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  • All of the Singapore Theme Parks are designed at their best to provide families and friends with an abundance of fun and games through their recreational activities. Kick all the exhaustion from your body and set on a journey of theme and water parks in Singapore that enhance the trip after visiting the other local tourist attractions.

    Limited Period Offer: Adventure Cove Waterpark Ticket (Flat 22% Off)

    Whether you are looking for thrilling rides, fun water slides or some time with nature, these parks have got it all covered to suit your liking! These recreational areas are all designed differently to allow people to feel at their best whenever they decide to visit any of these. Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore River Safari, Wave House and Wild Wild Wet are some of the best water parks in Singapore.

    Steal Deal: Universal Studios Singapore (Rs 1000 Cashback)

    If you are looking forward to a dry theme park then Universal Studios, Jurong Bird Park, Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa 4D Adventure Land should surely be on your list apart from the other parks revealed below. Singapore also has a lot to offer to the kids, for their cheerfulness is above all; places like Kidzania, Splash @Kidz Amaze and Westgate Wonderland is a runaway hit among them.

    Here are some of the best water parks and theme parks in Singapore:

  • 01Adventure Cove Waterpark

    Adventure Cove Waterpark
    Adventure Cove Waterpark, true to its name, is an exploratory place where you can mix with splashes of water by floating down their chutes and slides.  If you don’t mind the height, then you should take a slide down their very famous Pipeline Plunge.

    The option of snorkeling in a water park where you can see several aquatic species in their natural habitat makes this one of the best Singapore water parks. Inside the gates of this park is a long Adventure River on which you can lay on a lazy boat and travel through fourteen of their imitation habitats.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

    Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway

    How to Book: Book the Adventure Cove Waterpark Ticket at Flat 22% Off
    Adventure Cove Waterpark Ticket Singapore - Flat 22% off

    Adventure Cove Waterpark Ticket Singapore - Flat 22% off

    NNNNM31 Ratings

    h8 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 02Universal Studios Singapore

    Universal Studios Singapore
    Situated in Singapore’s most fun area, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore is a fairyland for both children and adults. This Singapore theme park is huge and contains more than a few theme parks united with advanced technology and a differently designed roller coaster. Battlestar Galactica is considered one of the most enthralling rides in this park besides others like the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Transformers ride which is a 3D ride, Canopy Flyer and the most surprising of all, Revenge of the Mummy.

    You will also find several refashioned streets from Paris and Hollywood where you can buy souvenirs or even grab a quick bite before you step on the next roller coaster.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. (up to 10.00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday)

    Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway

    How to Book: Book the Universal Studios Ticket at a discount of 28% 
    Universal Studios Singapore Ticket - Flat 28% off

    Universal Studios Singapore Ticket - Flat 28% off

    NNNNN264 Ratings

    h10 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


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  • 04Jurong Bird Park

    Jurong Bird Park
    Enter the Jurong Bird Park to be surrounded by over 5000 birds freely fluttering over you in this largest aviary of Asia. You can catch the various bird exhibits that include animals like flamingos, pelicans, macaws and even hornbills conducted two times a day for each program. Inside this bird park is an artificial waterfall, which is as uplifting as a real one that is home to over 600 birds; you can easily capture this scene from the suspension bridge.

    Join the caretakers at the different feeding time of various birds wherein you can partake in feeding the birds and also learn a lot more about them. Children find a lot of pleasure in the in-house bird themed water park where they can spend some cool off time and glide down tiny slides in the play area.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 08.30 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

    Location: 2 Jurong Hill

    How to Book: Book the Jurong Bird Park Tickets at a discount of 20%
    Jurong Bird Park Tickets with Transfer - Flat 20% off

    Jurong Bird Park Tickets with Transfer - Flat 20% off

    NNNNM30 Ratings

    h4 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 05River Safari Singapore

    River Safari Singapore
    You must visit the River Safari Singapore if you are an animal lover to see over 5000 faunas residing together on this campus. This Singapore theme park is designed to resemble a wildlife park so that animals can feel that they are living in their natural environment. One can encounter animals like Monkeys, crocodiles, manatees, and flamingos to name a few of the many thousands, plus the marine life species in the large freshwater aquarium.

