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Battlestar Galactica Singapore Tours & Activities

About Battlestar Galactica Singapore

Battlestar Galactica is a set of popular roller coasters at the Universal Studio Singapore, which is an amusement and entertainment park in Singapore. Battlestar Galactica comprises two rides, which is Human vs. Cylon. Indicative of the name, the Cylon is an inverted roller coaster, which has five inversions. These are corkscrew, cobra roll, a vertical loop and a zero-g roll.

The other coaster is the Human, which has a Colonial Viper. It is a more subtle ride and is suited for people who want to avoid inversions. These are the highest duelling roller coasters in the world. The Universal Studios Singapore remains to be the only Universal Studios amusement park till date which has a Battlestar Galactica roller coaster. The tourists and visitors love the ride because of the sudden and drastic speed it takes along with ascents, lifts and drops that add to the thrill of the ride. 

According to the engineers at the Human track gives the rider more of a G-force experience as compared to people sitting on the Cylon track. The coasters were inaugurated in 2010. It was not active between 2013 and 2015. The roller coaster was closed for more than a year and it was in November 2014 that its reopening was announced. In 2015 the coasters opened again with new trains. During this period the ride vehicles seating was reduced from four to two-abreast seating. In 2016, some riders were stuck on the ride because of a technical glitch. This was sorted out about an hour later.

How to Reach Battlestar Galactica Singapore

There are multiple ways to reach the Battlestar Galactica from the Singapore airport and these include:


The train from the Changi Airport MRT Station and from there get down at HarbourFront. Here you will get a monorail that will take you to the Sentosa Islands where the Universal Studios are located.


You can take a taxi from the airport which will take you to Sentosa Islands. It takes about 30 minutes to reach there.

You can take the 36/36A and then get down at Temasek Ave - Ritz Carlton. From here you need to change to the 97 bus to Vivocity.

Best Time to Visit Battlestar Galactica Singapore

Singapore has tropical weather all year round so any time of the year is suitable. However, the months of November to February are slightly better and temperatures are slightly lower. You can visit the Battlestar Galactica any time of the day or week too. But remember that during the weekends, holidays, etc. it is much more crowded.

So it is best to try and go on a weekday if you are a tourist. Do remember that you can reach the amusement park earlier to avoid the long queues. March, June, September and December are months when more school holidays are there.

What Not to Miss at Battlestar Galactica Singapore

1. Resorts World Sentosa

- About the place:

Resorts World Sentosa or RWS is an integrated resort which features world-class attractions including an aquarium, waterpark, theme parks and so much more.Spread over 49 hectares of land, RWS can accommodate 10,000 people directly and is ideal for celebrating family or corporate events. Along with great accomodation and amazing food, there’s something available for the entire family here.

- Timings: The timings for RWS vary. However, most areas operate from 9.AM in the morning up to 9-10 PM at night.

- Price: Ticket prices depend on the amusement park or area you want to enter.

2. Wings of Time

About the place:

One of the best ways to enjoy the Sentosa Islands is the Wings of Time show which is about friendship and courage and the show is staged every night. It includes a series of mesmerising events that include a fire show, laser show and water effects too. All of these are accompanied with a fantastic soundtrack, which gives an almost Augmented Reality effect and finally the show ends with a breath-taking series of fireworks.

- Timings: Daily 7.40pm, 8.40pm

Price: Tickets to the show are $9.90

3. Trick Eye Museum

- About the place:

It’s the time to let your imagination go wild with the Trick Eye Museum. This internationally famous optical art museum takes the visitors through the world of Augmented Reality (AR). This includes a range of installations and paintings that seem to come alive. There are a series of 3D exhibits here along with the museum's very own Augmented Reality Technology (AR:T) that are integrated into the installations. One simply gets immersed in the amazing set of sound, lights and the amazingly realistic illusions.

Timings: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM last admission is at 8.00 PM

Price: $20-25 depending on age of the person

4. Kidzania 

- About the place:

KidZania Singapore is located right on Sentosa Island. This is an indoor edutainment centre which features a series of buildings and vehicles. The indoor center has been accredited with many international and local brands. Kids learn to have fun and engage in interactive activities. Kids aged 3 and above can easily try a series of roles here like fireman, doctors, chef, pilot, etc.

Timings: 10am - 6pm

- Price: Entry for toddlers is free. Adult entry is $35 and kids entry is S$62.00. Entry for senior citizens is $25.

5. Madame Tussauds Singapore

About the place:

The branch at Singapore is the 7th branch of the Madame Tussauds chain of wax museums across the world. Madame Tussauds Singapore is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is located at Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa Island. The wax attractions here include a series of famous political icons, superstars, etc. Some of these are Johnny Depp, Sharukh Khan, David Beckham and others. The museum recently added the wax figure of Singapore Girl, Nur Surya Binte Mohamed Ambiah. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wax figure was added here too.

- Timings: 10am–8:30pm

- Price:
$42 (Adult); $32 (Child)

Things to do near Battlestar Galactica:

There are a lot of other activities around the Battlestar Galactica. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is exploring Universal Studios. There are plenty of activities there along with rides, entertainment shows, etc. Other things to do and explore around are:

1. Palawan Beach

If you are looking for a place to swim and get a tan, then head to this beach. You can sit on the beach with towels and watch the kids play volleyball or build sand castles along with a range of other water sports. You can carry your own gear though rent options are there too.

