Fort Canning Park Overview

Fort Canning Park is a very small hillock that is just right for a quick and easy hike up the hill. Enclosed within a rustic environment, it is located in the heart of the city, yet steals you away from the hustle bustle. The trails are strewn with overgrown bushes, wet mud and the walls are damp and quaint, reminding you of the age of this place.

The Fort Canning Park, situated atop a hill in the Civic and Cultural District of Singapore, is a popular recreational, educational and historical spot. This place was once the headquarters of the British Army Barracks and Far-East Command Centre. Some iconic historical decisions have been made on Fort Canning Hill, including the one to surrender Singapore to the Japanese in 1942.

The Fort Canning Park, situated amidst lush green lawns sprawling over an area of 18 hectares, has been a prominent attraction for visitors. Its historical significance dates back to ancient and medieval periods, owing to its elevated location. Today, it stands within walking distance of Downtown Core, Singapore's primary commercial center, making it easily accessible to tourists, including those seeking Singapore tours from India. The park offers scenic trails winding through the verdant landscape, leading to various points of interest and entertainment, enhancing the experience for all who visit.

If you are looking to spend some time getting acquainted with Singapore's culture and history, visiting this place will be a treat. Even if you are looking to spend some time in solitude, you will enjoy the peace around this area. Its large size makes it peaceful even when a lot of tourists frequent this area. The Fort Canning Hill is also home to the Fort Canning Reservoir, which was built in 1929 over demolished forts.

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• Today Fort Canning is a recreational centre where live concerts, theatres and other activities take place.
• The park also has DIY guides that make your hike easier, there are 4 different trails but they are all connected to each other.
• Fort Canning Park is a combination of nine different parks, all of which are equally scenic and beautiful.
• The park is famous among locals for hosting various events like ballet dancing sessions, Shakespeare’s recitals, awareness campaigns and many others.
• While this park is perfect for family picnics, you can also light a bonfire here after taking the permission from the authorities.
• Inside the park lies the Fort Canning Reservoir, which is fully fenced, hence can only be enjoyed from far away.
• The Fort Gate, located within the Fort Canning Park is a famous photography spot as it provides a rustic backdrop for your social media pictures.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach

The easiest way to reach Fort Canning Park is through the metro. You can take a metro train to the Fort Canning Station, the Clarke Quay Station or the Dhoby Ghaut Station.

- If you exit at Fort Canning Station or the Dhoby Ghaut station, take exit B.

- For exit at the Clarke Quay Station, take Exit E.

- The Park is a very short walk from all these metro stations.

- You may also take a cab from your desired location to this Park.

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Best Time To Visit

The early morning time, when the park is at its freshest or the evening time when the park gets glistened up with numerous lights. Also, all the events which take place in the park are usually carried out during the evening only, hence making it the best time to visit here. 

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of parks inside the Fort Canning Park:

- The Pancur Larangan: Featuring the replica of a bathing place for ladies in the ancient times, the Pancur Larangan was a source of drinking water in the 1900's. Currently, this place is a jogging area.

- The Artisan's Garden: This garden contains Singapore's last archaeological dig sites. When strolling around here, you can catch the glimpse of the 14th century architecture of living quarters.

- The Sang Nila Utama Garden: With Javanese Split Gates, the Sang Nila Utama Garden is a must visit place if you are looking for some perfect spots to click your pictures.

- The Jubilee Park (phase I): If travelling with family or kids, the Jubilee Park is a must visit spot for you. The park comes with numerous slides and games which your kids will surely love.

- The Raffles Garden: The Raffles Garden is named after Sir Stamford Raffles, and it includes a garden full of plants discovered during Raffles' time, a lighthouse, and a time ball; not far from here is a replica of Raffles' house.

- First Botanic Garden: This site was the "first" and "original" Botanic Garden, established in 1822 at Fort Canning Park. However, a new "first botanic garden" has been resurrected at the foot of Fort Canning Hill and can be found between Fort Canning Hill and Bras Basah Road.

- The Farquhar Garden: This area of Fort Canning Park is named after Major General William Farquhar, Singapore's true founder. He was a well-known naturalist who painted the wildlife and nature that he came across.

