are also located near to Tikona Fort which could be visited on your way.

  • 23Mahabaleshwar

    Rediscover the old land of Mahabaleshwar, Kshetra in Maharashtra. This fairy tale land is visited by thousands of tourists every year and it serves as a refreshing getaway to all the flockers. Mahabaleshwar is well connected by bus to all major towns in the nearby region. This place is situated at a high altitude of 1353 metres above the sea and is connoted by sceneries, valleys and greenery on all sides. Also, the town has a cool climate which offers pleasant walks and amazing treks. You can visit the old Shiva Temple amidst the rich forest, where the water keeps flowing throughout the year and which is the source of five rivers, including Krishna, the second largest river in Peninsular India.  

    Activities- Enjoy a refreshing walk through the misty forests covered with rich flora and fauna, listen to the continuous whistling thrush as you hike up the path way. Enthral in the stunning ranges of forest and hills in the surroundings of this hill station. Experience the advent of monsoon adding unique charm and appeal to Mahabaleshwar’s outlook. Enjoy horse riding, trekking, boating and witness sunrise and sunsets on the famous view points or calmness of of Venna lake.

    Distance from Pune- The extremely beautiful hill station is located around 120 km southwest from Pune. This plateau serves as a perfect destination for a one day trip near Pune and is situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra and is beautifully perched up in the Western Ghats.

  • 24Panvel

    The most crowded city of Navi Mumbai, Panvel, is often referred as the gateway of the Konkan coast. Get inspired by the verdant landscapes with panoramic views from the top of this town. Panvel serves as a base to travel to all other nearby destination including the Rajgarh fort and Khopoli. This place is highly populated due to it's closeness to the major city of Mumbai. Panvel is a picturesque destination with amazing turquoise clear skies and is rich in variety of birds that migrates to this very land. Embark on this enthralling experience on your weekend, though it is not possible to explore this little place in just a matter of a day or two. However, you can visit the major attractions here on your one day trip near Pune.

    Activities- Panvel is home to two prominent Ganesh temples in maharashtra,  Ballaleshwar and Varadvinayak which attracts a number of pilgrims. You can visit the Karnala fort or the Karnala bird sanctuary which is a key attraction for bird enthusiasts. Karnala fort is a natural habitat of over 150 species of birds which includes red vented bulbul, Indian grey hornbill, owl and beautiful migratory birds like the Magpie Robin, the Malabar whistling thrush and the Paradise flycatcher. Apart from these, explore the beauty of Gadeshwar Dam and the scenic environs of Panvel.

    Distance from Pune- Panvel, a city in Raigarh district of Maharashtra is situated at a distance of 116 km from Pune. This destination in Konkan district is a popular getaway option.

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