2. Crane Dance

Another attraction nearby is the Crane Dance, which is a spectacular love story and is basically a musical show. It is speculated between two cranes who witness their undying love for each other. The story is unfolded at the waterfront and it is a nightly performance which is done through mechanical cranes and not real ones. The show is accompanied with light, sound and water effects. The breathtaking show is open to all the visitors and there is no separate ticket for the same.

3. S.E.A

S.E.A. Aquarium is a fun place to be, especially when you want a combination of both entertainment and learning. This marine realm of S.E.A. Aquarium features more than 100,000 marine animals — which includes at least 1,000 species that are spread into more than fifty different habitats. The entire experience is fascinating for both kids and adults as you step into an underground aquarium.

4. Sentosa Broad-walk

If you want to just spend some nice time walking to Sentosa Island on the boardwalk. The river is just next to you and the idea of just having a lazy stroll is indeed relaxing. The cool breeze and small cafes along the path add to the ambience.

Other Essential Information About Battlestar Galactica Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269


The ride stays open from 10.00 AM in the morning to 7:00 PM in the evening from Sunday through Thursday. On Saturday and Friday, it is open from 10.00 AM in the morning to 10:00 PM in the evening.


The entry fee for children below 12 years is $61. For the rest it is $81. However there are special senior citizen discounts available. There is no separate ticket for this ride. You just have to pay the entry fee for Universal Studios Singapore and then enjoy this ride for free multiple times.


90 seconds Though it is about one and a half minutes. Those experiencing the ride feel that it seems to go on much longer and then finishes rather suddenly.

Height of the coaster: 

43 meters or about 140 feet and there are a lot of ups and downs through the ride. During this time there are five inversions.


The speed of the roller coaster varies but at one point of time it does reach about 90 kilometres per hour or about 56 mph.

Different Kind of Coasters in Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs.Cylon:

Battlestar Galactica offers a Human or Cylon option for the roller coaster. The Cylon is an inverted roller coaster, which has five inversions called corkscrew, cobra roll, a vertical loop and a zero-g roll. The other coaster is the Human, which has a Colonial Viper. It is a more subtle ride and is suited for people who want to avoid inversions. Both these rides engage you in a completely intergalactic battle as you have the ultimate experience on the globe’s tallest dueling roller coasters! 

The ride has been themed after the very popular TV series Battlestar Galactica. This pair of intertwined coasters give you a comprehensively exhilarating adventure. There are a lot of twists, drops and turns and there is a lot of thrill as both the rides come towards each other accelerating your heart beats. There are plenty of rapid accelerations and it is vital that the people riding the same be in good health along with having a strong mind to sit on these. No loose items are allowed here so everything has to be kept in the free locker when visiting.

Tips for Visiting Battlestar Galactica

If you are visiting Universal Studios and planning to take the roller coasters, here are a few tips that are handy:
Do try and book tickets online if you want to avoid queues. 

An express pass to the studios will give you priority access to the rides so you can cut the queue and get the premium advantage.

Avoid public holidays and weekends when it is very crowded.

Battlestar Galactica actually comprises two rides, which is Cyclons and Humans — pick one that you dare to enjoy.
Avoid eating a heavy meal before getting on the ride. Ideally you should avoid eating 1-2 hours before the ride as some people may get nauseous.

Don’t carry any loose items, do deposit everything at the locker.

You can enjoy the ride multiple times but for this you have to stand in the queue again. Even with express passes you get the priority ride just once.

Arrive early in the morning so that you can enjoy riding the Battlestar Galactica. Ideally try the Human first and then shift to Cylon because the latter has inversions. Of course humans have more speed thrills so they are different in their experiences.
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People Also Ask About Battlestar Galactica Singapore

  1. How much is the entrance fee of Battlestar Galactica Singapore?

    The entry fee for children below 12 years is $61 and for adults it is $81. However there are special senior citizen discounts available. There is no separate ticket for the roller coaster ride. You just have to pay the entry fee for Universal Studios Singapore and then enjoy this ride for free multiple times. If you intend on getting the Express ticket it may cost you more. There are discounts and offers available online too.
  2. Which is scarier human or Cylon?

    While it is assumed that because the Cylon has a lot of inversions it would be scarier but on the contrary a lot of people say that the HUMAN is rather much scarier. Yes, it is true that there is no 360 degree turn on the Human but there are a lot of ups and downs here along with speed which tends to bring your heart to the mouth.
  3. Is there any age limit for experiencing the Battlestar Galactica ride?

    Age restrictions are not applicable for this ride. However, those above 125 cms are allowed to take this ride. However it is suggested that very old people, those suffering from heart conditions and pregnant women avoid taking this ride because it can be a little scary.
  4. Is it safe for infants?

    No, infants are not allowed on the ride at all. The 125 cms height restriction is a very strict one and anyone under that height will not be allowed. If you are going there with an infant it is advised that you take turns with a partner or a friend.
  5. Is food allowed on the ride?

    No food is not allowed on the ride. In fact, all kinds of loose items including backpacks are to be kept in the lockers. Any kind of food and drink that you may be carrying would be kept there too. Alongside, it is advised that you don’t actually get on the ride after eating because it increases the chances of vomiting.
  6. What are the operating hours of Battlestar Galactica ride in Singapore?

    The ride stays open from 10.00 AM in the morning to 7:00 PM in the evening from Sunday through Thursday. On Saturday and Friday, it is open from 10.00 AM in the morning to 10:00 PM in the evening.
  7. What is unique about Battlestar Galactica Singapore?

    There are a lot of unique things about this roller coaster. It is the tallest duelling roller coasters in the world, which makes it the most unique roller coaster globally.

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