Battlestar Galactica Overview

Firmly located at Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa, Battlestar Galactic: HUMAN vs. CYLON features the world's tallest pair of dueling roller coasters. One seated (HUMAN) and the other suspended (CYLON), it brings you on an exhilarating adventure through twists, turns, rises and drops at a speed of 90km/h for 90 seconds.

Experience the ultimate stellar as well as a thrilling ride at Battlestar Galactica, an iconic attraction included in the Singapore tour package. As the high-speed turbulent roller coaster races with such dramatic acceleration, drift and drops, the riders on both the intertwined coasters truly get an electrifying adventure and thrill on their visit to Universal Studios Singapore. This place absolutely serves a unique and memorable adventure as you would get to sit through the tallest dueling coasters in the world.

Themed after the hit TV show, the coaster propels thrill- seekers on several inversions: a zero-gravity roll, a Cobra roll, corkscrews and vertical loops.

Visitors have two choices: one seated (HUMAN) and the other suspended (CYLON). If you’re visiting for the first time, then you should try both!

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How To Reach

The ride is located in Universal Studios Singapore – Sci-fi City. Grab a park map from the entrance or any park attendants!

how to reach Battlestar Galactica in Sentosa. You may use the services of MRT lines that drop travelers off near the attraction, avail of the public bus transport, or may also choose to book a private cab to get there.

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Best Time To Visit

The electrifying Roller Coaster Ride at The Electrifying Roller Coaster Ride Battlestar Galactica remains open on all days from 10 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening for all the fun-seeking people out there. Visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd or purchase the Universal Express Pass to skip the lines.

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Other Essential Information

Guests must be at least 125cm in height to ride. This attraction is a high-speed turbulent roller coaster ride that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping. All loose articles, including bags, cameras and video equipment must be stowed in the lockers provided or left with a non-rider outside the attraction.

Places To Visit in Battlestar Galactica Singapore

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Head to Shrek 4D Adventure and witness Princess Fiona, Donkey, and the gang on a 4D caper with the whole family which is worth admiring. Sit in a moving seat as you are bounced along an adventure involving ghosts, onions, dragons, and, of course, ogres, and enjoy the 4D world.

Sesame Street Goes Bollywood:

You will be introduced to a new world of Bollywood, where the Sesame Street gang turns into Bollywood stars! Engage yourself in watching and enjoying Bert, Elmo, and Ernie being performing exhilarating dance routines to the most heart-thumping Bollywood tunes in colorful traditional outfits.

Lake Hollywood Spectacular:

 If your little ones are all excited and enthralled about cracking the fireworks show, then head over to Universal Studios on Saturdays at 10 pm where you all will not stop being ooh and ahh when the sky lights up to a musical score.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Battlestar Galactica FAQs

How long is the Battlestar Galactica ride?

Being themed after the American science-fiction series about a war between humans and a robot race, the magnificent pair of roller coasters has been designed with a height of around 14 storeys, or 42.7m, at their highest point, and to travel at up to 90km for 90 seconds.

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What are the other activities in Singapore you can book via Thrillophilia?

What are the other attractions in Singapore you can book via Thrillophilia?

How fast is Battlestar Galactica human?

At a certain point in the ride, the Battlestar Galactica human coaster is capable of reaching speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour (56 mph).

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Is Battlestar Galactica scary?

No, for everyone the thrilling roller coaster isn’t at all scary, but for newbies, after a while, it doesn't seem too scary. And the adventure seekers for sure will not be screaming along with you. Take the ride enough times, and try to enjoy it as much as you can because you'll also find time to admire the scenery as well.

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Battlestar Galactica Reviews

Abhinav Seth
Reviewed: 10 Jun 2018
The job done by this company is very good and the response is very quick. We liked both the places and they were worth visiting.
Shashi Shashi
Reviewed: 04 May 2018
Hassle-free booking experience from Thrillophilia. Didn't even have to print the ticket, just the e-ticket will do. Saved some $$$ using the combo.

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