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  • Planning a family getaway to Singapore and wondering what to do that’ll include the entire family. Follow this list of the best theme parks and water parks in Singapore and let lose as you bring out your inner child.

    Whether it’s riding a roller coaster or skydiving indoors, or splashing through water slides and underwater aquariums there’s no shortage of fun activities to experience in Singapore.

    Fun and exhilaration come easy as when you visit these exciting adventure parks in Singapore that will both kids and grownups breathless and asking or more. Glide through towering slides or visit the famous S.E.A Aquarium. Encounter thrilling rides and friendly dolphins and with so many things to do in Singapore the whole family will be spilt for choice. 

    Here are some Best water parks and theme parks in Singapore:

  • 01Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore

    Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore
    • h8 Hours
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      Code: 9743416
    About the Activity:
    • Make a splash at Asia's most amazing water park – the Adventure Cove. Feel an adrenaline rush as you dive down the thrilling water rides, relax at the blue water bay.
    • Experience a full day of wet and wild fun at the water-park. Take an oscillating tube ride through twisting and turning water flumes, then have a blast on the riptide rocket.
    • Grab a tube and take a leisurely ride down the adventure river, passing through 14 gorgeous habitats that feature lush green jungle, mysterious caves and underwater sea tunnels.
    • Before you complete your day, interact with dozens of rays and go for a snorkeling adventure over the colorful Rainbow Reef.
    • Enjoy up-close encounters with more than 20,000 friendly fish and watch as they play hide-and-seek among the reef.
    • The water park is opened daily from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

  • 02Wild Wild Wet

    A memorable and life time experience!! The Wild WildWet is Singapore’s largest water theme park featuring remarkable water games and other thrilling experiences that would leave both children and grownups breathless and seeking for more. The park opened in the year 2004 and is known for its efficient safety management. 

    The park is a wholesome family entertainment; thus has been awarded with the Pro Family Business Mark award. Few of their effective facilities include free lifejackets, baby 
     Highlights: Live entertainments such as mermaid tales, sensational jets etc. Relaxing floats along the River Shiok, 8 adrenalin pumping rides, UllarLah being the most favoured one and fancy shopping haunts and eateries. 


     Location: Downtown East. 

     Operating hours: 1 – 7 pm (weekdays) and 10 am to 7 pm (weekends and holidays)
  • 03Port of Lost Wonder

    Image Credit : Keri-Lee Beasley-Flickr
    Now Kids would not feel lost and hopeless amongst the elders. Singapore’s first Kid’s Club has everything that will reserve children’s attention throughout the day. Port of Lost Wonder is part of the Sentosa Beach that is designed to offer unique experience for the entire family. The Park comprises of themed picnic areas, water plays, live entertainment and educational workshops for the tiny tots, and for the adults, shop houses and exquisite dining areas. The park also offers excursion packages for schools and interesting birthday party options for the children.

    Highlights: Various party and excursion packages to choose from; Port Belly features the best menu on the card suitable for children’s taste and Just Wonder sells great collection of merchandise. Few interesting games include Hatch Patch, Pirate Ship, and Bubble party etc and seasonal workshop include Curiosity Island, the Deck and lot more entertainment.

    Image Credits : Wikipedia

    Location: Sentosa Beach. Operating hours: 10 am to 6:30 Pm.

     Admission: $10 per child and $15 in the weekends (parents free entry)
  • 04Westgate Wonderland

    Truly a wonderland for the chirpy and quirky kids! Westgate Wonderland is for children between 2 to 10 and is open to all. It is the largest rooftop playground in Singapore that is located in the 4th floor of the popular mall, Westgate. It is very colourful and attractive with larger than life replicas of celebrated imaginary floral characters. It is in the form of a magical garden that has oversized talking insects, musical flowers and gigantic 10 meter tall tree houses for children to sneak in. The playground has both dry and wet plays and each age group will find a game for themselves.

    Highlights: The 11000 sq. ft. playground is a delight to child’s imagination. Huge water can that sprays water on you, blue bells that responds to your touch, musical flowers and exciting weekends and holiday activities throughout the year.

     Location: Westgate Mall. Hours open: 10 am to 10 pm.

     Admission: Free
  • 05Far East Children’s Garden

    Image Credit : Alpha-Flickr
    Learn something new, learn something fun each day. Far East Organization has set a beautiful and colourful Garden for the little ones amidst natural setting. The children’s garden is set at the waterfront of the Bay South Garden and near to the Cloud Forest conservatory. The play garden features wet and dry games and various exciting amenities for children under the age 12.