    Visiting the River Safari Singapore is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their pandas living in a forest environment who they call Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Make sure to visit both their sections, Wildlife Amazonia to watch creatures from the Amazon Rainforest and Rivers of the World housing animals that reside in & around eight different rivers across the world.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

    Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road

    How to Book: Book the River Safari ticket at Flat 17% Off
    River Safari Singapore - Flat 17% off

    River Safari Singapore - Flat 17% off

    NNNNM29 Ratings

    h3 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 06Singapore Zoo

    Singapore Zoo
    You will need your walking shoes to cover the entire area of Singapore Zoo which is a gigantic home for over 4000 animals that belong to different regions of the world. The rarely found White Tigers also live in this Zoo, and one must not miss a chance to see them when in Singapore.

    Mostly all of the animals of this zoo are allowed to roam freely and aren’t caged to let them feel free and happy within nature. There is a large hectares of land where only orangutans stay, and it is a delight to watch them. You can also feed the Asian elephants at an added cost.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 08.30 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

    Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road

    How to Book: Book the Singapore Zoo Tickets at a discount of 24%
    Singapore Zoo Tickets - Flat 24% off

    Singapore Zoo Tickets - Flat 24% off

    NNNNM105 Ratings

    h10 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 07Kidzania Singapore

    Kidzania Singapore
    Kidzania Singapore is a professionally-themed learning Singapore Theme Park where children can have the time of their lives roleplaying their dream jobs. Inside this premise is a university for learning various vocations like surgery, dentistry, etc. There is also a radio station, a bakery, a restaurant for those who wish to grow to become bakers, chefs, and radio jockeys.

    At the end of their designated hours, kids receive money in return for the job performed as an appreciation, and to teach them the value of earning and spending. An in-house shopping complex lets them exchange that money for anything they like.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

    31 Beach View

    How to Book: Book the
     Kidzania Singapore Ticket at Flat 18% Off
    Ticket to Kidzania Singapore - Flat 18% off

    Ticket to Kidzania Singapore - Flat 18% off

    NNNNM34 Ratings

    h4 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 08Wings of Time Singapore

    Wings of Time Singapore
    Conducted post-sunset, Wings of Time Singapore has wowed audiences with its eccentric light, water and sound show that has won worldwide awards. With the help of these elements, this show is an audiovisual representation of a tale of two friends, and about finding their way back home.

    The reflection on the water is much like watching a movie on a large multiplex screen with full surround sound. Reach on time and catch a seat on the first few rows to enjoy some splashes of water fall on you every now and then.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 07.40 p.m. and 08.40 p.m.

    Location: Beach Station, Sil0so Beach, Wings of Time Theatre

    How to Book: Book the Wings Of Time Ticket at Flat 30% Off
    Wings of Time Singapore - Flat 30% off

    Wings of Time Singapore - Flat 30% off

    NNNNM36 Ratings


    Starting from


  • 09S.E.A. Aquarium

    S.E.A. Aquarium
    S.E.A. Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world and is a major attraction for tourists and residents of this country. In this large water space resides aquatic animals like Eels, Bottlenose Dolphins, Nurse Sharks, and Giant Octopuses which are only a few of the 800 other species.

    Stay as long as you spot the Manta Rays, for this Sea Aquarium is world famous to possess the prevalent collection of this breed. Standing before the huge piece of glass and viewing the colourful fishes roam about is staging that is unforgettable!