- The Spice Garden: Sir Stamford Raffles (a naturalist, botanist, and zoologist) established the first botanical garden in Fort Canning in 1822. His contribution to modern-day Singapore inspired the creation of this beautiful spice garden.

- The Armenian Street Park: The Armenian Street Park serves as a link between Fort Canning Park, Bras Basah, The Civic District, and Bugis. Previously, many events, such as the Singapore Night Festival, were held here.

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Hotels Near Fort Canning Park

a.Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay: This hotel offers a range of amenities including free Wi-Fi, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a daily breakfast buffet, and a bar. Suites here have whirlpool baths and you can also avail free airport transportation. 

Location: 177A River Valley Road, Singapore, 179031

b.Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore: With amenities like free Wi-Fi, a spa, an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, a restaurant, and a banquet room, this hotel offers everything people look for in a perfect stay. This hotel has two restaurants, one of which is located on a poolside.

Location: 20 Merchant Road, Near Clarke Quay MRT Station, Singapore 058281.

c.Park Hotel Clarke Quay: This hotel has a multitude of offerings like the free Wi-Fi, a gym, airport transportation service, minibar, and in-room refrigerator. Its outdoor pool has a swanky poolside bar and grill where you can chill and have fun with your loved ones. 

Location: 1 Unity Street, Singapore 237983.

d.Jayleen Clarke Quay Hotel: This 3-star hotel offers services like free Wi-Fi, breakfast buffet, wheelchair access, and a self-serve laundry facility. This hotel is ideal for those looking to enjoy Singapore’s vibrant nightlife. 

Location: 25 New Bridge Road Jayleen Clarke Quay Hotel, Singapore 059390, Singapore

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Restaurants Near Fort Canning Park

a.Spice World Hot Pot: For an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine, do not forget to visit this restaurant. It brings you the spicy cuisine of the Sichuan province of China in the heart of Singapore.

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b. Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse: This restaurant offers a taste of Italian cuisine. If you love meat and wine, this place is your heaven.

Must-try: F1 Australian Black Wagyu

c.Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro (Robertson Walk): For wine connoisseurs, visiting this place is a must. You can enjoy a perfect tenderloin, rib eye or a salad. This place offers dishes from a variety of western cuisines, and you're sure to love them all!

Must-try: Steak Tenderloin.

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Tips for Visiting Fort Canning Park

- Always wear comfortable shoes when you are visiting the Park. Wearing sneakers or flats will help you walk comfortably along the trails and on the grass.

- Wear clothes that are light and breezy, especially if you are visiting during summer months. For spring, wear light clothes during the day as long as you have a jacket for the evening.

- Carry a camera with you to capture the picturesque Park. You will love to take pictures of the lush trails and the historical monuments located in Fort Canning Park.

- Follow the signs guiding you through each trail. These will help you in finishing your walk effortlessly and will prevent you from getting lost.

- Check the events that are being organised at the Park a bit in advance. This will help you decide what events you want to be a part of before getting there.

- Download a map of the park from the Nparks website. In case you are a tourist, you will not have to spend your time asking everyone about the trails.

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Point of Interest for Fort Canning Park
Parks within the Park

Parks within the Park

The Fort Canning Park is home to numerous different attractions, all of which have something special on offer. A total of nine historical gardens make up this place and make it even more delightful to the visitors. All the parks have different themes, all of which are exciting and scenic enough.

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Day to Day Events

Day to Day Events

The Fort Canning Park hosts several social events like enactments of Shakespeare's plays, ballet recitals, receptions, weddings, gatherings, theatre carnivals, food and music festivals, and official conferences. Some of the most frequent events include international movies' screenings, medical and government conferences, awareness campaigns, social drives, and local competitions. Occasionally, art workshops and fitness training drives are also organised at this place. While most of the events organised here are open to everyone, some of them require tickets. Private events, such as weddings and receptions, require invitations.

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Organising Private Events

Organising Private Events

You can organise a bonfire or a barbeque party at the Fort Canning Park. All you need is prior approval from the Park authorities and a fun spirit, and you are good to go. If you are organising an event that requires the presence of fire, follow all fire safety rules

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Walking along the Fort Canning Trail

Walking along the Fort Canning Trail

Beautiful trails showcasing nature’s magic dot the Fort Canning Park. If you are looking to spend some time with the local flora of Singapore, taking a slow walk down one of these trials will be an incredible choice. Each trail goes through different portions of the Fort Canning Park and is roughly 2.5 km long. These trails are shaded with trees that boast of Singapore's environment-friendly approach towards development.