    The FEO Garden is spread over 1 hectare of land featuring games divided into 4 zones namely Adventure Trail, Rainforest Tree houses, Toddler play zone and Water play zone. The best part is FEO has perfect safety measures for your kiddo; each play area is closely watched by the staffs.

    Highlights: Adventure Trail with its 130 meter long track comprising 14 interesting obstacles such as swinging bridge, monkey bars to swing, balancing beams etc,will immediately capture kids’ interest. Two very dramatically designed tree houses, spider web little hill and lot other interactive games.

    Location: Far East Organization, Gardens by the Bay.

    Operating Hours: 9 am to 9 pm.

    Admission: free

  • 06Splash N Surf, Kallang Wave Mall

    The more you take children out for play, the less cranky they will be. Splash n Surf Water play ground is ideal when the sun is beating down its force upon you. The Water play ground is set at the Kallang Wave Mall’s level 3. The place is pretty and not too huge to get lost. It has 2 play areas; a cute little pool which is just .6 m deep and on the other side is a proper water play ground with swings, slides, buckets and other games.

    Highlights: Additionally, Splash n Surf also encloses a ‘Stingray’ which is a surfing zone on
    Skimboards and Bodyboards; plus a soothing and Lazy float along the Lazy River is also available. Note that Children of the height below 1.2 m must be accompanied by their parents. However, the entire area is under surveillance and guards are always alert to play their role.

    Location: Kallang Wave Mall.

    Admission: Free for Water Play Area. Stingray – starts at $35 and Lazy River costs $2 for whole day.

    Hours open: 8 am to 10 pm
  • 07Ticket to the Universal Studio in Singapore

    Ticket to the Universal Studio in Singapore
    • h4 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • lSingapore City
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 8226536
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy a fun trip to Universal Studios Singapore and explore the sets of the movies.
    • You can either avail One Day Pass or One Day Pass with one way transfer, the latter provides you with an option of pick-up service from your Hotel.
    • Experience the cutting-edge rides, shows and attractions based on your favorite blockbuster films and television series, including Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Shrek 4-D Adventure, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and more! 
    • End your trips with lots of wonderful memories.
    • This activity is for 4.5 hours.
  • 08Ticket to Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

    Ticket to Jurong Bird Park in Singapore
    • h9 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 9743416
    About the Activity:
    • Explore one of the world's best and biggest bird parks where you'll find an amazing array of tropical birds to admire.
    • Jurong Bird Park is home to the colours of the world, as Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species.
    • The exploratory landscape and gives visitors the opportunity to meet and interact with its feathered residents like never before.
    • The park is opened daily from 08:30 AM to 06:00 PM.
    About the Destination: 
    • Jurong Bird Park is a 20.2 hectare open-concept park. It is the largest in the Asia Pacific and the best in the world.
    • Its collection of more than 9,000 birds from 600 species is among the largest in the world. The Park specialises in birds from South Asia.
    • Famous for it's  the world's largest walk-in lory flight aviary at 3,000 square metres and over 9 stories high. 
    • Featuring 10 colourful lory species, this exhibit is a favourite amongst guests who get to feed the gregarious lories a nectar mix while observing them up close.
  • 09Underwater World

    There is nothing more peaceful than observing the underwater life in front of you. Singapore’s underwater world in Sentosa Island is a must go spot if you are in the lookout for a very soothing and tranquil place. It is an oceanarium that features an exhilarating journey into the underwater world, where you will observe pink dolphins performing gracefully and where you will encounter with marine animals such as sharks, stingrays, corals, sea fossils and other friendly and not so friendly sea acquaintances.

    Highlights: Feed Stingrays and Sharks, watch the dolphins and fur seals dance to the music; never seen before living fossils like the Arapaima; exotic sea Dragons swimming around you and what’s more? Get inside the 83 m long tunnel and observe the calmness that these ocean creatures bring around you.