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

    Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway

    How to Book: Book the 
    S.E.A. Aquarium Ticket at discount of 25%
    S.e.a. Aquarium Singapore Ticket - Flat 25% off

    S.e.a. Aquarium Singapore Ticket - Flat 25% off

    NNNNN82 Ratings

    h9 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 10Night Safari

    Night Safari
    Ride on a slow tram to see animals living in their rainforest abode within emerald greenery; the audio played inside the tram hints at what we are about to see, and at some regular instructions. This is a great opportunity to see plenty of nocturnal animals live their day posing for the passing people.

    You can also walk down the many trails inside and spot some animals by yourself without any instructors. In the Night Safari be prepared to see Leopards, Flying Squirrels, Lions and Rhinos which are only some of the many residing creatures.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 07.15 p.m. to 12.00 a.m.

    Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road

    How to Book: Book the Night Safari Ticket at Discount of 28%
    Night Safari Singapore - Flat 28% off

    Night Safari Singapore - Flat 28% off

    NNNNM39 Ratings

    h5 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 11Gardens by the Bay

    Gardens by the Bay
    Gardens by the Bay is much like a poetic glory for nature-lovers who would love to be surrounded by the sweet scent of foliage and flowers. This is one of those Singapore theme parks that are designed to grow and nurture plants from around the world.

    Visiting the flora gardens that are a rotating exhibit is an amazing experience to see and to capture with your camera.  They also conduct different festivals around the year to celebrate the blooming flowers of that season. This building that connects with two skyways also has an artificial waterfall which enlivens the visit.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

    Location: 18 Marina Gardens Dr

    How to Book: Book the tickets of Gardens By The Bay at Flat 16% Off
    Gardens by the Bay Singapore - Flat 16% off

    Gardens by the Bay Singapore - Flat 16% off

    NNNNN62 Ratings

    h6 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 12Sentosa 4D Adventure Land

    Sentosa 4D Adventure Land
    A unique place in Singapore, this adventure land is for those who find enchantment in 4D movies designed with the latest technology. Situated in Sentosa Island, this theme park has regular shows on various themes screened inside a state-of-the-art auditorium.

    It is amusing to witness the winds blowing, the water splashing and the feeling of fire making it a very attractive and personal experience. Some of the shows undergo a lot of movements like twisting, jolting, jumping, etc. and therefore those with injuries and motion sickness should avoid taking that show, and chose a milder one instead.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

    Location: 51B, Imbiah Road

    How to Book: Book the Sentosa 4d Adventureland tickets at Flat 23% Off
    Sentosa 4d Adventureland Flat 23% off

    Sentosa 4d Adventureland Flat 23% off

    NNNMM24 Ratings

    h3 HourslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 13Sentosa Merlion Singapore

    Sentosa Merlion Singapore
    The Sentosa Merlion cannot be missed visiting when you holiday in Singapore for this lion is the country’s mascot named after its protector. You can learn more about the history of Singapore and about this mascot through an animated video or at the exhibition gallery.There are also some other attention-grabbing exhibits inside that are entertaining and very edifying as well.

    The backdrop from here makes for an excellent picture along with the point of photography situated near the Merlion’s head. Don’t forget to bring back a lucky coin if you can earn one from an automated Merlion machine inside.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.

    Location: 30 Imbiah Road

    How to Book: Book the Sentosa Merlion tickets at a Discount of 25%
    Sentosa Merlion Singapore Tickets - Flat 25% off

    Sentosa Merlion Singapore Tickets - Flat 25% off

    NNNMM39 Ratings

    h1 Hour


    Starting from


  • 14Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

    Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
    The scenery of over 1500 radiant butterflies flying all around this land is an amazing experience and is undoubtedly a treat to the eye. The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom are one of the best Singapore theme parks with an arrangement to house numerous insects and butterflies, conserve them and educate people about them too.

    f you are one that can stay statue for long, then you might be lucky enough for a couple of these colourful animals may perch on your hands. You should also check out the large butterfly aviary, the tortoise point, the Iguana and bird aviary and attend the animal encounter shows to make this stopover a complete and fulfilling one.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 09.30 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

    Location: 51 Imbiah Road

    How to Book: Book the Butterfly Park And Insect Kingdom tickets at flat 18% Off
  • 15Wave House Singapore

    Wave House Singapore
    Wave House Singapore is for all those people who want to learn the skill of balancing on the waves by surfing or flyboarding with a safer environment to do so. Nowhere else in Asia will you find a wave installation as such as in Sentosa which is amongst the amazing Singapore water parks.

