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  • Famously called the Island of Gods, Bali has won the hearts of many visitors offering a varied mix of spiritual, cultural and historical places to explore. This miniature island on the world map has some great things to offer to all those romantics out there, everything combined in one single trip. Some amazing beaches to bathe in the sun, dive into the waters with amazing sea creatures, rejuvenation of soul with a spiritual experience at the temples, relishing some of the finest seafood dishes or befriending nature in the wild of Bali’s forests.

    And when you’re planning out a retreat with your better half or looking for a honeymoon to make it a memorable vacation, Bali should be on the top of your list, there many fun-loving things to do in Kuta also. Bali is rapidly emerging as one of the most favored destinations for a romantic getaway and known for its fine hospitality and myriad kinds of activities which will make it an unforgettable trip. Visit various beautiful beaches of Uluwatu which offers many exciting activities for couples.  

    So here we are to help you list out the various activities which you can experience with your partner on your honeymoon to make it a memorable one.

    Here Are Best Activities To Do In Bali On Honeymoon

  • 01Enjoy eBike Cycling At Jatiluwih Green Land

    This place is covered with lush green terraces and rice plantations located in West Bali. The scenic landscape, once a nominee for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located at the foot of Mount Batukaru which is a beautiful place to visit during honeymoon. And the best way to explore bali is to hop on a bike with your helmet on and then exploring the most mesmerizing places of Bali. Having a glimpse of ecotourism with your electric bikes reducing on the carbon output is not an everyday thing, is it?

    The serene countryside, with the mountains covered with clouds by the side of contoured green slopes is sure to take your breath away when you go for e-Bike cycling with your partner. These e-bike tours are given by professionals to help you explore the mountainous terrain surrounded by nature. This activity is perfect in terms of couple things to do in bali

    The activity gives you ample opportunity to ride to the adjacent villages of Kedampal, Mangesta and explore the flavour of Bali’s countryside. On your way, you can also stop at one of the restaurants where you are offered a number of dishes to choose from.

    Distance From Bali Airport: 61 km

    Main Attractions: Rice terraces

    Price/Fees: Starting from INR 2000

    Location:  Jatiluwih (Tabanan)

    Opening and Closing Hours: 9 am to 6 pm

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  • 02Ride Finest Horses Near The Pererenan Beach

    If you’re a fan of outdoor activities and wish to experience the thrill and adventure at Bali, we suggest you go for horseback riding at the Pererenan Beach, Bali. It hosts a mix of events and yes, you get to ride the finest horses across the beautiful green highlands and the mesmerizing sandy beaches. 

    These horses are friendly and calm which are reared following highest standards of animal husbandry, making them excellent for tourists to ride upon. There are professional tour guides to escort you with the horses, so you can be free and enjoy the wilderness with your partner. Just like pererenan Beach, there are many romantic getaways in bali awaits your presence.  

    The experience is tranquil and worth a try for all couples looking for some cowboy adventure on this romantic vacation. It is one of those activities to do in Bali that will definitely give you a memory you will not forget anytime soon. Also, don’t forget to miss this activity as this romantic adventure comes with sunsets, beaches, waterfalls and you can climb up to the mountain cliffs too!

    Distance From Bali Airport: 20 km

    Main Attractions: Rice terraces

    Price/Fees: Starting from INR 2000 per person

    How to Reach: Pickup and drop available

    Location:  Perereran, Bali

    Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 3 pm

  • 03Experience Bali River Tubing - GIanyar, Bali

    One of the most famous romantic things to do in Bali, this activity offers you an exhilarating experience of river tubing at the magnificent Pakerisan River. The adventurous activity will last for a couple of hours giving you some serious thrill and adrenaline rush. 

    The activity is coordinated by professionals whom you can trust with the task of worrying for you safety while you are having fun and this is among the best things to do in bali for honeymooners. The safety gear and equipment is of top-notch quality. They also offer lunch and the guides give you quick insights into the river ecology when you set on your adventure trail.

    Here you can go on your own tube and dive into the wondrous waters to witness the authentic and untouched Bali. This experience certainly would go down your memory lane as one of the best adventure you had with your partner amidst the panoramic green landscapes of Bali.