    Location: Sentosa Island. Hours open: 10 am to 7 pm

    Admission: S $ 29. 90 for adults and $29.60 for children between 3 – 12yrs
  • 10Visit to River Safari in Singapore

    Visit to River Safari in Singapore
    • h3 Hours
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 9743416

    About the Activity:

    • Admire freshwater habitats, stroll through aquarium galleries, see Singapore's only pandas, and learn about the wildlife in a walk-through exhibit at River Safari.
    • Stroll into impressive walk-through exhibits like the Giant Panda Forest and see the world's largest freshwater aquarium at the flooded forest.
    • Housing one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna, the park features over 5,000 animals including 42 endangered species. 
    • The safari operates daily from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

  • 11Haw Par Villa

    Image Credit : wikipedia
    There is a never ending array of theme parks in Singapore, each defining various fine amenities. But nothing can top Haw Par Villa which takes you through a Chinese folktale journey. Everything is unusual in this Park; the Chinese mythology features depictions from the 10 Chinese Courts of Hell, classic scenes from celebrated Chinese legends and lot more attractions. Located on one of the PasirPanjing hills, this ancient park was built in 1937 but went through a lot of changes after the WWII. In 1985 the Singaporean Tourist Board acquired it from the owners and completely renovated it.

    Highlights: Now the park has guided tours where you will learn great daunting stories of the Chinese history, the Courts of Hell has graphic exhibits that might scare a few. The park has over 1000 statues and around 150 dioramas portraying visuals from Chinese mythology.


    Image Credits : Sarah Starkweather-Flickr

    Location: Pasir Panging.

    Admission: Free. Hours Open: 9 amd to 7 pm
  • 12S.e.a Aquarium Visit in Singapore

    S.e.a Aquarium Visit in Singapore
    • h9 Hours
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 9743416
    About the Activity:
    • Explore the marine realm of S.E.A. Aquarium, home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across into 49 different habitats, each one as fascinating as the next.
    • Dive into Marine Life Park, the world’s largest oceanarium and be inspired by the marine wonders of our blue planet.
    • Featuring two world-class attractions – each promising an exclusive insight into the aquatic world, Marine Life Park takes you and your family on an unforgettable journey.
    • Come face-to-face with over 200 sharks and uncover the centuries of myths about these ocean predators. Sneak a peek at a moray eel in a rocky crevice or tour an underwater reef community.
    • The aquarium is opened from 10:00 AM to 07:00 pm for visitors.
  • 13Scuba Diving Open Water Course

    Scuba Diving Open Water Course
    • d2 Days
    • lNorth Goa
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Pawan
    • 14,500
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    About the Activity:
    • Join the scuba diver course to learn the basics of scuba diving and be an expert with the two day class.
    • The class happens at the dive center in Marina Bay Beach Resort and on the first day learn the basic principles and complete the first three sections.
    • Learn more about the Open Water Diving course by watching a course video shown at the center.
    • On the second day the class starts at 7:30 AM and you will get time to get accustomed to breathing and swimming on your first dive under the supervision of your instructor.
    • Finish the last two modules and participate in the second dive with which you will acquire the basic skills needed.

  • 14Ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore

    Ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore
    • h4 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • lSingapore City
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 8226536
    About the Acitivity:
    • Beat the heat with a full day at the state-of-the-art Adventure Cove Water-park in Singapore City.
    • Exhilarating slides, twisting water-coasters and titanic tidal waves gives the thrill seeker plenty to explore while a giant snorkeling lagoon and a relaxing river ride offer a chance to take it easy.
    • After pick-up from your hotel in Singapore  (9 am for One-Day Pass + One-Way Transfer holders) , make your way to Sentosa Island and glimpse the bustling city life on your way.
    • Upon arrival at this sunny-weather paradise, waste no time in making your first splash.
    • If that's not enough, head to the Riptide Rocket, Southeast Asia's first hydro-magnetic roller coaster, and hang on tight during its dips, drops and powerful plunges.
    • This is approximately a 5 hour activity.
    • For One Day Pass holders, please proceed to Tour East Counter located at Resorts World Sentosa Coach Bay, #B1-K16 from 1000hrs to 1400hrs to take the transfer to the water-park.
  • 15Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon in Sngapore

    Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon in Sngapore
    • h2 Hours
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 9743416
    About the Activity:
    • Embark on this exciting tour and be thrilled with this unique encounter with marine life.
    • The activity operates at different timings: 11:00 AM, 02:00 PM, 04:00 PM and 05:45 PM. 
    • Be swept away by state-of-the-art facilities including a panoramic view of the incredible landscapes. 
    • If you are looking for some adventure and fun, this is the one stop destination perfectly made for you.
    • Play with the cutest creatures on the earth and click some good pictures for memories.

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