    There are instructors around the place to train the beginners and to help professionals up their skills before one actually tries surfing or flyboarding out in the Sea. You can pick from their packages like ‘Catch A Wave’ and ‘Flowrider’ based on your liking and interest which also is conducted in varying difficulty levels.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 11.30 a.m. to 09.30 p.m. (From 10.30 a.m. on Weekends)

    Location: 36 Siloso Beach Walk

    How to Book: Book the Wave House Sentosa ticket at Flat 35% Off
  • 16Wild Wild Wet

    This Singapore water park is a great place to unwind from all the routine sightseeing in Singapore and just go on a splashing spree. Wild Wild Wet is a theme park meant for the entire family to spend time together and slither down lengthy slides, laze in the water and take splish-splashes in their pools.

    Children are also safe in this area because there are lifeguards all over the park to be of aid during an unforeseen circumstance. This award-winning water park is known for having Asia’s lengthiest vertical drop slides that are sure to make one screech in joy and amusement! Some other rides you can try here are Yippee, Shock River, Royal Flush, and the very famous Free Fall.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

    Location: 1 Pasir Ris Close

    Price: SGD 24 for adults
               SGD 18 for children in off seasons
               SGD 32 for adults
               SGD 24 for children during peak season
  • 17Haw Par Villa

    If you love to mix history with some entertainment, then Haw Par Villa is one of the best Singapore theme parks to visit. This magnetic park takes one on a ride to the Asian culture then and now where you can spot 3D statues and animals, each depicting something significant about the Chinese.

    Some of the best things to see inside are the Ten Courts from Hell and the Cultural Park both narrating stories about Chinese folk and literature respectively. One can embark on one of the many tours conducted by professional guides to get a deeper insight into the origin of this park, and the rich Asian culture with over 1000 statues to look at.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

    Location: 262 Pasir Panjang Road

    Price: Starts from SGD 10
               Depends on the tour you pick
  • 18Splash n Surf, Kallang Wave Mall

    Also amongst the famous Singapore waterparks is Splash n Surf, Kallang Mall dedicated to bringing smiles on the faces of little children. This park is concise and offers oodles of fun to children, while the rest of the family can find gladness in looking at them. A mini pool allows them to practice their swimming skills.

    Another play area encloses swings, small slides and other water activities where they can spend hours to avoid the heat. Once they are done splashing, they can go surfing on the artificial surfing zone called Stingray where they can ride on skim boards and body boards. Parents of older children can also leave children on their own for the place is very protected with lifeguards and security. 

    Opening and Closing Hours: Monday to Sunday: 08.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

    1B Stadium Walk 

    SGD 35 for Stingray
               SGD 2 for the lazy river. 
  • 19 Far East Children’s Garden

    Power-packed with five differently themed park in one locale, Far East Children’s Garden is a must visit for those who visit Gardens by the Bay. The kids can enjoy in the Treehouse, splash around in the Wet Zone Play Area, go on the Adventure Trail, have bursts of laughter at the Toddler Play Area or enjoy the refreshing water at the Fish Fountain.

    You can also register your kids for some educational programs conducted here to understand more about nature and different plants.

    Opening and Closing Hours: Weekdays: 10.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.
    10.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.
                                                      Closed on Mondays.

    Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens

  • 20Westgate Wonderland

    Westgate is a large lifestyle mall in Singapore, and Westgate Wonderland has been created to charm children with their seven different playgrounds until parents can finish their shopping. Children can either enrol in special clubs conducted here or enjoy freedom in this terrace park which has musical flowers, steels drums shaped like flower buds and twirling blinds that reflect kaleidoscopic images on the ground.

    The evening lighting has been deliberated in a manner that it resembles a wonderland with light and sound effects. This is yet another of the Singapore water parks meant for children, and so this place is a complete package of amusement for them.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
                                                      (closed on last Monday of every month)

    Location: 3 Gateway Dr
  • 21Port of Lost Wonder

    Port of Lost Wonder is a place for cheerfulness and elation for kids because this Singapore water park has been designed to entertain mostly them. The entire family can very well accompany the children and watch them revel in water play by plopping into the pool after sliding down.

    Some amazing attractions inside this water theme park are Bubble Party, Dance, Pirate Ship, apart from other land activities like Pots and Planks and Storytelling. You must try the lip-smacking desserts available in their in-house restaurant. After a day of play, you can visit Just Wonder, a souvenir shop, and buy your kids some toys, stationery or bags.

    Opening and Closing Hours: Momday to Sunday: 10.00 a.m. to 06.30 p.m.

    Location: Palawan Beach

    Price: SGD 10 during weekdays
               SGD 15 during weekends
               Accompanying parents can enter for free
  • 22SWP (Singapore Wake Park)

    Image Credit : singaporewakepark
    This built-up lagoon ensures a great time for friends and family by offering a skiing experience, but with a difference. A participant is tied to one of the cables based on your level of expertise and is allowed to ski on the water till the other side of the cable.

    As the evening sets in, the area is ignited up with beaming lights making the experience all the more thrilling. A restaurant cum bar in this park allows one to relax after a nice long skiing ride, which you can also combine with obstacles once more confident.

    Opening and Closing Hours: Weekdays: 10.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m
                                                      Weekends: 09.00 a.m. t
    o 09.00 p.m

    Location: Singapore East Coast Park

    Price: SGD 40 for experienced people and intermediate level for one hour (SGD 50 during weekends)
               SGD 50 for beginners/hour (SGD60 on weekends).
  • 23Splash @ Kidz Amaze

    A place of a multitude of energy and fun, Splash @Kidz Amaze is a dock for the entire family to bond and restore some happy moments. This is amongst those Singapore water parks that are set indoors where there are a plethora of water activities to involve in.

    Your kids are sure to find delight at this park which has slides, pools and a toddler play zone fashioned with colourful cartoon animals.

    Opening and Closing Hours: Monday to Thursday: 01.00 p.m. to 07.00 p.m.
    01.00 p.m. to 09.00 p.m.
                                                      Weekends: 10.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

    SAFRA Punggol

    Price: SGD 16 for non-members
               SGD 8 for Amaze Member and Junior Dependent Member
               SGD 2 for accompanying parent
  • 24Rainforest Kidzworld

    Rainforest Kidzworld is an excellent place to let your children relax after the long walks in the Singapore Zoo. This children’s land has a Wet Play Zone and Dry Play Zone which they can enjoy along with other entertaining activities.

    Along with a pool and some tine slides in the wet zone, there is also an animal-shaped spin in the dry play zone which even the parents can enjoy. Other attractions included in this Singapore theme park are Pone ride and interaction with some friendly animals. You can also who  feed these animals with instructions from the caretakers.

    Opening and Closing Hours: Monday to Sunday: 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

    Location: Singapore Zoo

    Price: Included in the entry cost of the zoo- SGD 33 for adults
                                                                          SGD 22 for kids
                                                                          SGD 15 for senior citizens
  • 25 Lake of Dreams

    After a nice dinner and a lovely day spent in Sentosa Island, head to Festive Walk where you can witness a marvellous light and laser show that draws pictures of flaming dragons and other characters in the air. You can also see water cannons combine with this laser show to create an exceptional effect.