    Distance From Bali Airport: 28 km

    Main Attractions: Water Sports, Sightseeing

    Price/Fees: Starting from INR 4500 per person

    Location:  Pakerisan River at Tampaksiring Regency

    How To Reach: Pickup available

    Opening & Closing Hours: 10 am to 4 pm
  • 04Do Yoga At Sanur Beach

    Sanur Beach with its calm and serene landscape is one of the most wonderful places on earth when you look for an escape from all the urban clatter and scurry. Even when on a romantic vacation, this place is not going to disappoint you with all its relaxing activities like yoga and pilates. So you need to stretch out, move your muscles and go for this activity when on your honeymoon in Bali. Sanur Beach is famous for water sports in Bali.

    We say you get up a little early one day and experience the sunrise while relaxing your body with yoga at the Sanur Beach. All couples should try this together and experience the rejuvenating effect on your body as yoga leaves you with a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. The clear blue skies and azure waters of the Indian Ocean have an enchanting way of providing nature’s therapy at the Sanur Beach which you just can’t afford to miss out!

    Distance From Bali Airport: 13 km

    Main Attractions: Yoga and sightseeing

    Price/Fees: Nil

    Location:  Sanur Beach

    Opening & Closing Hours: 8 am to 8 pm (Early mornings recommended)
  • 05Go On Shopping With Your Partner At Ubud Art Market

    How can one complete a romantic vacation without collecting some souvenirs? We suggest you to explore the Ubud Art Market as one of the things to do in Bali on honeymoon as it offers a variety of unique mementos crafted by traditional Balinese people. If you remember Eat, Pray, Love, this was one of the places where Julia Roberts is seen exploring in Bali.

    So, during a calm relaxing afternoon, one should go for a stroll in this unique market and buy artistic items to decorate your home or you can just buy clothing with Balinese traditional prints. They also offer satin and silk products which are totally distinctive and of very high quality which you won’t find anywhere else. Ubud comes among the great places to explore in Bali on Honeymoon

    But before you go to the Ubud Art market, here’s a quick Bali shopping tips so don’t forget to exercise your bargaining skills at this market if you wish to maximize your shopping.

    Distance From Bali Airport: 37 km

    Main Attractions: Shopping and traditional craftsmanship

    Prices/Fees: Varied (Depends on your shopping)

    Location: Jalan Raya Ubud main road, opposite the Puri Saren Ubud Palace.
  • 06Visit Mother Temple of Eastern Bali - Besakih Temple

    One of the most spectacular examples of Balinese architecture is the Besakih Temple which has stood for almost 1000 years at the top of the volcanic Mt Agung. This is the reason why this temple is an important place to visit in bali.

    The temple complex comprises of three temples dedicated to the Hindu trinity- Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. It is one of the most revered and biggest Hindu temples in Bali and draws visitors from all faiths. With its beautifully designed complex, the place provides a lot of sightseeing opportunities for the explorer in you.

    So dive into one of the best spiritual experiences at Bali by visiting this place of reverence on your honeymoon and enjoy the spectacular scenery that makes the temple more enchanting on your honeymoon.

    Distance from Airport: 54 km

    Main Attractions: Pura Basukian, Pura Penataran Agung, and Pura Dalem Puri

    Price/Fees: 15000-20000 IDR

    Location: in Besakih Village, Rendang Sub-district, Karangasem District

    How To Reach: Two and a half hours from Sanur (private transportation or a tourist bus)

    Opening & Closing Hours: 08:00 – 17:00, but it is actually open 24 hours as it is a place of worship
  • 07Watch Sunset At Tanah Lot Beach Temple

    Fulfill your daydreams and walk around with sand beneath your feet, looking at the brilliant sun coming down to meet the earth at the horizon at the Tanah Lot Beach Temple in Bali. The orange skies are sure to take your breath away while witnessing it at this ancient Hindu shrine surrounded by the beautiful ocean.  Enough to say, the superb setting of this place has made it one of the most favorite things to do in Bali for honeymooners.