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Get an Insight of Singapore’s History

Get an Insight of Singapore’s History

Fort Canning is Singapore's most important historical site. Everything from battles to agreements has happened here. If you are a history buff, visiting the historic landmarks inside the Park such as the Battle Box, Raffles Residence, James Brooke Napier Memorial, Sally Port, and the Fort Canning Green can be an educative experience. Keramat Iskandar Shah is another historical monument worth your time. It is sacred and was built in the honour of the last non-Siamese ruler of Singapore. You can visit the Armenian Street Park if you want to enjoy the local flora. The plants here are displayed in tiny planter boxes representing the Peranakan culture.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Fort Canning Park FAQs

What is the history of Fort Canning Park?

Fort Canning was the commercial centre for ancient Singapura in the 14th century. After an attack by Siamese, the fort was abandoned. It was also known as the Government Hill, the Singapore Hill and the Bukit Larangan. The Malays believed the hill to be haunted and did not frequent it. People believe that the hill once housed a palace, but there has been little archaeological evidence supporting that. A spring once existed at the western end of the hill and was used by women to bathe.

Fort Canning Hill later became a point of great importance during the British Settlement. Lord Raffles built his residence there, which still exists in the name of Raffles' House. This was used as an important point of political and diplomatic meetings by governors and lords during the British settlement period. In 1822, Lord Raffles also established the Botanical Garden at Fort Canning Hill. 

By 1859, the hill was being used for military purposes and housed the headquarters for the British Army Barracks. The Battle Box is a symbol of the military history of the hill. The Fort Canning Reservoir was also constructed on the hill in 1927. The Hill was finally handed over to the Singapore Army by the British in 1963. The Park came to exist only in 1972 and was named Central Park at the time.

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Is Fort Canning Park suitable for toddlers?

Fort Canning Park is a family-friendly destination. Toddlers can comfortably roam around in the park and enjoy occasional events as long as an adult accompanies them. Parents can also take their toddlers to Jubilee park. The entire family can also enjoy hikes on various trails dotting the nine gardens present inside the Park. Adults should accompany children on these hikes because the trails are long and sometimes complex.

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Can I take food inside the Park?

You can carry food, water, and other beverages inside the park at all times. You may pack a picnic basket for the entire family or take a tiffin box for yourself. Drinking alcohol in public is not allowed in Singapore between 10:30 p.m. and .7 a.m. If you want to carry alcohol into the park, make sure you finish drinking it before 10:30 p.m. 

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Are there nursing rooms and baby centres within Fort Canning Park?

No, nursing rooms or baby Centres do not exist within the Park, but there are places where you can relax with your toddler during your visit.

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What are the things that I should carry to the Park?

- Towels and Handkerchiefs

- Snacks such as chips or fries, candy, and biscuits

- A water bottle

- Insect-repellent body spray

- Sunscreen

- A small bag

If you are travelling with kids, carry an extra pair of clothes, additional drinks and food, an umbrella and anything else that your child might need. There are plenty of eating options near the park. A few restaurants are located within the park as well. These offer cuisines of all kinds. You do not need to carry full meals unless you are planning a picnic.

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Is there any locker facility available at the park?

Locker facility isn't available at the Park. Throughout Singapore, however, you will find plenty of locker facilities that keep your belongings secure. Near the park, you can check River Valley street or Orchard Street for locker facilities. The Park offers car parking, and you may leave unimportant belongings inside your car.

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What are the restrictions for Fort Canning Park?

Fort Canning is a family-friendly park. It does not have specific restrictions in terms of carriage of items. You cannot carry items that can be used to incite violence inside the park. These include guns and other ammunition. Food and beverages have no restrictions. You cannot carry alcohol into the Park after 10:30 p.m. and before 7 a.m.

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What are the safety measures for kids at the park?

Parents can accompany kids to all places located inside the park. The Park also has many security guards near all historical sites. The trails also have security guards and many places inside the park are under CCTV surveillance. The entire park is lit up at night and is free of wild animals. First Aid is available at all historical sites inside the park. Parents are advised to supervise their child at all times when they are on a hike.

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