    Opening and Closing Hours:
    11.00 p.m. every night 

    Festive Walk, Sentosa Gateway

  • 26Jurong East Swimming Pool and Water Park

    Re-defining the concept of swimming pools entirely, Jurong East Swimming pool and water park is a one-of-a-kind place where you can mix swimming with some fun water rides. A lot of competitions are also held here owing to a lovely viewing gallery for onlookers.

    This water wonderland also includes a lazy river, a wave pool, a kiddy pool, a competition pool, a stream course, a floating lagoon, some water slides and a mushroom to add some thrill to a normal swimming day. The charges for the pool, the slides and lockers are charged separately; make sure to carry your swimwear to seek entry into this pool.

    Opening and Closing Hours: 
     Tuesday to Sunday: 08.00 a.m. to 09.30 p.m.
                                                       (Closed on Mondays)

    Location: 21 Jurong East Street

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Theme parks in Singapore



Universal Studios Singapore

If you are planning for some family outing along with your family then this place should definitely be on your bucket list. Universal Studio Singapore is a theme park which highlights a tempting choice of attractions, rides and stimulation for families and daredevil. Family holidays will never be this exciting ever. There are in total 6 roller coaster in this exotic theme park.

Highlights: While you are at the Universal Studio enter into the exciting universe of motion picture enchantment as you Ride the Movies on thrill rides and other motion picture-themed attractions. Be amazed and charmed by an immersive excitement encounter that breathes life into the silver screen.

Location: The Universal Studio Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.

Price: The approximate price for adult INR 3750/SGD 73

Night Safari

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the wildlife during the night time? Sounds interesting right? Well then now is the time you should head out for the night safari in Singapore. Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo which is already a hit among the people all over the world.

The Night Safari right now houses more than 2,500 animals with more than 130 species, of which 38% are undermined species. The Night Safari is overseen by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. It is separated into seven geological zones, which can be investigated either by walking by means of four strolling trails, or by cable car.

Highlights: The animals of the Night Safari, includes from Indian rhinoceros to tarsiers, are made obvious by lighting that looks like moonlight. In spite of the fact that it is brighter than full moonlight by a couple of requests of greatness, it diminishes enough not to aggravate nighttime and crepuscular creatures' conduct. London based lighting originator Simon Corder made the lighting for Night Safari.

Location: The Night Safari is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore. 

Price: The cost is INR 
2030/SGD 40 

Singapore Flyer

When it comes to enjoying the 360-degree panoramic view of the pictorial country then Asia's largest giant observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer is the ideal destination and one of the best Places to Visit in Singapore.Located in Raffles Avenue, this giant wheel is positioned at a height of 165 meters from the ground and its about as tall as 42 storeys building providing a magnificent scenic view from the top.

It a magical experience of full 30 minutes with loads of thrill in one of those 28 fully air-conditioned glass capsules. Be it Raffles Palace, Singapore River, Merlion Park, Marina Bay, Padang and Empress Palace one can fetch a bird’s eye view from the Flyer. To have an experience of wine and dine in the clouds in Singapore Flyer in flight packages where one can yummiest food with coolest drinks.

Location: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore.

: 8:30am to 10:30pm

: The cost is INR 1700/SGD 33 

Gardens by the Bay

For those who love to spend some time in nature, then Garden by the Bay is a must-visit destination for you while in Singapore. Garden by the Bay is a nature stop traversing 101 hectares (250 sections of land) of recovered land in focal Singapore, contiguous the Marina Reservoir.

The park center comprises of three waterfront gardens likely Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The biggest of the patio nurseries is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares.

Highlights: Bay South Garden is the biggest of the patio nurseries. Motivated by an orchid, the plan takes after Singapore's national bloom, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'. You can't miss the monstrous Supertrees here. These tree-formed vertical greenery enclosures are between nine to 16 stories tall. Stroll on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees to appreciate a 10,000 foot perspective of the greenhouses. At night, get the sky show of choreographed lights and sounds at the Garden Rhapsody in the midst of the Supertrees.