    There are sunset Kecak ‘fire dance’ performances daily from 6:30 pm every evening and are very entertaining. We suggest you take out some time from your itinerary to witness the glorious sunset at the Tanah Lot beach. The radiant sunset and the peaceful atmosphere offers the most romantic nuances for making it a memorable evening with your soulmate.

    Distance from Airport: 28 km (1 hour)

    Location: Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency and Bali province – Indonesia

    Main Attractions: Muara Beach, Front Hotel Beach and Kedungu Beach

    How to reach:  20 minutes from Tabanan town

    Opening & Closing Hours: 7 am to 7 pm

  • 08See Marine Life While Walking Underwater - Sanur Beach

    Sanur Beach in Bali helps you go underwater into the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean and take a walk amidst the marine life. You get to feed the fishes and view the brilliantly colored coral reefs by reaching up to 15 feet deep into the ocean. You should grab a Bali Adventure Tours for an ultimate fun.  

    They offer you specially designed helmets that help you remain underwater and walk on the ocean floor while observing the diverse marine life across your path. And the best thing about it is that you don’t need any prior training as it is all taken care of by professional sea walkers.

    It is definitely one of the most promising and thrilling activities to do in Bali that you should not forget to tick off from your list of memorable things to do with your husband/wife on your honeymoon in Bali.

    Distance from Airport: 13 km

    Main Attractions: Underwater marine walks

    How to Reach:  Pickup and drop

    Opening & Closing Hours: 7 am to 10 pm
  • 09Take Jet Ski Bali Experience - Nusa Dua, Bali

    Taking the standards of adventure to another level at Nusa Dua in Bali, the Jet Ski experience is one of the best places to ride in the open waters. 

    There are trained professional guides to acquaint you with how to ride Jet Ski and look after your safety. The clear and blue waters along the sandy coastlines of Bali at Nusa Dua are one of the best places around the world for water sports, so we suggest you to try out this one too!

    For all those sports enthusiasts, this activity to do in bali on honeymoon is worth a try to enrich your honeymoon experience against the coastal and sandy backdrop with the thrill of sports. It’s an exhilarating activity where you can experience the fresh air breeze and speed through  the magnificent Indian Ocean. So take your partner on the Jet Ski in Bali and experience the pleasure of water sports.

    Distance from Airport: 16 km

    Main Attractions: Benoa Beach

    Price/Fees: Starting INR 3500 per person

    Location: Nusa Dua, Bali

    Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 5 pm
  • 10Get Banana Boat Ride Experience - Nusa Dua, Bali

    With its calm and clear waters, Tanjung  Benoa Beach is one of the best places to go for the famous Banana Boat rides in Bali. The Benoa Beach is known for its marine sports activities and riding on these famous banana boats is looked forward to by many tourists. Banana boat ride is the most romantic thing to do in bali.

    Pulled by a speedboat, about five people can hop on these inflatable rubber boats shaped in the form of a banana and go for a round that lasts around 15 minutes but will give a memory that you would remember for a long time to come. The beach has a beautiful landscape with an incredible coastline along the Indian Ocean and the breezy winds blowing through  your hair.

    We say, you surely must try out this activity with your husband/wife in Bali to excite the thrill seeker within yourselves on this trip.

    Distance from Airport: 16 km

    Main Attractions: Water sports at Benoa Beach

    Price: Starting IDR 100 per person

    Location: Nusa Dua, Bali  

    Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

  • 11Night Volcano Trekking At Mount Agung

    Numerous places to visit in bali during honeymoon are romantic biut Mount Agung is better than others. If you love backpacking and wander across adventurous treks, this activity is one which you should look forward to experience on your vacation to Bali. So you just need to challenge your fitness and climb to the top of this 3000 metre mountain with your partner to witness the lush greenery and the tranquility of nature.

    There are professional trekkers who would assist you from the villages on your trek to assist with the safety and the trek. The climb to the summit takes about 5-7 hours which is challenging but the result you can see is glorious in the form of an incredible sun which you can observe making its way up to the sky across a majestic landscape.

    If you like wandering off to untouched and unscathed areas for exploring the nuances of the majestic Mother Nature, the climb to Mount Agung will not disappoint you anyway.

