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Singapore Night Safari Tickets highlights

  • Book the Singapore Night Safari tickets and see around 900 animals during your safari in a serene setting inside the park

  • Explore 7 distinct geographical zones, including the Himalayan hills and Southeast Asian jungles during your night safari at the park.

  • Witness the mesmerizing creatures during the night show, where majestic lions, agile fishing cats, and massive pythons showcase their extraordinary skills.

  • Board a tram to get a closer view of elephants, giraffes & hippos and many other animals of the park.

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Night Safari
Timings: 07:15 PM to 12:00 AM


Night Safari
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Singapore Night Safari Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Singapore Night Safari Tickets overview

About Singapore Night Safari:

Go on a one-of-its-kind adventure at the Singapore Night Safari, where an animal kingdom comes to life after dusk. Walk through 7 distinct geographical zones, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of over 2,500 nocturnal animals from around the world. Have an amazing time at the animal shows and performances, including the awe-inspiring owl spectacle that showcases their majestic talents. Aascend the Night Safari Tower and marvel at the breathtaking landscape of the illuminated park. Explore this unique conservation park dedicated to guiding people about preserving the nocturnal animal world.

About Singapore Night Safari Tickets:

  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Singapore's wildlife at the adventurous Night Safari, where lush foliage and mysterious trails offer captivating views of the jungle.
  • Embark on a journey through 7 distinct zones within the park, where you'll encounter over 2500 species of captivating wild animals up close in the enchanting realms of the Night Safari.
  • Experience the wonder of a tram ride that takes you through diverse ecosystems, granting glimpses of rare and endangered species in their natural habitats.
  • Ascend the Night Safari Tower for a mesmerizing panoramic view of the illuminated park, showcasing twilight landscape.
  • Enter the captivating realm of River Wonders as you sail through vibrant aquatic habitats, encountering fascinating wildlife from the world's most iconic rivers.
  • Savour a delightful feast under the starry night sky, indulging in a tantalizing array of local and international dishes that will delight your taste buds.
  • Secure your Singapore Night Safari tickets and create unforgettable memories with your family and friends as you explore a sanctuary where animals roam freely in their carefully crafted habitats.

How to Reach

  • By MRT: From the City Hall MRT Station, take the North-South Line towards Kranji. Exit at the Kranji MRT Station and get on bus 927 to Night Safari. It will take around 1 hour to reach your destination.
  • By Bus: From the Singapore city centre, take bus 190 to Choa Chu Kang Interchange. From Choa Chu Kang Interchange, take Bus 927 to the Night Safari. Arrive at the night safari within 1 hour 30 minutes for an incredible experience!
  • By Car: Singapore Night Safari is located around 27.9 km from the Singapore city centre. It will take around 30 minutes to reach your destination by car. 

Singapore Night Safari Tickets faqs

Why is Singapore Night Safari show famous?

The Singapore Night Safari show is famous for its collection of 100 different wildlife species and over 2500 resident animals. It is the first night-time wildlife show in the world. Since its establishment, the park has remained one of the key attractions in Singapore. A 35-minute long tram ride drives you through the 35-hectare dense forest. The walking trail gives you a fair chance to encounter a wide array of friendly animals and get clicked with them. Grab the Singapore Night Safari Tickets to see the Thumbuakar Show, which is an excellent performance by the brave warriors who display their excellence both with tactics and agility. In the end, the food and shopping activities steal the heart of every visitor knocking on the doors of Singapore Night Safari.

What things can we do at Singapore Night Safari?

1. Attend the exclusive Creatures Of The Night Show: In this interactive Creatures of the Night exhibition, see magnificent nocturnal species such as otters, binturongs, civets, and other animals displaying their natural talents. In this fascinating evening amphitheatre experience, interact with experienced keepers and learn more about the spotted hyena and its extraordinary ability to leap for prey with your Singapore night safari tickets.

2. Experience the nocturnal wildlife tours: Explore the wildlife with your own personal guide and buggy at Singapore Zoo's night safari, which is the world's first nocturnal wildlife tour. Make your VIP experience absolutely unforgettable by enjoying mocktails while learning about all of the nocturnal wildlife. In addition, participate in specialised feeding sessions with rhinos and elephants as part of the excursion.

3. Keeper’s Talk: Learn about the zoo's intriguing quirks and features by engaging in an interactive session with the keepers. Regular feeding sessions with the keepers are available to you.Learn more about the animals in the zoo from the zoo keepers, who are trained to have the most up-to-date and specialised knowledge about each one as a part of your Night Safari.

4. Dine-in and indulge in special cuisine experiences: Conclude your evening in the wild with unique and curated dining experiences and choose from a variety of cuisines and meal combos along with basking in the scenic view and atmosphere via the Tipi Tent. Enjoy the famous hearty 4-course Christmas meal, paired with a vast choice of your favourite alternative style wines.

What are the different zones at Singapore Night safari?

1. Fishing cat trail: Take an adventurous trek into the jungle with your Singapore Night Safari tickets, where you can see natural hunters like fishing cats and specialised pholitodas like the giant anteater, armadillo, and pangolin in their native habitat at night. This is a thrilling excursion that will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of nature's predators in their natural habitat.

2. East lodge Trail: This fascinating path will take you on a fantastic adventure where you will see creatures from both Africa and Asia live harmoniously in their native habitats. Explore this incredible trail and see animals like the sloth bear, spotted hyena, Babirusa, Bongo, and many others.

3. Leopard Trail: With your Singapore night safari tickets, follow this fascinating track to see some excellent nature's hunters such as leopards, lions, civets, and porcupines going about their evening habits. Aside from these, you can see Binturong, eagle owl, yellow wattled lapwing, malayan flying fox, and many other wildlife.