Location: The Park is located at 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 1210/SGD 24

Tiger Sky Tower

Ever wondered what it is to be like watching the half of Singapore from the tallest of a building. Well now here it is. Tiger Sky Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. As Tiger Sky Tower tenderly turns up to 131 meters above sea level, begin blazing out your cameras or take it easy in the air-molded lodge to relish 360-degree all-encompassing perspectives over Sentosa's renowned shorelines and attractions.

Be hypnotized by perspectives of Singapore's cityscape and discover a look at neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia too!

Highlights: The Sky Tower has a limit of 72 in its encased, aerated and cooled lodge. The day and night see from the tower guarantee to be both grand and amazing. Appropriate for all ages, the Sky Tower is a key purpose of intrigue and structures a particular point of interest as it delicately rotates to survey tallness of right around 50 stories over the encompassing regular greenery.

Location: Tiger Sky Tower is situated on Sentosa Island of Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 925/SGD 18 for adults and INR 515/SGD 10 for children. 

Jurong Bird Park

If you are a lover of nature then and want to spend some time exploring the vivid flora and fauna then Jurong Bird Park is the perfect place for you. Jurong Bird Park is a standout amongst the most famous bird park with a portion of the biggest free-flying aviaries in the world.

In territories that mirror their naturalistic surroundings, Jurong Bird Park is home to the shades of the world, as Asia's biggest fledgling park with a gathering of more than 5,000 feathered creatures crosswise over 400 species.

Highlights: While visiting the park you can also indulge in some other activities. Climb into the wondrous and biggest stroll in an aviary, the Waterfall Aviary that houses more than 600 winged animals and additionally a 30-meter high waterfall.

Location: The Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore

Price: The cost is INR 1250/SGD 25

Singapore Zoo

While you are visiting Singapore this time make it a point to visit the Singapore zoo. Since 1973, Singapore Zoo has been known for having among the most delightful untamed life stop settings on the planet, where creatures wander unreservedly in open and naturalistic living spaces.

Highlights: The natural surroundings consolidate exceptional review elements, for example, raised stages to see our giraffe display, submerged exhibitions to see the watery universes of otters, pygmy hippos and mammoth estuarine crocodiles, and glass observatories to see creatures, for example, the savage cheetahs and lions.

Location: The Singapore zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 1525/SGD 30

Peranakan Museum

If you have a fetish for history and culture then this museum is a must visit for you. The Peranakan Museum investigates the way of life of Peranakan people group in Southeast Asia. Introduced in the previous Tao Nan Chinese School, worked in 1912, this cozy historical center has one of the finest and most exhaustive accumulations of Peranakan items. Displays on three stories delineate the social customs and the particular visual specialties of the Peranakans.

Highlights: The Peranakan Museum gives an animating and instructive experience for all, while speaking to the living society of the Peranakan people group in the district. The historical center is a segment of the Asian Civilisations Museum, working under the National Heritage Board.

Location: The museum is located at 39 Armenian St, Singapore.

Price: The approximate price starts from $5.50 to $11.

Club Kyo

While you are travelling this exotic destination you will definitely want to explore the vivid nightlife. After exploring the various places during the day you would definitely love to hit the pub for the night. And for that Club Kyo is the perfect place for you. With the appealing void, somewhere down in the high rise's cellar of clamoring business region of city Singapore, it must be Kyo of basic music and visionary craftsmanship.

Highlights: For tired voyagers, Kyo is a panacea that refines and revives yourself to increase back fervor for your next trips. Another fascinating thing about this place is that every night's playlist includes a particular class and state of mind.

Location: The Club Kyo is located at 133 Cecil St, Singapore 069535

Price: The approximate price $20 for ladies, $25 for men

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