    Distance from Airport: 75 km

    Main Attractions: Trekking

    Price/Fees: Nil

    How to Reach:  Trek from Pura Pasar Agung or Besakih temple

    Opening & Closing Hours: Overnight trek
  • 12Enjoy Delicious Breakfast With Elephants - Bali Zoo

    Breakfast with elephants? Sounds weird at first but it’s a real thing when you start you day at the Bali zoo and stop for a breakfast . Here they offer a king size breakfast and you get to ride with the elephants across the zoo. These are warm and friendly elephants who would make you enjoy and have the thrill of adventure simultaneously.

    You can try out the Elephant Safari here which will give you a tour of the zoo while you sit and enjoy on the Sumatran elephants, one of the largest mammals on the earth. They also allow you to hand feed these elephants and capture your memories in a camera with these giant creatures.

    We suggest all couples to enjoy the breakfast while having an intimate interaction with the wilderness and be joined by cheerful elephants at the Bali zoo for a wild excursion.

    Distance from Airport: 28 km

    Main Attractions: Sightseeing and elephant riding

    Price: IDR 50000

    Location: Bali Zoo - Kebun Binatang Bali Singapadu, Gianyar

    How to Reach: Pick up and drop available

    Opening & Closing Hours: 8 am to 12 pm
  • 13Imbue Vitality At Zen Inspired "Shinto Signature Japanese Spa"

    This place offers the most authentic Japanese styled massages at Bali and you’re sure to forget all your worries and get transported to a serene place once you experience a Japanese styled spa here. You can choose the package of your choice and enjoy a professional nourishing treatment at this famous spa facility just like other spas in bali

    This activity is highly recommended after you’ve had a fair share of thrill and adventure from all the water sports and trekking in Bali. It is one of those activities to do in Bali which sure not be missed. So we suggest, you should definitely go for a massage here with your partner and come out rejuvenated.

    This Japanese massage is one of the most revitalizing and soothing activities and we strongly recommend you to not miss out on this opportunity when on your honeymoon at Bali.

    Distance from airport: 40 km

    Main Attractions: Spa and Wellness

    Price: Rs 7000 per person

    Location: Shinto Spa Kedewatan, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

    How to Reach:  Hotel pickup available

    Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 9 pm
  • 14Watch Devdan Show In Nusa Dua

    If you’re a fan of performing arts, the Devdan show in Nusa Dua is a promising event which should be on your wish list. This show has creativity at its best with the most interesting ways to showcase the life of Indonesian people for all the tourists, acquainting you with the nuances of their lifestyle and culture. 

    The show has a compelling narrative, outstanding actors and some brilliant music and special effects that make a convincing case for an evening outing in Bali. Devdan show is one of the fun things to do in bali just like kayaking in sanur beach.

    The traditional Indonesian dances are performed by skilled dancers and has blend of western culture that makes it interesting for all the tourists visiting Bali for the first time. And the best thing is you get to learn the Indonesian culture in the most interesting way through this show and that too in just a couple of hours.

    Remember to check this out on your honeymoon if you love traditional dances and acrobatics.

    Main Attractions: Traditional Indonesian theatre

    Price: IDR 500-1000

    Price: IDR 500-1000

    Location: Bali Nusa Dua Theatre  Komplek BTDC Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua

    Opening & Closing Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30 pm
  • 15Sail Through Oceans - Bali Sailing Trip

    A trip to Bali will ever remain unfulfilled if you don’t go for the sailing trip with your partner across the warm and magnificent blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Sailing beneath the blue skies and wandering into the ocean is sure to give you a memory of Kate Winslet and Leonardo diCaprio on the Titanic.

    One of the most romantic things to do in Bali, this activity comes along with a BBQ lunch and gives you the opportunity to peek into island life of the people in Bali. Also, the service lets you choose among variety of cruises like beach club cruise, reef cruise, island discovery cruise, dolphin sighting cruise, etc. The activity offers the experience of voyaging and lets you observe the beautiful flora and fauna of Bali. It is a full-day sailing trip to  Nusa Lembongan from Ubud and will help you explore the ocean with its crystal clear waters and spend some quality time with your better half on your honeymoon when you’re in Bali.