4. Wallaby Trail: This trial will transport you to Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea's natural kingdoms. In this zone, there is a great diversity of habitats as well as the animal kingdom. See sugar gliders, brushtail possums, barn owls, and wallabies, among other marsupials.

What is the best time to visit for Singapore Night Safari?

The best time to visit the Singapore Night Safari is early evening, around 6:30 to 7:00 PM. This timing allows you to explore the park comfortably before the Creatures of the Night Show at 7:15 PM. After the show, you can continue the tram ride through the exhibits when animals are more active, usually between 8:00 and 10:00 PM. This schedule ensures you experience both the show and the tram safari at peak times.

How long does it take to finish the Singapore night safari?

On average, finishing the Singapore night safari will take around 3 to 4 hours. This allows travellers to explore different walking trails and attend the night show. You may take the tram safari through the park's exhibits of nocturnal animals. If you love animals, you may spend some more time.

What to wear at Singapore Night Safari?

If you are going for a Singapore night safari, the first and most important thing is to dress comfortably. Wear lightweight, breathable clothes since you will go on a long ride. Ensure you wear shoes to remain comfortable during the safari. Girls may wear skirts, shorts, kaftans, t-shirts, or tops and more. Whereas boys may wear shirts, loose T-shirts, cargo or shorts. Dress appropriately according to the weather. 

Is it better to buy Singapore Night Safari in advance?

Yes, purchasing Singapore Zoo night safari tickets in advance is advisable, especially during peak tourist seasons or holidays. Buying tickets ahead of time allows you to secure your preferred date and time slot, avoiding long queues at the ticket counters. Additionally, online bookings often offer discounts or special packages that may not be available at the gate.

How long are my Singapore Night Safari tickets valid?

Singapore Night Safari tickets are typically valid for a single entry on the date of purchase. If you have purchased tickets in advance for a specific date, they are valid only for that particular date. It's important to use the tickets on the specified date as they may not be valid for entry on any other day.

Do we need to buy separate Singapore Night Safari tickets for kids?

Yes, separate Singapore Zoo night safari tickets need to be purchased for children aged 3 to 12 to enter the Singapore Night Safari. Ticket prices for children are typically lower than those for adults.

How many shows are there in Singapore Night Safari?

Once you have bought the ticket of night safari Singapore, there is typically one main show called the "Creatures of the Night Show." This show showcases the behaviours and talents of nocturnal animals and is scheduled once a night. Visitors can enjoy this live presentation as part of their experience exploring the park's exhibits and attractions dedicated to nocturnal wildlife.

What languages are spoken by the instructors at the Singapore Night Safari?

At the Singapore Night Safari, the instructors primarily speak English during shows and presentations. However, the park does provide translations and subtitles in Mandarin Chinese for certain presentations to accommodate a wider audience, especially given Singapore's multicultural and multilingual environment.

What are some of the important rules to remember while visiting Singapore Night safari?

With an everlasting experience, one also has to follow certain rules while visiting the Singapore night safari to make it a memorable experience for all. So following are certain rules that everyone is supposed to follow during this trip:

  • Do not venture into prohibited areas and stay with your group. Otherwise this might result in you facing dangerous situations in the wild
  • Stay seated when asked to during the entire trip.
  • Do not try to provoke the animals on display or disrespect them. Remember, they are living beings too.
  • Do not click pictures without the consent of the performers during the shows. Not following this might lead to some legal actions. 
  • In case of photos being taken during the trip, SWITCH OFF your flash. In case of the flash being turned on, the animal being photographed might be disturbed, startled or even blinded.  

Can I bring outside food inside the Singapore Night Safari?

No, you cannot carry outside food inside the Singapore Night Safari. Since several dining options are available, you may book a table and enjoy a meal. If you want to try vegetarian or vegan options, several restaurants are serving those as well.

Is there a tram ride included in my Singapore Night Safari ticket?

Yes, a tram ride is included in the Singapore Night Safari ticket. The tram takes visitors on a guided tour through the park's various exhibits, offering close-up views of nocturnal animals in their natural habitats. It is a highlight of the Night Safari experience and is included in the night safari Singapore ticket cost.

Is the Singapore Night Safari Flyer wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Singapore Flyer is a separate attraction from the Night Safari and is wheelchair accessible. It offers accessible cabins with ramps for easy entry and exit. Visitors with mobility needs can comfortably enjoy panoramic views of Singapore's skyline from the Flyer.

Can we go to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari on the same day?

Yes, visiting the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari on the same day is possible. The Singapore Zoo operates during the day, while the Night Safari opens in the evening. It's advisable to plan your time carefully to enjoy both experiences fully. Ensure you confirm bookings in advance on our website.

Can we walk in the Singapore Night Safari?

Yes, you can explore walking trails at the Singapore Night Safari. These trails, such as the Fishing Cat Trail and Leopard Trail, allow guests to see animals up close in their habitats. The walking trails complement the tram ride experience, offering a different perspective on nocturnal wildlife and enhancing the overall experience of the Night Safari.

What dining options are available at Singapore Night Safari?

1. Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant: Enjoy a unique experience and a happy tummy in this dine in restaurant with reminiscences of the kampungs (villages) of old. With a great ambience consisting of a 300 seater dining hall and wooden interior. This dine in experience will leave you with a delighted heart.

2. Pandastic takeaway family meal: ungry but don't really wanna dine in? No worries! Pandastic takeaway family meals are also available during the night safari! This delicious menu of panda themed takeaway family meals has got your back.

3. Citrus by the pool: If you are looking for an elegant array of cuisine and good customer service, then this is the place to be. Enjoy a comprehensive cuisines with unending options of continental, seafood and malaysian items in the menu!