    Main Attractions: Sightseeing

    Price/Fees: Starting 6000 INR per person

    Location: Ubud

    How to Reach:  Pickup and drop available

    Opening & Closing Hours: 8 am to 6:30 pm

  • 16Discover Scuba Diving In Denpasar

    The warm and blue waters at Denpasar offer a wonderful opportunity to dive into the ocean and experience the beautiful greenery beneath the ocean surface. This place has some beautiful underwater landscapes that are best appreciated when you dive into the ocean. This activity is worth a try for every couple who likes to have some memorable adventure and you will remember it for a long time to come.

    It comes without saying that it is managed by world class professionals who guide and train you to handle the equipments and how to dive and snorkel into the waters. And once you get into the ocean, you can forget the world and experience yourself becoming one with the nature with the kaleidoscopic coral reefs and the aquatic life in front of you.

    We suggest you should definitely live this experience with your partner on your honeymoon in Bali.

    Distance from Airport: 12 km

    Main Attractions: Underwater scuba diving

    Price/Fees: Starting IDR 3000

    Location: Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Denpasar

    Opening and Closing Hours: 7 am to 6:30 pm
  • 17Get Best Foot Massage In Bali Spring Spa

    Honeymoon is there to relax and spend some quality time with your partner. And while listing out things to do in Bali for honeymooners who can miss out on the famous couple’s foot massages in Bali Spring Spa. 

    It is one of the most famous places and highly recommended if you want to restore your energy and have a relaxing time after you go on the tedious activities of your vacation. The soothing atmosphere here provides a calming influence on the mind and body. 

    They offer a number of massages and spa treatments with which you can relax and unwind the tensions of the mind. You can also stay in a resort with additional spa facility such as private pools, check our guide - places to stay in bali with private pool on honeymoon.

    And wait, don’t even blink when we tell you that these massages are very budget friendly, so you don’t even have to splurge your pockets on anything fancy. We totally recommend it to all the couples to put it in their itinerary for their honeymoon trip to Bali.

    Distance from Airport: 12 km

    Main Attractions: Spa and wellness

    Price/Fees: Starting IDR 50

    Location: Bali Spring Spa Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

    Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 11 pm
  • 18Be A Bird - Paragliding In Bali For Couples

    If you’re one of those couples who love the thrill of adventure and like to experience all the daring feats, we suggest you go for paragliding in Bali. With some of the most amazing sceneries around the globe, Bali offers a majestic and panoramic landscape which appears twice as beautiful when you witness it from the sky. The paragliding activity is coordinated by professional guides who are ready to handle your safety and guide you every step of the way and makes it a very romantic thing to do in Bali.

    So, paragliding is just another way for all those adventure freaks to pour out their energy and fly like a bird across the highlands and beaches of Bali. Also, it is a must try activity for the couples who wish to add some excitement with adventure sports to their honeymoon experience.

    Distance from Airport: 17 km

    Main Attractions: Sightseeing, Adventure sports

    Price/Fees: USD 100

    Location: Bali Paragliding Benoa, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

    How to Reach:  Pickup from Nusa Dua and Jimbaran only

    Opening & Closing Hours: 8 am to 6 pm
  • 19Enjoy Sunset Dinner Cruise

    As the sun begins its trajectory to call it a day, you can start with your evening by joining the sunset dinner cruise at Benoa Harbour. Here they give you a chance to enjoy the evening and just relax with drinks, dinner, and dance.

    Coupled with exotic dance shows and live music, this activity offers a memorable time which you can have with your partner on your honeymoon. The cruise package also includes a DJ, trio singer and a comedy cabaret show which will entertain you throughout the dinner. And, of course, the international buffet dinner takes the experience to a whole new level.

    All romantic people should look forward to this activity in Bali to live an experience that will be etched in your memory for a long time to come!

    Distance from Airport: 7.5 km

    Main attractions: Sightseeing and Dinner cruise

    Price/Fees: IDR 800

    Location: Benoa Harbour

    How to Reach: Hotel pickup and drop

    Opening & Closing Hours: 5:45 pm to 8:45 pm

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  • 20Learn Indonesian Cooking At Balinese Cooking Class

    Amongst all the thrill and adventurous activities, the Bali trip also offers one the opportunity to enjoy a surreal day with their partner and engage in an Indonesian cooking activity offered at Bali by various people specializing in the cuisine.

    Taking a cooking class with your partner is sure a fun and amusing activity. Here they teach you traditional Balinese recipes and give relaxed lessons which will make you feel at home in no time. So, learn a new recipe to cook, boast among your friends back home and have a splendid time learning these with your husband/wife at these cooking classes.

    For all the foodies and those who appreciate fine cuisine, taking a Balinese cooking class is highly recommended and you can choose among the various classes offered over there, depending upon your food preferences. There are a number of famous cooking classes coming up gradually which offer some fabulous eating and learning experiences in Bali.

    Price/Fees: Starting INR 4000 per person
  • 21Explore Multiple Temples in Bali - Bali Helicopter Flight

    All ground visits, however magnificent they may be are nothing compared to aerial explorations. So there’s one activity you should try if you agree with us- Bali helicopter flights. These flights will give you another perspective and experience to your trip while you witness the majestic temples of Bali from the sky. On a single flight, you get to explore so many temples at once and be amazed with the intricate Balinese architecture in the form of some spectacular scenery beneath with all those lush green mountain slopes and the black sandy beaches.

    And why tire your feet, when you can be enchanted with Bali’s beauty while on a helicopter ride in just a few minutes? So, if you wish to experience Bali with a bird’s eye view, hop onto one of these flights and get set to have a terrific experience in the air.

    Main Attractions: Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul temple spring, rice terraces, etc.

    Price: IDR 4000-7000 per person

    How to Reach:  Hotel pickup and drop

    Opening & Closing Hours: 9 am to 9 pm

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  • 22Spend Some Intimate Time - Nandini Jungle Resort, Ubud

    If you are looking for some calm and quiet time with your partner, we suggest you visit the Nandini Jungle Resort in Ubud. This luxury resort is located in the Ayung river valley amidst the green forests and known for its uniqueness. This resort is ranked among the best bali resorts for couples.

    It also offers various facilities like spa, yoga and meditation, village tour, swimming pools with some breathtaking views everywhere. The resort has been constructed with natural materials and situated amidst a stunning landscape. You can choose from Jungle View, Sunrise Villa or the new Nandini Panorama, each offering a striking view of the outdoors.

    Since the resort is located far away from the hustle-bustle of the city, one can experience a quality time in the serene atmosphere. We recommend you to stay a night here and cherish your time with your better half while appreciating the beautiful setting of this resort.

    Distance from Airport: 50 km

    Main Attractions: Sightseeing, Spa and Wellness

    Price: Starting from INR 13000

    Location: Br. Susut, Desa Buahan, Payangan, Buahan, Payangan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

    Opening & Closing Hours: All hours open
  • 23Go For a Romantic Beach Dinner - Canggu Beach Dinner

    Canggu Beach in Bali offers a variety of resorts that have earned their name for their hospitality, fine cuisine and providing a romantic setting for all the lovebirds to enjoy while having a romantic dinner on the beach in Bali. This small village boasts of many five star bars and restaurants generally hosting international visitors in Bali.

    The restaurants here have enigmatic and dreamy settings which will surely give you a serene atmosphere to have a laidback and romantic time with our partner and have a dinner that is prepared for you by international chefs.  

    This place has one of those picturesque surroundings where you can spend some amazing time on your honeymoon in Bali making it one of those splendid settings if you’re listing out things to do in Bali on honeymoon .

    So don’t forget to check out one of these places and have a meal to remember for a lifetime with your life partner.

    Distance from Airport: 21 km

    Main Attractions: Sightseeing, Dinner

    Location: Canggu Beach

    Opening & Closing Hours: 7 am to 11 pm

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Jatiluwih Green Land

Jatiluwih Green Land is prominent for its scenic landscapes that are extremely exotic and dramatic. This was once the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site candidate.

Highlights: You can take a full day tour to the Jatiluwih Green Land. Jatiluwih is the principal attraction here along with the other prominent highlights located here such as the Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest and the Batukaru Temple. The picturesque Tanah Lot sea can also be visited towards the end of your day tour just in time when you can partake in the dinner shows with the backdrop of the splendid sunset. Halfway up the view is the very alluring view accredited to the 180 degrees of the gently sloping terraces that can be seen as far as your eyes go.

Location: Jatiluwih Green Land is located at about 700 meters above the sea level in the Tabanan regency of the Penebel district.

Timings: Open round the year.

Price: Entry to the Jatiluwih Green Land is free.


Mount Batur

While you are in Bali you should picked this Kintamani tour which permits you to trek to Mount Batur. Head out for an exciting trek to Mount Batur and welcome the sun in the early morning when the entire world is snoozing. Trek to a stature of around 1717 meter and experience the marvellous magnificence. Mount Batur is considered as one of the sacred mountains by the Hindus. This volcanic mountain draws individuals from distant locations abroad for its shocking beautiful beauty.

The dawn trekking in Bali is exceptionally well known among the vacationer everywhere throughout the world. Feel the difficulties as you trek through the dimness and achieve the top to appreciate the stunning dawn. This is a twofold treat for the photography sweethearts where they can click some astonishing photos of the dawn and the environment.

Highlights: While heading out on this trek you can also enjoy some lavish breakfast right there along with your friends.

Price: Approximate cost starts from 60 USD per individual

Location: Mount Batur is located at the center of two concentric calderas North West of Mount Agung on the island of Bali.


Ubud Monkey Forest

Also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, Ubud Monkey Forest is one of Ubud's most famous attractions; a characteristic woods asylum that is home to a crowd of dim since quite a while ago followed macaques. The site is very much safeguarded because of a group based administration program. The forest is situated close to Ubud Town Center, and inside simple strolling separation from guesthouses and resorts along the primary streets of Jalan Hanoman and the namesake Jalan Monkey Forest.

Other than watching perky monkeys in their natural habitat, swinging through shades, lazing along pathways or eating bananas, the site offers cool strolls along cleared pathways through a verdant nutmeg wood. Excellent old sanctuaries with gatekeeper statues canvassed in greenery additionally highlight all through the forest.

 Highlights: If you want to explore few other places than the Ubud Monkey Forest you can also visit the Ubud Royal Palace and head out for some shopping in the Ubud Art Market.

 Location: Ubud Monkey Forest is located at Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

 Timings:  Open from 8:30 AM–6:00 PM


Taman Ayun Temple

When you visit Bali, Taman Ayun Temple is a must visit attraction as it holds a supreme position in the development of Balinese culture and tradition. The astounding landmark is in the village of Mengwi in Badung regency. Brilliantly portrayed architecture makes the temple complex separated from other temples in Bali. The traditional architectural nuances can be seen in its courtyards, enclosures and the vast garden landscapes that house lotus and fish ponds.

History of the Temple: The construction of the temple was in 1634 by the then ruler, Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan. The Chinese architectural aspects had influenced the construction of this temple as well. Hence in 1937, the temple witnessed a major restoration project.

Highights: There are the towering tiers that create the profile of Taman Ayun and the temple complex is considered to be the mother temple of Mengwi. It was meant to serve as the main worship centre for Mengwi people since they were not travelling far to other main temples like Besakih in Karangasem or Batur Temple in Kintamani. Taman Ayung is believed to be the unifying factor of the people and the royal family.

Structure of the Temple: The temple complex possesses expansive landscaped gardens and courtyards. The first courtyard which is large and open is a grassy expanse while the courtyard inside has a number of meru or multi-tiered shrines. Along with them, there are pools filled with pink lotuses and fish. The complex is part of the subak which shows the complex rice field irrigation system.

Entry fee:
     -Adult: 20000 Rp
     -Child: 10000 Rp

Opening hours: 08:00 am to 06:00 pm

Location: Jl. Ayodya No.10, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia


Lake Beratan

Lake Beratan is a hollow lake that has a caldera of about 1231 meters above the sea level. It is located at Bedugul and is an important attraction of Bali.

Highlights: Lake Beratan has a width of 3.8 km square and a depth of up to 22 meters. The water volume of the lake is approximately 0,049 km3, so it is actually a closed lake. Tourists can access the lake via the dock which is desisted or provided around the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. Visitors can also carry out an array of activities for recreation such as parasailing, water skiing, riding on the motorbike to circle the whole of lake, fishing, banana boating and canoeing with the traditional boat.

Location: Lake Beratan is located at Jl. Bedugul - Singaraja, Candikuning, Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Timings: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: IDR 7,500 per person Children(domestic) IDR 10,000 per person Adult (domestic) IDR 15,000 per person Children (tourist) IDR 30,000 per person Adult (tourist)

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple, or Pura Luhur Uluwatu, one of six fundamental temples thought to be Bali's holy pillars, is famous for its majestic location, rested on top of a sheer cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level. This temple also yields the marvelous sunset backdrops as that of Tanah Lot Temple located on the island's western shores. This temple is unquestionably one of the top points on the island to enjoy the stunning sunset delight, with uninterrupted views overlooking the gorgeous Indian Ocean.
Balinese structure, traditionally-designed gateways and antiquated sculptures add to Uluwatu Temple's appeal.
Without an uncertainty, what makes Uluwatu Temple spectacular is its cliff-top environment at the end of a plateau 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. Several archaeological relics found here confirm the temple to be of megalithic origin, dating back to the 10th century. There are two entrances to Uluwatu Temple, from the south and the north.

Timings: The visiting hours for the temple is from 9 AM to 6 PM. As a place of worship, however, it is open 24 hours daily.

How to Reach: Take the bypass main road to Nusa Dua and to Jimbaran and then follow the ascending road up to Uluwatu.

Lake Batur (Danau Batur)

Another precious attraction in Kintamani which is a must visit for you is the famous Lake Batur(Danau Batur). Take in the crisp mountain air and majestic scenes of Lake Batur (Danau Batur) a crescent shape waterway in the shadow of an active volcano. Mount Batur sits at the focal point of a huge caldera- - a pit like bowl shaped by volcanic action - of which the lake fills the southeastern side. Take a boat on the lake, trek to the highest point of the well of lava for shocking perspectives, and afterward go for a dunk in the hot springs ignoring the water.

 Highlights: While you are here get a taste of the culture here as you explore the local village and then the museum and learn about the historical backdrop of the volcano. Also visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur- - considered the second most famous temple in Bali. The temple sits on the edge of the caldera, having been destroyed by the lava when it was initially situated within the basin.

 Location: Lake Batur is located at south east side of Mount Batur.


Tampak Siring/Holy Spring Water Temple

There are a lot of temples and holy spring in Kintamani, Bali which attracts a lot of tourist from around the world. Tirtha Empul Temple or also called Tampak Siring Temple or Holy Water Temple is a place to purge our self from the awful impacts in life where we can find the conventional showers sourced from the springs at this sanctuary. The water that comes out from the shower is accepted to dispose of all sorts of maladies incorporating unfriendly adverse effect in the human life.

 Highlights: The Balinese believes that the springs ascending from the earth is the God's creation, thus in 882 Saka (990 AD) organized to be a lake refined by the sort of Indrajayasinghawarmadewa with the name of Tirtha ri air hampul. The information is contained on an engraving at Sakenan Temple.

 Location: Tampak Siring Temple is located in Tampak Siring Village, Gianyar Regency,  39 km to the east of Denpasar City


Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is a blend of littler shorelines crossing a few nearby towns between two areas in the North Bali rule of Buleleng. The shoreline is an extraordinary contrasting option to the exceptionally prevalent (and regularly swarmed shorelines of Bali's south, any semblance of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. More settled waves, tranquil dark sand shores, excites in the offing, and a nightlife scene, are only a couple of things that entirety up this curious north Bali drift.

Evenings are a remarkable highlight here, with rather stifled nightlife after sunset. An expansive parking spot outskirts the shoreline with lines of bistros and in vogue fish eateries at its sides. Close to the sand, a solitary towering dolphin statue remains as an official point of interest.

Highlights: This beach is famous for dolphin sightseeing. People from around the world come to witness the friendly creature here.

Location: The Lovina beach is located in Kalibukbuk area of Bali.

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